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Own the change Everyone should have the opportunity to invest in the brands they love. Own your own piece of Bhumi Organic Cotton.

"We are paving the way for a new era in the textile industry. By choosing fairtrade organic cotton for all our products, we create a positive impact on the people and the planet." Vinita, Co-Founder

means ‘Mother Earth’

Meet the founders

Vinita Co-Founder Background in International Public Health

Dushyant Co-Founder Background in Finance & Technology

“We believe positive consumer choices made today will have a significant impact on the future. The negative effects of conventional cotton farming and what goes on in the textile industry is not something we should accept. This is why we started Bhumi. As founders, we bring a deep understanding of health, social and environmental issues around sustainable textile production, along with strong business management experience.� Vinita & Dushyant

Our collections at a glance Organic Cotton Bedding & Bath Essentials

Organic Cotton Basics, Yoga & Activewear

Every Bhumi purchase has a positive environmental & social impact

297,501 km

of driving emissions avoided *

No toxic dyes

avoiding impact to waterways and soils ‌ and your skin

6,877,495 days of drinking water saved *

No sweatshops or child labour

38,195,962 hours of LED bulb energy saved *

No toxic pesticides or insecticides

* compared to conventional (non-organic) cotton purchases

What makes us different? Every purchase has a positive social & environmental impact

World’s finest Certified Organic Cotton

Ethically made in Fairtrade factories

Our collections fuse the worlds of certified organic cotton, fairtrade Plastic free, eco friendly packaging

practices, classic designs and sustainability.

No middleman

(we work directly with factories)

One stop shop for Organic Cotton (200+ products)

Direct to consumer model (no stockists)

Partnered with world-class providers

"We are now on our way to grow profitably & scale across new products and geographies.� Dushyant, Co-Founder

Our journey so far Launch eCommerce store

Pop up stores



St. George Bank Mumpreneur Sustainability Award


Investment for future growth Australian Certified Organic Online Retailer of the Year Award


10,000+ products sold

Launched bedding collection

Launched underwear collection



20,000+ products sold

Launched towel collection

Expanded bedding collection

Launched yoga & activewear collection

We are partnered with specialist world class providers to enable future growth


Environmental Impact Metrics

Warehousing & Fulfilment

Customer Service

Ethical Fashion Rating App

Digital Marketing


"Collectively, we need to look at our choices to create a better tomorrow." Vinita, Co-Founder

Our customers, the changemakers


The people behind Bhumi



Facebook followers

Instagram followers



Unique customers

Newsletter subscribers

What customers are saying

What the press is saying

There is a strong global market trend towards conscious consumerism and adopting sustainable brands.

A third of all consumers are now buying from brands based on their social and environmental impact. 66% of millenials will pay more to brands that are committed to positive social & environmental impact.

We need to respond to growing customer demand 800%


700% 600%

Increase in revenue year on year



400% 300% 200%




11,000+ customers


repeat customers in 2018








16,000+ 65,000+ 4,200+ orders in the past 2 years

products shipped in the past 2 years

customer reviews

What does the future look like Launch globally, focus on 6 priority countries

Secure funding for future growth

1st Half 2019

2nd Half 2019

Increase inventory to meet demand

Expand bedding & bath collection

Launch Loyalty program

1st Half 2020

Launch remaining countries

Launch next 6 priority countries

Invest in strategic growth partnerships

2nd Half 2020

1st Half 2021

Launch sleepwear, inserts collections (quilts & pillow inserts)

Launch baby & kids collections

Launch teens & plus size collections

Expand basics collection (bras)

Expand yoga & activewear collection

Expand basics collection (socks)

“We’d love for you to own a part of a leading global sustainable bedding & basics brand." Dushyant, Co-Founder

How can you be part of the change? Earth

Over $100


Over $250

Shares, plus $20 Store Credit (no expiry)


Shares, plus

Shares, plus

1 x Organic Cotton Hand Towel

1 x Organic Cotton Hand Towel &

(valued at $49)

2 x Organic Cotton Wash Cloths (valued at $109)

Investment Levels


Over $1,000 Shares, plus

Over $500


Over $5,000 Shares, plus


Over $10,000* Shares, plus

2 x Organic Cotton Pillow Cases

1 x Organic Cotton Cable Knit

1 x Organic Cotton Bedroom &

& 1 x Organic Cotton Striped

Throw & 1 x Organic Cotton Bath

Bathroom Sanctuary Pack

Towel (valued at $149)

Sheet (valued at $259)

(valued at over $750) AND Get to know the Founders and Team over a Sustainable Dinner Experience * Wholesale Investors only


Over $100,000* Shares, plus

Take A Fully Paid Trip With The Founders To See Behind The Scenes - Visit Fairtrade Factories, Organic Cotton Fields and Fulfilment Centre AND 1 x Organic Cotton Bedroom & Bathroom Sanctuary Pack (valued at over $750) * Wholesale Investors only

Own yourslide piece of the Closure change We are offering you an opportunity Text to invest in Bhumi Organic Cotton. This investment will allow for rapid growth, along with new products and international expansion. Investment starts at $100. Head to our website to find out more. For specific investment queries, email us at:

Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing.

Profile for Bhumi Organic Cotton

Own The Change - Invest In Bhumi  

Own The Change - Invest In Bhumi