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A Racket and Tennis Balls

If you play and love tennis you should know some strategies.



By Edith Chan

Singles andDoubles Each time you enter a tennis court it should be because you want to have a tennis match or you want to train with your friends or family. If you are having a tennis match with your friends or family and you might want to win but if you want to win you need to know some strategies. Tennis Balls are important

About Singles and Doubles There are specific strategies for Single and Double matches and also for attack and defense. But first of all you need to know what Single and Double matches is. So basically, Single matches is when there are only two tennis player in a court, one

person on a side. And for Double matches is when there are four players in a court, two people on a side.

A tennis court where tennis matches take place

Rackets are important too


SINGLE STRATEGIES The people are having a single match

When you have your first serve, you should focus on increasing the ball’s spinning and try serving powerful serves instead of focusing on the speed because if your serve is powerful and spins then you will put your opponent more focus on defending not attacking. And then you can save your fastest delivery later

like when you have some points in hand or when the points are 40-love and then you serve your fastest delivery, your opponent didn’t catch it then you win the match or round.

Your strength affects your shots Playing tennis could sometimes improve your concentration Playing tennis can also improve your accuracy Speed and Stamina are important in tennis If you disguise your strategies well, you have a chance to win

This is Kim Clijsters who is no.1 both in Singles and Doubles matches



The people are having a Double match

When you have a Double match with your partner, you both need to have good partnership like you both help to cover each others weaknesses. You and your partner both have the ability to play tennis and have different styles, that’s why you and your partner should help each other. Another thing is to not get in each others way during a game because if you do get in each others way then there might be accidents like you or your partner accidentally hit you

This tennis player is giving signals to his partner

or your face with the racket and that isn’t good. “The best double teams players will automatically know what the other’s intention are in the majority situations. While you are developing this sort of rapport you should form the habit of calling or giving each other signals to clarify your own intentions, especially in tight situations at the net.” And also you and your partner should combine both of your tactics and styles together.


You and your partner need to be flexible Combine both of your strategies Create some signals to let each other know what

TENNIS SHOTS This tennis player is getting ready to return the ball

Volley and Groundstroke Volley and Groundstrokes are strokes that are used in tennis. When tennis players uses volley it means that he/she hits a ball before it touches the ground.The purpose of volley is to make your opponent hurry and to return the ball. Groundstrokes are when a tennis player hits the ball after it touches the ground.

The Lob There’s another strategy for tennis shots and it is called the lob. Lobbing in tennis means when you hit the ball in a high arc. The lob can sometime break your opponent’s rhythm and that is good. Lobbing is a very effective strategy to use when your plan is to lower your opponent’s stamina, if will work even if your opponent is very fit. This strategy forces your opponent to run around the court and have to hit the ball back.


This tennis player is about to hit a volley

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Relevance or importance to topic/time period.

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Ability Pg.213


[ in  sing.,  with infinitive  ] Possession  of the  means  or skill  to  do something

When you  have  mastered Skilled  in  tennis. this  ability  to  bring  the baseliner  out  of  the backcourt  use  passing shots  to  leave  him stranded,  hitting  the  ball beyond  his  reach  with  good margin  for  error  and sufficient  depth  and  pace  to win  the  point.

adam has  the  ability  to play  tennis.

Accuracy Pg.194


The quality  or state  of  being correct  or precise

A player  who  prefers  to volley  than  to  play groundstrokes,and  is strong  enough  both physically  and  technically  to serve and,immediately,volley  with power  and  accuracy.

Adam has  good accuracy.


When a  tennis player  hits  the tennis  ball  he/she really  have  to  hit  it perfectly.

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Attack Pg.194


Take aggressive action against (a  place  or enemy  forces) with  weapons  or armed  force, typically  in  a battle  or  war

Strategy in  a  tennis  match Attacking  is  an must  promote  your  own important  part  of strengths  in tennis. attack,counter-­attack  and defense,while  blunting  an opponent’s  strengths, exposing  and  exploiting  his weaknesses  and undermining  his  morale.

Tennis players  need  to attack  to  win  points  in tennis.

Calling Pg.229


[ With  obj.  ]  Cry out  to (someone)  in order  to summon  them or  attract  their attention

While you  are  developing Calling  is  a  way  to this  sort  of  rapport  you communicate  with should  form  the  habit  of your  partner. calling  to  clarify  your  own, intentions,especially  in  tight situations  at  the  net.

Adam is  calling  Steve to  go  to  where  he  is.

Concentration Pg.213


The action  or power  of focusing  one's attention  or mental  effort

You may  be  technically competent  to  play necessary  strokes  but introducing  them  at precisely  the  right  moment in  match  play  requires experience,  concentration and  considerable  nerve.

It is  important  to concentrate  on something  that  you have  to  finish.


Tennis players need  to concentrate  on  the ball  and  their opponent’s movement.

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Court Pg.197


A quadrangular area,  either open  or covered, marked  out  for ball  games such  as  tennis or  basketball

You always  have    two alternatives  once  you  have chosen  which  part  of  the service  court  to  aim  for.

Defense Pg.194


The action  of defending  from or  resisting attack

Strategy in  a  tennis  match Defensing  is  also must  promote  your  own an  important  part strengths  in of  tennis. attack,counter-­attack  and defense,while  blunting  an opponent’s  strengths, exposing  and  exploiting  his weaknesses  and undermining  his  morale.

Disguise Pg.199


Make (something) unrecognizable by altering  its appearance, sound,  taste,  or smell

You must  choose  your opportunity  with  care  and disguise  your  intentions well.


A place  to  play tennis.

My friend  and  I  went  to the  tennis  court  to  play tennis.

Tennis players  need  to defense  so  they  won’t lose  points.

Disguising plans  is Adam  disguised  his a  way  to  win. plan  very  well  and that’s  how  he  won  the match.

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Edith Chan

Doubles Pg.230


(esp. in  tennis and  badminton) A  game  or competition involving  sides made  up  of  two players

The lob  is  not  only  the safest  but  in  its  various forms  is  also  one  of  the most  versatile  strokes  used in  the  game  of  doubles.

A tennis  match that  is  played  by four  people,  two on  each  side.

Adam prefer  playing doubles  rather  than singles.

Flexible Pg.194


(of a  person) Ready  and  able to  change  so  as to  adapt to  different circumstances

The more  that  you  know your  opponent’s  capabilities the  easier  it  will  be  for  you to  select  the  right  strategy, but  remember  that  your own  strategy  must  be flexible.

Tennis player’s strategy  need  to be  flexible because sometimes  their strategy  won’t work  on  every opponent.

Tennis players  need  to be  flexible  while playing  a  game because  the  ball comes  in  different direction  and  they have  to  go  hit  it  back.

Groundstroke Pg.194


A stroke  played after  the  ball has  bounced, as  opposed  to  a volley

A player  whose groundstrokes  are technically  sound    and  is adept  at  moving  in  the backcourt  along  the  length of  the  baseline.

A tennis  shot.

Some tennis  player prefers  hitting groundstrokes  rather than  volleys.


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Lob Pg.218


(Chiefly in tennis)  A  ball  hit in  a  high  arc over  an opponent

The closer  you  get  to  the net  in  an  attacking  serve and  volley  sequence  of play,the  more  likely  your opponent  is  to  lob.

A defensive/ offensive technique.

Adam likes  to  use  the lob  in  a  tennis  match.

Love Pg.196


(in tennis, squash,  and some  other sports)  a  score of  zero.

By varying  the  amount  and type  of  spin  which  you apply,and  saving  your  very fastest  delivery  for situations  when  you  have points  in  hand  or  as  a calculated  risk  when  you are  love-­40  down,your opponent  will  seldom  be able  to  plan  a  specific return.

A way  to  say  zero point.

When you  hear  the judge  in  a  tennis match  say  “love-­15” it  means  that  you  have zero  points  but  your opponent  has  15 points.

Partnership Pg.220


The state  of being  a  partner

Because of  the  importance of  your  teamwork,the  most

One important thing  in  Doubles.

Adam and  Steve  have good  partnership  so


Lexicon Organizer

Edith Chan

or partners

successful partnerships are  those  who  have  played together  over  many  years of  competitive  play.

they can  always  win  in Doubles  matches.

Racket Pg.201


A type  of  bat with  a  round  or oval  frame strung  with catgut,  nylon, etc.,  used  esp. in  tennis, badminton,  and squash.

As the  ball  is  served  you An  important must  pivot  sideways  and tennis  equipment. get  your  racket  back  before the  ball  crosses  the  net.

Adam went  to  a  tennis store  and  bought  a racket.

Rhythm Pg.212


A strong, regular, repeated  pattern of  movement  or sound.

When your  opponent  is timing  well  your  penetrating basic  drives  which  bounce to  waist  level,an  effective way  of  upsetting  his  rhythm is  to  introduce  a semi-­lobbed  return.

Adam found  a  way  to break  Steve’s  rhythm in  a  tennis  match.

Serve Pg.196


(In tennis  and other  racket sports) Hit  the  ball  or shuttlecock  to

Your serves  must  be  deep It’s  the  way  that and  accurately  placed  at  all tennis  players times,  and  in  addition, start  the  game. either  sufficiently  powerful or  spun.


A tennis  player that  keeps  repeat returning  the  ball the  same  way.

Tennis players  serves the  ball  to  start  the match.

Lexicon Organizer

Edith Chan

begin play

Shots Pg.214


A hit,  stroke,  or kick  of  the  ball  in sports  such  as basketball, tennis,  or  golf

Approach shots  are groundstrokes  played  with the  intention  of  following them  towards  the  net  to gain  a  good  volleying position.

There are  different tennis  shots  and  if you  play  tennis you  need  to  know them.

Adam taught  Steve some  shots  that  are useful  during  a  tennis match.

Signals Pg.236


a gesture,  action, or  sound  that  is used  to  convey information  or instructions, typically  by prearrangement between  the parties  concerned

Signals are  useful  to indicate  poaching  and bluffing,  as  shown opposite.

A way  to communicate  with your  partner.

Adam gave    some signals  to  Steve.

Speed Pg.228


The rate  at which  someone or  something  is able  to  move  or operate

The speed  at  which  volleys Tennis  players will  cross  the  net  in  these has  to  be  speedy situations  limits  the  length to  return  the  ball. of  such  encounters  to  a few  seconds  at  most,  as  all players  strive  to  find  a  gap


Speed is  one important  thing  in tennis.

Lexicon Organizer

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to play  through  or  force  an error. Stamina Pg.217


The ability  to sustain prolonged physical  or mental  effort

Using the  lob  allows  you take  advantage  of  the  depth of  your  opponent’s court,and  so  it  is  an effective  weapon  to  use when  your  strategy  is  to sap  his  stamina.

A tennis  match  is long  so  tennis players  need stamina.

Tennis is  a  sport  that tests  people’s stamina.

Strength Pg.194


The quality  or state  of  being strong,  in particular

Strategy in  a  tennis  match Need  strength  to must  promote  your  own hit  a  better  shot. strengths  in attack,counter-­attack  and defense,while  blunting  an opponent’s  strengths, exposing  and  exploiting  his weaknesses  and undermining  his  morale.

Tennis player’s strength  affects  their shots.

Tactics Pg.194


An action  or strategy carefully planned  to achieve  a specific  end

Tactics in  tennis  are  the methods  of  playing  and positioning  which  you  use to  secure  an  objective which  is  part  of  your strategic  plan.

Tennis players  need  to have  good  skills  and  a good  tactic  to  win.


Good tactics  are  a way  for  tennis players  to  win  a tennis  match.

Lexicon Organizer

Edith Chan

Volley Pg.204


(In sports,  esp. tennis  or soccer)  A  strike or  kick  of  the ball  made before  it touches  the ground

Following your  serve  to  the A  tennis  shot. net  with  the  intention  of making  a  winning  volley  is  a major  tactic  in  modern tennis.

Some tennis  player prefers  hitting  volleys rather  than groundstrokes.

Weakness Pg.234


The state  or condition  of lacking  strength

THe idea  of  using  different formations  in  doubles  play is  either  to  exploit  a weakness  in  the  opposition, to  block  their  strengths,  to cover  up  your  own weakness  or  to  use  your own  strengths  to  the  full.

Adam found  his opponent’s  weakness so  he  use  a  strategy and  won  the  game.


If a  tennis  player found    his/her opponent’s weakness  then he/she  can  use different  strategies to  win.

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