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Bayside High School Key Club Meeting! November 22nd,2013

Upcoming Events Ronald McDonald House

Decorate the Castle

 Saturday,

November 23rd,2013  10


 Meet-

up at Flushing Library from 8:30-9AM

Saturday, November 23rd,2013

10 points


Meet up at Flushing Library from 7:30-8AM

BHSKC HOODIES! Buy your BHSKC Hoodie today! Look amazing in our 20132014 Key Club Apparel!

Without Name: $25.00 With Name: $30.00 Colors: Red or Black

Introducing John C. Liu Fun Facts About Mr. John Liu: 1)

John Liu was the New York City Comptroller as well as a candidate for Mayor!

John Liu was the first Asian American to be elected to a city-wide office in New York City!



John Liu went to school in PS.20, Bronx High School of Sciences and finally Binghamton University majoring in mathematical physics.

UNICEF We are still raising money for UNICEF! Help Eliminate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus! With every $1.80 you raise for UNICEF, you are saving a woman and her newborn from a painful disease! Keep bringing in you UNICEF boxes and filling up new ones! For every $5 you raise, you’ll get 2 points! We'll start counting as soon as you hand your boxes in! Our goal this year: at least $3,000!

Eliminate: 36 Bottles Collect and gather all of your bottles and cans! They are refundable for 5 cents a bottle. Every 36 bottles that is collected is equivalent to $1.80 which will protect a mother and their future baby! Please collect as many bottles as you can and get the money for it! If each key club member donates $1.80, we can raise at least another $180 for UNICEF! We currently have about $1500! PLEASE CONTINUE TO BRING IN YOUR BOXES !

Letters to Santa! Write a letter to Santa and drop it off at any Macy’s! For every letter that is given to them, Macy’s will make a $1 donation to the Make a Wish Foundation!

BHSKC MEETING- November 22, 2013  
BHSKC MEETING- November 22, 2013