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February 2, 2018

Photo by Tristen Polensky Various BHSU organizations come together

Student organizations offer variety and inclusion for students Isabel Litzen Staff Writer Black Hills State University provides students with a variety of extracurricular activities outside of standard education. If students have a goal to come together and develop a sense of belonging and purpose, they can do so through student organizations. Student organizations are formulated by groups of individuals that often share a similar interest. These organizations are both created by and comprised of BHSU students. There are currently 87 recognized student-led organizations active on campus. Each fits under one of six distinguished categories. These categories are listed as academic, social and special interest, governing and political, residential, spiritual and recreational. Student Union and Activities Assistant Director, Erica Whitiker, encourages all students to join at least two clubs. Whitiker recommends attending at least one

club in the academic category. “Joining multiple clubs allows students to explore their major in a fun and non-stressful way and gives them opportunities to engage in what they are interested in,” said Whitiker. Whitiker described the purpose of student organizations as being a way to “increase student satisfaction and retention.” She explained that students often spend a lot more time outside of the classroom than inside the classroom. These organizations provide opportunities for students to meet new people with similar interests, enhance their leadership skills and participate in specific opportunities that interest them. “Student organizations work very hard to make sure campus is engaging and a place where students want

to be,” said Whitiker. The existence of student organizations is a very prevalent element of the university. There are exactly 1,419 students currently taking part in at least one club, group or organization. The activities that are carried out through these organizations can benefit both the school and the community. The third annual lip sync battle between all BHSU clubs is set to take place on Feb. 13 2018 though the Campus Activities Board. This battle is the largest annual fundraiser held by student organizations. All of the money raised from the event will go toward the Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation. Student organizations give students the opportunity to motivate, lead, delegate and gain experience.

Student Senate provides students with opportunities and representation Isabel Litzen Staff Writer The Student Senate is the only student organization at Black Hills State University that allows students to advocate for other students at the university. The Student Senate is an elected body of student representatives that are charged with representing students on their behalf to the BHSU Administration, Board of Regents, and South Dakota Legislature. It consists of an Executive Team and Senators. Justin Logue, the president of Student Senate, speaks highly of his organization and the benefits it provides to its members. “Being a part of Student Senate, Senators have the opportunity to form relationships with members of administration, regents, and legislators that they wouldn’t have had without Senate” Logue said. The Senate consists of seven different committees. Each committee often has a different goal to achieve. The Executive Committee works to assist the next administration and the Academic Affairs Committee works to promote the Student Advisors program. Committees also practice community out-reach to achieve their goals. The Safety Committee has plans

to collaborate with the Department of Transportation to write a grant for a Campus Cab Program. Additional committees include the Student Affairs Committee, the International Affairs Committee, the Budget Committee, and the Public Affairs Committee. The Senate offers students an opportunity to create positive change that will affect current and future students. Any student is free to run for student senate. Elections will take place in March and April. Contact Justin Logue at Justin.Logue@ for more information.

Photo by Isabel Litzen The Student Senate organization

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February 2, 2018


Graphic by Sarah Ponwith Graphic by Rebecca Stevenson and Jan Nicholes

Women’s basketball team extends win streak against rival Rebecca Stevenson Production Assistant The Black Hills State University women’s basketball team sits near the top of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference standings, in second place, following a weekend sweep at Colorado Mesa and Western State Colorado University. The Yellow Jackets are now 11-4 in their conference following a sixgame win streak. This streak began after the Jacket’s lost to top ranked Colorado State University-Pueblo on Jan. 6. Defensive pressure allowed them to edge out the nationally ranked No. 13 Fort Lewis College. This continued into a decisive 82-50 win over their rival team at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Preseason polls estimated that the Yellow Jackets would finish ninth in the RMAC after last year’s 9-17 finish. The Yellow Jackets’ relentless defense propelled them to a greater record. They are now ranked first in the nation defensively. The Jackets hold opponents to an average of 51.1 points per game, according NCAA statistics. Senior Rachel Erickson said she is proud of how her last season has gone so far. Erickson’s goal is to win the RMAC conference championship. The conference championship would earn the team a chance to play at the national tournament.

Photo courtesy of BHSU Marketing & Communications

Yellow Jackets torch rival at home game Darian Warford Contributing Writer The Black Hills State University men’s basketball team gained supremacy in the Black Hills, as they cruised by their rivals, the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Hardrockers, in a 92-69 win. The event took place at the Donald E. Young Center on Jan. 16. The Yellow Jackets had won two back-to-back games at Fort Lewis College and Adams State University coming into the game with SDSMT. The Yellow Jackets carry a combined record of 2-4 in the previous three seasons against the Hardrockers. BHSU finished the ball game shooting 59 percent from the field and 61 percent from “downtown”. “I think we played with a lot of confidence and took the right shots. We have a lot of different guys that can score the ball and having guys who do not settle for sub-par shots was a key to the game,” said junior forward, Fraser Malcom, when asked about their offensive success. The Division II playoff race generally starts to heat up at this point in the season. After the 92-69 win over their conference foe, the Yellow Jackets now sit at a record of 11-5. This had moved the team to the fifth spot in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference standings. Some team members have their eyes set on a bigger prize and want to do more than just beat a rival. Malcom added that the Yellow Jackets didn’t perform to the standards of the team last season. To them, this match was more about proving that they could fight for playoff spots as hard as their rivals. Malcolm finished the match with 15 points and teammate Dez Stoudamire contributed 22 points to help the Jackets edge the Hardrockers. Graphic by Rebecca Stevenson and Jan Nicholes

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February 2, 2018


BHSU provides many recycling opportunities across campus Victoria Geary Staff Writer Black Hills State University offers students and staff multiple options to recycle and be more sustainable. The Trash Buddy system was introduced to put BHSU one step closer to reaching its goals of decreasing our waste stream. The Trash Buddy is a desk-side bin that allows provides an easy and effective way to properly sort trash and recyclables. Trash Buddies are located in multiple buildings on campus. Some of the recyclable materials include paper, glass, plastics and cans. In addition to the Trash Buddy, BHSU Sustainability program is also working toward ensuring recycling disposal at every waste site on campus from classrooms to residence halls. Facilities Services also collects electronic waste such as batteries and old cell phones. According to Sustainability Coordinator Petrika Peters, BHSU has set a goal to have zero waste by 2030. This means that we will be diverting 90 percent of our waste from the landfill. We currently recycle about 14 percent of our waste. “It’s an ambitious goal, but part of our vision of creating a better tomorrow,” said Peters, “In order to meet this goal,

we will need to focus on reducing waste and then recycling or composting all waste that we do generate.” Staff and students are encouraged to get involved and take the BHSU Sustainability Pledge. In this pledge staff and students are not only recognized for recycling, but also for riding a bike or walking to campus and eating local food. This pledge is a commitment to make small changes in a few daily activities in order to be a more sustainable citizen. Names of the individuals who sign the pledge are listed on the sustainability page on the BHSU website. People who sign the pledge also receive a free water bottle to encourage the use of reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones. For more information about recycling, contact the sustainability coordinator at 605-642-6298.

Etymology: Where did that come from? Jessie Pravecek Managing Copy Editor Etymology- the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history. *Note: Many of these origins are actually unknown and are considered folk etymology. When “it’s raining cats and dogs”: Modern translation: When it is raining heavily Explanation 1: Mythology derivation where dogs and wolves were attendants to Odin, the god of storms. Explanation 2: In the 17th and 18th centuries, London’s heavy rains often washed the bodies of dead cats and dogs down the streets. Explanation 3: In the 16th century, thatched roofs—a roof made of layers of straw and other dry vegetation—were very common. In these roofs many animals such as dogs, cats, mice, bugs etc. were able to take refuge from the heavy rains “inside the roof.” The rains made straw slippery and many animals would slip and fall off.

To be caught “red-handed”: Modern translation: Catch someone in the course of wrongdoing While there are many myths as to how the phrase originated, it is actually very literal. It was orginally just red-handed. This meant having blood on one’s hand from murder or poaching. To “take with a grain of salt”: Modern translation: To accept something while also staying skeptical. The overall idea comes from the fact that food is easier swallowed with “a pinch of salt.” Pliny the Elder translated an ancient antidote for poison with the words “be taken fasting, plus a grain of salt.” That was a “piece of cake”: Modern translation: An easily obtainable task. In the 1870’s, cake was handed out for competition prizes. In United States slavery states, slaves would dance around a cake. The most graceful pair won the cake. It was also from this that “cake walk” derived from.

To “bite the bullet”: Modern translation: To endure an unavoidable and unpleasant situation Explanation 1: Before proper anesthetics, it was said that soldiers should bite a bullet to help endure the pain. This was most likely derived from the time of the American Civil War. Explanation 2: Archaeologists have recovered musket balls with teeth marks, while this possibly gives this phrase its meaning, the teethmarked musket balls may also refer the fast-paced reloading on a battlefield where soldiers put the musket balls in their mouth for easier access. Sources: Oxford Dictionaries, https:// Origin of a Cliché, clicheorigin.html The Phrase Finder,

We asked...What is your good news? David Steffen Fact Checker/Proof Reader Teryn Richardson Major: Spanish and psychology Minor: Business Communication “We had a great turn out for Spanish club. I’m so excited to see where this semester take us!”

T. Cazer Major: Graphic Design Minors: Art and Commercial Art “I am living off-campus now and am able to save up money to get my car fixed and I get to live with a friend.”

Clara MacIlravie-Canas Major: English Minors: Professional Writing and Mass Communication (Emphasis in Journalism) “I’m applying to a few internships that I’m hopeful about. My goal is to make it on the dean’s list this semester.”

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