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Bayside HS Key Club Meeting February 14th, 2014

Upcoming events • RoBo Cop Movie Event at Douglaston Movie World is cancelled due to the lack of people who said they were attending on the event page! Sorry to everyone who actually wanted to go!

• Hunger Isn’t Fair hosted by Kelly Chan, Circle K Lt. Governor! • February 18th, 2014 • Queens College • 6PM-8:15PM • Admission fee: donation of 1 can or $1! • Come watch the show!

More Upcoming Events •

Key Club Week

Monday, February 24th- Show Your K in Every Way! Wear your Key Club apparel! Represent our club!

Tuesday, February 25th- Tattoo Tuesday! Drop by Jacoby’s office to pick up a tattoo on Monday and wear it to school on Tuesday!

Wednesday, February 26th- Teacher’s Appreciation Day! Key Club will be distributing custom made BHSKC pens to our teachers to show our appreciations!

Thursday, February 27th- Officer’s Appreciation Day! Show your Key Club Officer’s your appreciation for them by finding them in school and greeting them with their name and position. This is an easy way to gain points! If you get their information correct, you can get one sticker from each officer for 1 point each!

Friday, February 28th- Bring a friend to Key Club! Bring your friends to Key Club so they can see what Key Club is about! They must be non-key clubbers! They cannot be members already! Show us your friend for 5 points!

Election Time! Good luck to all the candidates for Treasurer, Vice President and President!

Kmely Wang for Treasurer!

William Lin for Treasurer!

Joyce Ngo for Treasurer!

Chloe Lee for Treasurer!

Gina Lee for Vice President!

Gina Chen for President!

Voting Time! Vote for only one candidate for each! Vote for who you believe will fit the position best! Thank you and have an amazing mid-winter break!

BHSKC Meeting- February 14,2014  

Election meeting Part 2: Voting for Treasurer, Vice President and President.