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official newsmagazine of bloomington high school north - vol7, no2

Cougars Bring Back the Spirit Seniors outrun cancer

A look into North’s HOC committees

“Bad boys” of The student section Five seniors bring back North’s spirit

Taking it to the streets

Three men find a passion in food


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Matt Wieligman is

Back in the Game North senior plays his first football game in three years by CJ Campbell

design and photo by Zoe Need

att Wieligman has finally found his niche. After three years of struggle and adversity, he has fully realized that his athletic abilities are best suited for the game of football. “I wasn’t playing any sports, and weightlifting drove me to play again,” said Wieligman. “I literally worked out every day last year.” He had played football up until his freshman year, but his physical limitations made it hard to adapt to the high level of intensity at the high school level. Wieligman even admitted that, “Being physically small was one of [his] biggest struggles.” However, that did not stop him from pursuing excellence from an athletic standpoint. Over the course of one year alone, Wieligman went through a body transformation during his junior year where an excess of 35 pounds in muscle was gained and added to his frame. “People often made fun of me for my size,” said Wieligman. “That became my fuel for gaining the amount of weight I did last year.” Going into the 2013 football season, Wieligman was ready to make his mark on the game he had loved his whole life. The difference this time around was that his body had finally matured physically. “Just being apart of a team again has really changed my life,” said Wieligman. “This football team is a family, and I’m glad that they have accepted me.” On September 13th, Wieligman made his comeback in an appropriate fashion against crosstown rival, Bloomington South. It was a euphoric day in every way imaginable after the Cougars came through in the clutch and defeated the Panthers 24-16 on that Friday night. “There was so much emotion,” said Wieligman, “Whenever I got in, I was going to let it all out and play as hard as I possibly could.” In the very end, it is more evident than ever that all of the blood, sweat, and tears have paid off on Wieligman’s behalf. He has made something out of nothing in a situation where giving up altogether could have easily became a reality. Wieligman’s response to persevering can be used as a source of motivation for others. He states, “If you care about it enough to where it bothers you, then put in the work, and it will happen.”


North band and color guard perform photos by Maureen langley

Junior Meredith Metz warms up on the flute.

Senior Alyssa Wyle takes part in the show.


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Instagram Contest Winner

Junior Jacob Barrett

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“Bad Boys” of the Student Section Five senior boys bring back cougar spirit

by Sydney Pogue

Seniors Thomas Finn, Phillip Pepper, Zach Cleaver, Calvin Costello and Winston Winkler claim to be the soul of the most eccentric student section to hit North. These students try to attend every sporting event in style. They show up dressed in themed costumes. The theme of which they announce on their Twitter, @BHSNSS, before every game. Then they proceed to scream at the top of their lungs for the duration of the game. North athletes appreciate their efforts. “They make me confident in what I’m doing.” said soccer player Sarah Thomas. Student sections helps athletes prepare for a win. “They pump us up a lot. We couldn’t even hear each other talking at the North vs. South game. You want to play good for your fans.” said senior Rajit Bhandari. The student section supports the home team and badgers the away team. The student sections has been observed mocking players on the away team and chanting insults. Their goal is to push the away team to make mistakes. “Brutality is a part of competition.” said Finn. There’s been issues getting students excited for sporting events, and to get them to cheer on the team the best they can. “The first two or three rows are insane, best in the state, but then after that it’s like there’s no one there. I don’t even know what they do up there.” said Winkler. These seniors are looking to get involved in Spirit club, a club dedicated to the excitement. “We want to get rowdy.” said Cleaver. However, these five leaders of the student section will be graduating this May. Even if their goal of producing a better turnout is met, will it last? The future of the student section seems unclear, but Junior Cam Hasler is excited and ready to take the lead.

Watch the interview and read more about spirit club at photo by Maureen Langley Matt Vargas competes in a contest to win “Best Dressed.”


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photo by Maureen Langley Seniors in the student section cheered during the homecoming game against Perry Meridian.

photo by Maureen Langley Senior Thomas Finn smiled in the stands.

photo by Sydney Pogue Fans watched the cougars from the stands.




Seniors Outrun Cancer

Hoosiers Outrun Cancer council members discuss the annual race at IU Memorial Stadium by Kat Sylvester

Winston WInkler

Senior Council Member Winston Winkler has been running in the race since he was in the seventh grade and has been a member of the committee for two years. He says, “Hoosiers Outrun Cancer (HOC) is a very noble cause, and the committee is a great way to support it with friends.” Winkler is a member of both the HOC night committee and the Tri-North committee. He leads the members of the Tri-North group in planning their visits to the middle school; including the skit that the group preforms. The Tri-North HOC committee’s main goal is to educate, inform, and recruit younger students for the cause. “Our group has become much more successful than last year. We’re a lot more organized and have made a lot more money,” said Winkler. The council meets over the summer to fund raise for the upcoming school year. As a group they run car washes car washes, bake sales, and other activities.

Emma st john

Council President

“I have had many family members affected by cancer and all of them have utilized the Olcott center. This has made me very passionate in wanting to raise as much money as possible for the cause,” said St John. St John oversees individual committees and makes sure the overall mission of HOC is fulfilled. “It’s been a successful year, we managed to raise enough money to pay for 90 scholarships, allowing more people to be involved if they couldn’t afford it,” said St John. The committee managed to raise 750 dollars through running car washes, 700 dollars from football game raffles, 400 dollars at HOC night, and 850 dollars selling t-shirts. St. John hopes that the high level of interest this year continues to group and is excited to see all of the new members at the race in upcoming years.

Abbey Barker

Senior Council Member Abbey Barker has been participating in HOC since her freshman year. While she is new to the committee this year, she is already an active member. “The council is a great environment, everyone cares and really wants to make a difference,” said Barker. She hopes that the council will continue to stay strong and accomplish great things next year after the current seniors graduate. Baker is a member of the publicity committee. Her job is to get the word out to her peers and fellow students. Sidewalk chalk, window paint, posters and flyers are all common techniques Baker uses to advertise. Barker helps organize car washes and other fund raisers. “We all work together to raise awareness. It’s a great environment and everyone cares and wants to make a difference,” said Barker.


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Beyond the Classroom

North teachers leave the classroom to earn additional cash by Emily Brewer and Jade Record

Crystal Wyeth

Adults are responsible for paying the bills. Some North teachers support their families and live the lifestyles they want with other jobs outside of the school system. English teachers Crystal Wyeth and Taji Gibson have gone outside of school walls to earn a little extra cash. Wyeth is a receptionist at the Indiana Fitness Center (IFC) in Ellettsville. Wyeth began working at the IFC because she wanted extra spending money. Two summers ago, sheworked at the YMCA but found it was too far away from North and her house. Wyeth made the transition to working at the IFC because the gym was more convenient: she already went to the IFC to exercise. “I love teaching more but when I work at IFC, I don’t have to really think about anything. I just go clean a little, I get to talk to people, it’s less stressful,” said Wyeth. Wyeth didn’t plan to teach, she wanted to be a nurse. She said, “I actually applied to college and got accepted to be in the nursing program. I did one kind of internship where I went to a elementary school in my hometown and worked with a little boy who had autism. I helped him write his name and when he didn’t need help writing it anymore he got so excited. I just saw that’s what I wanted to do.” Gibson tutors students privately and works at the Indiana University high school. There she teaches four classes and grades papers for Indiana University. While Gibson’s family could use extra money, she also needed something to do with her spare time. Working three jobs has its disadvantages. “All jobs take time away from my family. I don’t like that aspect of it but in order to have the life that we want, I need to work,” said Gibson.

Taji Gibson

design by Zoe Need




Madison Guinn, Junior

Stefan Cole, Junior

Lindsey Lawerence, Sophomore


Allison Kleindorfer Sophomore

Owen Dehner, Sophomore

Hannah Rinnert, Sophomore


pg fusedmarch2013

Isabelle O’Neil-Caine, Junior

Josie Henry, Junior

Emily Briggs, Junior

Lilly Donahue, Sophomore

Ellie Roach, Junior

6 WORDS by Hannah Weatherbee and Krista Williams

Kimberly Cleveland, Junior




Taking it to the Streets A local street food business shares their story. by Maureen Langley

(left to right) Andrew Olanoff, Nick Lane, Brendan Eade

Brendan Eade, Nick Lane, and Andrew Olanoff all had separate ideas for the future when they were attending Indiana University. Eade majored in English. Lane went to culinary school. Olanoff studied photojournalism. Now they own a tamale cart. They all had different ideas for projects and ways to make money. Over the span of a year or so those ideas, along with funding for the project, came together to create The Tamale Cart. They don’t make a lot, but “We make enough to sustain our business and our lives.” said Olanoff. The Tamale Cart focuses on Mexican dishes, because they’re easy to make and fun to eat. Mexico has a strong street food

culture, so there are lot of things to pull from. Tamales are the only staple of the menu.“We like to keep an open format.” said Eade. Items like sandwiches, tortas, huevos ranchos, tacos and sweet pudding can be found on the menu. All of their food is fresh and cooked on location. The Tamale Cart can be found in front of the Sample Gates on Kirkwood every Wednesday around lunch time. They frequently cater events and attend festivals. To find out the week’s locations and menus, visit or follow @thetamalecart on Twitter.


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(top) Andrew Olanoff stands behind The Tamale Cart. (left) Nick Lane prepares an order. (right) Andrew Olanoff writes down an order.




Lotus Festival Snapshots photos by Gabby Johnson

Visit for exclusives with Elizabeth Grooms and Tai Mikulecky

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