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On Saturday 29th August the club reached a new milestone when we recruited our first ever 100th club member. Dona Crisfield, whose husband Max joined the club only a week or two earlier, became our 100th club member. After handing in her membership application, poor Dona was unsure what was happening when Tony gathered everyone present on the terrain to make the big announcement and to take the photo which you can see right. Dona (wearing the blue hat) standing in the front row and her husband Max (crouching) also in the front row

We hope we didn’t embarrass Dona too much but this is a great club achievement and one to celebrate. Since 2007 our membership, which at the time of producing this newsletter now stands at 103, is a massive 56% increase. This increase hasn’t happened by chance it is a result of a concerted team effort by the Executive Committee and a lot of our members too as well as having one of the fastest developing pétanque clubs in the country and arguably one of the most high-profile terrains. The club was also extremely grateful to receive a donation from one of our existing members of £100 in recognition of achieving our 100th member.


One Hundred plus !!

Brighton & Hove Pétanque Club English Pétanque Association Executive Committee Peace Statue Terrain

103 Club Members

October 09

The growth, development and profile of our club has not gone unnoticed within our outside of Brighton either. Sports Award nomination - BHPC has been nominated as the “TAKEPART Club of the Year” for Brighton & Hove City Council’s Sport & Physical Activity Awards 2009 that take place on Wednesday 14th October. EPA Newsletter - In the English Petanque Association’s Autumn 2009 Newsletter there is a glowing full page “Focus On” article on page 12. It is about what is happening and what we have achieved in our club. You can read this article by going to the EPA website and downloading their newsletter.

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Open Triples by-the-sea Sun’ 6th September Following on from our successful Open Doubles in June we held the club’s first Open Triples. Eight teams registered to take part with five of them having members from outside of our own club. The format for the day was two leagues of 4 teams in the morning. The positions in the leagues would then decide the seedings for the seeded rolling knock-out in the afternoon. The winners of each league (the team with the most wins or greater points difference if on equal wins) would be seeded 1 and 2 respectively. The 2nd place teams in each league seeded 3 & 4, the 3rd place teams 5 & 6 and the 4th place teams 7 & 8. There was a public random draw using our now familiar bingo machine and the first 4 teams drawn formed League A. These were :Trumpeteers – Norman H, Chris & Martin We Can – Ann W, Chris H, Nick R Lavender Ladies – Olive S, Jill G & Janice D Young at Heart – Trevor, Adam & Gemma This left the remaining 4 teams in League B which arguably contained 3 of the strongest teams in the competition :All the Presidents Men – David A, Ray A & Tony M London – Bruce R, Mehdi & Yousef Welcome Stranger – Mick L, Herbie & Jeff M Billsham – Derek C, Margaret E & John B In League A, The Trumpeteers (Sussex number 5 seeds) won all their games though they had a tight game against Brighton’s Lavender Ladies which they won 13-12. The Lavender Ladies won their other 2 games to finish second. Young at Heart from Crowborough featured two of the Sussex Junior squad Adam & Gemma and they had 1 win to finish third. In 4th place was our very own We Can who unfortunately lost all three games. In League B London got off to a great start with a convincing 13-1 win over the Sussex number 1 seeded team the Welcome Stranger. Brighton’s All the Presidents Men (Sussex number 2 seeds) comfortably won 13-4 against Billsham. The Welcome Stranger recovered to win their second game against Billsham. In the other game All the Presidents Men beat London 13-12 in a very tight and tense game. This was David & Tony’s second win in succession against the London Triple’s team having beaten them last month in the Kent Classic playing with Fergal. London comfortably won their final match against Billsham. In the game between the Welcome Stranger and All the Presidents Men the Crowborough boys went 12-1 up before being

October 09

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pegged back 12-11 but they eventually won 13-11. This left 3 teams on two wins in League B. However London came first with a superior points difference of +21, All the Presidents Men came 2nd with a points difference of +8 and the Welcome Stranger 3rd with a points difference of -2. Billsham unfortunately lost all their games and finished 4th. So the seedings for the afternoon knockout ended up being as follows :Seed 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th

Team Wins Trumpeteers 3 London 2 Lavender Ladies 2 All the Presidents Men (AtPM) 2 Welcome Stranger 2 Young at Heart 1 We Can 0 Billsham 0

Diff’ +14 +21 +17 +8 -2 -5 -26 -27

The draw for the seeded rolling knock-out is made such that the highest seed (no. 1) plays the lowest seed (no. 8), the next highest (no. 2) plays the next lowest (no. 7) and so on. This means that the top 4 seeds do not play each other in the opening round and the top 2 seeds (if they win all their games) meet in the final play-off. (1) (4) (3) (7)

Trumpeteers AtPM Lavender Ladies We Can

13 - 4 13 - 0 6 – 13 1 – 13

(8) Billsham (5) Welcome Stranger (6) Young at Heart (2) London

The Trumpeteers continued their winning streak. All the Presidents Men beat the Welcome Stranger in only 3 ends of play wining 5, 3 & 5. Young at Heart who had earlier lost to the Lavender Ladies got their revenge and London convincingly beat We Can. (1) Trumpeteers (6) Young at Heart

13 - 10 (4) AtPM 2 - 13 (2) London

(8) Billsham (3) Lavender Ladies

6 – 13 13 – 2

(5) Welcome Stranger (7) We Can

The Trumpeteers achieved a good win against All the Presidents Men thanks to some fine high lob pointing from Norman to put them in the final. London cruised into the final with a convincing win over Young at Heart. (1) Trumpeteers

3 - 13

(2) London

(4) AtPM

11 - 13 (6) Young at Heart

(5) Welcome Stranger

13 – 7

(3) Lavender Ladies

(8) Billsham

9 – 13

(7) We Can

London comfortably beat the Trumpeteers in the final. In the 3rd/4th play-off Young at Heart pulled off a great win against All the Presidents Men. London were presented with £60 prize winnings. Trumpeteers with £45 winnings, and Young at Heart with £30 prize

Club Triples - Sunday 30th August Only 6 teams entered this year’s Club Triples. This is the same number as last year but it is disappointing considering the club has a larger membership base this year. However, the 6 teams that took part contributed to a great day’s worth of competition.

In the final round David A, Stephan & David M showed no signs of nerves as they comfortably won 13-3 against Pat, Terry & Alan to maintain their 100% record. Ray Fergal & Tony beat Janice, Jill & Olive 13-7 to put them on 4 wins. Finally Trish, Jeff & Daniel achieved their second win with a 13-3 victory against Chris, Di & Ann.

The format for the day was a round-robin contest which each team playing each other team once over 5 rounds. The winners would be the team with the most wins and in the event of a tie the greater point’s difference. The 1st round put together (on paper at least) the two strongest teams. With David Alfred, Stephan Alfred & David Miller playing against Ray Ager, Fergal Hogan & Tony Mann. It was as one might expect a tight game with David A, Stephan A & David M emerging victorious with a 13-11 win. In the other 1st round matches Pat Connolly, Terry Gibbons and Alan Issler beat the Taylor team of Trish, Jeff & Daniel 13-4 and Janice Doherty, Jill Gebbett & Olive Sacre beat Chris Vincent, Di Vincent & Ann Wordsworth 13-1. In the 2nd round David A, Stephan & David M got their second win over Trish, Jeff & Daniel 13-5. Pat, Terry & Alan made it 2 out of 2 with a close fought 13-12 win over Janice, Jill & Olive. Ray, Fergal & Tony got their first win with a 13-6 win over Chris, Di & Ann.

Runners-up – Tony, Ray & Fergal

The final table was as follows :1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

David A, Stephan, David M Ray, Fergal, Tony Pat, Terry, Alan Trish, Jeff, Daniel Janice, Jill, Olive Chris, Di, Ann



Ag Diff

5 4 3 2 1 0

65 63 47 36 47 15

29 32 42 52 53 65

0 1 2 3 4 5

+36 +31 +5 -16 -6 -50

On to the 3rd round and David A, Stephan & David M made it 3 out of 3 with a 13-5 win over Chris, Di & Ann. Trish, Jeff & Daniel got their first win 13-10 against Janice, Jill & Olive. Ray, Fergal & Tony inflicted the first defeat of the day for Pat, Terry & Alan 13-5. There was then a break for lunch with only David A, Stephan & David M having a 100% record. Play resumed for the 4th round and David A, Stephan & David M continued their unbeaten run with a 13-5 win over Janice, Jill & Olive. Pat, Terry & Alan made it 3 out of 4 wins with a convincing 13-0 win over Chris, Di & Ann. Ray, Fergal & Tony achieve a convincing 13-1 win over Trish, Jeff & Daniel to also put them on 3 wins out of 4.

3rd Place – Terry, Pat & Alan

Congratulations to David A, Stephan & David M achieving 5 out of 5 wins. Well done to Ray, Fergal & Tony who scored 63 out of a maximum 65 points to finish second. Pat, Terry & Alan only lost 2 games to the two teams who finished above them. Special mention to the family team of Trish, Jeff & Daniel for finishing 4th and also finishing above the Sussex team of Janice, Jill & Olive. Interesting to note that though Janice, Jill & Olive won 1 and lost 4 games their point’s difference was only -6. Finally for Chris, Di & Ann the only way is up but they should take heart from the fact that 11 of their 15 points scored were achieved against the two top teams. The results of the Club Triples go towards the 2009 Player of the Year Award.

The Club Triples winners, Stephan, David A & David M

October 09

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Inter-Regional Championships Brean Sands, Burnham-on-Sea 19/20th Sept’ As reported last month, 3 teams from BHPC qualified to represent the Sussex Region at this year’s Inter-Regional Championships. On Friday 18th September a mini-bus driven by Ray Ager took the 9 players representing the 3 teams to Brean Sands in Somerset in time for some practice on the terrains. The event is held at a Pontin’s holiday camp with the car park covered in harsh grey gravel creating over 100 separate playing pistes. There are 16 regions that take part (14 English regions plus Wales and a combined region) and they are split into two divisions. Sussex region is in Division Two. Each region is represented by 8 triples teams and 1 junior team. Team BBH Ray A, David A, Fergal H & Tony M finished as the 2nd Sussex seeded team after the three qualifying rounds. Ray, Fergal & Tony formed the team for the championships. In addition to the main competition there is also another tournament running alongside called the Challenge Trophy where each region can put forward an additional 4 teams. This was the first time that Sussex had entered the Challenge and two BHPC teams represented them out of the four. These were Team 240 Pat C, Terry G & Alan I and team Sharps Janice D, Jill G & Olive S. It’s a two-day event played over the weekend. Unfortunately Great Western region did not put forward a squad for the main competition so Division Two had only 7 regions this year. The 6 other regions were:- London, Isle of Wight, Anglia, Kernow (combined Cornwall & Devon), Thames Valley and the Combined region. Each seeded team plays the same seeded team from the other regions. Additionally the No. 1 seeds play the No. 2 seeds, the No. 3 seeds play the No. 4 seeds and so on. With only 7 regions taking part this year the format was amended from previous years and the matches were spread with 7 being played on the Saturday from 8.30 in the morning and 5 matches on the Sunday.

In the Challenge Trophy there were 13 regions represented and each team played the corresponding seeded team in each of the other 12 regions over the weekend. On the Saturday team BBH got off to a great start winning their opening game against Anglia No.2 by 13-2. They then crashed back to earth with a 2-13 defeat by the Combined No.1 but bounced back to beat Anglia No.1 13-7. In their final game before lunch they lost to Combined No.2 by 8-13. In the Challenge Trophy Team 240 (No.3 seeds) won 2 out of the morning’s 4 games and Sharps (No.4 seeds) also won 2 out of 4. After lunch it was a disappointing afternoon for all 3 BHPC teams with BBH losing their 3 games and Team 240 and Sharps losing their 2 games. After a long tiring day the teams refreshed and went out for a meal together. Later that evening Tony accompanied by Pat, Terry & Alan and supported by Hilary and Paul from Sussex put on a pétanque karaoke special to the anticipation and delight of the bar’s crowd. To the music of These Boots are made for Walking they performed their own pétanque inspired version These Boules are made for Shooting. The video of this is available on the following YouTube link Warning !! not for the fainthearted !! So after a disappointing Saturday afternoon could the BHPC teams turn things round on the Sunday ? Unfortunately for our 2 Challenge Trophy teams the level of competition was too tough and both teams lost all of their 6 matches on the Sunday. For team BBH it was a much improved Sunday winning against Thames Valley No.1 then losing to Thames Valley No.2 they went into lunch with a good win against Isle of Wight No.2. Their next game was a marathon affair a 2hr 20min match against Kerdev No.2 which they won 13-9. Their final game was a late in the day match against London No.1 with players from both London & Sussex watching. BBH narrowly won 13-11 and this match cost London the Division 2 title.

The Sussex 2009 squad Pictured left

continued on page 3 October 09

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Inter-Regional Championships continued from page 4 In their first year Sussex finished bottom of their division. Last year they climbed three places to finish 5th and so it was disappointing for the region to drop one place to 6th this year. The top two teams in Division Two (Isle of Wight and London) get promoted to Division One next year with the bottom two from Division One getting relegated (Wales & Northern). The Sussex Juniors won 2 of their 12 games finishing at the bottom of the Juniors Division 2 table. Their results are also included in the Main Division 2 table below :Division 2 – Final Table 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th

Isle of Wight London Combined Thames Valley Anglia Sussex Kernow/Devon Great Western

Wins 68 68 61 50 45 42 41 0

F 1189 1146 1104 1070 1048 951 1004 0

A 947 982 1017 1116 1093 1192 1165 0

Diff' +242 +164 +87 -46 -47 -241 -161 0

In the Challenge Trophy the Sussex region finished last with 14 wins and a point’s difference of –138 points. Only just above them were the Isle of Wight with 15 wins and –163. Kent had a clean sweep this year winning Division One, the Challenge Trophy and the Juniors. Chiltern finished 2nd in both Division One and the Challenge.

Club Mixed Doubles Competition Sunday 27th September A report by Ann Wordsworth - As usual in Brighton the weather was beautiful, but there were only 5 pairs in the competition so we had a round-robin with everybody playing each other once followed by a playoff between top two. This was decided before the start as we thought we would be finishing too early with just four games each. The positions after the round-robin stage were as follows :wins f a diff Ann W & David A 4 52 20 +32 1st nd Olive S & Ray A 2 41 33 +8 2 Trish T & Jeff T 2 44 38 +6 3rd Elisabeth B & Fergal H 1 34 50 -16 4th 5th Pat C & Terry G 1 21 51 -30 wins = number of games won f = points for a = points against diff = points difference

The final result in the close playoff was a win by Olive Sacre and Ray Ager by 13-11 over Ann Wordsworth and David Alfred.

October 09

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One person turned up but could not play as she could not find a partner, but she, together with the public, were an appreciative audience. The anti-Labour party parade circled us which

Winners – Olive & Ray

added to the interest with police horses and the helicopter overhead. The helicopter was overhead so long before the parade he must be a pétanque fan. Let’s hope he enjoyed it – we did. The results of the Mixed Doubles go towards the 2009 Player of the Year Award.

Autumn Mixed Doubles League From 5th September to 1st November A fantastic 12 teams have entered for the club’s Autumn Mixed Doubles League which is more than in 2008 when this league was first introduced. Each team has been provided with instructions, scorecards and a directory of details for those members taking part. The games can be played at any time and on any terrain between the competition dates as agreed by the teams. Every team should play each other once. A win will earn 3 points and 1 point is earned for a loss. The overall winners are the team with the most points and in the event of a tie the highest match points difference. At the time of going to print one team has already managed to play 8 of their 11 games with another team already playing 7. However there are still 2 teams who haven’t played any games yet so October will be a busy month for them. The results of the league go towards the 2009 Player of the Year Award. The 12 teams taking part are as follows :Pat C & Terry G Janice D & David A Nick R & Chris H Ann W & Tony M Jeanne B & David M Pat K & Eddie K

Jill C & Bill C Di V & Chris V Trish T & Jeff T Dona C & Max C Jill G & Clifford C Olive S & Alain D

There is still one month left to complete the games so get playing. The more games you complete the more league points your score. Please remember to give your score to Ann after each game.

Club Quiz Night – Wed 16th September

Club Moving Mêlée Doubles

Iron Duke pub Waterloo Street

Sunday 11th October – 9.30am for 10am start

Following the success of our first ever Club Quiz night held in May the club held a second in September. Quiz mistress Ann Wordsworth compiled the questions and run the quiz.

This will be the club’s final competition of the year. Teams are formed by the random drawing of names and change after every round. Therefore you will have the opportunity to play with a variety of different partners against a variety of different teams. This makes the competition quite unique and adds to the fun of the day.

Ann Wordsworth reports - The quiz again clashed with football, which seems to have affected turnout at the Iron Duke. Despite that a good time was had by all. There was the usual mixture of subjects including History, Science, Geography, Food & Drink, Art & Literature, TV & Film, Music and of course Pétanque. The final General Knowledge round included some sports questions as well. It was a close contest, particularly between two teams. After three rounds there was a tie between ‘Jerryatrics’ consisting of Jerry Thomas and Sue and ‘The International’ consisting of David Alfred, Fergal Hogan, Elisabeth and Emilie both on 40 points. Jerryatrics pulled ahead by two points in round 4 and by 5 points in round 5. In the picture, and last, round Jerryatrics scored just enough to win by 1 point. Other placings were - 3rd ‘DEP’ consisting of Pat and Eddie Kehoe and Doug Young, and 4th Chris and Di Vincent and 5th ‘?’ consisting of Jill Gebbett and Olive Sacre.

Open to current members it costs only £4 per person to compete. Registration is strictly from 9.30am to 9.50am for a 10am start. With partners changing in every round there is no need to form a team you can just turn up (on time !) and register to play. This is yet another great opportunity for newer members and those members not used to playing in competitions to get a taste of competitive play in a more relaxed and fun environment. So if you haven’t played in competitions before and would like too then this is an ideal opportunity to do just that ! The player with the greatest number of wins over every round played will be the winner. In the event of a tie then point’s difference will determine the winner. Flyers for this competition have been sent out with this newsletter. The results of this competition go towards the 2009 Player of the Year Award.

Winter Singles League From 14th November 2009 to February 2010 The Winter Singles League starts in November. This is a great way for you to keep playing through those winter months which unfortunately are fast approaching. Full details will be available next month. Participating players will play each other once and will earn 3 points for a win and 1 point for a loss. The overall winner is the person with the most points and in the event of a tie the highest match points difference. The caption competition (see above) was won by Fergal Hogan with his entry of ‘The south coast attracts a different kind of Norman these days’ (in the picture is club member Norman Hazelden).

October 09

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Open to current members it costs only £3 per person to compete. Look out for the flyers advertising the league that will be sent out with next month’s Newsletter. The results of the league go towards the 2010 Club Player of the Year Award.

BLAGSS – Brighton Lesbian & Gay Sports Society The fortnightly evening meetings for members of BLAGSS that have been held during the summer ended last month. These evenings were open to all members of BHPC and BLAGSS regardless of sexuality. Check out the BLAGSS website on to see what else they have to offer. It has been a successful partnership often with more BLAGSS members on the terrain than at our own Wednesday evening club sessions. The sessions have also raised funds for our club as we charge each person £2 for the loan of the boule and the tuition and coaching offered by our club. We have also successfully recruited our first new club member as a direct result of this partnership. We hope to continue this partnership next summer too.

EPA European Cup for Club Teams 2008/09 Knockout Competition This knockout competition is to find the top 4 club teams who will then play off in a separate event to find the overall winning club. The winning club will represent the EPA at the Confédération de Européenne Pétanque (CEP) European Cup for Club Teams competition. All clubs registered with the EPA by the 31st May with a minimum of 6 members (one of which must be of the opposite gender to the other 5) are automatically entered in the draw. Each club is allowed one team. All players must be EPA members for the current year and hold their membership through BHPC to play for BHPC. The draw is conducted by the EPA and is based on a knock-out grid of 128 teams. Rounds 1 to 3 will be drawn geographically to limit travel. Rounds 4 and onwards will be redrawn nationally. If we end up as the winning club it will involve travel to Europe !! Each club can field one team of 6, 7 or 8 players (only 6 can play at any one time). In a team of 6, at least one player must be of the opposite gender. In a team of 7 or 8, at least two players must be of the opposite gender. Each match consists of 7 games played over 3 rounds. Each player should be attired in the club strip.

October 09

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Round 1 - Triples - 1 mixed & 1 open Round 2 - Doubles - 1 mixed & 2 open Round 3 - Triples - 1 mixed & 1 open Teams are awarded 1 point for each game won and therefore the team with the most points (or wins) after the 7 games is the match winner. The draw for the 1st round has been made and surprise surprise we have been drawn away to The Junction Inn (same draw 3 years running !!). In 2007 we lost to the Junction Inn. In 2008 we beat them but then lost to the Welcome Stranger in the next round. If we beat the Junction Inn this year we will once again play the Welcome Stranger in the next round as they have received a bye through to round 2. Club members who are registered as EPA members were invited to express an interest in representing BHPC for the competition. Ten members expressed an interest and they voted to form the main squad of 6 plus 2 reserves. Our representatives will be as follows :Main squad of 6 Ray Ager Janice Doherty Fergal Hogan

David Alfred Norman Hazelden Tony Mann

2 reserves Pat Connolly

Terry Gibbons

Ray will be our Club Captain for this competition. The likely date of the match with the Junction Inn is the evening of Wednesday 7th October. We will provide a report on the match in next month’s newsletter.

Other Club News - Back in July 2008 a team from BHPC entered the TV quiz show Eggheads under the name of the Brighton Bouleheads (see February’s Newsletter for a full report). We can now offer members a copy of the DVD of the contest for the cost of a donation towards the club funds. How much you want to pay is up to you but please remember that there was a cost in purchasing the original DVD (£40) and costs in time and money for making the copies. If you would like your own copy of the DVD (for a club donation) then please contact Ann Wordsworth . Brighton Bouleheads vs Eggheads

Club members go forth…. Club members getting out ‘n’ about Croydon Doubles – Monday 31st August Barrie Sullivan Memorial Doubles Croydon PC held the Barrie Sullivan Doubles Trophy on Bank Holiday Monday. There were 48 pre-registered teams each paying £15 to enter! The competition attracted top players from across London, Kent, the South, the Midlands and as far north as York. Fergal Hogan & Tony Mann entered the competition and were drawn in a tough league of four teams playing 3 games up to 11 points. Unfortunately they lost all 3 games and found themselves in the Plate knockout competition in the afternoon. In this they did much better winning their first round game to reach the quarter-final and winning that game to reach the semi-final. Here though they lost in a close game against 2 wise, experienced old French players.

After such a comeback Fergal & Tony were disappointed to lose their final game whereas David & Ray recovered well to win another marathon match with the whole crowd watching on. Overall each BHPC team finished with 3 out of 5 wins and represented our club well at this competition. If you have entered into any competitions outside of BHPC then it great to include a mention of newsletters. Write a short piece experience and email, post or hand Mann for inclusion.

pétanque would be it in our on your it to Tony

A welcome to our new members At the time of going to print with this newsletter the club has a record 103 members. This is 16 more members than 2008’s total of 87 and 19 more than at the same stage last year. As always the club offers a warm welcome to our latest new members for 2009 :• Dona Crisfield • Marcus Hayward • Margie Hayward • Jude Grant

Above – packed terrains at Croydon PC

Adur Charity Doubles – Sunday 13th Sept’ This open doubles was raising money for the Sussex Air Ambulance. Twelve teams entered with 2 teams from BHPC, David Alfred & Ray Ager and Fergal Hogan & Tony Mann. The format was a 5 round snake, each team playing 5 games always against different opponents (3 in the morning, lunch, then a further 2). David & Ray got off to a good start winning their first 2 games but went into lunch disappointed after losing their 3rd game. Whereas Fergal & Tony lost their opening game to a pair from Handcross (who went on to win the overall competition) but then won their next 2 games. The draw for the afternoon rounds was made during lunch and this opened with the 2 BHPC teams playing each other. David & Ray slowly established a commanding 12-1 lead by the time that all the other 4th round games had been completed. Slowly but surely Fergal & Tony started to claw their way back while those that could play their 5th round games were playing. Those 5th round games were all completed by the time Fergal & Tony had miraculously comeback to win 13-12 with the 2 teams waiting to play them looking understandably very frustrated indeed.

Top Tips & Etiquette Regular monthly column providing different tips, rules and pétanque etiquette to gradually build up your knowledge & expertise of the game Last month – we asked “Set Pieces - the basics that every team should address” Set Pieces are the various situations that frequently occur in many game situations - the football equivalent of corners, free kicks, throwins, etc. Rather than argue about what to do each time on the terrain, these are the sorts of things that regular teams need to practise and agree, to a) save time but b) more importantly, ensure better team play with hopefully everybody in agreement. The most common Set Pieces are: • the 1st boule and your response to it • when the opponents have a boule resting on one of yours • a well defended end, where you've played a good first boule and the opponents have surrounded it with their boules

continued on page 9 October 09

Page 8

Top Tips & Etiquette

Annual General Meeting

continued from page 8

Sunday 29th November 2009 - 4pm to 6pm

This month, we're just going to look at the 1st boule, as this in itself presents a number of common Set Pieces, the opponents' first boule is: • touching or very close to the jack • in front of the jack, say 30-40cm • behind the jack • at the side of the jack

Holiday Inn Brighton Seafront – Kings Road

As always, the question is do you shoot or do you point and often do you shoot straight away or point one first, then shoot? All answers will depend on the relative pointing and shooting strengths of both teams, plus the terrain - is it easy/difficult to point/shoot - and the score. Some basic guidelines to help decide on the best tactics to adopt. • If the boule is on or close to the jack, it's best to shoot immediately. Why? Because the jack will often move and if you've pointed one or more boules, they will probably be wasted if the jack moves • A boule in front poses the classic dilemma, do you point or shoot? Here it's more likely to depend on the team strengths: with a good shooter(s), shoot straight away. Your boule will hopefully stay, giving you the advantage. If you're confident about beating it, by all means point - the expert shot being to spin the boule in front, making any shot harder for the opponents, rather than just pointing to the side, leaving an easy shot • If the boule is behind, it really depends on how close. If it is close, then shoot immediately, otherwise point. If you shoot a boule that's behind, the danger is, unless you carreau - or are a world champion who can spin the boule back to the jack - you'll probably be left with nothing in the game • If the boule is to the side, again, how close? If there's little danger of the jack moving, then there's more of an argument to point one first, hoping that when you shoot, you'll be left with 1 or 2 boules on The danger with pointing one first is either: • you will waste boules, if you fail to beat or get close to the opponents' boule, or • you get too close, making any shot more difficult To conclude, there are many options but the basic scenario is always the same and it's worth regular teams taking the time in training to work on Set Pieces.

October 09

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Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place at the Holiday Inn hotel in Lancing Room 1 on the Brighton seafront on Kings Road (opposite Alfrescos). Previously the AGM has been held in February. This change has taken place following feedback at the last AGM concerning setting the club’s annual subscription in advance of the new club membership year. This also allows the new EC more time to plan the forthcoming year than taking office in February currently allows. Tony Mann will chair the meeting and give his annual report. The Treasurer, Olive Sacre, will also give her report. There will then be the election of Club Officers and the Executive Committee (EC) for 2010. We will discuss and set the BHPC annual membership subscription for 2010. There will also presentations including the 2009 Club Player of the Year. There are 3 Club Officer positions :• Club President • Club Treasurer • Club Secretary There are 3 other identified roles on the Executive Committee :• Development Officer • Competitions Secretary • Webmaster and provision for 3 further additional members. Any paid up member of BHPC can be nominated for any of the positions above and are fully encouraged to do so. So what is it all about ? Well to help try to answer this question you will find another document sent out together with this newsletter which attempts to clarify what is involved. This summarises the responsibilities of the identified roles and also list some of the other tasks that are completed by the EC members. It is not exhaustive and is ever changing as the club develops. If anything is not clear or you would like further information then please contact any one of us on the Executive Committee.

Club polo-shirts for sale

Christmas is a coming !

The club has a limited number of polo shirts in white with our club logo embroidered on the left breast.

Terry Gibbons writes

Sizes & quantities available :• Female Large (3) • Female Extra-Large (1) • Male Large (5) Made from 100% cotton and costing only £14 each. Please contact Tony M if you would like to purchase one or more.

When can we play ? - Summer times We have scheduled start times so that people coming for the first time know when to attend and so that club members will be there to greet and meet them. The scheduled days, times and terrains are as follows :• Saturdays - from 2pm – General Play on the PST (from 1pm in Winter) • Sundays - from 2pm – General Play on the PST (from 1pm in Winter) • Tuesdays - from 1.30pm – General play at the Hove Lagoon Terrain • Wednesdays - from 6pm – General Play at the PST (Summer months only) • Saturdays - 11am to 12am - Club Coaching at the PST (Summer months – see Newsletter for dates and details) As all our terrains are public open terrains you can play whenever you want but as a team game it is much better to play when others are also down to play with.

The end of summer is nigh….. British Summer Time ends on Sunday 25th October and the clocks will go back by one hour on this day. Therefore from Saturday 31st October our weekend sessions will officially start at 1pm.

The BHPC 2009 Christmas Dinner & Dance will be held at Alfrescos on Saturday 5th December 2009. The price is £27.50 per person and this includes a three course dinner (see below) followed by dancing to their resident disco in fabulous surroundings. A great time was had by many members and their guests last year and this year promises to be even better! If you would like to attend, please contact Terry G as soon as possible to reserve your place(s). A non-refundable deposit of just £10 per person is needed. You can make the full payment at the time of booking, or if you prefer you can pay the balance over the next few weeks – but full payment is required by 1st December. As usual, guests are very welcome – so come along, enjoy a super meal and then dance the night away to celebrate the festive season with fellow BHPC members and friends. After all, ‘tis the season to be jolly! Winter roast root vegetable soup with parsnip crisps Home cured salmon gravalax with crayfish tail and cucumber salad served with a sweet mustard dressing and warm bread Home-made chicken terrine served with a rich Cumberland sauce

□□□□□ Baked courgette stuffed with Somerset goat’s cheese, sunblushed tomato & pesto herb crust served with a tomato & roast pepper sauce & grilled artichokes Steamed fillets of lemon sole on a bed of garlic spinach with baked Duchesse potato and lemon butter sauce Escalope of British turkey coated in oregano and lemon crust with seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes Traditional roast local beef sirloin with seasonal vegetables, potatoes roasted in dripping, crisp Yorkshire pudding and red wine sauce

□□□□□ Chocolate brownies served with ice cream

October 09

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A message from your President – Tony Mann The profile of our club continues to grow and grow within and outside of Brighton. Last month I reported on the success of the triples team formed of David Alfred, Fergal Hogan & me at the abfab Kent Classic. On the Kent region’s website there was a review of this competition which featured a piece about our team’s success as the highest placed unseeded team at the competition along with a photo of our team. On our front page this month I have mentioned the full-page article on our club in the Autumn 2009 edition of the EPA Newsletter. It opens with the following :“Some pessimists who proclaim that the ‘sport is dying’ have obviously not been down to the south coast lately” and ends with “All in all Brighton & Hove Pétanque Club are a shining example of why the sport will not die in this country”. To read the full article go to the EPA website For the second year running our club has been nominated for an award at the Brighton & Hove City Council’s Sport & Physical Activity Awards 2009 that take place on Wednesday 14th October. Last year I was nominated as the “Volunteer of the Year” and this year the club has been nominated as the “TAKEPART Club of the Year”. Both times the nomination has come from within the Council’s own Sports Development team and this is great recognition on the progress and achievements of our once little club. I say “our once little club” because with over 100 members I’m not too sure if we should categorise ourselves as a little club anymore. Congratulations to Dona Crisfield at becoming our 100th club member but also congratulations to the 72 members who renewed their membership from 2008 (an amazing 83% retention rate) and to all of the 31 new members that have joined this year so far. We still have a long way to go as a club but it was great to see 3 BHPC teams representing Sussex at the Inter-Regional Championships (see pages 4 & 5). Our standard and level of play will

October 09

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improve greatly by our members entering into such competitions and by playing on different terrains against better and more experienced opponents. It was also fantastic to have 10 of our members vying for places to represent BHPC in the EPA European Cup for Clubs (see page 7). Last year we just managed to scrape together a squad of 6. This year we would have had more than 10 if the opening match were not going to be on a weekday evening. This is a good position for the club even if it means that some people will inevitably be disappointed at not being selected. PST Club Storehouse – It has all been quite on the Club Storehouse for sometime now. This has mainly been due to illness and changes in personnel within the Council. However a new person has recently been appointed to take forward the storehouse and we have begun new communications with this person. We hope (famous last words!) to be in a position to give an update and potential rental/rate costs for the storehouse at the AGM AGM – details of our AGM are available on page 7 and together with the information document sent out together with this newsletter hopefully clarifies what is involved. Having been elected as Club President in February 2008 I will be standing down this year from the role and the EC. This has not been an easy decision for me but one I have reached for a variety of reasons which I am happy to discuss on a one-to-one basis with anyone who might like to know. I have said before and will say again that you do not need to be the best or most experienced pétanque player to be effective on the club’s EC. I had only been playing the game for a year and a half before I joined the EC so if I can do it……............... Please take the time to read the AGM document to understand what roles and skills are required and think about what you can offer. I have witnessed in my short time many members who have contributed greatly to the success of our club who have not been existing or previous members of the EC. These members have willingly given their time, energies and skills for the benefit of the club. Being an EC member is really little different other than it should be more structured and you will work together within a great team for a great club.

The EC and member feedback, ideas and issues The EC meets on a monthly basis and we produce an agenda for and action minutes of each meeting. If any member would like to raise an issue or present a proposal to the EC then I encourage you to do so by any of the following means :• You can speak to any member of the EC • You can email or put in writing your issue/proposal to any member of the EC • If you wish to raise an issue or proposal in person to the EC then you should ask the Club Secretary, Pat Connolly, for the date of the next meeting and you will be welcomed to attend. What we would ask in return is advance notice of what the issue or proposal is so that we can use the time  productively to discuss and respond • If you wish to see any minutes of the EC meetings these can easily be provided to you. Just contact Pat Connolly who will arrange • What I do ask is that if you have a complaint or issue then please also think about and give consideration to how you can help improve things

The BHPC Executive Committee Tony Mann

Club President

01273 273543

Pat Connolly

Club Secretary

01273 441325

Olive Sacre

Club Treasurer

01273 881623

Ray Ager

Development Officer

01273 673637

Ann Wordsworth

Competitions Secretary 01273 702131

Partho Sen-Gupta


07529 559641

Terry Gibbons

Committee Member

01273 204556

Norman Hazelden Committee Member

07796 557292

Alan Smith

01273 503570

Committee Member

2009 - Events & Competitions still to come CLUB COMPETITIONS – Peace Statue Terrain Sun 11th October

9.30/9.50 for 10am start

Club Moving Mêlée

CLUB LEAGUES Autumn Mixed Doubles Winter Singles

5th September 14th November

to to

1st November 28th February 2010


4pm to 6pm

Holiday Inn (Lancing Room 1) Brighton Seafront

CLUB SOCIALS AND OTHER EVENTS – Peace Statue Terrain Sat 5th December

October 09

time tbc

BHPC Christmas Dinner

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BHPC October 2009 Newsletter  
BHPC October 2009 Newsletter  

Brighton and Hove Petanque Club Newsletter October 2009