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Happy New Year A very Happy New Year to you all – and a very happy 100th birthday to our Association Formed during World War One in July 1917, our member companies have, from the outset, delivered equipment and services that support some of the most vulnerable people in society. Our companies have helped millions of people to get the equipment and support they need; protecting their health, helping to ensure their wellbeing and enabling them to live more “ The different independently.

directly with the Ministers, civil servants and parliamentarians that are most important to our sector. The Scotland Group has developed its own Manifesto for Healthcare and engaged directly with the Scottish Government and Parliament. The different sections of the BHTA have been very active on many issues.

sections of the BHTA have been very active on many issues. ”

The Association formed as a response to the intention of the Government at the time to deal with organised Tracey Lloyd industry bodies to provide ‘a body of representative men capable of voicing the considered opinions of the trade or industry concerned.’ Meeting for the first time on the 13th of June 2017, members’ preoccupations included the potential for the industry to expand to meet increasing demand, pricing and the need for a suitably trained workforce. This begs the question – a hundred years on, how much has changed? The BHTA stills works to: •

help maintain the reputation of the industry

represent you at every level of decision-making

and, above all, help your businesses to thrive

Over the past year, we have strived to meet the challenges the industry faces in many ways.

The Children’s Equipment Section, for example, has re-launched its paper highlighting how giving disabled children the right specialist product can transform their lives – and demanding the funding to make this happen. We’ve helped, we hope, to win a battle preventing import duty being charged on mobility scooters.

And we have ensured that our Code of Practice continues to mean that customers can buy with confidence from BHTA member companies. The Board and Council of the BHTA, together with myself and colleagues look forward to working with you and on your behalf as we enter our second century.

Tracey Lloyd, Director General

We have responded on your behalf to numerous Government consultations concerning the industry and we have engaged

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Westminster Watch by Lord Rennard

Parliament is about to return as I write, and we will soon find out whether or not the Supreme Court will uphold the High Court ruling last November that Parliament must have a say in triggering Article 50 in order to begin the process of leaving the EU. Joining the EU required Parliament passing the 1972 European Communities Act, so it is argued that any irrevocable decision to repeal it must also therefore be approved by Parliamentary votes. The Government is intent on serving formal notice to the EU of our exit by the end of March. It seems to me that the Government will have little difficulty in achieving this part of its Brexit plan (nine months after the referendum) because there appears to be a majority in both Houses of Parliament for doing so. The legal arguments are therefore about an issue of principle involving parliamentary sovereignty and control over the executive branch of government. The real problem for the government is that its ‘Brexit plan’ does not yet seem to go any further than triggering the start of negotiations. Since the referendum - in which I was a strong supporter of ‘Remain’ - I have not argued for the so called ‘second referendum’. I could perhaps have argued that it would actually be a ‘third referendum’ - following the decisive 1975 vote - and that the issue could be settled by a ‘best of three’ approach. But it does seem to me that the results of a negotiated withdrawal agreement - which is akin to a divorce settlement could and should be put to the vote in a referendum, as logic suggests that they must be as entitled to vote on these terms in the same way as they were twice asked previously to vote on the issue of leaving or remaining. The government’s difficulty in declaring any Brexit plan reflects both political divisions as well as the complexity of working out alternative arrangements with the EU and others. It is understandable that if you want to leave the EU, there would be much reluctance to accept existing models such as those agreed between the EU and countries. Norway, for example, trades within the single market, accepts its rules and pays a share of the costs of it, but it does not have a seat at the table to help set them. Norway’s leaders do not think that this is right but Norway’s voters rejected EU membership in referendums in 1972 and in 1994 (on the later occasion by 52% to 48%). Many businesses concerned with issues such as the regulation of medical devices would prefer to remain part of an EU wide

system which approves the sale of over 160,000 medical devices within the EU and elsewhere. Many of the current EU notified bodies are based in the UK and the costs of establishing a ‘bespoke’ UK regulatory system, securing approval for it from all other countries and trading blocs and re-labelling products will be considerable. A lengthy transition period will therefore be a minimum demand from many businesses and the BHTA has been making representations on all these issues via meetings convened by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The difficulties with Brexit featured strongly in the Liaison Committee session with Theresa May last December. This Committee allows Chairs of the various House of Commons Select Committees to directly question the Prime Minister. Members of it pointed out that the European Parliament will have to vote to ratify the withdrawal agreement negotiated under Article 50, and any subsequent trade deal. The Committee Chair, Andrew Tyrie MP, was ‘surprised that the Prime Minister was unable to confirm that she would expect Parliament to have a vote on the Brexit agreements’. The Chairs of the Health Select Committee, Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, the Chair of the Communities & Local Government Select Committee, Clive Betts MP, and Meg Hillier, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, also raised issues such as the long-term funding of the NHS and Social Care. I was particularly struck by Meg Hillier’s use of evidence cited in the Lancet that every £1 spent on healthcare is actually worth £3 to the economy. The issue of the long-term funding of Health and Social Care is now being subject to detailed investigation by a Select Committee in the House of Lords that will report by the end of March. Details of the Liaison Committee’s meeting with the PrimeMinister on December 20th can be found on the parliamentary website here: committees-a-z/commons-select/liaison-committee/newsparliament-20151/prime-minister-evidence-16-17/


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BHTA Centenary 1917–2017: 100 years of partnership The British Healthcare Trades Association is celebrating its Centenary. To mark this very special birthday, we have used the original seal image of the Surgical Trades Association together with our current logo. This new image will be used throughout the Centenary to promote the association’s history. Events planned during 2017 include an Afternoon Tea at Westminster on Wednesday 21st June, a Garden Lobby reception at Holyrood Scotland on the 24th May and, of course, our Golf Day. We will also be holding our Centenary Awards Dinner, with all event details being circulated via the weekly Bulletin, section emails and meetings as soon as dates have been finalised. There are a number of ways your company can get involved and help us celebrate. These include hosting your own centenary event and sending us your company history,


photographs and keys dates of when you launched innovative new products that were market leaders in their day. Some companies are also celebrating their own anniversaries or birthdays within the healthcare sector this year and we would like to share and work with you to raise the profile of your events within the association and wider healthcare audience. If you would like to contribute or have some ideas you think we can use, please contact Steve Perry at

020 7702 2141

Failing the nation’s disabled children The Children’s Equipment section has re-released a report originally drafted in 2014, “The economic benefits of better provision of equipment for disabled and terminally ill children”. The new “Failing the nation’s disabled children” paper is a shorter, more accessible version. The new paper was launched with an extensive social media campaign and also saw members distributing and presenting it at various exhibitions to health & social care professionals. The report highlights the health inequalities faced by disabled children due to inadequate funding of essential equipment and how addressing issues early can reduce dependency on secondary care later. Jill Morony, Section Chair, said: “It is particularly important to raise these concerns at a time when local authorities are cutting budgets for disability equipment and there is a lack of consistent funding for equipment for disabled children in different authorities across the UK.” The section has had a number of discussions about concerns over funding for children’s equipment in an increasingly uncertain political & economic climate. Simon Cooke, Marketing & Graphic Design Manager at Jiraffe and a working group member, said: “A strong cohesive campaign approach from both the BHTA and member organisations has generated some significant awareness of the paper. It is now important to both maintain and continue the growth of this awareness. Driving a call to action is now key.” The paper has also been distributed to over 4,500 contacts, including MPs, CCGs, Health Watch groups and healthcare professionals. Social media activity saw the paper tweeted by 23 non-section BHTA members, with a total following of over 37,000 people, as well as 11,000 followers of section members. A couple of member companies also undertook a

Facebook campaign which reached over 112,000 people. This collaborative approach was extremely successful, with 1788 people visiting the BHTA website to read the report during the two-week campaign and many more having visited the information since. The campaign also led to meetings with high-level professionals and the section having been invited by the Chair to present the paper at the next Council for Children Health & Wellbeing meeting. The working group attended a meeting in Parliament, hosted by Lord Rennard, where they were able to raise the key issues. It is hoped that an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) can be established to address the issues raised both in the paper and in Newlife Foundation’s recently released “25 Year Impact Report.” During this work, the section has built stronger links with Newlife Foundation and has undertaken some collaborative projects. BHTA Research & Support Officer Sally Edgington said: “This project has set the bar high for similar future projects. The collaboration between members and the secretariat staff has been fantastic and really does go to show that if we all work hard together, we can raise the profile of the BHTA and the issues that really matter to our members within the report.” For anyone that has not yet read the report, please visit our website where you will find both documents. If you wish to provide feedback or comment on this report, please email sally.

New Chairman leads BHTA Alastair Maxwell was appointed as the new BHTA Chairman in September 2016. Having worked in the healthcare industry for over 18 years and held senior management positions at Alliance UniChem, the pharmaceutical wholesaler (now Alliance Boots), Alastair brings with him a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of running successful businesses. Well respected in the industry for his knowledge of first aid and medical consumables through his wide-ranging experience managing businesses focused in the First Aid, Pharmaceutical, NHS, Veterinary and Primary Care markets, Alastair is the Managing Director of First Aid Holdings, Crest Logistics and Crest Medical and Chairman of i2Training and Wallace Cameron International. Alastair said: “The BHTA is in a very positive position with a great team of people focused on adding value to

its members. It is developing wider influence with key stakeholders, decision makers and politicians to ensure that the concerns and ideas of its members are taken into account when decisions on policy are made. The sections have the opportunity to use the combined strength of the BHTA to champion the right issues, grow the market and promote British Healthcare companies. I am passionate about making sure that the BHTA continues to build on its strengths, offer an attractive proposition to its members and remain relevant in an everchanging Healthcare Market.” We all look forward to supporting Alastair in his new position as our chairman and he will be joining many of the section meetings to gain a greater understanding of BHTA members.


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British Healthcare Trades Awards 2016

Congratulations to all our 2016 Winners

This year’s British Healthcare Awards Dinner was held in London and brought together members and companies from the healthcare and assistive technology sectors. Our host this year was Penny Smith - who has worked at GMTV, SKY, Radio 2 and Classic FM - with the awards taking place at the prestigious etc venue in Bishopsgate. The evening was a great opportunity to recognise and acknowledge the contributions made by companies in their individual fields within the industry. Around 200 members and guests enjoyed a meal and awards presentation, followed by a disco. The awards panel had a large number of entries to evaluate before the final awards were decided and competition in several categories was particularly tight, with the judging panel selecting a number of Highly Commended entrants. Now in its 21st year, the Independent Living Design Award honours the very best in innovation and is recognised by professionals and members of the healthcare market. The award winner for the Independent Living Design Award was TGA Mobility for their Minimo Plus folding mobility scooter. The original product was launched in 2013 but the entry demonstrated the way in which the company had used the considerable customer feedback which was considered and incorporated into the latest design. The product offers users a simple, cost-effective and lightweight product that greatly improves the quality of life and independence of its users.


For the second year at the awards, The Tom Hillier Award was presented to one of the National Federation of Shopmobility (NFSUK) members. Named after the Federation’s founder, the award has been presented to a member that has demonstrated exceptional service, in many cases going beyond what might be expected - such as providing day trips, meeting places or social care to those who would otherwise be isolated - since its inception in 1991. The NFSUK started in 1998 and now has nearly 200 members throughout the UK, providing loan mobility products to their local communities for consumers with mobility impairment and other walking difficulties. Our winner this year, selected from nominations by the public and chosen by the awards panel, was Basingstoke Shopmobility. The trophy was collected by Tom Gulivear and Lin Chandler on the evening, whilst judges also presented Kath Brown of Wrexham Shopmobility with a Highly Commended certificate.

Best Product Award Thirteen companies contested the best product award, making it one of the most difficult categories for the judging panel. Tough competition led to both Invacare and Well Medical being presented with Highly Commended certificates. Invacare’s

020 7702 2141 Rush, Himalayan treks, a weight loss challenge and Christmas raffles. In addition, Acorn Mobility Services also donated more than 25 stairlifts to allow their patients to remain in their homes for as long as possible.

Individual of the Year

Individual of The Year Heather Seaman Kent Mobility

Modulite seating system was commended for marking a change in the way powered wheelchairs were configured, with the individual being the focus for seating, whilst Well Medical’s Brayden CPR Manikin was praised for providing the first cost-effective manikin to offer real-time feedback of CPR performance. The winner of the Best Product Award was Invacare for their Maxxcare Heel Boot that protects one of the most common sites for pressure ulcers – reducing the risk of ulcers and life-threatening complications.

Best Service Award This category was created for services that have been on the market for less than three years. The winner was InHealthcare’s INR self-testing service for the innovative way that it allows patients to self-monitor; reducing the need for frequent and time-consuming clinic appointments. The service also frees NHS staff to spend valuable time with more complex patients. Highly Commended was Coloplast’s Nurse led stoma support programme for Ostomy patients in CCG of West Essex.

Most Effective Marketing Campaign This award is aimed at those who have developed and implemented a marketing campaign that has delivered measurable business benefits, such as increased profits, sales, usage or awareness. Marketing activity could relate to the business as a whole or to a specific product or service. The judges all agreed that a special mention and a Highly Commended certificate be presented to Essential Aids for their impressive ‘Quadrosenior’ campaign, which challenged stereotypes by showing ageing with attitude. The winner of the Most Effective Marketing Campaign was Invacare for their TDX2 marketing campaign. The judges were impressed by the company’s understanding of the need to use trending digital marketing techniques, combined with traditional offline elements. So successful was the campaign that sales volumes grew by an impressive 270%.

It is important to recognise not just companies but also the individual members of staff who deliver fantastic service day after day to customers. Many of the members within BHTA go the extra mile to ensure the people they deal with get the correct advice and find the right products and services that will help them stay independent. The award is given based on the quantity and quality of responses from the hundreds of customer satisfaction cards returned to BHTA every year. The satisfaction cards received show that BHTA members’ customers have benefitted from expert knowledge, helpful service and great customer care. Examples of the kind of comments we receive include ‘the staff member gave us all the time in the world to look after us’, ‘was kind to my Dad and her attention to my mother was outstanding in every respect’, ‘her product knowledge expertise was faultless’, ‘nothing was too much trouble’ and ‘she is extremely dedicated to her job, has a very caring nature and has a great understanding of the needs of the various disabilities that she deals with. She is a credit to her company.’ The 2016 winner of the Individual of the Year award was Heather Seaman of Kent Mobility, who fully merits her title according to customers’ consistently high opinion of her service.

Team of the Year This team scored highly both in terms of the quantity and quality of comments from customers, with many saying how helpful and friendly their service was. Comments included ‘questions were answered quickly and clearly’, ‘communication was effective’, ‘all were amazing, the whole team was very polite, friendly, clean and tidy’ and ‘no one person should be singled out as all worked together as a very efficient team.’ The winner of the Team of the Year award was Stiltz.

Lifetime Achievement Award The final award of the evening was the Lifetime Achievement award. Presented to Dr Barend ter Haar by Lord Chris Rennard, BHTA Director of Communications, the award recognises achievement over an entire career in the industry this is judged by the BHTA Officers. Barend began his career in healthcare through medical publishing, followed by joining Everaids/EverActive in the manufacture of children’s’ powered wheelchair. In 1993 he set up BES Rehab and acquired Joncare in 2015.

Best Contribution to the Community The Best Contribution to the Community was a new award introduced in 2016. It is in the DNA of many of the companies represented by the British Healthcare Trades Association to go above and beyond the call of duty for their clients and partners and this award recognises this. Be it in the form of financial support or time given by owners, managers and their staff, the award acknowledges the involvement and support of a charitable or community organisation or events in. The winning company was Acorn Mobility Services, whose support for a local hospice over a number of years has seen the company organise and raise over £21,000 by 2016. Activities included fundraising with a series of dress-down days, garden parties, the Keighley 10K walk/run, a Starlight Hike, a 5K Colour

Team of the Year Award Stiltz


Basingstoke Shopmobility - Tom Hillier Award

With 40 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, Barend has made a difference through improving education and training to professionals through BHTA, PMG (Posture and Mobility Group) and by being part of the International Seating Standards Committee responsible for instigating change for the better of the industry. ICB, the awards dinner main sponsor, provided £500.00 of John Lewis vouchers which were used for a tombola prize on the night which generated over £1500.00 for the Carers Trust, the nominated charity.

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Penny Smith, Dr Barend ter Haar (Lifetime Achievement Award Winner), Lord Chris Rennard

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who entered but sadly did not win. The awards entries will be re-opening again soon for 2017 and we will be confirming the date and venue for this year’s special Centenary Awards Evening, marking 100 years of the association. Thank you to our other sponsor of the evening, the BHTA’s trade partner for the Occupational Therapy Show and Trade Days exhibitions, CloserStill Media.

New export support tool launches A simple new tool for companies looking to grow export business has been developed by BHTA Engage. Global Healthcare Trader (GHT) includes a simple search facility that enables companies looking to import new products the ability to find businesses looking to sell into their own country in just a couple of clicks. According to David Russell, BHTA Engage Director, Global Healthcare Trader will provide businesses with a costeffective way to open up new markets. “The majority of companies want to see their export sales grow but it’s often a very expensive exercise when it comes to finding partners around the world. GHT is designed to provide the link between the companies that are looking to market products around the world and businesses that want to become distributors and promote new products in their own country.” “There are websites where you can search globally” David says, “but they tend to be loaded with thousands of products, many of which seem very similar and it can become quite confusing. GHT is a very clean site which will display the companies looking for distributors in any country around the world in seconds.” The search facility is very much the focal point of the GHT site, but there will also be content from media, exhibitions and organisations that can support companies around the world to build a business. GHT is, at present, in the first phase of a planned ‘soft launch’, as David explains. “Over the next couple of months, the companies that decide to be part of this new initiative will load details onto the site. When we have the right content levels, we will take GHT live and develop it with


further content before we enter the final phase which will be the main launch. At that stage, we will be using online and traditional direct marketing to promote the site all around the world.” David says that there is a good reason for companies to be on GHT early. “It means that any company adding details to GHT in the first phase will have free exposure and publicity for a number of months, before we finally launch. No payment will be made until the final phase, but companies may well get contacted with new export opportunities.” For full details of the new initiative and to take a look at the site with login passwords, email info@ or call David on 01536 710050 to find out more.

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Exclusive insurance scheme for members relaunched In Autumn of 2016, ICB tendered the long-standing Insurance Scheme operated exclusively for BHTA Members. The scheme is now in its 18th year and continues to be successful - defined by the importance the Members place in it for its specialist cover, competitive pricing and the service provided by ICB that backs it all up. We approached over 10 insurers to provide quotes, all of whom specialise in the Healthcare and Associated Trades sector, and have the ability to provide the cover the BHTA Membership requires. Several stages were applied to the tender and insurers presented their offerings in person. The existing provider to the scheme, XLCatlin, were also invited to re-tender for their position. The result was that despite some stiff competition, XLCatlin offered an improved policy and stable pricing for the next 3 years.

ICB have obtained insurer’s agreement to remove the clause from the scheme wording.

Third Party Liability / No time limit for loaned or hired property Each policy now provides cover for third party liability, caused by the hirer/user, applicable to scooters and wheelchairs, with no time limit. There is no requirement for you to ask customers to provide insurance details of their own and no time limit on the property loaned or hired out.

Crime Cover Replacing the “Fidelity Guarantee” cover in the previous policy, the new Crime section will respond to claims for financial crime and fraud arising inside and outside of your company.

“ ...the scheme is

better than ever... ”

In summary, all policies renewed in the next year, or those who join the scheme, will benefit from the following: •

Guaranteed Fair Presentation of Risk for every policy

Removal of the Average Condition

Third Party Liability for Scooters/ Wheelchairs on loan or hire

No time limit on property loaned or on hire

Crime cover automatically included

Cyber cover automatically included

A broader wording than normally provided allows it to dovetail nicely with the Cyber cover for claims such as Invoice fraud delivered by email.

Cyber Cover Cyber cover is two-fold. It provides cover for your liabilities to third parties arising out of loss or theft of data from your systems. It also covers damage to your systems caused by hacking. ICB have provided articles in the Bulletin to this effect, and seminars with industry experts for those who wish to find out more. Cyber Liability is very much a “growing” part of a company’s exposure to risk & claims are increasing.

To briefly explain the importance of these key cover enhancements to the Members:

ICB have taken the opportunity to negotiate an added benefit to the scheme facility.

Fair Presentation of Risk

As you can see, the scheme is better than ever and those of you already on the scheme will soon benefit from these covers.

This ensures Member’s compliance with their duties under the Insurance Act 2015, which came into force in August 2016.

Removal of the Average Condition The “Average” condition, allows insurers to reduce the amount of a claim for property or business interruption if the sum insured turns out to be lower than the amount required to reinstate.

If you have not taken advantage of this exclusive Member benefit yet, please give us a call on 01784 608 148 or send an email to and we can discuss a bespoke policy which will provide even better protection for your business at a competitive premium.


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eventnews All-new Naidex in 2017 The all-new Naidex will return to NEC Birmingham over the 28th – 30th of March 2017 and will be packed with the broadest range of education, interactivity and innovation ever seen in the brand’s history. As the country’s most established event for the independent living industry, Naidex 2017 will attract over 12,000 trade, consumer, and health professional visitors across its three-day run - each one attending the event to find and source the very latest innovative technology, products, equipment, and services that are shaping the future for people with physical disabilities or special educational needs. For the very first time in 2017 the award winning PRYSM Media Group will be organising the event, injecting diverse content, world-class experts and case studies, top new features and leading business and trade into the show. Renowned for shows that are packed full of expert-led education, interactivity, industry-leading insight, and unique levels of creativity, PRYSM have promised to make March’s edition the most immense spectacle in the brand’s long and distinguished history. The change in the way the show looks and feels will immediately spring out to attendees. There will be a heightened level of attention towards future innovations, the ideas that are changing accessible living, transformative equipment, and the most modern tools that are breaking new ground in assisting the population who have a physical disability or special educational needs. There’s also a new commitment towards presenting products and equipment for children and young people, and

innovation in mobility, which includes the chance for attendees to try out new devices, and special interactive zones for products and services specialising in sport and activity, travel, hospitality, entertainment, nutrition and health, and business start-up. Trade visitors, health professionals, and consumers will have the greatest opportunity yet to access the richest wealth of groundbreaking technological solutions and innovative concepts, products, and services from around the world, presented by the industry’s leading suppliers, including Ottobock, ReWalk Robotics, RGK Wheelchairs, and Sunrise Medical Limited. The event’s seminar schedule provides an unparalleled level of education, guidance, and inspiration, and each session is delivered by an expert recognised for their influential work and achievement in their field. The scale of topics our schedule covers is fantastic; every facet of the industry is analysed and brings with it a mass of detail, whether its developments in assistive technology, business start-up inspiration, or case studies in workplace discrimination, inspirational journeys, and new and exciting concepts. Naidex 2017 will be at the NEC Birmingham from the 28th – 30th March 2017. For all the information you need on the show, simply visit and book your free ticket today.

PMG Conference 2017 – not just about wheelchairs! Posture & Mobility Group (PMG) is a charity and membership organisation for people working in the field of posture and wheeled mobility. The organisation focuses on sharing knowledge and promoting good practice through their online journal, a small research study fund and by hosting training events; the main one being PMG’s annual conference held every July. Set-up by professionals working in the NHS wheelchair services in 1992, the PMG annual conference allowed the professionals to network with each other and improve their knowledge of the field. Over the years, the organisation and event has grown, with now over 1,600 members working in different sectors and the annual conference attracting over 500 attendees, including a growing industry exhibition. Expanding membership and attendee numbers has led to a greater interest in areas such as pressure care and 24-hour posture management, encouraging our attendees to constantly look for and find new products from new companies; particularly those manufacturing or distributing special seating products aimed at improving clients’ posture. Although the majority of members still work in NHS commissioned wheelchair services, there are also many independent occupational therapists, physiotherapists and other clinicians working in the charitable sector who are responsible for their clients’ posture - not only in wheelchairs but also in static seating and when lying. The increasing collaboration between wheelchair services and community equipment providers, commissioned by


local authorities, has increased the importance of 24-hour posture management and pressure care for these members. This trend is only set to continue, particularly in England, where the NHS plans to offer Personal Health Budgets to wheelchair seated clients accessing NHS wheelchair services as soon as April 2017. With such changes taking place in the NHS, this is an ideal time to get involved with PMG and ensure their conference attendees know about your company and its products. If you are interested in getting involved, by advertising in PMG conference bags or booking a stand at the exhibition, email for more information. Exhibition bookings will be opening in early March 2017 with limited space available, so it is important to get in contact as soon as possible if you are interested. The PMG Conference 2017 is taking place 17th-19th July at Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff and the charity is very happy to have the BHTA exhibiting at the event for the second-year running; providing exhibitors and delegates with information about their membership and Code of Practice. For more information about PMG and our conference, visit our website: www.pmguk.

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DM Orthotics’ Team DMO Following the success of Britain’s Paralympians in 2016, who won 147 medals in Rio de Janeiro, we take a look at the role DM Orthotics played in ensuring a number of athletes had access to the products needed to give them the edge. DM Orthotics worked with a number of high-profile paraathletes on their journey to the 2016 Paralympics in Rio. Dubbed TEAM DMO, the athletes hailed from a range of disciplines including Track and Field, Para-cycling, Paraarchery, Para-canoe and Boccia. The line-up consisted of World Champions and Paralympic hopefuls including Kadeena Cox, Anne Dickins, Jeanette Chippington, David Smith, Jess Stretton, Patrick Wilson, Claire Taggart and Evie Edwards. The athletes used a range of products including the DMO Glove, DMO Scoliosis Suit, DMO Shorts, DMO Dorsiflex Socks and DMO Vest, depending on their own unique needs. Para-sprinter and para-cyclist Kadeena Cox commented on her DMO Glove and Vest: “The reinforced glove and vest allowed me to keep running towards the tail end of my race, which had a great impact on my timings.”

Managing Director Martin Matthews commented on the collaboration: “The results are phenomenal and we’re extremely proud to have played a part in helping such an exceptional group of athletes reach their full potential.” To find out more about DM Orthotics, visit

Scan Mobility nominated for Partner of the Year Scan Mobility received a nomination for Leeds Community Equipment Service’s (L.C.E.S) prestigious ‘Partner of the Year’ award following the company going above and beyond to help the organisation in an hour of need. On Boxing Day in 2015, Northern Sales Executive Colin Peet received a call from the L.C.E.S’ Service Delivery Manager requesting assistance after the stores had suffered substantial flooding. Having worked closely with L.C.E.S for many years, Scan Mobility quickly sent four vehicles loaded with products to the organisation’s temporary building by 9am the next day. The operation required staff to put in additional time to ensure L.C.E.S were able to continue providing an important service to the people of Leeds. Scan Mobility’s Managing Director Eddie Sands said: “We have always worked very closely with L.C.E.S. and done our best to give them a good service as we do with all our customers. For us to be nominated for “Partner of the year” was a very proud moment, not just for me but all the members of our staff. It was an honour to have received this certificate and we hope to continue our efforts in the future.” To find out more about Scan Mobility, visit


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Terry Lifts introduce new lift solutions for bariatric users Terry Lifts has added new domestic lift products to its range which addresses the needs of bariatric users. The TSL 1100 Step Lift, a product originally developed for the Australian market, is available in the UK and other countries that Terry Lifts exports to. The company has also launched the Libretto range of fully enclosed ‘through floor’ lifts, offering a higher load capacity than the current range of Harmony and Lifestyle Home Lifts. Terry Lifts recognised an increasing need for lifts with a load capacity of 300 kg or more, which is now being referred to as “the new standard”. The TSL 1100 Step Lift has a load capacity of 385 kg and features a 1100 mm extra wide platform whilst the Libretto fully enclosed ‘through floor’ lift models have a high load capacity of 325 kg. The company is making the Libretto range available to its distributors during the first half of 2017. The website is at

Millbrook Proving Ground BHTA Trade Affiliate Membership Millbrook Proving Ground’s long standing relationship with the UK Healthcare Sector has been further consolidated by confirmation of BHTA Membership at Trade Affiliate level. Millbrook Proving Ground will be a familiar name with many BHTA members with the provision of dynamic crash testing of wheelchair and seating systems. The upgraded Sled test facility at Millbrook provides all the dynamic test parameters required by the European and ISO standards applicable to mobility products intended to be used as seats in road vehicles in the UK, European and other markets. In addition to supporting BHTA members in the wheelchair and seating sector, Millbrook offers dynamic and static testing for a range of vehicle types including passenger vehicles, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, road ambulances, accessible buses and coaches as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles. The testing enables vehicle type approval for regulatory purposes. Millbrook’s offer to the medical device sector is not limited to dynamic Sled testing. The Component Test Laboratories at Millbrook provide a wide range of vibration and environmental facilities that are capable of simulating harsh or aggressive operating environments. Products can be

exposed to a lifetime of service conditions in a compressed time frame in carefully controlled and monitored manner. In this way, Millbrook Proving Ground forms an ideal partner for BHTA members in the medical device manufacturing industry in bringing fully compliant, market-ready products to the UK Healthcare Sector. Call +44(0)1525 404242 or email to find out more about the test services and capabilities on offer.


020 7702 2141

Section Chairs 2017 The BHTA is the largest trade body in the healthcare field in Britain representing nearly 500 companies, small, medium and large, organised in one or more of 12 sections covering most sectors of the industry. This unique sectional structure provides a platform for all companies to have an effective voice within BHTA and, through the Association, to influence the development of healthcare policies in the UK. The sections and the Section Chairs are: Beds and Support Surfaces Leyton Stevens BES Rehab Ltd Tel: 07771 883303

Hearing Care Steve Witts The Outside Clinic Tel: 01793 648680

Childrens’ Equipment Jill Morony Safespaces (Cornholme) Ltd Tel: 01706 816274

Independent Living Products & Services Rob Cooper Smitcare Tel: 07831 204510

Dispensing Appliance Contractors Philip Salt Salts Healthcare Ltd Tel: 0121 333 2000

Mobility Group Jeanette Warner Better Mobility Ltd Tel: 01442 768 782

FAME Andy Pear Reliance Medical Tel: 07801 597596

Chairman Alastair Maxwell tel 020 7702 2141

Orthotics Colin Hurley Colin Hurley Business Development Consultant Tel: 07921 917100

Stairlifts and Access Lee Farrington Dolphin Stairlifts Ltd (Midlands) Tel: 0121 525 8925

Pressure Care, Seating and Positioning Debbie Williams Invacare Ltd Tel: 01656 776200

Stoma and Continence Products Philip Salt Salts Healthcare Ltd Tel: 0121 333 2000

Prosthetics Mark Davies Steeper Tel: 0113 2704841

BHTA Scotland Group Lisa Barry Stairlifts (Scotland) Ltd and SSL Access Tel: 0141 551 0807



Tracey Lloyd Director General

Ray Hodgkinson MBE Director of Public Affairs

Sarah Lepak Director of Governance & Policy

Lord Rennard Director of Communications

Sally Edginton Research & Support Officer

Nadim Anwar Operations Manager

Nigel Woods Training and Events Co-ordinator

Kevin Hodges Section Support Lead

Greg Askew Sales and Relationship Manager

Susan Burberry Finance Officer

Karim Uddin Sales & Relationship Officer

Donna Eade Shopmobility Co-ordinator

Philip Woodward Accreditation and Professional Development Manager

Steve Perry Marketing and Communications Manager

Jane Weller Research & Support Lead

Margaret Smith BHTA Scotland

New members A warm welcome to all these new member companies:


BEDS & SUPPORT SURFACES 1. ARISE MOBILITY LTD Wolverhampton t 01902 795820 e w




ILPS SECTION 2. EYEWAY SIGNS Birmingham t 0121 623 8106 e w

1 7

11 2





3. FOLDYARD SERVICES (EAST YORKSHIRE) LTD Beverley, East Yorkshire t 01482 887799 e




4. KATY BROWN LIMITED Stamford, Lincolnshire t 01780 766513 e w 5. BATHING CARE LTD Henley in Arden t 01564 792319 e w 6. BATHEABILITY LTD Leicester t 0800 334 5344 e w

STAIRLIFTS & ACCESS 9. HAYMARC HEALTHCARE Tredegar, Gwent t 01495 722225 e w

12. RB MOBILITY SERVICES LTD Sarratt, Hertfordshire t 01923 710055 e 13. MOBILITY VEHICLE HIRE Walsall, West Midlands t 01922 624967 e w

MOBILITY GROUP 7. CHAPTER SERVICES GROUP LTD Hagley, West Midlands t 01562 547005 e w TRADE AFFILIATE 8. WRITERS4U LTD Newcastle Upon Tyne t 0845 308 2745 e w

10. HARLOW MOBILITY LTD Harlow, Essex t 01279 420600 e w 11. BOOTSCOOTA Cannock, Staffordshire t 07399 444 526 e w

14. DMS MOBIITY Ripley, Derbyshire t 01773 513235 e w MULTI-SECTION 15. FISH INSURANCE Preston t 01772 724442 e w


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The Bulletin Issue 47 - February 2017  

The Bulletin Issue 47 - February 2017  

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