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Changes Evident at Boardman H. S. Bugle Cireets Mr. Kibbel In behalf of Boardman, the BUGLE welcomes our new principal, Mr. Grant Kibbel. Boardman is the fifth school with which Mr. Kibbel h as taught. He began his teaching experience at St. Thomas, a New York preparatory school. Another year was spent in t he East Palestine School system. He then served five years in the Navy. During the next six years in the Shaker Heights Orange Village School, he was teacher, football and basketball coach, and Dean of Boys. For the past nine years in East Cleveland he has held the above positions plus that of assistant principal. Mr. K ibbe! attended high school in Toledo. He earned his B .A. in social studies at Oberlin, his M.A. in education at Colum bia U. and is presently completing his Ph.D. in guidance and education at Western Reserve. A son who is a freshman here, a daughter attending West Blvd., and a boy of three are Mr. Kibbel's children. H e is a golf enthusiast and enjoys historical novels. Mr . Kibbel has been impressed with the friendliness and gra ciousness of the Boardman students and faculty who have helped to m ake him feel at home.

The Boardman Bugle

Mr. Grant K ibbcl

Tonette' s Ensemble Cincinnati Bound by Sandra Sharts Hi there! The Choir this year is well under way under the able lead ership of Mrs. Humphrey who has just returned from a much deserved Florida v a c a t i o n. JUDY ALT holds the responsibility of being our accompanist. JIM GRIFFITH and CHRIS SAUL combine ta lents as co presidents of the Choir. PAT ANDREWS is our corresponding secretary; BILL CARL, caretaker of our financial problems; and .SANDRA SHARTS our publicity chairman. Able leadership, talented direction, cooperation and work our most successful year yet! The year's events are off to a whirlwind start for the nine girls in the Tonette's ensemble. These girls have been invited by the Boardman Kiwani s Club to represent this district at their state convention in Cincinnati on the 25th of this month. The ensemble will start off the entertainment program, and will be si nging in front of SIX thousand people! We all know they will do hon or to our alma mater.

Boardman High School, Boardman, Ohio Vol. X XV No. 1 Friday, September 16, 1960


BU GLE STAFF! Meeting Weci'., Sept. 21 3:45 p.m. in Room 201


IWill YOU Support

Camp Prepares Band For Active Year by He lene Burgess During the last week of Aug ust the members of the Boardman High School Marching Band started off the 1960-61 season when they attended Ban d Camp on Lake Eric. At camp the band worked very hard preparing the r outines for football games, the Can field Fair, the show for the coming Browns game on Sept. 17, and the four day trip to Holland, Michiga n . All this work took ardent effort from Mr. Bame and each of the 110 members of the band. However, s wimming, beach parties, stuntnight, and the annual pizza party were the featured fun and recreation at camp. Judging from the excellent performance at Band Camp, thi s year's band is certain to be the most outstanding Boardman has ever had.


Invade Ohio U. Not only to the members of the Bugle Staff but to the en- Campus


tire student body is this quesby Maggi Kane tion one of importance. In the "Whew . . . . these 'mountpast years student support of the schoo1 paper has been rela ains!' But what fu n !" tively low. This is YOUR paper. This was the familiar comment of the seven Boardman As our new principal, Mr. students while at the Ohio UniKibbe!, remarked, "We wan t versity J ournalism Workshop you to be proud of Boardman in Athens, Ohio. High School." One way to show Learning how to better the that you ar e proud of and have BUGLE and CRIER were KARan active interest in your school EN STOLLE, NANCY MELis to make your school paper QUIST, GINNY WALTERS, a success. SUE BARRETT, ANNA FASIWe will cry t o make the LIS, CHRIS WILLS and MAGBugle as d ifferent, informative, GI KANE. These workshoppers a nd interesting as we can; and had a full schedule of classes, we would appreciate any stor- sports and entertainment duries, articles, or ideas that you ing the 21-27 of June. 1,441 students frim 353 difmight have. But not only do we need your support in writ- ferent schools in 11 states ating the BUGLE, we must also tended this 15th annual Pubhave your support in buy ing lica tions workshop. A native Hawaiian girl came the farthe BUGLE. thest to prepare for the editorIf everyone a nd not just a s hip of her school annual. few would buy the BUGLE, After attending classes in the the n your paper wou ld be able early morning the students to do what YOU want it to do. went to an assembly where REMEMBER : You show your many famous persons addressed attitude for Boardman by your them. Among these persons support of its activities. ( Please turn to page 2)

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Boys' State Is r·· ~ H elpful ~ Valuable Experience ~ ints ~ by Joe Johns ton

by Carol Beeghly

From June 9 to 18 I had the privilege of attending the 23rd annual Buckeye Boys' S t a t e held on the campus of Ohio University sponsored by the American Legion. Each year the Boardman Ex -Servicemen's Club finances a representative to Boys' State.

Always be prompt ( no matter how long it takes).

This year 1,171 boys from all parts of Ohio gathered to learn by act u a 1 participation, the functions of state, county and city government. Upon arrival on Thursc:!ay, I was assign ed to one of 23 cities, one of five counties and one of two political parties . Campaigning for various state and local offices began almost immediately. On the second day, political conventions to choose the delegates for state offices were held. I served as a delegate from my city to the Feder alist Party convention.

FOR GIRLS: The best way to go on trips is to take along less clothes a nd more money. Birthdays are fo r squares Ha ppy Birthday square. Make sur e the mind is in gear before putting t he mouth in motion! The bigger the summer vacation, the harder the Fall. Give some people an inch and they think they're a ruler. Smile, it adds to your face value. Every story has three sidesyours, mi ne, and the facts. Don't brag! It isn' t t he w histl e that pulls the t r ain! No man is completely worthless - he can always serve as a horrible example. A show-off is usually shown up at a show-down

The nomination of county and city officials was held on Saturday. The climax of campaigning was a massive political rally held Saturday night. Elections an d inaugurations by Joanne Marino were held Sunday, and Monday we all settled down to a week For the 980 representatives in our administrative positions. to the four teenth session of I served as a councilman from Buckeye Girls' State, June 17 my city. will leave a lasting impression Each e v e n i n g outstanding upon their memories. This was speakers addressed the boys. the day t hat the largest group Highlighting these were Dr. of Girl Staters was e n rolled in Tom Dooley, the doctor-mis- Buckeye Girls' State of 1960 sionary serving in L aos and at Ca pital University in ColMr. J ohn Noble, who was held u mbus. prisoner nearly ten year s in a After the first hectic d ay Russian slave camp. w h ich included registration, a The ten days I s pent at Boys' medical examination, assignState will be an experience I ment to one of eighteen cities shall never forget. I made many and dormitories, and one of new friends at Boys' State. the two political parties, we Through Boys' States across settled down to hours of eduthe country the American L e - cational a nd informative lecgion is preparing today's youth tures allotted to the eight d ays for the role of leadership they of our stay. must assume tomorrow. The campaign for city, coun- - - : : : : - -ty, and state offices began as soon as all clothes were t hrown into drawers and closets and all suitcases wer e hidden from the probing eyes of the housemother s. Under the sk illful (Continued from page one) guidance of the Girls' State were George Driscoll, repre- directors, p arty caucuses were senting the King Features Syn- held and party leaders were dicate and the famed cartoonist chosen. After a great deal of of Jiggs and Maggie, Vernon shrewd and skillful campaigning, the primary and general Greene. elections were held and at a After one week the happy special meeting the r e s u 1 t s but tired girls were convinced were revealed. The offices I that no place had highe r or held w ere City Board of Edusteeper hills or fewer elevators! cation member, First Aid Team

Buckeye Girls' State; An Asset To America

Bugle, Crier Invade Ohio U. Campus

Friday, September 16, 1960

THE BOARDMAN BUGLE ·'A lways workin g together to make the Bug le better" Friday, September 16, 1!)60 Advisor ...... Miss Starr Editor Karen Stolle Ass is tant Editor . Nancy Melquist Business Advisor ... .. Mr. Swaim Business Manager ................... .. Ron Dallcske Ass istant Business Manager Joe Johnston Circulation Manager Roy Carlson Art Editor Anna Fasllis News Editor Chris Wills Inquiring Reporter .. Sue Eckert Feature Writers .. Ginny Lingenfelter. Chuck Kyle Humorist Carol Beeghly Exchange Editors Janet Rosselle, Sandra Sharts Sports Edito r George Berlin Assistan t Sports Editor Paul J ohnson Photogr apher Nels Sandburg T y pist . Barbara Bishop Reporters: Barba•·a Carson, Chris Saul, Joanne Marino. Maggi Kane. Barbara Boback, Helene Burgess. Barbara Goddard. Gretchen Mathias, Linda Osborne

member, and Direc tor of Public Welfare. This, basically, is the purpose of Buckeye Girls' State; that young women are educated in the rights, duties, and r esponsibilities accorded to t hem as American citizens. The entire success of Girls' State was placed upon our shoulders. In this way, we were taught a nd we learned the principle reason for our being at Capital, to make us able citizens of tomorrow, and t o serve to the best of our ability our cities, state .governments, and the United States of America. However, the entire week >tt Capital was not lacking in fu n. On the n ight of our arrival a "mixer " was held to acquaint t he girls with each other. Other festivities throughout the week included r ecreational periods, a talent night, a n inauguration banquet, a bus tour of the city of Col umbus and the Capital building, a picnic, and a county fair. Indeed, as a ll Girls' Staters agreed, the highlight of the entire week came when we were presented to James White, Governor of Buckeye Boys' ·S tate of 1960. The most surprising aspect of the entire program was the effic ie ncy and smoothness with which our days were operated. Every detail was planned down to the last minute. Certainly Girls' State r equired the best of directors, co-operation, and gu idance. Needless to say, these were exactly what each and every member received. In conclusion, I would like to add that Buckeye Girls' State not only educated us in the affairs of our government but taught us to res pect one's righ ts, no matter where the path of life may lead. I would like to thank Boardman High School and the American Legion Auxiliary for giving me this great opportunity that I h ad this summer. I'll a lways be grateful for being one of the al u mnae of Buckeye Girls' State of 1960.

What Do They Do In Summer? b y Barbara Carson Who? Our teachers, of course! Who else? By now, we all know what our fellow students did this summer. But what about the teachers? How did they spend their holiday? Here are some of the answers: Mr. Hershberger spent a lovely vacation at Little Point Stable on Lake Michigan. His whole fami ly, including Stepha n ie and a son who is a minist~r in Denver, Colorado, was there. Mrs. Humphrey also did some traveling this year, motoring thru the Midwest to Minnesota and then to Florida. Mr. Needham p 1 aye d thP. "weekend Warrior" again, by spending two weeks at For1 Knox, Kentucky. T hat's where all the loot is. Mr. K irk, a former faculty member, is now settled in Kenya, East Africa, where he is head master of a high school. He is a ble to get radio broadcasts from L ondon, Berlin and Peiring, thus getting both sides of the news. At last report he was driving a 1956 Chevrolet an'i planting pineapples. For some, it was more work than p],w: Mrs. nusso, while attending Cleveland Art Institute and teachers meetings here at the school, was entertaining five grown children in her home. How did she do it? Pre-mixed casseroles! Miss Klinger so:-ent an energetic summer plastering and painting her home. She also took a trip to Ontario where she saw two wild bears. One was a teen-ager! Mr. Selby, Mr. Siskawic and Mr. Thompson all attended college over vacation. Mr. Selby at Westminster, Mr. Siskowic and Mr. Thompson at Kent State. W hen asked what else they did, they just smiled sly ly.

Friday, September 16, 1960


• •

LEFT TO RIGHT : Mr. Garwig, Miss Starr, Mr. T hompson, Mrs. Pritchard, Miss Terle, Miss Hanlon, Mr. Gamble. If we look around w e might see at St. Luke's Hospital, Sue Hinely, P at Cateline, and Cha rlotte Hark ins, three f u t u r e nurses. Here at home Linda Belinky, Pat Gerzel, Dean Murray, T om Yaist, and Bob Ameduri will attend Youngstown University. by Chris Saul To the class of "60" I want Seniors, at last!!! It's hard to to wish the best of luck in realize how three years of high t heir next four years. school could h ave gone so 1ast. Before we realize, gradu::.tion will b e here and we'll all be deciding what college w~ will attend. by Sue Eckert But let us take a look at what Now that the school year has the class of "60" is doing this begun, we see many bewildered year. For example, if we were go- freshme n walking the halls in ing to Lake Erie College we search of their next class. We would find Pat Pugh, who will also see t he sophomores w ho major in French, Carole Logan, are finally over that lost feel majoring in sociology, Nancy ing. Next come the j uniors, Rosevear and Janet H artman. w ho just can't wait for th e From here we go to Western Re- social events of the year to b eserve where both Jay T ims and gin (decorating for the Prom, J ohn Nespecca will take up class r ings, etc.) L ast but certainly not least we see the p roud medicine. Jim Wells, Ray Loesch, and and haughty seniors gathering Tony Germani will take up en- in t he halls. All t hese s tudents must be looking forward to gineering at Cincinnati. Miami University has many some social, athletic, or acaof Boardman's top students. demic eve nt t his year. Let's Sue Taylor, majorng in sociol - f ind out wh a t it is. ogy, Janet Van Orsdel, Bea PAULA BENJAMIN: "Se nior and Boots ·Snyder, and Donna pictures." J ACK HARTLEY: "I think our McCullough. class is looking forward to Don Hunsinger was awarded an athletic scholar ship to Baldbeing able to choose their class r1ngs." (Who are you win Wallace and Stephanie Hershberger chose Muskingum giving your ring to, Jack? for h er next four years. BARB SMITH: "Sweetheart Fred Cannon, Tony Blanch, Ball." and Jim Messenger a re some JANE HUTCHINS : "Decoratof the "boys" going to Ohio ing for the Prom!" University. S KIP BACKUS: "I'M waiting Mount Union College has the for basketba ll season." honor of having two former MARLIENE MINEHART Boardmanites, Ed M inneman "F ootba ll games, Homecomand L avonne Walter join them. ing and Sweetheart Ball."

Looking Into the Future with the Class of 1960

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.A nd Introducing

Seven new faces w ill head Boardm an classes this year. To help you get acquainted, h ere is a brief introduction. A former graduate of Boardm an, MISS HANLON, is now the Senior English teacher here. She received her B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan and then taught at East Palestine. Dramatics, active participation in the Youngstown Playhouse, and contemporary novels are her m ain interests. MR. GAMBLE is the new industrial arts and general math teacher. He attended Kent State, Youngstown U., and is now in his first year of teaching. His hobbies include woodworking, hi fi, baseball, and reading science articles. MRS. PRITCHARD, a mother of five children, is also beginning her teaching career at Boardman. This Soph;om or " English teacher earned her B.S. and attended Ohio Wesleyan and Western Michigan. She participates in golf, swimming, arts and cr afts and r eads historical novels. American and world history are the subjects of MR. GARWIG, who earned his B.S. at Kent State and Youngstown University. H e formerly taught at Field Local schools. Mr. Garwig, father of t wo boys, enjoys fishing and books concerning politics and history. The new BUGLE advisor, MISS STARR, is also the Freshman and Sophomore English teacher. This is her first year of teaching after graduating from Baldwin Wallace with the B.A. degree. Her interests lie in sports, music, and !!on-fiction novels. MR. THOMPSON, 0ur economic and Jr. High Guidance Counselor, earned his B.A. and M.A. in education at K ent State. He taught there and at an East Cleveland school. Mr. Thompson's wife is the former Marilyn Black, a Boardmar: graduate and sister of our Sophomore Latin teacher. Golf and reading historical novels are among his favorite pastimes. A former dramatic director at Youngstown U., MISS TERLE is the Junior English teacher and Collega Y-Teens advisor. She earned her B.A. at Youngstown U. and taught part time at Rayen last year. Contemporary novels are Miss Terle's favorite literature. MIKE SHASBY: "I'M looking forward to football games, p ep assemblies, and o p e n houses." LINDA SHWARTZ: "Surviving!" FRED MORAN: "I can't wait until it's over ." ALYCE PERROTT A: " Graduation day !" (In 1964, that is!!) MR. THOMPSON : "I'm going to try to make it through my economic classes with the least amount of b lood drawn -on both sides!" LOU STANI·S H: "I'm lookin g forward to watchi n g the footb al l team win ALL of its games." ·

COMING! Senior Play Casting

It's Shorter Than It Seems Down to the bus stop He rushes at eight, So many misgivings, N o wonder he's late! Finally at school, He arrived before nine, Confronted with lockers, H e wonders, "Where's mine?" The school seems a maze As h e wanders ab out, With books and his schedule There still is some doubt, How will he make it To all of his classes With only three minutes to Rush through the masses? To be a n upperclassmanSuch inspiring dreams, Fear not. little freshman, it's Shorter than it seems! Yes that is the day all Freshmen will remember, T he first day of high sch ool On the s ixth of September! By Barb Goddard


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Gabbin' with


by Janet Rosselle and Sandie Shart s Hi all! Welcome to another year at ole B. H . S. If you're looking for a way to start the year off with a bang, try this easy guaranteed formula for detention-getting taken from the "Vincentian" . . . 1.) Never study. Remember, doing homework is strictly for the other guy. Besides, that takes up precious time which can be used in talking, goofing off, and sleeping. This rule applies especially to study hall and homeroom periods. 2.) Pass notes. This can annoy no~ only the faculty, but also the students around you who are trying to study. 3.) Talk. Don't whisper, speak up. This attracts more attention and gives a wider audience for your witty remarks. This rule is guaranteed to enable you to spend many happy h ours serving detentions. 4.) Bring all your favorite toys to study hall. Remember, originality counts, so bring a bugle instead of your transistor radio. 5.) Persevere. If you don't succeed at first, try, try again. If you really put your mind to it, you can get that detention slip. To close, here is a bit of humor taken from "Hi Times" ... I shot an arrow into the air. It fell to earth, I know not where. (I lose more good arrows that way!) Thirty days has September April, June and November. All the rest have thirty-one. Is that fair? ? ? ? Bye all! See you next issue.

by Ginn y L ingenfelter Another s u m m e r has now gone by and for some the last year of high school is s tar ting. Many have looked to schools' opening with anticjpation, a nd others were not quite so a nxious to see t he classrooms again. Oh well, either way we're here so let's try to make the most of it. There are several new faces on the scene t his year. T hey can be seen roaming t he halls with the freshmen, both wearing blank expressions. Let's all try our best to make them feel welcome. Everyone I've talked to seems to have enjoyed his vacation tremendously a n d everyone seems to have the same thought in mind. Where did the summer go? It just seems like we got out of school and here we are back again. How true this is! I said everyone enjoyed h is summer but there are always a couple who don't make it without mishap. Among these arc B E N E G N 0 Z Z I and CATHY MARRIE plus a few more I've seen on crutches. With the stan or a new school year, everyone get out to the football games and support your team and cheerleaders. Let's build a real school spirit this year, the ki nd we can be proud of and make the school year 1960-61 a memorable one for everyone.

"Record"ing ALetter ------------------------

by Gretchen Mathias

Hi, fellas and gals! !! Well summertime is over and it's back to the old grind at "B.H. S." Here's a little something that was written to our pal, Yogie Bear! Dear Yogie, Is that "Kookie Little Par adise" hoppin' with excitement ! What a cool time we had! We got a "Hot Rod Lincoln" just i n time to hop the "Night Train." "Rockin' Goose" was "Flittin' and Flirtin' " with "Allee Oop" who didn't mind a bit. "Pineapple Princess" was there, too, and was naturally wearing her "ltsy Bitsy Bikini." "Now That Summer is H ere" "The Brigade of Broken Hearts" seems to h ave two new mem-

IMI!:Ui&D it doesr1t p~g to

Wrong-side-of-the-rood d riving cost 7000 lives lost year!

bers - "Annie" a nd "Mr. Custer." Any way, "Speaking of Her" (Annie), she's still got that "L ovin' Touch." The "Shimmy Shimmy" and the "Twist" are really hot stuff there. We got in the swing of things. "Now" we had better say "I'M Sorry" for not writi ng sooner; but we're working on "The T ime Machine." Anyway, we still think "You're the Greatest ." "All My Love", Jinxie, the cat Booboo Bear Pixie and Dixie, the "meeces" Huck Hound ("The Chain Gang") P .S. "Be lieve Me," we tried to bring back some "Shortnin' Bread", but "Never On Sunday" do they bake.

(hattin' with

(huck b y Chuck Kyle Here we are back in school again and getting back to our usual routine. Things are much the same as they were last year except fur a few minor changes. We have severa l new teach ers a nd also a new principal, named Mr. Kibbe!. Everyone is a year older now and the subjects are just a little bit harder than they were the year before. The sophomores of this year seem to be enjoying the frenzied manner in which the freshmen are running to and fro try ing to fin d their classes. One new face in t he senior class is RICK CIOLLI, who transferred from C a r d i n a 1 Mooney H igh School. The outlook for our football team this year looks very promising. They have been working out very rigorously since the middle of August and they are looking better every day! Our first game was .September 9, when we met Fitch H igh School on our home field. We hope that you will a ll come to the games and back your team, which will be better than it ever was.


of A Friend

Friday, September 16, 1960

we'II Remember



AI ways

by Barb Boback B. H. S. put its mark on the U. S. this past summer. We traveled to the North, to the South, to the East and to the West. As for jobs or anything else, you name it and we did it! B 0 N N I E B R 0 W N and KATHY DeHETRE plus MIKE SHASBY and BILL SCHMID were in Canada. Our cheer leaders and majorettes: SUE S E I D N E R , CHRIS SAUL, RUTHIE CRAGO, KIM MYEROVICH, BETH DAVIS, ANITA EDENFIELD, SHERRY GRAY, and GRETCHEN MATIIIAS were at cheerleading camp in Michigan. MIKE DelVESO was the center of attraction this summer in his little booth behind the Pizza Shoppe (He worked there). JIM THOMPSON spent a lonely summer here at home while BARBIE GENTHOLTS was at m usic camp in Michigan. The peroxide bottle traveled, too, from JEAN JORDAN and LINDA WAGGAMAN to C H U C K P 0 R T and B 0 B GREENE. Voted "Shoe Salesman of the Year" was GEORGE BERLIN. KATHY GUTTRIDGE went to Ma ine and froze while DOUG CAREE burned on the Gulf of Mexico. J OE J 0 H N S T 0 N , PETE BROWN, and BILL LOMMATZSH worked on a construction gang; and R 0 N LUTHER helped build a bridge. Moral, watch your step and don't cross bridges. FRANCIE FLEMMING went as far south as North Carolina and MARTHA BATESON to Charleston, West Virginia. RUTHIE CRAGO beat them both by going to Miami Beach. BUTCH MARTIN and PETE MAR K 路S were busy cutting down cherry trees while ANNA FASILIS and MAGGIE KANE turned cycle bugs in Mill Creek Park. PAM EVERSOLE was at Yellowstone National Park and almost lost a hand to a bear. Pam, the sign NOT to feed the animals. CHUCK KYLE had his hands in grease and LINDA WAGGAMAN had her hands in salads. Whether you went some\'-(here, worked, or did nothing at all, I hope you all had a grand time. ----::::---

Th e best place to find a helping han d is at th e end of your arm !

Friday, September 16, 1960


Boosters Add To School Spirit by Linda Osborne

Say Hey Spartans!!!! Again this familiar chant can be heard as the Boardman Boosters prepare to cheer this year's team on to victor y. L ast year's members nom in a t e d and elected to office : President, Chris Saul; VicePresident, Sue Barrett; Secretar y, Lou Stanish; Treasurer, 路Sue Eckert, and recording sec retary, Barb Boback. With the s upport of the members am! with Mr. B allinger as our advisor, these officers will plan the club's activities for the 1960-61 school year. Busses will be pr0vided as transportation for the away games and $1.50 passes may be purchased for the home games. P osters and crepe paper will again adorn the halls as each class takes its turn at combi ning its imagination and artistic talents. At all home games both goal posts will be decorated,



a nd at the ha lf the members of Boosters will line up at the goal posts to let the team k now that we are behind them. The main goal of Boosters is to spread s c h o o I sP irit thrughout the studentbody,and throughout the ~tudent body, a nd they are urgmg you to be present at all games and to help support your team.

Dance Tomorrow


e Verv

Page F ive

Important Senior e

The first senior to receive the honor of Very Important Senior is VIRGINIA LINGENFELTER. Ginny holds many high offices this year. She is president of Avida Y-Teens which automatically makes h er a member of . . ~t~:~den t Counc1l. . In pa~t years Gmny has serv~d as publlc1ty and worsh1 p cha1rmen of Y-Teens. She 1s also an officer of the Band, acting as treasurer, and is oue of our majorettes. Last yea r G i n n y was assista nt head majorette. An excellent stude nt in English, Ginny was chosen a fea turc writer for the Bugle this year . .She is a four year member of Booster s. A favorite with all, Ginny was elected secretary of her class in he r junior year. Ginny not only excels in extra-curr icular activities, b u t has been on the honor roll for three years. Personality, responsibility, efficient, capable-these are but a few of the words that describe Ginny. F or this reason we a rc very proud to honor Virginia Lingenfelter i n o u r first issue.

Virginia Lingenfelter



Friday, September 16, 1960


Page Six

Spartans, Bulldogs Clash Tomorrow! - Frosh Out for Boardman Seeks ======================----============ 1960 - FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 16th Straight Victory Second Victory Home Friday, Sept. 9, - Fitch b y George Berlin

THE BOARDMAN SPARTANS, riding the crest of a 38-0 victory over Fitch, encounter the rival Poland Bulldogs tomorrow at Poland. Coach J erry Thorpe's Spartans exhibited a powerful attack in whipping Fitch. The ·Spartans hope to continue their touchdown parade which included scores by Tom K iewit, Ron Ross, Nick Nardacci, and Bill Conti.

Sat., F riday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Thur., Friday, Friday,

Sept. 17, - Poland Sept. 23, - Campbell Memorial Sept. 30, - Niles McKinley Oct. 7, - Girard Oct. 14, - North Oct. 21, - H ubbard .... .... . . Oct. 27, - Salem Nov, 4, - Struthers Nov. 11, - Sebring

There There There H ome Home There H om e H ome There

; ; ; ==========::================-

3931 Vermont Court (Rear of Record Shop)

Freshmen have gone undefeated in their last 15 straight games, winning the Steel Val· ley Title the last two years!

The schedule this year will also be rough - facing such teams as Campbell and Salem - so their work is cut out for them. W ith your support , they could make 't another perfect season.

Back To School Means Fash!on News!

Honesty and reliability arc essential to success in most human undertakings.


The Freshman Team under head coach, Mr. Selby and Dick LaLumia, a n outstanding end on the '56 Boardman Varsity, has been working hard to continue the fine record of former Freshman teams.

The present Fres hman team was undefeated through Junior High - but it must be stated that only 15 of the 28 boys who played last year have returned.

The SPARTANS' spirit is very high for this game because there has been a great rivalry building between these t wo teams for the last two years. The probable starting line-up for tomorrow's game will be: Chuck Port, left end; Duane Irving, left tackle; J oel Ginsburg, left guard; Bob Sh.aal, center ; Roy Carlson, n ght guard; Ralph Nespeca, right tackle; Tom Kiewit, right end; Jim Thompson, lelt halfback; Nick Nardacci, fullback; Ron Ross, right h a 1 f b a c k ; Mike Shasby, quarterback.

Handel's Custard

by Pa ul Johnson

•• S10P 8fff1N• A80U1 f1~ RfPOR1 CARD! 'iOlr~ BffN OOIN. AI.L MY.


... and Strouss-Hirshberg's leads Lhe parade as u su al! Here's just a sample!

for the gals: •

the latest in bulky sweaters

the smart new lmee-ticklers

knic kers (taking fashion honors!)

• yo ur favorite coordin ates all found in our 2nd and 3rd Floor F ashion De partme nts

for the guys: •

the new look in bulky s weaters

• Continental or Ivy style slacks in sh a rp, muted plaids or a complete selection of fall s h ades :

:.:· :;:,

::· ::· .: :

::. ( .

J~~ · · ..


McDonald's ... the drive-in with the arches Open - 11 :00 A.M. - 11:00 P .M. Sun.-Thur. 11:00 A.M.- 1:00 A .M. Fri. & Sat.

Corner of Rt. 224 and 7

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