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u BAYSIDE HIGH SCHOOL KEY CLUB DINNER, JUNE 14, 2013 .......................... 1






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summer 2013 Bayside High School hosts 20th Annual Dinner On June 14, Key Club members who have shown exemplary contribution to the club, along with honorary guests and advisors, attended the 20th annual Bayside High School Key Club Dinner at Bayside High School. Retiring board members gave their farewell speeches (some teary-eyed), and fondly recalled memories from throughout their years in Key Club. Bayside gave a warm welcome to their sponsor club, Howard Beach Kiwanis Club, and extended thanks for the Kiwanis Club’s support. The Stanley Kang Senior Excellence Scholarship, founded years ago by Past President Stanley Kang, was presented to a devoted senior Key Clubber.

Bayside’ High School Key Club’s IP and Current Board with Kiwanis Club at Black and White Dinner -Photo by Erika Lim

Between speeches, outstanding members were awarded Top Member prizes for the 2012-2013 service year:. Guest Speakers Circle K Governor Kelly Chan, IP Lt. Governor Grace Lin, and IP District Governor Daniel Lin also spoke of their growth as leaders through Key Club, and gave messages of hope for the upcoming years of service.

Key Clubbers gather for Division 8/8A Training Conference Division 8/8A Key Clubbers atAdvice sessions, including tended the 2nd annual Divisional college preparation and time Training Conference hosted by management, also provided tips Bayside High School. Following to success in balancing Key Club opening session, members were and outside life. directed to workshops held in There was even time for iceclassrooms. breakers and imWorkshops The conference as a whole prov acting, during included mandato- was extremely helpful, and which Key Clubry sessions desigbers from both diprovided a variety of renated for club ofvisions could besources for us to use next ficers, led by IP come acquainted. year. President Erika The Divisional BRANDON HAHN Lim, President Training ConferRyan Lee, District ence was a success! Treasurer Alex The experience was Mok, District Editor Hannah enlightening for both old timers Song and District Webmaster and new members. Jimmy Lin.

Division 8/8A Key Clubbers, BHS Auditorium -Photo taken by Grace Lin

Divisional Meeting Dates 6/20/13窶認orest Hills Library 7/17/13窶認orest Hills Library 8/21/13窶認orest Hills Library 9/26/13窶認orest Hills Library



Lt. Governor Eric Young (above) District Editor Hannah Song and District Webmaster Jimmy Lin (below) -Photos taken by Rita Guo

Bayside Key Clubbers Scrubbing Their Way through Summer Service Summer may mark the end of the school year, but the service year continues for Key Clubbers through the months of sunshine and leisure. Bayside High School Key Club commenced another summer of community service by holding two car washes at Bayside’s Athletic Field on June 6th and June 8th. Members contributed by creating posters to advertise the club and event on Brooklyn-Queens Day, and invited both parents and faculty members to attend. Through rain and shine, Key Clubbers hosed, scrubbed, and rinsed down the cars of family, friends, and even Bayside High School faculty. Through donations from generous visitors, the club raised well over $300.

Justin Hernandez, Vice President of Bayside High School Key Club, fondly recalls the atmosphere of the car wash. “It was great to see members working alongside one another, giving back to the community while making new friends.” Other members agreed that the appeal and popularity of Key Club was largely owed to the balance between service and enjoyment. Clubs can involve all members by hosting simple and local events, such as the car washes held at Bayside High, and encourage newcomers to attend. Make sure to reach out to all Key Clubbers, for they are future leaders yet to discover their potential.

-Photo taken by Erika Lim

-Photo taken by Andrea Lin

-Photo taken by Rita Guo

Greetings from Southern California, Key Clubbers! For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Erika Lim and I am the immediate past president of Bayside High School Key Club and Bayside Class of 2013! Before going off to college, I had one of the most amazing experiences at the Key Club International Convention (ICON) in Washington, DC. Meeting Key Clubbers from places such as UK, Jamaica, learning about service projects, attending dances, raising money for The Eliminate Project, and even electing future International board members were just some of the things Key Clubbers were able to experience at ICON! Aside from being club president, I also served on the Service Leadership in Philanthropy (SLP) subcommittee from the Eliminate Project (TEP) representing Key Club. On this committee, there are representatives from each branch of the Kiwanis Family and together we think of fundraisers, recognition for TEP as well as discuss the progress for the $110 million goal for the elimination of maternal neonatal tetanus (MNT) in 2015. This year at ICON, we planned the Eliminate Luncheon, Dance 2 Eliminate and the two workshops. During workshops, Key Clubbers learned service ideas from various successful members and learned how they could do more to help reach our goal. At the luncheon, we had guest speakers, a trivia game as well as the premiere of the new Eliminate video. The Dance 2 Eliminate wasn’t your typical dance either, because Key Clubbers raised over $700.00 during the two MNT minutes. At that time, I was also presented with the Elimidallion which saves over 300 lives. To me, ICON was the best way to end my journey in Key Club. It was almost like a closure for my four years in Key Club, because Key Club gave me a purpose and where I am today is really thanks to the experience and friends through this organization. I have also decided to continue in the Kiwanis Family by chartering a Circle K at the university I am currently attending. I hope that one day you will be able to experience what I had experienced through this international organization, because words are unable to truly explain my journey. In Spirit and In Service, Erika Lim P.S. International Convention is in Anaheim, California next year! Be there!

Key Clubbers make preparations at annual IRI picnic Â

On July 27, Bayside's own Key Clubbers along with members from various schools attended the picnic at Cunningham Park in Fresh Meadows to support the Akiton Club and sponsor club Glendale Kiwanis. The Aktion Club, a branch of the Kiwanis family, sponsors a service organization called Independece Residences Inc., aimed towards adults with developmental disabilities. IRI provides community and support services to achieve independent living for those in need. Photo taken by Andrea Lin


Six BHS Key Clubbers aided in set-up and food distribution from 9:30am to 2pm, and later participated in a walk to raise awareness. Although the event was dedicated towards volunteer service, there was ample time for Key Clubbers to have fun and meet members from other schools.

Caring– our way of life! Join Key Club today, and bring your friends to have fun while doing community service!

SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR KEY CLUB! We still have HOODIES ($25), SWEATPANTS ($15) and ELIMINATE SUNGLASSES ($5). Show your spirit around QR Code for the website!

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