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Hey Key Club! The day has finally come! Yes, the first key club meeting of the school year is here! You know what that means? This means that it is once again time to serve! It is time for fun and exciting new events to help better our communities by lending a helping hand! For those of you who are joining Key Club for the first time, we are NOT a club that makes Keys. Key Club is actually the largest international student led service organization! KEY actually stands for Kiwanis Educational Youth! With the  new year coming, our board has organized and planned many new things such as our new Ticket System and more! We welcome you to Bayside High School Key Club! Point System: - Points are counted by the number of hours you serve for each event! - Points range from 3-5 points per hour depending on the event and the amount of effort you put in. - When raising money, you will receive 1 point for every $2.50 that you raise! - If you attend a Key Club meeting (held every Friday 10th period), you will receive 2 points per meeting. GOAL: The goal is to reach a total of 100 points by the end of the year! If so, you will be invited to attend our Annual Key Club Dinner where our members will be awarded for their service throughout the year! Ticket System: This year, our President, Erika Lim and Webmaster, Louis Xia has created a new ticket system! This system would award our hardworking members to thank them for their service and dedication! You may use your tickets to redeem prizes! Prize List: - 2 tickets for Sticker/St. Jude Tattoos - Charity Walks: 3 tickets - 2 Tickets for Pencils - AIDS: 6 tickets - 3 Tickets for Foam Balls - Ronald McDonald House: 5 tickets - 5 Tickets for Panera Cookie - Assisting in school events: 1 ticket per hour - 5 Tickets for Key Club Tattoos - Member of the Month: 10 tickets - 5 Tickets for Magnetic Calendars - 2 tickets- $5.00 raised - 10 Tickets for Cups - 1 Ticket for 2 cans - 15 Tickets for Notebooks - 15 Tickets for Landyard - 25 Tickets for Planner - 25 Tickets for Mug - 50 Tickets for Shorts - 75 Tickets for Shirts

Agenda 5  

Agenda 5- 2012-2013 Key Club Service year

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