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5C[,]\ 5U,]\ B&j bi[l[ C[ miT[n&>

b&Fvir ti. 7/11/2012

pini : 4, a>k : 1

''ph[l&> pgl&>"" a[ ''B&j bi[l[ C["" v[bsieTn) S$ait ph[lin&> p\Ym si[pin C[. ai si[pinni mi¹ymY) pi>c s>AYiai[

h&ºnrSiLi, shJvn, k[.a[m.v).a[s, a[kT an[ ab<n s[t& {a(Byin} oiri nig(rki[, s>gqni[ an[ ngrpi(lki oiri Yy[l siri kiyi[<, sfL giYiai[, k[s ATD) an[ smiciri[ rj* krS[.

a](thi(sk virsi[ B&Jyi D&>gr AvrCti a(Byin SiLini biLki[ siY[ B&Jyi D&>grn) tL[T)mi> ¼li(ATk zbli>,piN)ni piUc an[ aºy kcrin) sfie krvini h[t& Y) a>dij[ 200 j[Tli (vwiY)<ai[ an[ (vwiY)<n)ai[a[ pyi<vrN ÔLvN)ni a(Bgmn[ sikir krvi t[mj Sh[rni am*Ãy a](thi(sk virsin[ sicvvi AvrCti a(Byinmi> Ô[Die a[k hikl B&Jyin) sfie krti SiLini biLki[ Sh[rni nig(rki[n[ kr) C[ k[ aip si] pN ai virsi n[ ÔLvvi ÔgZt bni[ an[ ti. 7/11/2012 : B&j, Sky bn[ ti[ kiydik)y aml pN lig& tir)K 19.10.12 ni ri[j krivi[ k[ aivi si>AkZ(tk virsiai[n[ ri[Tr) Ak*l-hr)pr oiri aiyi[Jt n&kSin n phi[>c[.

svir ni 8.00 Y) 10.00 klikni smy s&F) biLki[ oiri lgBg 100 k)li[ kcri[ a[k#i krvimi> aiÄyi[ hti[. ai p\kirni a(Byin k[ zZ&>b[Sn) kimg)r)a[ a[k mi#i mi´ym bn[ C[ li[ki[n[ sÔg krvi miT[ pN a>t[ ti[ li[ki[ a[j pi[tin) aidti[ s&Firv) pDS[. an[ aivi am*Ãy virsiai[n&> jtn krv&> pDS[. smg\ kimg)r)mi> ri[Tr) Ak*lni aiciy< â) gi[p)b[n (#iv[d) t[mj SiLini (SxkgNni[ shyi[g rhyi[ hti[. -Fm[<S a>tiN)

AvµCti miT[ s(k\y Yyi v]jniY S[r) ni> bh[ni[... ti. 7/11/2012, B&j : B&j Sh[rni Brck a[vi g[rviL) v>D) nJk aiv[l v]jniY S[r) (vAtirni s(k|y bh[ni[ a[ kr[l AvµCti bibt kimg)r) a>g[ jNivti gi]rv an&Bviy C[ kirN k[ aipNi (vAtirn) AvµCti aipN[ n riK)y[ ti[ ki[N riK[? ai vikyi[ ai bh[ni[ a[ s*cv[l an[ t[ ai[ a[ kr) btiv[l C[ k[ ai S[r)mi> ashy g>d k)n&> sim\ijy ht&>, avr jvr krv) hi[y ti[ mi[Qi upr $mil riK)n[ psir Yv&> pD[. S[r)mi> aiv[l jv[r jyi[t a[piT<m[ºT nJk kcri pi[Tl) an[ a[>q miT[ alg s&(vFi n hi[vini kirN[ ah)ni rh)Si[n[ mµCr miK) an[ Krib vis shn krv) pDt) ht). vrsidmi> ah)>

ri[gciLi[ pN rh)Si[mi> Ô[vi mLti[. ai dr[k #iis mi> Y) m&kt Yvi ah)ni bh[ni[ a[ a[k (dvs dr[k bh[ni[ n) (m(T>g bi[liv) an[ (vAtirmi g>d k) d*r krvini pgli> bibt cci< kr). s*ki kcri miT[ alg piTl) an[ B)ni k[ a[>q miT[ alg D^mn) s&(vFi riKvin&> nkk) Yy&> an[ ai a[>q gi[viL lE Ôy j[Y) (vAtirmi> pS&ai[n) avr jvr pN ai[C) Yiy an[ g>d k) pN n Yiy. an[ s*ki[ kcri[ piTl) Briy a[Tl[ ngrpi(lki t[ UpiD) Ôy t[n) jvibdir) pN bh[ni[ a[ upiD). Upri>t a[piT<m[ºTmi>Y) UprY) kcri[ f[>k[ ti[ 200 $(pyi d>D, pin msili Y*>knir miT[ pN 200 $(pyi d>D ah)ni s(k|y a[vi bh[ni[ â) g)ti bh[n, an&bh[n, r[Ki

bh[ n , Sirdibh[ n , nynibh[ n , F(m<OTibh[n vg[r[ a[ jh[mt UpiD) C[ an[ (vAtirn[ s&>dr bnivvi kmr ks) C[. siY[ siY[ ¼li(ATkni zBli> pN B[gi kr) s>AYi n[ aipvi t]yir) btiv) C[. ai smg\ p\(k|yimi> ah)>>ni bh[ni[ t[mj Bieai[ pN Kis ngrs[vi sdnni[ aiBir min[ C[ k[ t&rt j kcrin) sfie krvi miT[ T^[kTr an[ miNsi[ mi[kl) sfiE kriv[ C[ an[ shkir aip[ C[. ai j r)t[ smg\ Sh[rni bh[ni[ (vAtirn) sfie miT[ (c>(tt bn[ ti[ Sh[r s&>dr an[ r(LyimN&> bn) Sk[ C[.

1 ai smicir p#i fkt ai>t(rk (vtrN an[ S]x(Nk h[t&n[ an&lx)n[ (vtrN krvimi> aiÄy&> C[.

- Fm[<S a>tiN)

5C[,] \ 5U,]\

ti. 7/11/2012, b&Fvir

B&j bi[l[ C[ miT[n&>

Library: The Temple for Knowledge!!! library started under a tree opposite the Government of Gujarat in 1961, the present present library. The building was constructed library, post earthquake, became functional in from the local MP-MLA funds, and a whole the present building in 2005, until when it was new collection of books was put up by working in a temporary shed. The District purchasing new books, and with the help of Library boasts of having a mobile library, which some donors. The present library became travels to various villages in the district. This functional since 2004. It is located at a prime encourages the habit of reading among the

VijayRajji Library Date : 7/11/2012 : Bhuj, The great Roman philosopher,

location in the heart of the city, on the banks of village community. The District Library offers Hamirsar Talav. It hosts more than 20, 000 membership to both adults and children. For books in Gujarati, Hindi and English and obtaining membership, one can fill up the form, more than 35 newspapers and magazines in get it signed by a Gazetted Officer and submit it various languages and subjects. For reading, with a deposit amount of Rs. 40 (refundable)

Cicero, once wrote in “Letters to His the library remains open from 8 to 11.30 in the and Rs. 10 as fees for five years. For children the Friends” mentioning the importance of a morning and from 4 to 8 in the evening. The deposit amount is Rs. 8 and the fee is Rs. 10 for having a library - “If you have a garden and a library offers two types of membership five years. Presently, the library has 1333 library, you have everything you need." general and life. To become a general members. It hosts 38, 450 books of varied Truly, stepping into a room full of books member, one has to fill up a form, get it signed subjects and varied languages, 11 newspapers leaves you amazed at the vast amount of by a Gazetted Officer and submit it with a one- and 30 periodicals in different languages. The knowledge and experiences captured there time deposit of Rs. 50 and a nominal fee of Rs. library timings are 8 to 12 in the morning and 3 in words. Our city Bhuj is fortunate to have 50 for a year. To become a life member, one to 6 in the afternoon. The reading room many libraries. Two of the most well known has to pay a fee of Rs. 501, after which he/she remains open from 8 a. m to 12 a. m. in the night libraries are Maharao Vijayrajji Sarvajanik can avail the facilities and benefits of the for students. Pustakalaya and Sarkari Zilla Pustakalaya. Students and elderly are among the library throughout his/her lifetime. At The oldest library in our city is present, the library has more than 800 life regular visitors of both these places. The M a h a r a o s h r i V i j a y r a j j i S a r v a j a n i k members and 400 general members. librarians of both the libraries feel that Pustakalaya, established in 1868 as a Trust. Another major library in the city is although there is a rise in number of readers After the devastating earthquake of 2001, the Government District Library, located in over a period of time, more people should take when the library was completely wiped out, the Middle School Ground opposite the Bhuj benefits from the library. it took three years for the Trust to start a S. T. Bus Stand. Established by the fully fledged library, though a makeshift

- Mansi Gor

pi>jripi[L S[r) mi> nigr)ki[n[ smÔvvi ph[l kr) p>cm&Ki S[r) s(m(tni> bh[ni[a[. ti 7/11/2012, B&j : B&j Sh[rmi> Brck (vAtir a[vi vi(Nyi viD an[ mh[ral) ci[kn) nJk pi>jripi[L S[r) aiv[l C[. j[mi> lgBg 35 j[Tli> Gri[ C[, mi[Ti Big[ ah)> a[piT<m[ºT C[, ah)>> Di[r T& Di[r kcri a[k#i) krNn) kimg)r) cil& C[ Cti> ah) ni> rh)Si[ B)ni[ kcri[ k[ viL ni g*>cLi> vg[r[ uprY) n)c[ Gi kr[ C[ ai kirN[ ki[e ai[f)s k[ kim[ jti> Äy(kt pr pD[ C[. a[vi (kAsi pN bn[l C[. an[ S[r) K&b si>kD) C[ avr jvr miT[ a[j mig< C[. ai bibtn[ ri[kvi an[ li[ki[mi> ÔgZtti livvi ah)ni j rh)S an[ s(k|y nigr)k a[vi> â) n)$b[n Sih[ s>pk< kyi[< shJvn

s>AYini[ an[ pi>jripi[L S[r)ni> rh)Si[n[ smj aipvi aivvi kh[vimi> aiv[l. s>AYia[ aidS< S[r) a[v) p>cm&Ki hn&min S[r)ni> Bgvt) m(hli m>DLni> bh[ni[ siY[ vit kr) pi>jripi[L S[r)mi> Di[r T& Di[r kcri[ kl[kSnn) kimg)r) hi[vi Cti> AYin)k rh)Si[ B)ni[ kcri[ uprY) Gi krti hti.

an[ t[ bh[ni[ rh)Si[n[ smÔvvi aivS[ t[m jNiÄy&>. p>cm&Ki S[r)ni> lgBg 7 bh[ni[ n)$b[n Sih, shJvn an[ kµC m(hli (vkis s>gqnni> kiy<kti< t[mn) siY[ pi>jripi[L S[r)mi> dr[kni

Gr[Gr[ je kcri[ kcrip[T)mi> B[gi[ kri[ an[ sK)n[ j aipi[, sK) (ny(mt n aiv[ ti[ ÔN kri[, an[ uprY) ki[e pN kcri[ n f[>kSi[ a[ bibt[ dr[kn[ BlimN kr) an[ p>cm&Ki S[r)n) bh[ni[ a[ pN smj aip) k[ am[ pN S[r)n[ AvµC bniv) amir) b&kl[T t]yir kr) C[ j[ dr[kn[ aip). li[ki[ ti[ hv[ ai vit n[ smJ aml krvi t]yir Yyi> C[.pN min(skti bdlv) a[ smy mi>g) l[ Cti> p\yis kyi[< t[ srihn)y C[. an[ hv[ ai S[r)mi> kcri[ upr Y) ni>Kvin&> ai[C&> Yy&> C[ t[m ah)> ni rh)Si[ n[ p*Cti> mil*m Yy&> C[. ai p\kir[ dr[k (vAtirmi> smj apiy ti[ Sh[rn) AvµCti Kr[Kr (nm<l bn) rhS[..

2 ai smicir p#i fkt ai>t(rk (vtrN an[ S]x(Nk h[t&n[ an&lx)n[ (vtrN krvimi> aiÄy&> C[.

- Fm[<S a>tiN)

5C[,] \ 5U,]\

ti. 7/11/2012, b&Fvir

B&j bi[l[ C[ miT[n&>

''p ¼li(ATk ni[ p""

C[Ãli piniY) cil&>.......

B&Jyi D&>grn&> (nmi<N mh_v smJn[ t[n) ÔLvN) nh) kr[ ti[ aivniri smymi> t[ kdic nynrÀy fi[Ti[g\ifmi> j Ô[vi mLS[! C[Ãli Yi[Di vP<Y) kµCmi> d[S(vd[Sni p\vis)ai[n) s>²yimi> ni[>Fpi#i vFiri[ Yyi[ C[. kµC p\d[Sn[ k&drt[ Ki[bi Br)-Br)n[ k&drt) s>p(_i aip[l) C[. kµC pis[ d(ryi[ C[. D&>griL (vAtir C[. mi[Ti nh) pN p\miNmi> nini n kh) Skiy t[vi j>gl (vAtir pN C[. a>g\[Jmi> pN j[n[ 'D[zT<" nh) pN 'rN" j kh[viti[ (vSiL spiT (vAtir C[ an[ sf[d nmkn&> ad`B*t rN pN C[. aivi s&>d r kµC (vAtirn[ ai>tri(OT^y Atr[ v[rin vgDi[ Frivti[ rN (vAtir minvimi> aiv[ C[. Ô[ B(vOymi> B&Jyi[ D&>gr nv(nNi<m pim[ ti[ ai>trri(OT^y flk upr kµC p\d[Sn) C(b bdl) Sk[, kirN k[ B&Jyi[ kµC p\d[Sni B&j Sh[rni p\v[Soir pis[ j UBi[ C[. B&jmi> p\v[Sti> j B&Jyin[ vZxi[n) h(ryiL)Y) mhilti[ Ô[en[ kµC p\d[Sn) v[rin vgDi tr)k[n) Cip p\Ym Ø(OTa[ j B*>sie Ôy a[ vitmi> S>kin[ ki[ e AYin nY). aig\ i Sh[ r tijmh[lni kirN[ jg (v²yit C[. B(vOymi> B&j Sh[r B&Jyi D&>grY) jg (v²yit bn) Sk[...!!! - (vn)t riNi

Kis vit aipn[ jNivti anhd K&S) Yiy C[ k[ aipN[ ''B&j bi[l[ C[""n) v[bsieTn) S$ait ph[li ''ph[l& pgl&>"" si¼ti(hk Cip) Skyi. ai si¼ti(hk aipNi ai>t(rk (vtrN an[ S]x(Nk h[t& miT[ C[. ai p\Ym a>kmi> j[Tli siY) kiy<kri[ pis[Y) l[K mÇyi t[n[ ai smicirp#imi> Cip) Skyi C)a[. ai smicirp#imi> aiv[l l[Kn[ ki[e pN s&Fir vFiri vgr Cipvimi> aiÄy&> C[. j[Y) tmn[ tmiri l[K (vP[ ji[ kie B&l hi[y ti[ ²yil pD) Sk[. ai smicir p#i tm[ tmiri s>AYimi> tmiri shkm)<ai[n[ aip) an[ v>civi (vn>t ). j[Y) ai smicirp#in[ vF& asrkirk bniv) Skiy.

¼li(ATk aij[ aipNi Jvnn&> a[k a(BÒ a>g bn) gy&> C[. Kr[Kr kh)a[ ti[ ¼li(ATk minv sm&diy miT[ a[Tl&> aivÆyk bn) gy&> C[, j[m Bi[jn an[ piN). drri[j Sh[rni Gr[l& kcrin)> vFt) mi#ii a[ pyi<vrN tjXi[ miT[ a[k mi[T) smAyi UB) kr) C[. an[ ai kcrimi> mi[Ti p\miNmi> ¼li(ATkn) Y[l)ai[, Dbi, t*T[l rmkDi>, bi[Tli[ (v. hi[y C[. kcrin) aºy c)Ô[ j[v) k[ vF[li[ Ki[rik, kigL, kipD, Fit&, likD&>, ai bFi ni[ ti[ smy jti> (nkil YE Sk[ C[, pN ¼li(ATkn) vAt&ai[ d)F<kiL s&F) a[m j rh[ C[ j[ sh[liEY) nOT Yt&> nY). b)Ô S¾dmi> kh)a[ ti[ a[ biyi[D)g\[D[bl nY). ¼li(ATk aipNi> ri[ J > d i Äyvhirmi> a[ r)t[ vNiE gy&> C[ k[ aipN[ Dgl[ n[ pgl[ t[ni[ Upyi[g kr)a[ C)a[. j[m k[ bÔrmi> vAt& Kr)dvi jEa[ ti[ ¼li(ATkn) Y[l) k[ zbli> lea[ C)a[, SikBiJ k[ anij kr)yiNimi> pN aipN[ ¼li(ATkni zbli>ni[ vpriS

kr)a[ C)a[. Kivi p)vin) c)Ô[ pN aipNn[ ¼li(ATkni zbli> k[ piUcmi> mL[ C[. a[k sv[<xN m&jb d](nk aipN[ Sh[rmi> a[k liK ¼li(ATkni zbli> vipr)a[ C)a[ an[ pyi<vrNn[ Ô[Kmmi> m*k)a[ C)a[. ¼li(ATk a[ aipNi pyi<vrN miT[ an[ m*>gi pS& miT[ GN&> hin)kirk si(bt Yy&> C[. Cti> aipNn[ ai ¼li(ATkni[ mi[h C*Tti[ nY). ¼li(ATkni zbli> vPi[< s&F) niS pimti> nY), t[n[ biLviY) t[ni k[m)kln[ lE airi[³yni Ô[Kmi[ UBi Yiy C[. an[ pS&ai[ Kiy ti[ mi[tn[ B[T[ C[. Kr[Kr ai pyi<vrNni rixs sim[ ti[ lil ai>K kr) t[ni vpriS pr aTkiv k[ ri[k lgivvini[ hv[ smy pik) gyi[ C[, an[ ai smyn[ hv[ aipN[ j nigr)ki[a[ j hiYmi> lE t[ni[ sdUpyi[g kr) ¼li(ATkni zbli>ni vpriS pr p\(tb>F aiv[ t[vi p\yisi[n[ v[g aip) t[n[ aml) bnivvi ph[l krv) j pDS[. - Fm[<S a>tiN)

Heart of The City Date: 07/11/2012, Bhuj: A man walking through a vast dessert for days together to get home. Where the sun shines with all its might for countless hours. His throat itches for water and his body seems to be giving up. When one imagines a scenario like this, the shade of the tree and some water is all we need. And this incident helps me to understand how Bhuj the growing city began its journey around a waterbody,Hamirsar. Hamirsar is the heart of our city undoubltly. Traditional tales tell us that when Kutch was a princely state, laddoos were distributed by the king to all the citizens every time that the lake overflowed due to the rains. These laddoos were called megh laddoos, almost as if the lake is a loved daughter/son born in the house. The overflowing of Hamirsar is a treated no less than a festival. It is declared holiday and the hustle bustle which usually scatters around the city of Bhuj, comes together at Hamirsar to celebrate.

The lake which currently spreads over 28 acres was once a small pond used by Rabari Hamir to feed his cattle as he traveled in search of grazing land. This lake was then bought for a sum of money by the King and named Hamirsar after Rabari Hamir. The lake has been estimated to be 450 years old. There was a well established system to collect water into the central reservoir of Hamirsar. Due to the earthquake and its damages the system of water has been affected. And the development that has happened since the earthquake mostly in the outskirts of Bhuj has disturbed the catchment areas and natural movement of water in a large way. An organization Arid Communities and Technology (ACT) has been working intensively to revive and create awareness about this water system. They have been working at Governance level and at Citizen level to revive this water pattern. A once cherished and loved child seems to be now fighting for survival. - Priyanka Rustagi

3 ai smicir p#i fkt ai>t(rk (vtrN an[ S]x(Nk h[t&n[ an&lx)n[ (vtrN krvimi> aiÄy&> C[.

5C[,] \ 5U,]\

ti. 7/11/2012, b&Fvir

B&j bi[l[ C[ miT[n&>

Gr a[Tl[ S&> (sm[ºT p¸YrY) bn[l&> miLK&> cili[ aini[ sici[ aY< smJa[ hvib[n 5(rIAY(t s¿yi[ miT[ a[ k prY).... hvib[n ai kic) j*pD) mi> pi[tini pi>c nini hiu(s> g p\ i [ j [ k T biLki[ n[ p(tsiY[ rh[ti ................. cliv[ C[. hvib[n hvib[n B&jni bipi dyiL& ngr (vAtirmi> rh[ C[. t[mni pi[ t ini (vAtirmi> pi>c biLki[ C[. hvib[n an[ t[mni p(t C&Tk mj&r) kr)n[ c i l t i A v s hi y pi[tin&> g&jrin cliv[ C[. t[ai[ tilp#i)n) nin) j&pD)mi> j*Yni s¿y hi[viY). rh[ti hti. t[mn[ stt a[k (c>ti stivt) k[ miri biLki[n[ j * Y n i m i ¹ y m s&r(xt k[m riKvi an[ kim pr Ôy ti[ a[k j (c>ti k[ s>gqnni bh[ni[ t[mn[ mÇyi an[ hiu(s>g p\i[j[kT a>g[n) biLki[ Ci>yDi b[qi hS[ s[ k[m? an[ aij (c>tini kirN[ biLki[n[ pN kim pr siY[ hvib[n pi[tini mnn) vit mi(ht) aip), pN hvib[nn[ min(sk r)t[ le jti a[Tl[ hvib[n pis[ mkinn) krti kh[C[ k[ ''asi>ji[ Jvn a[Tli t*T) gyi hti k[ niNi prt n(h Briy ti[. a[ DrY) sK)s>g)n) s>gqn ÄyvAYi n hi[viY) t[mni biLki[ (SxNY) s&Fr) Äyi["". t[mn[ sim[Y) niNik)y T[ki[ aipvi t]yir v>(ct rh[ti hti. airi[³yn) pN ht&> ti[ pN ni piDti k[ mn[ mkin nY) tkl)fai[ pN bh& Yt) a[Tl[ hvib[n bnivv&>. Ryir[ j*Yni an[ s>gqnni vFir[ n[ vFir[ (ct)t rh[ti an[ ai(Y<k p(rIAY(t pN bh[ni[a[ hvib[nn[ tYi t[mni p(tn[ (vVis apiÄyi[ k[ a[Tl) Krib k[ tmir) siY[ s>gqn C[ an[ hvib[n[ (hmt kr) pi[tini ki[E niNik)y T[ki[ biLki[ miT[ a[k s&r(xt Ct bnivvin&> Øq (nN<y kyi[<. l[ti pN Drti. s>gqnni shyi[g an[ pi[tin) Ôt mh[ntY) aipNi smijmi> bniv[li s&>dr, AvµC an[ s&r(xt mkinmi> aRyir[ pN aivi ai(Y<k hvib[n pi[tini biLki[ siY[ K&S)Y) an[ AvminY) Jv[ nbL) p(rIAY(t C[. t[mni bFij biLki[n[ (SxN apiv[ C[. hvib[n viLi k&T&>bi[ pr pi[tin) mnY) niNik)y T[ki[ l[ti Drti hvib[n aRyir ( v V i s n Y ) s&F) s>gqnni li[nni h¼ti (ny(mt Br[ C[. an[ bik)ni rKiti[. h¼ti pN (ny(mt BrS[ a[v&> aiRm(vVisY) kh[ C[. aiv) p(rIAY(tmi> hvib[nn[ shiri[ mÇyi[ hvib[n pi[tin) mnn) vit krti kh[ C[ k[ '' a>si>ji[ t sK)s>g)n) s>gqnni[ j[ B&j (vAtirn) j$rtm>d Jvn s&Fr) Äyi[ '' bh[ni[ni Avshiy j*Yi[ni mi¹ymY) kµCn) ÔN)t) - a$Ni m(hli s>AYi kµC m(hli (vkis s>gqn oiri AYi(pt ji[ P ) s>gqn C[. j[ a[k vP<Y) pi[tini s>gqnni Gr (vhi[Ni

B&Jyi D&>grn&> nv(nmi<N

B&j Sh[rn&> nim kyi>k bi[liy a[Tl[ trt j hm)rsr tLiv yid aiv[ pN j[ni nim uprY) B&j Sh[rn&> nim riKvimi> aiv[l&> C[ a[ B&Jyi D&>grn[ kyir[k j yid krvimi> aiv[ C[. Ô[ hm)rsr tLiv B&j Sh[rn&> ãdy C[ ti[ B&Jyi[ D&>gr B&j Sh[rn&> nik C[. B&Jyi D&>grmi> bi>Fkim kriy[li (kÃlimi> a[vi k[Tliy Bi[yriai[ C[ j[ni[ s>kT smy[ upyi[g Yti[ hti[. Ô[k[ yi[³y ÔLvN)ni aBiv[ GNi Kri Bi[>yriai[ aij[ nOT piÀyi C[. e(thisn[ sici[ min)n[ cil)a[ ti[ B&Jyi D&>grn&> s)F&> kn[kSn si]riOT^ni p[r)s kh[viti> Ômngr Sh[r siY[ C[. Ômngrmi> aiv[li rNml{lKi[Ti} tLiv pis[ B&Jyi[ ki[qi[ C[ j[n) a>dr a[k g&¼t mig< C[ j[ B&Jyi D&>gr s&F) phi[c[ C[. B&Jyi[ D&>gr aiv) an[k (vS[Pti Friv[ C[. si]riOT^-g&jrit trfY) B&j

p\v[S kr)a[ a[Tl[ B&Jyi[ D&>gr stt B&j Sh[r s&F) ai[Y aipti[ rh[! B&jn) Fri[hr smin B&Jyi D&>grn[ rmN)y bnivvi miT[ KiAsi[ smy n)kL) Ôy t[ AviBi(vk vit C[ pN B&Jyin[ s&>dr Ô[vi miT[ K&d B&jvis)ai[ni[ shkir m[Lvvi[ a[Tli[ j aivÆyk C[. ah)> m*L m&Øi[ a[ C[ k[, S&> p\Ôjni[ B&Jyin[ s&>dr Ô[vi eµC[ C[? Ô[ p\Ôjni[ B&jni ãdysmi hm)rsr tLivn[ AvµC riK) Skti n hi[y ti[ B&jn) ainbin-Sin B&Jyi D&>grn[ k[v) r)t[ s&>dr an[ rmN)y riK) SkS[?! m*LB*t r)t[ ah) si]Y) mi[T) m&Æk[l) li[kÔgZ(tn) C[. li[kÔgZ(tni aBiv[ B&j Sh[rni hm)rsr tLiv, B&Jyi[ D&>gr an[ p\igmh[l j[vi a](thi(sk AYLi[n) (AY(t sir) kh) Skiy t[v) nY). p\Ôjni[ Av[µCia[ a](thi(sk emirti[n&> 4

ai smicir p#i fkt ai>t(rk (vtrN an[ S]x(Nk h[t&n[ an&lx)n[ (vtrN krvimi> aiÄy&> C[.

pini n> 3 upr...



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