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Los Osos High School Key Club Newsletter Issue 1| Summer 2011 Edition

A NOTE FROM STAFF Inside this issue

Hey there, Los Osos High Key Clubbers,

A Note from Staff………………………………… 2

It’s been another great year! We are more than happy to have been able to spend the 2010-11 school year with all of you amazing Key Clubbers.

Do You Remember ……………………………….. pg 3 -Relay for Life -Out with the Old, In with the New Keep an Eye Out For …………………………… 4 -Freshmen Orientation -The New 2011-2012 School Year Calendar of Events …………….……………… 5

We all know what time it is: summer! To all of you future sophomores, juniors, and seniors, have a great summer and we hope to see you all next year. To the class of 2011, we wish you the best of luck, and hope you will never forget the memories you made in Key Club. Be sure to come back and visit, and share your college stories with all of us! Again, have a great, (and safe!) summer. We will see you next year! Good work, and serve on, LOHS Key Club Staff


D O Y O U R E M E M B E R... Relay For Life Together with Los Osos High School’s American Cancer Society, LOHS Key Clubbers participated in this year’s Relay for Life held at Los Osos High School on Friday, May 13th till Saturday, May 14th. Key Clubbers like Karen Tseng and Jasmine Hong (shown below) walked to show their support for those who suffer, have lost because, and have survived cancer. The night ended with luminarias dedicated to friends, family members, and loved ones battling cancer lining the track, glowing to represent our hope, support, and above all, love. Left: LOHS Key Club Staff 2010-2011 From top left: Sarah Jiang, Chanel Chu, Jessica Nathania, Peggy Quon, Wayne Lu, Meghan Christensen, Benson Ho Right: LOHS Key Club Staff 2011-2012 From left: Jessica Hao, Jessica Cariaga, Peggy Quon, Wayne Lu, Sarah Jiang, Fabbiha Islam, Erica Fang, Kristen Eng, Barbie Huang

Out with the Old, In with the New With the new school year, comes a new Key Club staff. We are pleased to announce the 2011-2012 Los Osos High School Key Club officer team! First off, good job and thank you to everyone who campaigned for a position on the 2011-2012 team. You have all worked hard! To the staff of 2010-2011, thank you for everything you have done throughout the year. We deeply appreciate your leadership, your dedication, and your hard work in making this year one of our best. Good luck to you as you progress further in your lives; we hope to see you on the Los Osos campus again, and we look forward to hearing all your stories and endeavors as you continue to make an impact in the world.

Los Osos High School Key Club Staff 2011-2012 President—Sarah Jiang Vice President—Peggy Quon Secretary—Jessica Hao Treasurer—Wayne Lu Event Coordinator—Erica Fang Public Relations —Fabbiha Islam Fundraising Director—Jessica Cariaga Historian—Barbie Huang Division Chair—Kristen Eng


K E E P A N E Y E O U T F O R... Freshman Orientation Look out for us at this year’s Freshman Orientation. Do you have friends, siblings, or family members interested in joining Key Club? Are you interested in learning more about Key Club, and what we do? Keep your eyes out for our booth in front of the band room during Freshman Orientation! We will have informational pamphlets, and our staff is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Upcoming Events

The New 2011-2012 School Year

We have lots planned for the upcoming year! Be on the look out for:

A new year is quickly approaching, Key Clubbers! New classes, new teachers, new school supplies, and new Key Club memories! Here’s some things to remember, as the new year (and all the change that comes with it) approaches:

-Halloween Social -Regional Training Conference -Fall Rally -D15 Ice Skating Social -Wrapping for Inclusion -Valentine’s Day Social

 

And much more!

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Giraffes typically get most of their water from the Acacia leaf, but will drink up to ten gallons of water per day.

Meetings will be every Friday morning at 8 am in D1, the ASB room. Please be sure to attend the meetings to keep up to date on events, and other news You can sign up for events at the end of each meeting! Our Key Club staff will be available every meeting to answer all of your questions, comments, and concerns. Don’t be afraid to ask! Be sure to add us on Facebook! Lohs Keyclub You can contact us anytime at

We hope to see you all when school begins! Enjoy the rest of your summer, stay safe, and we will see you all soon!



Top left: New staff and old staff smile for a picture at Ice Castle Skating Rink. Above: Officers Kristen Eng and Sarah Jiang smile after a long day of team-building ice skating Middle left: Officers embark on a team building nature hike during our summer retreat! Bottom left: Officers Wayne Lu, Jessica Cariaga, Kristen Eng, and Erica Fang stop to take in the scenery.


Key Club Newsletter Summer  

Key Club newsletter summer 2011

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