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It’s fun to see the kids and residents INTERACT so nicely together!

—Amanda Uecker

Activity Update Amanda Uecker, CTRS Activity Director


Summer is finally here! The residents are taking advantage of the “hot summer” days and getting outside as much as possible. Our garden area is growing nicely. The residents have 12 tomato plants that are looking wonderful, along with onions, cucumbers, radishes, and other vegetables. We have been throwing around the idea of having a “farmers market” in the BVM parking lot to raise money for the activity fund.

residents. In addition, every Monday morning kids from the Boys and Girls club come to spend time with the residents, take them outside, go for walks, visit, reminisce, and just spend time together to enlighten each other’s days. We are very fortunate to have this wonderful opportunity with both groups from within the community. It’s fun to see the kids and residents interact so nicely together!

The activity department has also started two brand new things this summer in collaboration with Brightminds Daycare and the Boys and Girls Club of Brookings. Every other Wednesday morning, kids from Brightminds Daycare come to spend time with the residents, play games, work on arts and crafts and take part in a wide variety of intergenerational activities with the

We continue to take numerous outings each month, having taken two fishing trips in May. One was a “guys only” trip in which Administrator Jason Hanssen and RN Steve Wieger took three gentleman to the lake for a little fun in the sun. The following day, six staff members took 13 residents to Oakwood Lake where they ended up catching about 30 bullheads! Fun was

had by both groups both days! Our outings to eat continue to be well attended. We have been to Perkins twice, KFC, and most recently to Kings Wok. Our next outing will be to the Ag Museum at SDSU which will take place on Friday June 15 with the help from kids at the Boys and Girls Club. Another fun thing we will be starting this summer is grilling for the residents every other week. We will open the dining room windows and let the smells of summer in! Like always, we look for volunteers to spend time with our residents, take them outside, assist with outings and come for one-on-one visits! Hope the summer finds you all warm and well, and we look forward to seeing you here at Brookview Manor!

The residents enjoy watching the daily progress, and are eagerly awaiting the GRAND OPENING.

—Jason Hanssen

From the Adminstrator’s Desk Jason Hanssen Administrator Brookview Manor has been a very busy place this summer. Last month we had our official “Ground Breaking” ceremony for our new skilled nursing facility. We had a great turnout and we would like to thank everyone who was able to attend. Our residents also embarked on an awesome fishing expedition in which they caught plenty of fish. With summer in full swing, the residents want to spend

a lot of time outside. We have many planters on our outdoor patio for the residents to plant flowers and vegetables. They are really enjoying the gardening and they are all very excited to start eating the produce.

of any books that you could spare. We also want to start adding to our video library. If you have any DVD’s or video cassettes that you are willing to part with, we would be very appreciative of your donation.

We have started up a “book drive” at the facility to help stock the shelves in our new library. If you have any books that you would like to donate, please get with Amanda Uecker and she can assist you. We would be very grateful

The new building project is coming along extremely well. They are ahead of schedule and things are going as planned. The residents enjoy watching the daily progress, and are eagerly awaiting the “grand opening”.

If you would like more information about the new skilled facility please go to

Wanted Along with books and DVDs, we are also accepting any craft items, included: fake flowers, things to paint, paints, cards, and games. Any donation would be greatly appreciated by the residents and staff. Thank you! summer 2012


Construction Begins on the New Skilled Nursing Facility This spring, Brookings Health System embarked on a new chapter in how we deliver longterm care within our community as we broke ground for our new skilled nursing facility, scheduled for completion Summer 2013.


After thorough planning and preparation, the wheels have finally started in motion to construct a new skilled nursing facility that will enable Brookings Health System to effectively deliver the social model of care to residents.

Construction of Brookings as the general contractor for the new skilled nursing facility at the March 22 meeting. Site preparation began right away in April at the construction site to prepare the ground for building the structure.

Brookings Health System intends to build a pod-style facility with three distinct neighborhoods. Each neighborhood will consist of two households. Each household will accommodate 13 residents with a total of 26 residents per neighborhood. The neighborhoods and households will include kitchen and living spaces as well as private family dining rooms, spa areas and other amenities.

On May 15, Brookings Health System held a groundbreaking celebration in the Brookview Manor parking lot, near the construction site. The ceremony started with opening comments from Brookings Health System CEO and President Jason Merkley, Brookings Mayor Tim Reed, Board of Trustees Chair Al Baker, and Long-Term Care Administrator Jason Hanssen. The ceremony then continued at the construction site where

Brookings Health System’s Board of Trustees selected Clark Drew

several dignitaries dug the traditional first shovel of dirt for construction. Currently, excavation for the buildings has begun. Footings and walls will soon be poured once plumbing and electrical rough-ins are complete. Pouring of the floors will soon follow, allowing for installation of steel and precast concrete. Starting in mid-June, the buildings will be framed. After the buildings are framed, windows, roofing, and siding installation will begin, along with interior framing. When finished, the new skilled nursing facility will more than triple the existing square footage at Brookview Manor, helping to create a homelike setting for residents.

Want to learn more about the New Skilled Nursing Facility? Scan the QR code with your smart phone or visit


Are you aware of your risk factors? Katy VanderWal, RD, LN Dietitian

Diabetes mellitus, or simply, diabetes, is a group of diseases characterized by high blood glucose levels that result from defects in the body’s ability to produce and/or use insulin. Currently, 25.8 million children and adults in the U.S. have diabetes. That is about 8.3% of the population. With an estimated additional 79 million being prediabetic, it seems as though diabetes may be more of an epidemic than an uncommon disease. Making just a few small changes to your lifestyle can help you prevent diabetes or even help you maintain control of your diabetes. Eating right, exercising, quitting smoking and getting good health care are all important things to consider for prevention or for good control.

Risk factors to look for may include, but are not limited to: having an impaired fasting glucose, being over age 45, having a family history of diabetes, being overweight, not exercising regularly, having low HDL cholesterol or high triglycerides, having high blood pressure, being of a certain racial and ethnic group, and women who have had gestational diabetes. With the warm weather here, now is an excellent time to implement an exercise program or to even boost your current exercise program. It is also a good time to give your diet a little face lift. Enjoy the fresh produce of summer and implement healthy cooking methods such as grilling, baking, and broiling.

Tara Reinesch Social Services Designee Now that summertime is in full swing I am sure many of you have noticed that it is nice to sit outside and relax. Our residents feel the same way. Many of the residents very much enjoy getting some fresh air and sitting outside and looking at the flowers. As family and friends come to visit, it is important to remember to be cautious with spending time outside with their loved one. The main dangers that affect most elderly individuals in the summertime are: sunburn, dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. There are various reasons that go along with the aging process that cause elderly individual’s bodies to not regulate temperature as they once did. Heat strokes can occur within minutes, so it is very important to be aware of the dangers. Some tips for summer safety is to stay out of the sun as much a possible, always wear sunscreen, wear lightweight clothing, and drink plenty of water. Try to plan outdoor activities with your loved one during the morning or the evening when it is coolest. Just remember that the smallest gesture can make a world of difference to your loved one and does not go unappreciated! They love spending time with you!

summer 2012



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Brookview Manor News is published by Brookings Health System. This publication in no way seeks to serve as substitute for professional medical care. Consult your physician before undertaking any form of medical treatment or adopting any exercise program or dietary guidelines.

In Memoriam

We extend our condolences to the families and friends of the following individuals who have passed away at Brookview Manor over the past three months: • Ada “Shelly” Olson

• Martin Luze

• Doris Olson

• Albert Kranzler

• Gertrude Mullinix

• Lauretta Chapman

• Leslie Bork

• Irene Bolte

• Electa Nagel

• Marlene Westby

It was an honor to know and serve each of them and their families.

Brookview News Summer 2012