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At this year’s BHTA Awards Evening the industry had the opportunity to showcase the best of what we do and who we are, which is very special. Attack during the Falklands War, in 1982. Simon was severely We bear an immense injured, sustaining serious burns to 46% of his body. He has responsibility, undertaking our become well-known across the United Kingdom and abroad for work and serving our diverse his struggle to overcome his injuries and redefine his role in life. and vulnerable community of His message is one of achievement, of triumph in the face of patients, clients and customers. adversity, and of seizing the moment and succeeding. We have responsibilities underpinned and clearly Simon also acknowledged the work BHTA articulated members do in the rehabilitation of service by our Code “The awards evening people returning from combat with life of Practice, which is our badge of honour is the best opportunity changing injuries, where the design and and sets us aside from others, people can for our industry to tell technology helps to offer a journey back come to us and they can buy with confidence to normal life with prosthetics and mobility and have trust in us. That must never be the world our story” products, that we now take for granted in underestimated and the public interest is the the Paralympics and Invictus Games arena. driver of our work. The awards evening is the best opportunity for our industry to tell the world our story and Our members should be proud of the work, products and the stories of our members and those that work with them to service they deliver to the NHS, Healthcare Professionals and achieve so much. Consumers every day. We were privileged to have Simon Weston CBE as our host Alastair Maxwell for the awards evening. Simon is an inspirational speaker from Chairman BHTA his experiences as a soldier in the Welsh Guards and survivor, when the RAF Sir Galahad was destroyed in the Bluff Cove Air

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Westminster Watch by Lord Rennard, BHTA Director of Communications

The social care funding conundrum? Many of the representations with which the BHTA is involved are based on consistent themes about helping people to live well and independently for far longer. We point out to government that such investment results in better quality of life, whilst enabling it to make savings such as those which result from keeping people out of a hospital bed or enabling them to leave hospital sooner. It is pleasing when government echoes these messages. A recent Department of Health & Social Care publication (Prevention is better than cure) contains text that could have been taken from the BHTA Manifesto that we published a few years ago. This says that, ‘Changes to our home can help us continue to live independently and well. Aids and adaptations in the home - such as grab rails, an adapted bathroom, or a stair lift - can improve people’s ability to perform everyday tasks, delay the move to a residential care (for those that need it) by around four years, and reduce health and social care costs.’

NHS Boost The relatively new Secretary of State, Matt Hancock, highlights in the same publication the long-term funding settlement for the NHS and says that ‘there will be an extra £20.5 billion a year by the end of the next five years. This is the single largest cash injection for the NHS ever, giving us a unique opportunity to radically change the focus of health and social care onto prevention’. He recognises that, ‘With an ageing society and people living with multiple complex conditions it is imperative that this rebalancing happens - to keeping people well, living in the community, and out of hospital for longer.’

But concern about social care costs The government has been warned, however, that the extra investment planned to sustain the NHS will largely be taken up with addressing the lack of social care provision unless this is also provided for. Publication of a green paper proposing possible means of financing adult social care has been repeatedly postponed.

Demographic changes continue to make tackling the issue more expensive than any government feels that it wants to pay for. There have been 12 government papers on paying for social care in England in the past 20 years. There have also been five independent commissions and numerous thinktank reports. Matt Hancock has recently expressed interest in how the Japanese won consensus for the introduction of a social care system based on over 40s paying an additional amount through their pay packets. An extra 2p on the national insurance contributions of all over 40s would raise £2bn a year, but this would be nowhere near enough to fund our care system, even at the level that it is at now. Meanwhile, more than a million people, most of them elderly, are currently estimated to have unmet needs.

Local Authorities squeezed Local authorities warn that adult social care now accounts for nearly 40% of total council budgets and say that something drastic must happen unless provision of services and equipment by local authorities is to be drastically curtailed. Local Government Association leaders estimate that adult social care services face a £3.5 billion funding gap by 2025 just to maintain existing standards of care. They say that latest figures show that councils in England receive 1.8 million new requests for adult social care a year, which represents nearly 5,000 a day. This is why many health care businesses seeking to work with local authorities (as well as the NHS) have problems with procurement. The squeeze on local authorities is driving more people towards paying privately. The BHTA is trying to make sure that people are aware of what is available for them to buy, and that they know to buy with confidence from BHTA members who are covered by the Code of Practice.


BHTA urges members and professionals to Get Wise to Communicating with Families The BHTA children’s equipment section have been busy working with the Don’t Call me Mum Campaign/Born at The Right Time to produce a new leaflet to help trade and professionals to see parents as partners.


Get Wise to communicating with families Parents as partners – Making a difference together

The BHTA have worked with the Don’t Call Me Mum campaign initiative to produce this leaflet. We want to help professionals and companies working with carers and families of adults and children with additional needs, to demonstrate their respect of parents as partners in the assessment process. When you enter a family’s house, it is also their home, their place of comfort and safe space. Whilst keeping this in mind, professionals should understand the potential anxieties and fears families may have around outsiders entering their home and the decisions that may be made. Working with parents/carers and involving them at every stage of a meeting/ assessment will help gain their respect and trust.

Partnership Companies, professionals and parents are all the experts in their own right. Bringing together everyone’s skills, knowledge and resources creates the best outcome because when parents are partners; everyone, especially the person with the disability, wins.

Perspective Every family has a story. Every interaction is part of an on going journey littered with complications, emotions and challenges.

Priorities Every person has a different set of priorities and expectations. When each party openly communicates their agenda and priorities, progress can be made. Overleaf, we have established some top tips to help when working with families.



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who support people with complex needs that most impacts their life. People change people’s lives and this is at its best when we work together. I have loved creating the Get Wise leaflet on Communicating with Families alongside the BHTA. It has bolstered my faith in the determination of many within the healthcare industry to work with families and create the best opportunities for their loved ones”.

The document talks about the 3 P’S: Partnership, Perspective and Priorities as well as giving a list of do’s and don’ts and is aimed to help healthcare professionals and industry Sally Edgington, BHTA Membership Engagement Manager, said tradespeople to build positive relationships with families. It’s “Kidz to Adultz exhibition was a great arena for the leaflet to be fair to say that having strangers visit a family can be stressful launched, and we received nothing but and so if the parents are approached in very positive feedback. We will continue the wrong way this can have a negative “Kidz to Adultz exhibition to work with Rachel in the future as impact on the child and it requires work to was a great arena for the the work she does is not only inspiring, build the relationships between all those leaflet to be launched” but also useful to families with disabled involved. children and professionals alike”. The Get Wise leaflet was launched at Kidz To download a copy of the leaflet: to Adultz North exhibition in Manchester at the beginning of November. BHTA was joined by Rachel Wright, founder of the Don’t Call Me Mum campaign who spoke in one of the lecture To read more about Rachel Wright’s work: theatres and the curtains to the theatre had to be closed due to a packed room of over 180 people. Rachel said “Being the parent of a child with severe disabilities and a trained nurse, I believe it is effective communication between the many people


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BHTA Symposium 2018 The BHTA Symposium was a demonstration of just how important Pressure Care is in healthcare and at the event were experts from all over the world, many of whom have been participating in the ISO Standards work concerning both mattress and seating support surfaces. The International Standards process is one of the catalysts that brings everyone together to develop a better understanding of the field, better product development and enhance the science of tissue integrity that enables more information for clinicians to make informed decisions for treatment of patients.

The symposium was about sharing those developing solutions and outcomes for patients. It was about the future and the findings to draw attention to what is a very costly healthcare issue not just in resources but to those who are unfortunate to develop a pressure sore.

Close international cooperation is vital in this area of healthcare. After all, getting a pressure ulcer puts a person’s life at risk.

Thank you to the International Guest Speakers, all delegates and the sponsors; Invacare, Medstrom and Stryker.

The statistics are stark

Please find some quotes received about the day:

The incidence of pressure ulcers vary, however in the UK the level is between 5% to 8%, which is in line with most western countries including the USA. Prevalence in the rest of the world varies between 12% to 20%. In cooperation with the WG11 ISO Committee working on mattress standards, Ray Hodgkinson has been evaluating the cost to nations around the world of pressure ulcers. Preliminary figures from just six countries (UK, USA, Germany, Finland, Denmark and Sweden) indicate that some $40 Billion is begin spent on this specific area. The spend on product worldwide for mattress solutions is around $1.5 Billion, which seems low in comparison with the overall cost involved and indicates to many that better solutions are required. The international experts that have been working with the WG11 ISO Committee consider more resources for research are required and that perhaps governments need to have a greater involvement, in particular to ensure more flexible procurement processes that encourage swifter acceptance of innovative products.

‘Thank you Jane and team BHTA for organising this high standard Symposium. Amazed that you have brought so many important speakers/authorities together to share their latest research with the care professionals and industry’ The Helping Hand Company ‘This event exceeded my expectations: An excellent international group of speakers each interesting, educational as well as thought provoking in their own right; all developing specific areas of expertise that linked together creating overlapping connections without repetition. That doesn’t happen by accident - well done to all involved!’ Amjo BD Ltd ‘Some thought provoking stuff. Thanks to everyone involved’ Winncare ‘Amazing day learnt so much thank you’ Plus Size Management and Complex Patient Assessments


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Meet Andrew Stevenson and Andrew Barker Following the departure of Mandie Lavin as Director General of the British Healthcare Trades Association, the organisation has appointed two new individuals to interim roles as the association begins its search for new leaders. BHTA has made two appointments, Andrew Stevenson as Interim Director General and Andrew Barker as Commercial Director, to guide the association.


Following a 13-year period in the automotive industry, working in Germany, Asia and South America, Andrew Barker joined the healthcare industry in 2005 as general manager and later that year as managing director of Mangar International.

Leaving Mangar International in 2009 to join NRS Healthcare as the organisation’s sales director, Stevenson was responsible for its product sales division, consisting of thousands of independent living products.

Taking the company from a traditional local family company to a major player in the sector, Barker bought into Mangar before the family sold out, leading to a management buy-out backed by private equity.

Staying with NRS Healthcare for eight years, he most recently headed up charity Deaf Direct, supporting the deaf and hard of hearing community in the Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Oxford area for 12 months.

Leaving the company in 2016, the new interim commercial director has been on the BHTA board for six years, holding the position of interim director general from March to June in 2018 following the departure of Tracey White.

Alongside Stevenson’s SME, multinational and community voluntary sector experience, the new interim director general has been involved with the BHTA since 2007, holding positions including vice chair and chair of the Independent Living section.

Entering the healthcare industry 16 years ago with Mangar International to develop its overseas business and later joining the company’s board as sales director, Andrew Stevenson has experience working in both international and domestic markets through direct channels and distribution networks.

Additionally, Stevenson was appointed to the BHTA board in 2015 and was recently re-elected unanimously to the position in November 2018.

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BHTA Board elect some new candidates to drive the association forward Following the BHTA AGM which took place on 13th November a number of board members were re-elected with some new individuals joining. The positions represent the ever growing strength of the British Healthcare Trades Association within healthcare and assistive technology sectors as we work closer with the NHS and government to help drive change and efficiencies at a time of limited budgets. Mike Lord Stiltz Limited Mike has a long history both within the industry and with the BHTA, having worked at Sunrise Medical, Minivator and Handicare, as well as other industry associated companies. He has a very diverse background within the industry, across a number of the 13 BHTA sections.  In addition, he was Section Chair of the Stairlift Section for around 5 years.  Mike has been on the BHTA Board for 9 years, serving for the last 2 years as BHTA President, and is serving one more year to complete his term of office. 

During his time on the Board he has been involved with the Nominations Committee, run special work groups on BHTA training, overseen the acquisition of THIIS Magazine, been involved with several other working parties and met regularly with the DG, Vice Chair and Chairman to ensure the smooth running of the BHTA. Mike strongly believes in the BHTA and its mission to help the medtech business community, and welcomes the opportunity to continue to give his time and experience to assist with this work.

Phil Rice Anglia Stairlifts Limited Phil has spent over 20 years in the healthcare/homecare industry holding various senior positions within the past 12, purchasing Anglia Stairlifts Ltd as a going concern in 2015 and completely re-establishing the business back into a healthy condition. Prior to this he was the managing director of MediTek Ltd

in North East England. In undertaking these roles he has gained a strong understanding of the commercial requirements in this industry and what is required to run a successful business trading in both the private and public sector. In addition to this, he has always been and continues to be, a strong supporter of the BHTA and its aim to be the principle trade association for the homecare industry.


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membernews Mike Sawers Hollister Limited Having experienced a long relationship (32 years) as a member company with the BHTA, Mike has witnessed the growth, influence and gravitas of our Trade Association and has served as a Board Director, contributing to achieving and maintaining the high level of standards and advocacy necessary to encourage, support and steer our members successfully through the challenges we face.

global healthcare corporations, Baxter Healthcare and Hollister Inc., at Senior and Director level with responsibility for Divisional, Country and European management. He also has experience, understanding and empathy for the value SMEs contribute to the healthcare industry. Mike’s trade association experience includes serving as Chairman of two sections in the BHTA, council membership and chairing various focused working groups. In 2009 he was proud to be the recipient of the ‘BHTA Lifetime Service Award’.  Mike is keen to help with continuation of the welfare and heritage of the BHTA in the position of Board Director.

His commercial experience includes many years of operating in

Andrew Stevenson Grosvenor Healthcare Consulting Andrew brings a wealth of commercial, sales and marketing experience at both SME, Multi National and Community and Voluntary Sector levels. He has been in the healthcare industry for the last 15 years, as Sales Director at NRS Healthcare, previously Group Sales Director at Mangar International and most recently as CEO of Deaf Direct and recently started Grosvenor Healthcare Consulting, advising companies on a variety of opportunities in the industry. He has also been a member, Vice Chair and Chair of the Independent Living Products & Services Section and served as a Director of BHTA over the last 3 years.

Andrew is firm believer that BHTA can enhance its position by: Raising industry standards and developing further as the “go to” Association for Government Institutions and the General Public looking for advice and information on Independent Living. Taking a leading position on the upcoming Brexit position to provide advice and networking for Exporting and Importing Companies as we move into a new structure of Global Trade Leading on career development and training to make our industry one that today’s young and talented workforce seriously consider.

Ian Wenman Wenman Healthcare Limited Ian has a strong financial background as a Chartered Accountant and has his own family owned and run healthcare business. He has served on the BHTA mobility section (most recently as deputy Chair), but also as Chair of Oxfordshire’s Institute of Directors and Local Enterprise Partnership. Ian has been a trustee and worked as a fund raiser in both national and local charities.


Ian has a real interest in green technology and ecology, being a shareholder and director of a new innovative train manufacturing company and helping run his own small farm with conserving wildlife an important part. He believes BHTA is a key part of the DNA of the UK’s healthcare support and products, where each member has a role to play in helping build the quality and reputation of this service and the BHTA has the role of assisting its members to thrive and develop successfully in this environment.

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Jerry Benson, CEO of NRS Healthcare

NRS completes multi-millionpound acquisition of CCN NRS Healthcare, a provider of community healthcare equipment and services to the NHS and local authorities, has acquired Lancashire-based online retailer Complete Care Networks (CCN). Supplying a wide range of mobility and daily living aids for children and adults, CCN retails through a range of online channels, including its own online shop (Complete Care Shop), Amazon and eBay. In addition, the company is an official supplier of equipment to the NHS and has seen continued growth in the mobility market. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed but, according to Welsh corporate advisory firm Gambit who advised the shareholders of CCN, included a multi-million-pound payment at completion together with an earn-out based on the future trading performance of the CCN business.

complements ours well and their access to the consumer provides us with exciting options for the future.” Simon Marsden, Director of Gambit who was part of the team advising the sale, commented: “CCN has achieved significant growth in a competitive market and in NRS has secured a highly complementary partner with the financial backing to take the business through the next stage in its growth.” An outsourced supplier of community healthcare equipment and services, NRS was subject to a management buy-out backed by LDC in 2013, who exited the business in 2014, retaining a minority stake, when further funding was secured from H2 Equity Partners.

Jerry Benson, CEO of NRS Healthcare, told THIIS: “We are very pleased with the acquisition of CCN. Their product range


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Small screen debut for Medstrom Medstrom, a specialist healthcare equipment provider, has supplied beds and mattresses to feature in popular British soap opera Emmerdale.

“My husband and I are big fans of the show, and working in the healthcare sector has given me a keen eye for the quality of medical equipment, no matter the situation,” she explained.

Advanced Medstrom 5000 beds and Dolphin Therapy mattress systems will be featured in future storylines involving key characters being admitted to Hotten General Hospital.

“When the opportunity arose, I was delighted to suggest their old props be replaced with state-of-the-art alternatives. Medstrom 5000 beds and Dolphin Therapy surfaces are helping many thousands of patients in the UK to recover from illness in comfort and safety, so to think that some of my favourite characters may soon be joining them is really exciting for me as a fan.”

The inspiration behind the unique product placement came from national clinical manager Debbie Newcombe, a fan of the long-running ITV series.

Debbie Newcombe, National Clinical Manager and Paul Hartshorne, Sales Support Technician


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Comfomatic springs into action for Macmillan Electric Mobility supports BLESMA parade for 15th year Supporting the British Limbless Ex-Service Men’s Association (BLESMA), Electric Mobility provided its Rascal 388 deluxe mobility scooters to help ensure limbless veterans were able to take part in the 100th anniversary Cenotaph Parade in London on Remembrance Sunday. Dedicating his own time, Dave Pierce, Electric Mobility’s Warehouse Manager, coordinated providing 20 mobility scooters as part of the partnership with BLESMA, the only national Armed Forces Charity that supports limbless veterans who have lost limbs or lost the use of limbs or eyes for the duration of their lives.

Adjustable bed specialist Comfomatic has hit the £100,000 fundraising mark for Macmillan Cancer Support, providing much needed support to people with cancer and their families. With its director, a recently retired district nursing sister who worked closely with the Macmillan nursing team, seeing first-hand the tremendous work they do, the company decided to start donating to the charity two years ago. In recognition of the £100,000 achievement, the Comfomatic team have invited Macmillan’s Corporate Fundraising Manager, Megan Kong, to join them at a celebration in their call centre. Comfomatic confirmed that it has now set its sights on reaching a landmark target of £250,000.

The company’s 15th year working with the Association, the day saw some 40 BLESMA members participate along with 10,000 others, marching to remember those lost in the First World War. Elaine Leighton, Marketing & Communications Manager for Electric Mobility, commented: “We are strongly committed to supporting this great veteran charity and will continue to provide mobility scooters to give the veterans the opportunity to fully take part in the parade to pay their respects to those that are lost but not forgotten.”


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British Healthcare Trades Awards 2018 Winners This year’s British Healthcare Trades Awards (29th November) saw the culmination of another successful year as the healthcare and assistive technology sectors came together at the Alton Towers Hotel Stoke on Trent, to recognise the achievements of companies and individuals, big and small at their annual awards evening. There were two new categories in 2018 for awards for the Best Digital Innovation Award and the Best Innovation Developed with the NHS.

was on Sir Galahad, which was destroyed in the Bluff Cove Air Attack during the Falklands War, in 1982. He is well known around the world for his struggle to overcome his injuries, and redefine his role in life and be an inspiration to others.

Awards were presented in the following categories: • • • • • • • • • • •

The evening was a great opportunity to recognise and acknowledge the contributions made by companies in their individual fields within the healthcare and assistive technology industry, with over 250 people attending, representing over 50 plus “The evening was a great companies, their staff and guests. opportunity to recognise and The awards evening was topped off acknowledge the contributions with a disco and band for everyone to dance the night away. made by companies in their

Best Contribution to the Community Best Product Best Service Most Effective Marketing Campaign Independent Living Design Award Lifetime Achievement Award The NHS DAC Patients Service Award individual Retailer of the Year Team of the Year Individual of the Year Tom Hillier Award – A Shopmobility Award.


If you would like to see your company name in lights in 2019, please think about which award category your company could enter and send an email to and we will alert you when the 2019 entry forms are available. This year’s host for the evening was Simon Weston CBE. Simon


The awards panel had another busy time evaluating the entries before the final awards were decided on and competition in several categories was particularly tight, with the judging panel selecting a number of entrants for Highly Commended Certificates. Now in its 23rd year, the Independent Living Design Awards is recognised by professionals and members of the healthcare market as one of the leading awards in the sector for the very best in innovation and design.

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Independent Living Design Award The award winner for the Independent Living Design Award was TGA Mobility for their Whill C Personal electric vehicle. TGA has produced a breakthrough in contemporary mobility product design. Developed by talented Japanese engineers and designers, WHILL Model C is unlike any other affordable

powered wheelchair, it combines revolutionary aesthetics, manoeuvrability and comfort with advanced transportability. It was specifically developed for style-conscious individuals who seek a contemporary product for assured Independence and a confident lifestyle.

The Tom Hillier Award The National Federation of Shopmobility is part of the BHTA family. The Tom Hillier Award, named after the Federation’s founder, created in 1991 was presented to the Shopmobility scheme that has shown exceptional service to its clients over the past year. The 2018 winner is High Wycombe. They have taken part in live radio broadcasts to promote their scheme, carry our regular awareness events in their local town and provide disability awareness training to security staff at the local shopping centre. High Wycombe are also part of the Safe Place Scheme and are a safe haven for vulnerable people in the community. A worthy winner and great asset to their local community.


Best Contribution to the Community The Best Contribution to the Community was a new award introduced in 2016 and is in the DNA of many of BHTA members who go above and beyond the call of duty for their clients and partners. This award recognises involvement and support of a charitable or community organisation or events. The winner NRS Healthcare has gone to great lengths to support a user led charity in the North West by offering corporate sponsorship to Disability Awareness Day which sees over 20,000 visitors each year and doing the same for the charity’s annual dinner which raises in excess of £15,000. But the largest impact on their partnership has been their support of the Phoenix Project, which provides donated and recycled mobility and independent living equipment to disabled people living overseas in Egypt, Sudan, Syria and Thailand. Stephen Kennedy has taken time and effort to set up processes within the winning company that has seen over 50 pallet loads of stock donated to the Phoenix Project. In addition, he has provided professional endorsements to a number of other leading mobility and independent living equipment suppliers and manufacturers who now regularly donate to the Phoenix Project.


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Best Product Award Standz by Jenx. The Best Product Award is the most hotly contested award of the evening with over thirteen companies in the competition, making it one of the most difficult categories for the judging panel. The winner was Standz by Jenx which is the first tool free standing frame specifically created to facilitate abducted or neutral standing positions (prone or supine) in children aged 1-9 years. Designed to appeal to young children and families with a modern, playful and most importantly non-clinical look!

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Team of the Year Our Team of the Year received a great deal of praise from their customers: “a wonderful company who understand!”, “happy chappies”, “excellent service by all”, “very friendly, efficient, courteous and reliable staff”, and “without this service we do not know what we would have done” are just a few of the comments about our winners. It was great to see TPG DisableAids last year’s Retailer of the Year maintain its profile by being the Team of the Year reinforcing their commitment to their customer service.

Most Effective Marketing Campaign In October 2017 Fish Insurance launched their Appointed Representative Scheme and created a whole suite of marketing tools. The winner saw a 215% increase in the mobility partners they are now working with and created a 50% increase in income. They went to lengthy steps to ensure they had

an effective marketing campaign by reviewing their whole marketing proposition, they identified opportunities, carried out research and engaged with their customers to achieve these amazing results.


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Best Innovation Developed with the NHS The second of the new awards for 2018 was Best Innovation Developed with the NHS. This award is for companies who collaborate with the NHS on an innovation conceived by a company or the NHS. The innovation may be completely new to the market or can be an established innovation that has been launched within the last

Best Service Award The Best Service award was created for services that have been on the market for less than three years. The winner Higher Elevation Limited was chosen for their Customer Service as it is at the forefront of everything they do. Higher Elevation had a Score of 9.9 out of 10 from customer reviews on CheckaTrade and a 5* rating on google, and they recently passed their compliance audit for ISO 9001:2015 for their quality management system and customer service.


5 years. The nature of the collaboration with an NHS partner could be a research project, evaluation, licence agreement or an assignment agreement. The award winner was a collaboration of South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust, Newcastle University and ARC Medical, who have delivered practice changing endoscopy research.

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Retailer of the Year BHTA member retailers are the very public face of the BHTA, working every day with vulnerable customers and their carers to provide solutions that enable independent living. The Retailer of the Year Award, now in its second year, aims to recognise those that go above and beyond to provide an exemplary service. This year’s Retailer of the Year particularly impressed the judging panel with the very broad and personalised evidence submitted, that demonstrated good service and how kind the staff are with evidenced personalised testimonials which clearly demonstrated a customer care ethos. The winner was Disabled Care and Mobility.

Best Digital Innovation Award

Individual of the Year The award is given based on the quantity and quality of responses from the hundreds of customer satisfaction cards returned to BHTA every year. The satisfaction cards received show that BHTA members’ customers have benefitted from expert knowledge, helpful service and great customer care. This year’s winner Gillian Green, of Island Mobility, earned comments such as “nothing was too much for her”, “she has been fantastic”, “exceptional”, “she dealt very sympathetically with my Mum”, she was “very sweet and helpful”; and “by far the best treatment I’ve ever had in a mobility shop”.

The Best Digital Innovation Award was new for the 2018 catagories. This award is for apps, web services and software that have had a proven benefit for its users, which have the power to transform the disability sector. Entries had to consider how their product or service has benefited users and developed the market, and the award was open to products available on any operating system and providing any type of assistive technology. Our winner is a consortium of private and NHS bodies working together to offer a free web based sexually transmitted infection testing service for symptom free Londoners. Service users can quickly register with the service on their smart phone or computer, answer a few questions and then perform the tests themselves at home. Results are ready within 4 days and are accessible to the service user on a portal. Some infections can be treated via an online assessment with antibiotics sent via the post. Since launching in January 2018, the service now has 60,000 people signed up, and they have diagnosed over 2,500 infections, saving the NHS an incredible amount of money owing to less clinic visits being needed. The first winner of this award was Sexual Health London.


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Lifetime Achievement Award In this year’s award BHTA recognised someone who began their business by mortgaging their home, who developed it successfully over the last twenty years, and who now employs more than twenty staff.

many large rural areas, she pioneered the use of satellite clinics to make hearing care more accessible in remote places.

Karen Finch founded The Hearing Care Centre Ltd when she In her own community Karen works to promote hearing health, was a single mother, with two teenage boys. Her success and she fundraises for many local and national charities has been based upon strong commercial skills, as well as her including Hearing Dogs for the Deaf own experience as a hearing care practice who can help transform the lives of deaf receptionist, as a practice manager, and “She led a national people. She led a national campaign to now as managing director of her own campaign to raise the raise the profile of hearing care. This drew company. profile of hearing care.” attention to long NHS waiting lists, which were leaving people with hearing loss Her business operates out of 25 centres issues suffering for long periods of time.Her campaign led to across Suffolk and Norfolk and has an annual turnover of over a major change in policy, with the NHS subsequently allowing two million pounds. She is totally dedicated to the high quality independent companies to provide NHS hearing care. of her team. Karen invests in the people that she works with, allowing them to develop their own careers, and helping all Karen is a dedicated member of the BHTA, and someone of of them to make a success of the business. To help serve

Thank you to our sponsors for the BHTA Awards Evening


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Highly Commended Certificates

Best Product Highly Commended ETAC 82 – Meerkat

Best Service Award Highly Commended Rise Furniture and Mobility

Most Effective Marketing Award Highly Commended Comfizz

Most Effective Marketing Award Highly Commended Respond Healthcare

Tom Hillier Award Highly Commended Wadbridge Shopmobility

Retailer of the Year Highly Commended Ross Care


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BHTA Scotland Conference and Evening Reception 27th November 2018 BHTA celebrated its second Scottish Conference with a range of speakers covering topics at the Macdonald Holyrood Hotel followed by an evening reception in the Scottish Parliament Member’s Room. Over 50 members, guests and organisations attended the event and there was a wide range of topics covered by our speakers: Dr Lewis Macdonald MSP – Convener of the Scottish Parliament Health & Sport Committee; Alison Keir – Royal College of Occupational Therapists – Policy Officer (Scotland); Andrew Mott – Head of Housing Market, Strategy and North Programmes, More Homes Division The Scottish Government; Michelle Thomson – Founding Director Momentous Change Ltd and Ms Clare Haughey MSP – Minister for Mental Health. Their presentations covered the future of housing, how Occupational Therapists work closely with the community, current Scottish healthcare thinking and the hot topic of the moment – Brexit.


Following the afternoon Conference members, delegates, guest and MSPs gathered in the Member’s Room of the Scottish Parliament for a reception hosted by Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP and table display of the products and innovations BHTA members are delivering that are shaping healthcare in Scotland.

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Scottish Government launches online tool to help businesses prepare for Brexit A new online tool to help Scottish businesses identify how they could be affected by Brexit and what they can do to prepare has been launched by Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell MSP. The latest phase of Scotland’s ‘Prepare for Brexit’ campaign is intended to help all businesses - whether or not they export and regardless of size or sector - assess their exposure to Brexit-related risks before directing them to appropriate support from Scotland’s Enterprise and Skills Agencies. is a one-stop shop to help companies prepare for Brexit. It includes an online selfassessment tool as well as expert advice, events and workshops and financial support. Grants of up to £4,000 are already available for exporters and potential exporters to help them mitigate risks and capitalise on export opportunities despite the challenge Brexit will bring.


Evening Reception 27th November 2018


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E XPO • 2019

26 & 27

MAR 2019












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The Mayor and Mayoress of Sutton celebrating the success of Get Going Live! with the QEF Mobility Services team, Carshalton

Axed Mobility Roadshow feature revived Focusing on helping younger disabled people, novice drivers and individuals with newly acquired medical conditions experience adapted driving, Get Going Live! was a popular feature of the Mobility Roadshow. Over 30 mobility equipment manufacturers showcased When the event ended in October 2017, Ann Fry, chair of the products and accessible vehicle test drives were available now closed charity which ran Mobility Roadshow and newly around QEF’s private test track on the day. appointed Driving Mobility board member, commented: “We are in discussion with Driving Mobility, the In addition, there were also informative charity representing the UK’s mobility “We are in discussion with seminars regarding accessible centres, and with Disability Driving Driving Mobility, the charity transport and advice from the QEF’s Instructors, about opportunities for them representing the UK’s Tryb4uFly service which advises on air to organise local events under our “Get travel with a disability. Going Live!” banner.” mobility centres, and with

Disability Driving Instructors.”

The relaunch of the first Get Going Live! took place in QEF Carshalton on the 5th October 2018 and was hailed a success by visitors, QEF Charity organisers and the Mayor and Mayoress of Sutton.


The second Get Going Live! event took place at the Leeds William Merritt Centre’s annual AccessAbility exhibition on the 18th October.

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Stiltz lifts the lid on BS-Compliant homelift Now incorporating fire seal protection when the lift is parked at the upper or lower floor and interlinked with smoke alarms, Stiltz will be showcasing its newly-released BS5900 compliant homelift at this year’s event. Described as a spacious, luxury wheelchair-accessible lift, the Trio+ has been designed to accommodate a full-sized wheelchair or comfortably carry up to three passengers. Having undergone extensive development, the Trio+ is now fully compliant with BS EN 81-41 and BS5900 accreditation, which the company says enables trade dealers to offer a practical and stylish mobility solution to local authorities and the consumer market with confidence.

Additionally, for wheelchair users, an automatic door option is also now available and the lift has also been uprated to a higher carrying capacity of 250kg, helping widen the spectrum of users. As well as showcasing its Trio+, the company will also be displaying its contemporary, compact and elegantly-curved two-person Stiltz Duo+ Homelift.


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BHTA Collaborate with Newlife to help Parents understand their rights The BHTA have been working with Newlife charity for over a year to look at how we can help the parents of disabled children get the information they need to help their child get essential equipment. Newlife, the Charity for Disabled Children, commissioned a report by barristers, ‘In the Matter of Provision for Disabled Children’, interpreting what the law says about the rights of disabled children to equipment, and who is responsible for the funding. The BHTA came up with the idea of producing an easy to read leaflet for families, to help them understand what legal rights their child has to funding for equipment which will help them live life more fully. The result of this project is the launch of ‘Help for Families – Your Legal Rights in Getting Help for Your Disabled Child’. The leaflet was launched at a Newlife parliamentary event at the end of November which also highlighted the forthcoming launch of a new All Party Parliamentary Group for the provision of equipment for disabled children. Although many people find the law confusing, it is there to help families. This leaflet tells them about their rights in plain English and will help them understand: • • •


Which laws can help them Who is legally responsible for providing what for their child Who they can go to for help if their child is not receiving what they are legally entitled to.

Help for Families ©

Your legal rights in getting help for your disabled child.

November 2018

© BHTA 2018. All rights reserved.

Clare Dangerfield, Policy Development Manager for Newlife said: “It is clear that disabled children are in crisis; often unable to get the equipment they desperately need. We hope that by working with national and local decision makers, alongside the BHTA, we can implement the four-point-plan to improve equipment services.” Jill Morony, who chairs the Children’s Equipment Section of the BHTA and who has been leading the work on the document said: “Families contact us on a regular basis who are confused about whether they are entitled to funding, and if so which agency is responsible for providing it. Some families are under the impression, or have been told wrongly, that a learning disability does not qualify as a disability eligible for equipment funding. The Newlife Barrister Report clarifies where the legal responsibility lies. We are delighted to be launching our easy read version, which we hope will be an invaluable resource for families”. To find out more about Newlife:

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Not your Average problem – avoiding underinsurance When you are unfortunate enough to have an insurance claim, insurers will automatically check that the amount you have insured your property for is adequate. If you have business interruption cover, they will check this too. Your broker will be able to help you, but the sums insured are ultimately the decision of you, the policyholder. We are going to look at what happens in a claim when the sum insured is less than it should be (the Reinstatement Value) – this is known as underinsurance. When underinsurance is discovered as part of a claim, insurers will apply a calculation that reduces the claims payment, this is known as “Average” and is a clause in most policy wordings. Here’s an example where we have kept the maths simple: Insured value £250,000 Correct Reinstatement value £500,000 Underinsurance 50% Claim for storm damage £100,000 Claim Payment (value of claim x underinsurance %) £50,000 In this example, a storm claim has occurred. As the sum insured for the building was 50% of its Reinstatement Value the claim payment is reduced by 50%, even though the claim amount is lower than the original sum insured.

than a postcode-based average. It cannot be relied upon in the event of a claim and it remains the duty of the policyholder to ensure the sums insured in the policy are accurate. It is worth mentioning that average applies to contents as well as buildings and that some policies are “average-free” whilst often insurers will waive average if a RICS survey has been undertaken within the last 3-5 years. If you are unsure – ask your broker. When it comes to Business Interruption insurance average can also apply both to the sum insured and the time limit (Indemnity Period) of a claim. When this is reached, the claims payments will stop. Let us look at another example: Gross Profit Indemnity Period Fire claim requires complete rebuild, site clearance and clean up, planning consent agree construction Construction Regain market

£500,000 12 months

(6 months) (7 months) (5 months)

Calculating the correct Reinstatement value is the duty of the policyholder and differs from the market value of the property concerned. As it sounds, it is the cost of reinstating all the property in the event of a loss, including:

Claims payments for loss of profit stop after 12 months, 6 months before the building is complete leaving the commercial operation struggling.

• • • •

Gross Profit calculations should be done in partnership with your broker and your Indemnity Period decided by those in the business with a knowledge of how soon the business could be trading as before.

Materials (including hard to find or rare materials) Labour Removal of debris (and the cost for disposal) Professional Fees (architects, surveyors etc.)

A common mistake is to believe that the index-linking applied by the insurers covers off this problem. However, it assumes the original reinstatement value was correct and is no more

Your broker should be used to answering these questions and helping you choose the right sums insured and indemnity periods.


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BHTAnews World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day 15th November 2018 BHTA members supported World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day which took place November 15, 2018. The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) aimed to make the event bigger and more visible than their first contributions to this important day in 2013. To achieve this goal, the NPUAP welcomed the active support of any organisations around the world to help raise awareness. Objectives of World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day • • •

To promote world wide pressure injury prevention To create a news stories to promote pressure injury prevention To reinforce the relationship between national and local organisations

All of these helped share the news that pressure injuries should be avoided whenever possible.

BHTA Advantage the member’s benefits package for all your staff One of the benefits of being a BHTA members is FREE access for you and all your staff to great deals on Cinema Tickets, Offers at Theme parks, Flowers and Spa Days for those special occasions and many more… We have a weekly offer in our Newsletter but you can also access the benefits website at any time during the year if you are looking at shopping on-line for something you need. If you and any of your staff have not registered for BHTA Advantage offers, please send an email to charlie. and he will send you the link to the website and your personal login details.


Are you getting all the news in our weekly updates? The weekly newsletter from BHTA keeps you up to date with industry and healthcare news stories in an easy to access format via PC, tablets or mobile so you can catch up on the move. If you currently do not receive the weekly update about what we have been up to, which meetings we have attended, which Sections are doing something different and interesting, along with industry news and plenty of other snippets that could be useful for your business, then please let us know. Just send a request to and he will add you to the distribution list.

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Get Wise to Hand Hygiene The Get Wise Hand Hygiene leaflet was launched in conjunction with Global Handwashing Day (15 October 2018). BHTA members joined the world to raise the awareness of hand hygiene. The aim was to bring all details into one place, explaining how to wash, dry, moisturise and sanitise your hands along with understanding the many cultural hygiene choices there are to consider. A useful leaflet, it also presents a centrespread that can be used as a poster in your place of work or community.

message of hand hygiene in this instance not only with the children but also with their parents and the mission of getting the message across and I am sure they will be telling their family and friends going forward’.

Did you know that Global Handwashing Day is a global advocacy day dedicated to celebrating and advocating for handwashing with soap as an effective, affordable way to prevent diseases? It is an opportunity to design, test, and replicate creative ways to encourage people to wash their hands with soap at critical times. To also note at times somewhere in the world, some do not have the luxury use of soap and only the use of water.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the following method:

To educate children about Global Handwashing day and supporting the work of the Decontamination and Infection Prevention Section, a group of pre-school children spent their day during various tasks learning how to wash their hands using the correct recommended procedures. At the end of the day, they each took home the Get Wise to Hand Hygiene Leaflet and a bar of soap that included a note explaining what and whom they had supported. They say teaching children young instils good memories especially if it is fun and it really seemed to have worked as the Pre-School leader contacted us to say ‘the children are still singing Happy Birthday when washing their hands’. The leader also noted that ‘Each child approaches the sink voicing ’20 seconds to wash your hands’ and this is some four weeks later. I feel we have reached the

• •

The best way to get your hands clean

• • •

Use warm or cold water. Wet your hands, then turn off the tap and apply soap. Lather well, washing the backs of your hands, between your fingers and beneath your nails. Wash for a minimum of 20-30 seconds – about as long as it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice. Rinse well under clean running water. Dry hands thoroughly with a disposable paper towel.

View the diagram on page 5 in the GWLHH ‘How to wash your hands effectively’. If soap and water are not accessible, hand sanitisers that contain at least 60% alcohol can be used, (World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance recommends a minimum of 60% compliant with BS EN 1500:2013), but do note they won’t clean visible dirt or grease, they can’t kill all germs and they can’t remove harmful chemicals. For effective disinfection it is advisable to cover all surfaces of the hands and fingers. The Get Wise Leaflet is available to download at this link Thanks goes to all those members who shared the leaflet across social media and at recent events. Thanks also go to the authors: Haydn Pugh, Apex Medical and Chair of the Decontamination and Infection Prevention BHTA Section, Jo Bonser, HCSUK and Jane Weller, BHTA.


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Section Chairs 2019 The BHTA is the largest trade body in the healthcare field in Britain representing nearly 500 companies, small, medium and large, organised in one or more of 12 sections covering most sectors of the industry. This unique sectional structure provides a platform for all companies to have an effective voice within BHTA and, through the Association, to influence the development of healthcare policies in the UK. The sections and the Section Chairs are:

Beds and Support Surfaces David Beavis Task Force Matters Tel: 07488 326179

Childrens’ Equipment

Jill Morony Safespaces (Cornholme) Ltd Tel: 01706 816274

Dispensing Appliance Contractors Philip Salt Salts Healthcare Ltd Tel: 0121 333 2000

First Aid Medical Equipment (FAME) and Deribrillators Ben Ludzker Kays Medical Tel: 07780 952275

Independent Living & Hearing Care Matthew Spooner NRS Healthcare Tel: 01530 232390

Mobility Group Jeanette Warner Better Mobility Ltd Tel: 01442 768782


who’s who Andrew Stevenson Interim Director General

Andrew Barker Interim Commercial Director

Sarah Lepak Director of Governance & Policy

Lord Rennard Director of Communications

Sally Edginton Membership Engagement Manager

Nadim Anwar Operations Manager

Nigel Woods Administration Officer

Kevin Hodges Membership Engagement Manager

Susan Burberry Finance Officer

Karim Uddin Business Development Manager

Donna Eade Shopmobility Co-ordinator

Jane Weller Membership Engagement Manager

Margaret Smith BHTA Scotland

Steve Perry Marketing & Communications Manager

Nigel Bliss Finance Manager

Charlie Lawrence Marketing & Communications Assistant

Calvin Barnett BHTA Engage, Managing Editor

Sarah Sarsby BHTA Engage, Content Writer

Chairman Alastair Maxwell 07974 980201

Orthotics & Prosthetics

Colin Hurley Colin Hurley Business Development Consultant Tel: 07921 917100

Pressure Care, Seating and Positioning Debbie Williams Invacare Ltd Tel: 01656 776200

Stairlifts and Access Amy Hadlow Higher Elevation Limited Tel: 01622 682973

Stoma and Continence Products Philip Salt Salts Healthcare Ltd Tel: 0121 333 2000

Decontamination and Infection Haydn Pugh Apex Medical Ltd Tel. 07964 556057

BHTA Scotland Group Jonathan Scott Salts Healthcare Ltd Tel: 0121 333 2000

020 7702 2141

New members A warm welcome to all these new member companies: 1. TRILIFT UK LTD Durham t 0191 492 8216 e w 2. RUSHMERE BEDS & CHAIRS LTD Milton Keynes t 01908 440047 e w 3. CHAPTER LIVING SOLUTIONS (SOUTH EAST) LTD Guildford t 01483 205468 w 4. CALTECH LIFTS LTD Dundee t 01382 462810 e w 5. STUART MOBILITY LTD Burton upon Trent t 01283 704071 e w 6. BULL DOG PROPERTY SERVICES LTD Hampshire t 0203 916 5994 e w 7. SCHUCHMANN LLP Peterborough t 01733 561885 w

10. MILL INDUSTRIES LTD (T/A MOBILOADER) Rugby t 01788 535319 e w


1 15

11. REED MEDICAL LTD Blackburn t 01254 503333 w 12. MADE FOR MOVEMENT LTD Norwich t 0777 925 2468 e com w 13. MYSOKONI LTD Winchester t 0333 370 1607 e w 14. ARCO LIMITED Hull t 01482 222522 e w 15. STAIRLIFT SOLUTIONS N.I. LIMITED Bangor, Co. Down t 028 9188 2249 e w

8. TRUST ORTHOTICS LTD Liverpool t 0151 486 1144 w

16. THE HEALTHCARE SUPPLY LTD Oldbury t 07921 127064




9 8 11





10 22

13 19 6

7 2 17 18 3 21

18. MOBILITY FOR ALL North Cheam t 0203 044 1094 w 19. TALLEY GROUP LTD Romsey t 01794 503 500 e w 20. LIFE SOLUTIONS UK LTD (T/A NORFOLK STAIRLIFTS) Norwich t 01953 850004 e w 21. PRESTIGE STAIRLIFTS LTD Pevensey t 01424 844044 w 22. AKW MEDICARE LTD Droitwich Spa t 01905 823298 e w


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