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Developing Global Leaders through Christ-Centered Education! 892 Berne St. SE • P.O. Box 18145• Atlanta, GA 30316 (404) 627-2681 • 1-888-777-2422 • FAX (404) 627-0702 Beulah Heights University is an accredited member of Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) - (407) 207-0808 - 5575 South Semoran Blvd., Suite 26, Orlando, FL 32822-1781 Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools - (804) 525-9539 - PO Box 328, Forest, VA 24551


VISION Academic Excellence Resource Center Change Agent

MISSION Beulah Heights University develops relevant Christian leaders for ministry and marketplace.

CORE VALUES Biblical Inerrancy Integrity Global Missions Dedicated Servanthood Diversity


FROM THE PRESIDENT I am delighted to report to you yet another year of accomplishments. Looking over, 2010 can be summed up as a breakthrough for Beulah Heights University (BHU). Despite the tough economic times, BHU flourished. Our enrollment increased and we added new academic programs. We are working harder than ever to fulfill the mission and vision of BHU. Our enduring success is attributable mainly to the sense of shared sacrifice and commitment embodied by staff and faculty. In addition, strict embodiment of and adherence to our core values of Biblical Inerrancy, Integrity, Global Missions, Dedicated Servant-hood, and Diversity continue to guide us to great heights. The establishment of a communications office and the strengthening of the marketing department are expected to place BHU strategically for recruitment and training of global leaders. BHU continues to spread her wings to all corners of the world. Specifically, in 2010 BHU celebrated Master of Science graduates who are a product of partnership with Brazilian universities. I continue to pursue partnership prospects in India, Korea and Kenya. The introduction of the Master of Business Administration program will enhance BHU’s reach globally to religious, corporate, and government organizations. We will continue to follow strict fiscal discipline, guided by a solid strategic plan, as we restructure to accommodate the growing and diverse student population and program diversification. BHU has emerged as one of the fastest growing Christian universities and was the recipient of the 2009 and 2010 fastest growing Christian college award from the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). No matter how far we go, as your leader I will always be committed to


ensuring we do not deviate from our Biblical foundation, vision or purpose. It is my goal to ensure that BHU reaches and remains a center of academic excellence, a resource center, and a change agent. There is a broad range of values at work in BHU, but our core values are so primary, so important to us, that throughout the changes in society, government, politics, and technology they are STILL the core values we will abide by. They underlie our work, how we interact with each other, and which strategies we employ to fulfill our mission. Through the years, these simple yet powerful values have continually guided our decision making, as well as our interactions with our students, our supporters and each other. As I conclude, no words can express my sincerest gratitude to all of BHU’s partners. Our partners are critical to the prosperity of BHU. I sincerely appeal for your support as we journey together towards the new ventures that God has for us in 2011 and beyond. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to our students, faculty, and staff and our supportive alumni for their support in this extraordinary year. I look forward to the best ahead. Sincerely,

Benson M. Karanja, Ed.D., H.S.C. President Beulah Heights University


ENROLLMENT AND GRADUATION BHU’s student enrollment (figure 1) has grown steadily over time despite a sluggish economy. The annual enrollment grew from 1,600 students in 2008 to 2,100 students in 2010, representing a 31% increase. This growth is partly attributable to aggressive recruitment strategies both locally and abroad, diversified and affordable academic programs, and availability of financial aid among other factors. BHU strives persistently to ensure it becomes and remains a center for academic excellence, a resource center for the students and community at large, and a global change agent. Towards these goals, BHU ensures that there is continuous tracking of student progress, provides academic and general counseling to all students, recruits and maintains well qualified instructors, implements a rigorous and frequently reviewed curriculum, and engages in research as a tool for informing recruitment and retention policies. The president in 2010 established the offices of communication and marketing to support institutional development through greater publicity and reach.

Summer 2010 Commencement


Figure 1: Annual Enrollment (2008 - 2010) 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 Spring

Summer 2008

Fall 2009



BHU is committed to ensuring that all students complete their programs of study and graduate within the stipulated program duration. One hundred and sixty five students graduated in Summer of 2010 compared to 102 and 82 in 2008 and 2009 respectively (figures 2 and 3). This improvement is a reflection of growing student enrollment and collaboration with SPEI University in Curitiba, Brazil. Thirty nine students, who are a product of the collaboration, graduated with Master of Science degree in Summer 2010. Currently (Fall 2010), 35 students are registered for Master of Science. A second partnership with Instituto de Pos-Graduação (IPOG) in Goiania, Brazil was forged in 2010. The first cohort began class in August, 2010 and 24 students are enrolled for Master of Business Administration. The higher number of female graduates is commensurate with male-to-female enrollment ratio. BHU will continue to provide students with necessary support, including but not limited to continuous tracking of academic progress and early warning, technology and instructional support, and library resources, to ensure they graduate in a timely manner.


Figure 2: Number of Graduates (2008 - 2010) 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Associate

Bachelors 2008

MA 2009 2010



Figure 3: Number of graduates by gender



Number of female graduates

2010 Number of male graduates


Graduate level



Graduate level



Graduate level



50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0

NEW ACADEMIC PROGRAM The State of Georgia approved BHU’s Master of Business Administration degree program on June 25, 2010. This addition is a great milestone towards our mission of developing global leaders through Christ-Centered Education. Our Philosophy of Education is based on Biblical pattern of Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical, and Social

MSC Graduates from Brazil

Development. The MBA program at BHU is unique in that it encompasses Biblical teachings in business administration. It is an accelerated program tailored to cater for career development needs of working adults. The program duration is approximately one year and classes will be conducted on Saturdays. The rigorous curriculum is designed to enhance the experiences, skills, and organizational leadership qualities an individual brings to the program and equip him/her with techniques and tools for a technologically advancing global market. Enrollment has already begun and the first cohort is scheduled to begin class in Spring 2011. There have been three successful information sessions, in September and October, (2010), featuring open forums with staff, students, and alumni. Other graduate level programs currently being offered are Master of Arts (Bible and Leadership) and Master of Divinity. BHU recognizes the role institutions of higher learning play in economic development, through provision of well trained manpower, and meeting the ever growing demand for higher education as citizens strive to equip themselves with necessary job skills. Consequently, BHU will continue to research and implement market-relevant degree programs at all levels of learning. Top on this agenda is the introduction of Doctor of Divinity Program by Spring 2013.


FINANCIAL STATUS BHU experienced a balanced budget in both 2008/09 and 2009/10 fiscal years and realized a gain in investment in 2009/10 of $1,802 compared to a loss of $8,050 in 2008/09. Tuition is the main source revenue, while administration and instruction comprise the largest shares of expenditure (figures 4-7). The importance of financial stability cannot be overstated. We recognize that raising tuition can only serve as a temporary measure for coping with rising cost of providing higher education. In order to cope with uncertainties such as deterioration of the economy, among other external factors, BHU is working aggressively on enhancing external relationships and donor network to expand the pool of resources. Such efforts include tracking and engaging the alumni, strengthening of the office of institutional development, establishment of the office of communication, and renewing and fostering relationships with well-wishers and friends of BHU among others. BHU is committed to fiscal discipline to cut on waste, exercise priority spending (with emphasis educational expenditures), and research-based policy decisions. It is the goal of leadership to move to a more balanced educational-administrative budget as we strive towards academic excellence. Figure 5: Expenditure by Category (As a Percentage of Total expenditure) 1

60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Instructional

Student services

Academic costs

2009 Percentage of total expenditure



2010 Percentage of total expenditure

. 1

2009 and 2010 refer to 2008-09 and 2009-10 fiscal years respectively. The vertical axis depicts expenditure share by item as a percentage of total expenditure.


Figure 4: Revenue by Source (As a Percentage of Total Revenue) 2

90 85 80 75 70 65 60 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 -5

2009 Percentage of total revenue

2010 Percentage of total revenue


2009 and 2010 refer to 2008-09 and 2009-10 fiscal years respectively. The vertical axis depicts revenue share as a percentage of total revenue


Figure 6: Distribution of Total Educational Expenditure for 2009-10 Fiscal Year

Instructional Student services Academic costs

Figure 7: Distribution of Total Support Expenditure for 2009-10 Fiscal Year

Occupancy Administrative


PHASE 1 OF STUDENT HOUSING COMPLETED BHU recognizes the importance of housing as a determinant for student enrollment especially amongst the traditional and international college students. Consequently, in 2006 BHU embarked on a project to upgrade student housing by increasing the number and improving the quality. Phase I of this project, comprising of 7 6-bedroom houses, was completed in 2009. The houses were constructed at

Student Housing

cost, thanks to generosity of John Wieland Homes and President Karanja’s efforts to ensure BHU develops in the most cost-effective way and inclusion of Friends of BHU, donors/supporters, and wellwishers in the development process. The completion of phase I increased the housing capacity from 12 to 54. Phase II of student housing is underway and comprises construction of another 5 student houses.

BHU EMBRACES DIVERSITY Beulah Heights University is committed to embracing and empowering multicultural Christian communities without regard to ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, nationality, or handicap. This year’s International Day was marked in style with spectacular performances

International Day Spring 2010

from 46 countries which the student population represents. This annual event serves to recognize and honor the diversity of our institution as part of our policy of inclusion. Other efforts to enhance diversity and our reach include forging partnerships with international institutions. Currently, BHU is partnering with institutions of higher learning in Brazil and Korea. Plans are underway to expand the partnerships to other countries including Kenya, South Africa, India, Honduras, Guatemala, and Peru.


GLOBAL MISSIONS AND PARTNERSHIPS Beulah Heights University is committed to implementing Christ’s mandate to fulfill the Great Commission by stimulating and training Christians for evangelistic church planting and supporting ministries through global evangelization (Matthew 28:19). We have expanded the mission of the founders of BHU from developing global leaders for the ministry to developing global leaders SPEI - Brazil

for the Ministry, Government and Corporate

through Christ-centered education. Such efforts include The Brazil partnerships mentioned earlier where 59 students (comprising company Presidents and CEOs and Pastors) are currently enrolled for MBA at IPOG and SPEI universities. Our international executive MBA is imbued with Christian values and designed for leaders who want to make a difference in the world while maintaining management focus within their organizations. BHU aims to ensure that each student gets the experience of short-term mission before he/she graduates. To achieve this, BHU developed Short-term Missions Overseas (M.O.S.T) program to equip students with multicultural experience in short-term mission trips. In 2010, M.O.S.T through the department of global partnerships organized three mission trips to Honduras, Belize and Brazil. During such missions, the students get to interact with the local people in spreading the gospel and providing other humanitarian services to the needy. In addition to the short-term mission, the department of global partnerships organized workshops and seminars to train leaders and also market BHU. In 2010, the president, Dr. Karanja, along with Director for Global Partnerships and Vice President for Asian Student Affairs organized missions to Brazil and Korea where they held several workshops and seminars. The workshops were well received and are expected to have a positive impact on enrollment at BHU and growth of the institution at large.


BHU GIVES BACK TO COMMUNITY Club Give - Club Give (an initiative by BHU student, Deric Holton) in collaboration with Student Government Association (SGA) provides community service including feeding the homeless, providing social services, and beautification projects in the BHU surrounding community. In 2009, Club Give distributed Club Give at work - 2010

thanksgiving baskets to 115 families in Tressel

Trace apartments located in BHU’s neighborhood. Club Give spent valentines of 2010 feeding the homeless in downtown Atlanta. Haiti – When earthquake struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, BHU family led by the president, Dr. Karanja, was touched by the level of devastation. Led by Dr. Karanja, the BHU family prayed for the victims and the affected and raised over $5,000 to support the relief initiatives by Red Cross and other agents. Haiti is home to several BHU students and alumni. Dr. Karanja and Ms. Pat Christian – Haiti Relief Effort

LEADERSHIP DEPARTMENT - LEADING BY EXAMPLE Annual Health Fair – The leadership department conducted its annual health fair on April 15, 2010. The health fair is designed to give the Foundations of Health Ministry students an opportunity to practice their skills. It was also an opportunity to connect with our community and share vital information. Over 100 people attended the event which featured various vendors including: The American Heart Association, DeKalb Medical Center, and Northwest Chiropractic Quaker Oates. The volunteers provided free screenings for blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and posture screening among other services.


Christian Community Development Café - BHU and the Leadership Studies Department hosted the Christian Community Development Cafe, a trade organization for Christian Community developers, on May 11, 2010. This was an event held to commemorate CCDA 20th anniversary. Ministry leaders and business people gathered to hear CEO Noel Castellanos share CCDA’s vision. Attendees were offered an opportunity to become members or supporting members. The event was a great opportunity for BHU to connect with the community in a meaningful way.

BHU ALUMNI MAKING A DIFFERENCE BHU recognizes the important role the alumni play in institutional advancement through their financial, time or expertise contribution. It is in this recognition that the President in 2010 initiated efforts to strengthen the office of institutional development and to ensure that the alumni are involved in planning and development of BHU as stakeholders. Such efforts include validating alumni contact information and establishing an alumni data base, sharing the BHU newsletter with the alumni, an alumni newsletter, involving the alumni in BHU events and development plans, and organizing regular events/meetings for the alumni. The 2010 Alumni Honoree Luncheon,

From left to right: President Dr. Benson Karanja, Pastor Robert Melson ('95), Bishop Alfreda Young ('96), Pastor Mamie Smith ('00), Pastor Carlton May ('01), Pastor Ocie Reese ('03), Pastor Eddie Collier ('98), Apostle David Karanja ('05), Dr. Antoniette Alvarado ('98), Pastor LaVoris Holloway ('00), Pastor Ernest Bell ('98), Pastor Jessie Halbert ('02), Pastor Chris Bowen ('87), Pastor John Croslan ('07)


organized by the office of institutional development, was held on October 9, 2010 at Eagles Landing Country Club. The event brought together over 300 alumni. Thirty pastors who are members of the alumni association were honored for their outstanding contributions in various capacities. BHU is dedicated to training Christian leaders whose lives reflect the conviction that both individual and corporate prayer is essential in the pursuit of God’s purposes for holy living and fruitful ministries. BHU alumni have carried this commitment forward and have been agents of change in society. The testimony below from Emilio and Denise confirm that BHU is living to its goals of being a change agent and resource center, and imparting that to the students. Uma Terra Que Mana Leite e Mel A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey When Emilio and Denise Talamonte (Class of 2003) came to the United States from Brazil, they just wanted to finish their theological studies and attain academic credentials. Looking back, Emilio and Denise admit their experience at BHU was a Dr. Karanja and Pastor Emilio Talamonte

time of preparation. God had a plan for their lives to

fulfill a Mission that he had revealed to them around 1990. After graduating from BHU, they returned to Brazil ready to establish the Hebron Valley Educational EcoVillage mission. Its mission is to create an educational system that will develop the human being as a whole intellectually, spiritually with integrity and with his/her wholeness, according to world’s social globalized responsibility and needs. Hebron Valley is located at the city of Morretes, Brazil, (about 50 km from Curitiba) and comprises 12 villages representing 12 different projects to help fulfill the human needs. Says Emilio of their time at BHU, “My wife and I had this great opportunity of being at BHU because it was a God-centered school. The multicultural aspect of the school helped us to better understand our call, and of course, according to our environment at BHU, all families of the earth (a lot of) were represented there”.


LOOKING FORWARD As noted earlier in the report, our student population has grown significantly over the last three years. While we cherish this positive growth, we cannot overlook the challenges that come with it. Most eminent of these include classroom space, faculty and administration space, parking, and housing. We have put these challenges into consideration and are embarking on phase II of expansion. This phase will involve expansion of the library and parking space, additional classroom space, and construction of administration and faculty offices. Phase II is estimated to cost USD 17 million. I am glad to report to you that we have been able to secure a commitment of USD 6 million from our supporting foundations. However, in order for the funds to be released to us and for phase II to commence, we are required by the foundations to raise a matching USD 6 million. Classroom space is the most immediate need. We have identified, as a short-term remedy, classroom space to lease in the Gwinnet area of Georgia. The building has a capacity of up to 150 students and will cost USD 20,000 per year. Our long-term goal is to acquire more land for the intended expansion. We have had positive negotiations with the city government and we hope to acquire some land for expansion soon. We are appealing to all the donors, supporters and friends of BHU to support this initiative. Your support will ensure that we continue to serve our students and community without raising the cost of our product.


OUR 2010 SUPPORTERS We cannot thank enough the friends, well-wishers and supporters of BHU whose contributions make it possible for us to pursue our mission, goals and objectives. We would like you know that through your support we are making a difference in the world and lives of individuals. Johnathan Alvarado

A. Garmon

Jacquelyn Armstrong

Eric Garnes

Bernadette Asher

Richard Goode

Joyce Bailey

Collette Gunby

Patricia Banks

Cynthia Hale

Rochelle Bell

Brenda Hamilton

Chris Bowen

Brian Hodges

Lynnette Brashear

Christopher Horton

Randy Brewer

Angelita Howard

Gerald Brooks

Jerry Hutchins

Roger Brumbalow

D'Ann Johnson

Deborah Chand

Percy Johnson, Jr.

Samuel Chand

Judith Jones

Samuel and Brenda Chand

Benson Karanja

John Croslan

James Keiller

Jesse Curney

John Kim

Pradeep Das

Eddie Long

John Dreher

Clinton Lyttle

Carolyn Driver

Charles Maroa

R.G. Dunbar

Kandathil & Sushila Mathew

Harvey Freeman

Sarah Matthews

Sherry Gaither

Carlton May


Robert Melson, Sr.

A. A. LaRocco & Associates, Inc.

Portia Minter

Charisma Exchange, Inc.

Billy Mitchell

Christian Women's Ministerial Association of Georgia

Cecil Murphey Jerry Nash John Nash Walter Nyangweso Betty Palmer Claude Porter, Sr Jeff Rolecco Anthony Royal Jim & Bev Sawyer Pierre Sheppard Marcelo Silva Gary Simpson Doris Soady Jesse Starr Julius Thomas Rosa L. Thomas-Webb Walter Turner Scott Weimer John Wieland Timothy Wiley Bill Young

Ellis Foundation Gathering of Champions Georgia District Council of Assemblies of God Grace House Ministries, Inc. Grace Outreach Center Green Pastures Christian Ministries Lighthouse Temple Living Enterprises, Inc. Living Faith Ministerial Fellowship, Inc. National Christian Foundation New Birth Missionary Baptist Church New Covenant Christian Ministries North Avenue Presbyterian Church Ray of Hope Christian Center Redeeming Love Christian Church, Inc. Samuel R. Chand Ministries, Inc. Sawyer Family Revocable Living Trust Southeast District IPCC Stronghold Christian Church Tabernacle of Praise



MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS • 8 week course offerings • Cohort Format (begin and end with the same group) • Accelerated! Complete Program in 12-14 months • Classes held only on Saturday • Flexible, Affordable, Great Atmosphere • Financial Aid available • Christian Enphasis LEARN MORE: WWW.BEULAH.EDU • CONTACT US: MBAINFO@BEULAH.ORG • 404.627.2681

BHU 2010 Annual Report  

BHU 2010 Annual Report

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