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Executive Board Application



Belleville High School FBLA 2013-2014 Program Overview The Executive Board of Assistants will consist of several leadership positions in the club. The positions are open to all club members, and we highly suggest that interested members apply. As an assistant, you will work closely with the current officer team to help our chapter reach greater success. You will gain leadership experience as an assistant, and you will have greater insight as to the responsibilities of being an officer. We ask that you only fill out an application if you are serious about the responsibilities of the Executive Board of Assistants. Members may apply for more than one position, but they must indicate their preference on the application. Members can only be accepted to one position.

Structure & Positions Treasurer’s Assistant The treasurer’s assistant will help the current treasurer with the collection of money during fundraisers and other chapter events. The treasurer’s assistant will work closely with the treasurer to make sure accurate records are kept when funds are collected, and to double check the work done by the treasurer. Community Service Assistant The community service assistant will be responsible for helping the current community service vice president formulate new ideas regarding community service. Additionally, the assistant will be asked to help organize, plan, and complete community service projects. Publicity Assistant The publicity assistant will work closely with both the current historian and reporter. The assistant will help with anything the officers need in regards to publicizing our chapter’s events, both in the community and in our school. Duties the publicity assistant might hold can include posting flyers around the school about FBLA activities, assisting with the updating of bulletin boards, etc. Website Assistant The website assistant will work with the current Webmaster who runs and maintains our local chapter website. The website assistant will help run the website, post updates, and assist with any other needs of the Webmaster. Membership Assistant The main goal of the membership assistant is to help all FBLA members in our chapter feel welcomed and a part of the club. The membership assistant will work with the Secretary of Special Projects trying to know as many people as possible, and getting general feedback from the membership. The membership assistant will help organize ice breakers and other social events throughout the year so that everyone feels included.

Fundraising Assistant The job of the assistants will be to aid the Fundraising VP in conducting bake sales and other fundraising events, such as selling chocolates and contacting restaurants for sponsors. They will serve as the liaisons for the club to the Fundraising VP. President’s Advisory Council A president’s advisory council will consist of 3-5 members, depending on the number of applications. The goal of this council is to provide the president with the knowledge of the attitudes of club members. They will discuss completed club events, as well as upcoming events to gather general feedback from club members. Competitive Events Assistant The competitive events assistant will work with the current Executive Vice President. The assistant will help with the competitive aspect of FBLA. They would aid the Executive Vice President in anything involving Regionals, States, and Nationals. Some duties may include registration, informational meetings, and competition workshops. Secretarial Assistant The secretary's assistant has the responsibility of helping the secretary whenever she needs it. Therefore, the assistant must be prepared to help with points, attend all FBLA meetings when the assistant can, and any other job the secretary might need the assistant to do.

2013-2014 Executive Board Application This application must be submitted no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, October 4 th. No exceptions will be made. Please direct any questions about the position and/or application to any officer or advisor.

Contact Information Name Grade First Period Room Number & Class Cell Phone Email Address

FBLA Involvement Please enter information about your FBLA involvement Years in FBLA Did you serve on the Executive Board of Assistants last year? If yes, what position did you hold?

FBLA Conferences/Events Attended Other activities/extracurricular/sport that you are involved in at school/community

Office Selection Please select the office to which you are applying. If you are applying for multiple positions, indicate a “1” next to your first choice office, “2” for your second choice, etc. You may apply to one or all positions, but for every position that you choose to enumerate, please answer the corresponding question located in the “Executive Board Supplemental Questions” section of this application. Community Service Assistant Assistant Treasurer Publicity Assistant Website Assistant Membership Assistant Fundraising Assistant

President’s Advisory Council Secretarial Assistant

Competitive Events Assistant

Executive Board Supplemental Questions Please complete the supplemental questions for the position selected on the Executive Board.

Treasurer’s Assistant Please describe any experience/skills with math, accounting, finances, etc.

Community Service Assistant What new community service projects do you have in mind for our club? What community service have you done outside of FBLA that has affected you?

Publicity Assistant How do you plan to help publicize our chapter and its activities?

Website Assistant Please describe any skills or knowledge you have in regards to website design/development.

Membership Assistant What social events/icebreakers will you use to help increase unity amongst membership?

Fundraising Assistant What new ideas do you have to increase fundraising for FBLA and how would you proceed in doing so? What qualifies you for the position?

President’s Advisory Council How will you help relay the ideas and attitudes held by club members to the president and other officers?

Competitive Events Assistant What would you do if you found yourself in a situation where you did not agree with a certain idea? As an executive assistant, what do you think your position requires of you?

Secretarial Assistant Describe some skills that would qualify you as the best secretary assistant.

Executive board application 2013 2014 (3)  
Executive board application 2013 2014 (3)