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Adam Sandler is Hollywood's favorite pervert.​ when she took her shorts off, i thought she was packing a banana muffin under those bottoms ;-)​ Oh please, post some more! These are awesome.​ the rest of American women don't have an excuse​ I was crying​ So great film​ In horrible bosses I about lost it when u saw her being nasty omg!!!!​ What’s the song​ This is one of my favorite comedies



i worked rigging electric on this movie.​ My teacher is making us do something like this and I dont get it its so easy how they do it but when I start doing mine its just looks so hard ​ its a full on copy of mainey pyar kyun kiya salman khan n kathrina kaif ​ cuz ur canadian​

Anyone please know the song used in this ?? ​ Whats the name of the song ??​ Oh c'mon, Morgan's not that old.​

What's the name of the song in the end​ Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya Is the bollywood version of this movie​ I read about this but it kinda looks funny hopefully​ Shame Jennifer Aniston doesn't have any Kids cuz I think she would make a great MILFTAH !!!​ 80 years old and still killing it​ Best Of The Best!​ I have to tweet to all my friends Opens her flip phone​ whats the song at the end ??​ The standard for modern beauty​

another good one​ Jennifer pull out ​ I like it​ One can find a lot of apples like this original one in the west part of Crete, believe me: 2:09 .​ I wish you had been my teachers in high school, maybe college math wouldn't be such a challenge! awesome!​. What's music?​ 2:10 ARG!!! grabs chest and falls over.​ Song ???​

Added to favorites! The old guy in the red shirt! Lol!​ Adam Sandler and the got women in his movies​ Havent liked the past few adam sandler movie, but this looks funny, unlike grown ups that wasnt funny at all​.

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Just For Graphs filipino language  

Just For Graphs filipino language