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Fun with snow The triangle box was getting closer and closer to me as I went down the mountain with great speed. It was my first time doing the triangle box (a triangle box is a feature that’s part of the terrain park) and to be honest, I was a little scared. My new board was very fast and it was so easy to control but it’s always scary to try something for the first time. As I went closer to the triangle box, I bent my knees a little to give me more stability. My board was aligned perfectly with the flat part of the triangle box and I was ready to go on it. As I hit the box, my speed increased because of the slippery box. The box was waxed very well

down the mountain. The sport has

and make him or her perform

come a long way since it was first


introduced. The book, “Science behind sports - Snowboarding” by

bindings are more advanced too.

Heather E. Schwartz states,

Bindings are used for controlling the

“snowboarding was once

board and maintaining your boots

considered a sport for daredevils,

strapped to the board. Some types

rebels, and risk takers.” This is still

of bindings don't have any straps;

true sometimes because

this kind of bindings is called step-in

snowboarders take risks and do

bindings because they are like

things to make them look better, but putting a ski boot into a ski. Not the sport itself is a very fun one.

many people have this step in

Early on the sport was just coming

bindings because some people

to this world, so many people didn't

think that they are not as good as

like the sport. Nowadays, it is more

the normal strap-in bindings. Some

popular and the design of the board equipment that snowboarders use has improved a lot.


• snowboard

The design of a

better for jumps, ramps, rails,

great run!

tricks and also better for controlling

Snowboarding as a sport

slopes. This improvements of the

the board, while going down the Although not as old as

skiing, snowboarding has been around for many years. The idea of snowboarding and its design started around 1929. Burton was one of the companies that really took the idea and turned into what it is today. Snowboarding is a sport that uses a flat board that you clip onto your feet and then slide down the mountain in a zigzag pattern. Gravity helps a lot in this sport because without it, you couldn't go

are, • Boots

and the board just flew on it. I made snowboard has more materials that goes into the board to make it a perfect landing and continued down the mountain. That was a

The boots and the

board also makes it easier to use. • Depending on what the snowboarder wants to do, there are different kinds of boards that can be better for specific things. Some of the boards stiffer and others are more flexible. For jumps and doing tricks in the air, professional snowboarders use snowboards that are more flexible than others. This flexibility on the board makes it better for the snowboarder to land the jumps


• jacket • snow pants • gloves • bindings

Snowboarding styles The best part of snowboarding is doing whatever you want to do and having fun while inventing your own tricks, but this is only one of the styles you can do on snowboarding. This style of snowboarding is called freestyle. Freestyle is when people do jumps, rails, and make their own tricks. Other snowboard styles are racing down the mountain, half-pipes, super pipes, mountain snowboarding, and snowboard cross. When people race down the mountain, they go very fast and don’t carve as much.

(carving is when you put all your

Although not with terrains parks or

snowboarders are doing trick in the

weight on one edge of the board.

super-pipes, the people that do

air and when they fall, it can

You carve when you want to stop or snowboarding on powder are

sometimes be really bad. As the

to turn.) All of this styles have their

usually really good at the sport

snowboard goes faster down the

own unique skills that you have to

because it takes a special skills to

mountain, the board gets harder to

master but they all have one thing

ride on powder snow. Another thing

control and this can cause many

in common. All of this styles

snowboarders do to keep up their

accidents if the snowboarder loses

requires leg strength and balance.

skills in the summer is

control. Braking your ankles and/or

Balance is very important for this

skateboarding. Skateboarding is so

hands are the usual injuries that

sport because you need to be able

much like snowboarding and many

can happen when learning to

to stay on an edge of the board the

snowboarders do this sport to keep

snowboard and don't have much

whole time you ride down the

their skills throughout the summer.

control over it.

mountain. Many inexperienced

in the book “Science behind sports

snowboarders don’t know that they

- Snowboarding” by Heather E.

snowboard a great sport and and

need to stay on an edge so they

Schwartz, it reads, “ Adam Moral,

once you get good at it, it is so

ride the board flat and that makes

global team manager for Burton

much fun. The sport has style and

them fall and trip all the time.

snowboarders, has also

thats what most people like about

Depending on where you want to

commented that top snowboarders

it. Working hard to become a good

turn, the edge is the part that cuts

cannot afford to take the summer

snowboarder can be challenging

into the ice and makes you control

off when they are training.” This

but if you have fun doing it, the

the board, you can take the board

makes sense because

sport will just come naturally to you.

to whatever direction you want to

snowboarders need that time to

go after you can carve and

become better and if they enjoy the

maintain balance while Sliding

sport then they might do

down the mountain.

skateboarding as a second sport to

All this facts make

keep their skills at the best. Training to become better Unless you have snow all year-round, training to become a better snowboarder is hard. Because there isn't snow in the

injuries Snowboarding is a really fun sport but like other sports, it has consequences that may come

Flips like these are often being performed by good snowboarders.

summers, you can't really train. The out of it. Serious injuries can weather for snowboarding needs

happen while doing this sport.

to be snowy and just right. Many

Many professional snowboarders

people that want to become really

have very bad accidents

good at the sport go to places that

sometimes that they couldn't ever

they can do snowboarding in the

compete again and some injuries

summer. High mountains have lots

are so serious that they can't even

of snow on the top and thats where

move afterwards. This accidents

some of the snowboarders go.

and injuries usually happen when


Rails and boxes are the most common thing to practice while learning the sport.

Lexicon Organizer By Santos G. Word & Page #

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Sentence from book/article

Relevance or importance to topic/time period.

Use the word in a new sentence. (your own!)

Alpine pg #  15


of or  relating  to high  mountains

snowboardcross and alpine  snowboarding  are races  that  pits  riders against  one  another.

almost everyone that  does snowboard  for  fun does  alpine snowboarding.

alpine snowboarding  is where  you  can perform  tricks  and  do jumps.

bindings pg. #  10


a mechanical device  fixed  to hold  the  boot  on a  snowboard  or on  skis.

In the  end,  he  developed  a new  kind  of  snowboard with  bindings  to  secure  the rider’s  feet  to  the  board.

the bindings  on  a snowboard  are very  important. they  help  the snowboarders  to stay  on  the  board and  maintain control.

in order  to  ride  up  the mountain  on  the  chair lift,  i  had  to  take

board pg. #6


a long  thin  piece of  wood  used  to make  floors  or other  building materials

Using the  edge  of  the board,  they  slice  through snow  and  ice,  a  protosses called  carving  in snowboarding.

the word  “board”  is really  important because  the  board is  the  main  part  of snowboarding.

The floor  boards looked  like  they  have been  polished  after  the owner  washed  the floor.

boots pg. #9


a sturdy footwear  that covers  your  feet, ankles,  and

The energy  transfer  from the  rider’s  boots  to  the board  was  not  as  direct, because  the  rider  needed

special boots  are My  winter  boots  were required  to  stay  on too  small  so  decided the  board.  this to  buy  a  new  pair boots  are  usually


Lexicon Organizer By Santos G.

burton pg #9

sometimes the parts  of  u  leg below  the  knee.

some energy  to  stay  on  the hard  to  walk  with board. and  are  mnt  only for  snowboarding.

a company  that started  to develope snowboards

Burton liked  the  snurfer,  but Burton  is  the he  thought  that  he  could company  that improve  the  design. started  to develope  the boards  for  people to  enjoy  the  sport.

i believe  that  Burton has  one  of  the  best snowboards  to  buy from.

edge pg #  33


the outside  limit They  are  stiffer  than  basic of  an  object, freestyle  boards,  however, area,  or  surface. so  they  are  better  for carving  into  hard  snow  and holding  an  edge  on  a  steep slope  despite  the  force  of gravity  pushing  downward.

the edge  of  a snowboard  helps to  do  turns  and come  to  a  stop when  u  need  to.

environment pg#46


the surroundings or conditions  on which  a person,animal, or  plant  lives.

when in the  winter,  Maine snowboarding,  you has  a  very  cold need  to  know  what environment. you  feel comfortable  doing.

Faster Pg# 46


move or  capable The  faster  they  travel,  the of  moving  at more  difficult  it  is  to  stay  in high  speed control  or  charge  directions to  avoid  obstacles  such  as trees  or  other  riders.

it is  important  to  learn  to adapt  to  your  particular environment  -­it’s  all  about mastering  the  mountain.


the board  goes very  fast  down  the mountain  and  if you  can’t  control  it then  it  might  be  a problem

the edge  of  my snowboard  was  very helpful  when  i  needed to  stop  very  quickly.

The faster  i  ran,  the more  tired  i  got  by  the minute.

Lexicon Organizer By Santos G. gravity Pg#46


the force  that attracts  any physical  thing having  mass toward  the center  of  the earth.

In snowboarding,  gravity’s pull  is  strongest  at  the  fall line,  the  steepest  and  more direct  route  down  the slope.

gravity is  the  force that  helps snowboarders  go down  the mountain.  without it,  snowboard would  be impossible.

Earth has  more  gravity pull  than  the  moon.

goggles pg#12


close fitting  eye glasses  with side  shields

he went  on  to  found  Burton snowboards,  which manufactures snowboards,  boots, bindings,  outerwear, goggles,  and  other equipment.

goggles are important  to protect  your  eyes from  the  sun  or snow  when snowboarding.

my goggles  were  nice to  have  when  the snow  was  blowing against  my  face.

jumps Pg #  16


push oneself  off s  surface  and into  the  air  by using  the muscles  on one’s  legs  or feet.

To perform  the  trick, snowboarders  need  to  gain momentum,  jump  into  the object,  and  maintain balance  while  their  speed changes.

once a snowboarder  has balance  and  feels comfortable  on their  snowboard, they  start  trying  to do  jumps  and tricks.

jumping with  a snowboard  is  not  that hard.  the  hardest  part is  landing  the  jump.

mountain pg# 12


a large  natural elevation  of  the Earth’s  surface rising  abruptly from surrounding

Burton’s new  design worked,  but  it  was  difficult for  everyone  to  test  it  out on  a  big  mountain.

without a  mountain the  mountain  was  so there  couldn't  be big  it  was  hard  to  see any  snowboarding the  top  of  it. because snowboarders  use the  mountain  to


Lexicon Organizer By Santos G. level

slide down  it.

racing pg #  15


moving swiftly

when they  are  racing, snowboarders  put  Isaac Newton’s  first  law  of motion  into  action.

racing is  mostly Racing  down  the  hills done  in  the with  your  friends  is Olympics  but  it fun. could  be  done  with your  friends  just  to have  fun.

rail pg #16


a bar  or  series of  bars,  typically fixed  on  upright support,  serving as  part  of  a fence  or  barrier or  used  to  hang things  from.

At the  end  of  the  rail,  the rider  must  hope  off  the  rail, land,  and  keep  moving, without  falling  or  crashing.

rails are  for the  rail  looked  hard  but snowboarders  that after  a  while  of  doing  it, have  control  of it  got  easier. their  boards  and can  land  their jumps.

Ramps pg #  15


a slope  or inclined  plane for  joining  two different  levels, at  the  entrance or  between floors  of  a building.

In alpine  snowboarding,  the the  rider  contend  with jumps  and  ramps  along  the course.

ramps are  similar the  ramps  were  too to  rails  and  boxes difficult  for  any  of  my but  a  snowboarder friends  to  go  on  them. needs  to  be  good at  controlling  their board  to  do  them.

sliding pg. #6


moving along  a smooth  surface while maintaining constant  contact

This sport  is  performed  by standing  on  a  flat  board and  sliding  down  a mountain  slope.

when you  are  on  a snowboard,  you are  basically sliding  all  the  time. this  word  is  the


At the  park,  the  kids are  sliding  on  the slides  and  having  fun on  the  swings.

Lexicon Organizer By Santos G. with it

slippery pg #14


difficult to  hold firmly  or  stand on  because  it’s smooth,  wet,  or slimy.

slope pg#6


a surface  on which  one  side of  it  is  higher than  the  other.

snow pg. #9


water vapor  that gets  frozen  into small  crystals and  falls  to  the ground  creating a  white  layer  on top  of  the ground.



place on  or

best definition  of how  the snowboard  goes down  the mountain. It  is  slippery  and  it  helps the  board  glide  better  and overcomes  friction,  a  force that  could  slow  the  board down.

it is  good  for  the bottom  of  the board  to  be slippery  because  if it  is  not,  the  harder it  is  to  make  the board  go  down  the mountain.

the box  at  the  terrain park  were  very slippery  and  the  board just  flew  on  top  of  it.

slopes are important  for snowboarding because  you  need them  in  order  to slide  down.

the slopes  where  very steep  and  the snowboarders  was going  down  very  fast.

The lack  of  metal  edge meant  that  maintaining control  on  snow  and  ice was  difficult.

without snow, snowboarding couldn't  be possible.  The more  snow  there is,  the  better  it  is for  the snowboarder.

The snow  felt  so  cold to  the  touch,  but  it  was still  fun  to  play  in  it.

Superpipe is  similar  to  a

superpipes are

the superpipe  looked


Lexicon Organizer By Santos G. pg# 15

above something else so  that  they conside.

half-­pipe, but  on  a  large scale.

where olympic fun  but  it  was  bigger snowboarders than  the  half-­pipe. perform  their  tricks

terrain pg# 18


a stretch  of  flat land

Snowboarding is  a  sport that  puts  riders  on  a  flat terrain,  gentle  slopes,  and steep  pitches.

the terrain  park  is where  all  the jumps,  boxes,  and rails  are.

the terrain  park  had  so many  jumps  it  was almost  overwhelming.

tricks pg# 14


a cunning  or skillful  act  or scheme intended  to deceive  or outwit  someone.

in a  half-­pipe  event, individual  snowboarders perform  tricks  on  snow  that has  been  carved  into  a curved  shape.

every snowboarder want to  do  tricks  when they  get  better  at controlling  their boards.

the tricks  that professional snowboarders  do  are unbelievable

Wax pg #  33


a sticky, yellowish moldable substance secreted  by honeybees  as the  material  of honeycomb.

Wax techniques  are professionals  that  tune  the snowboards,  which  means maintaining  a  good  sliding surface  for  snow conditions  by  applying  wax to  the  base.

after a  couple  of years,  the snowboard  is  not very  slippery anymore.  it  is  then that  you  should apply  wax  to  make it  more  slippery and  perform better.

I have  never  tried waxing  my  board  but  i heard  that  it  is  very slippery  after  waxing  it.

weather pg# 18


a state  of  the terrain  conditions  can  vary atmosphere  at  a from  day  to  day,  hour  to place  and  time hour,  and  even  in  minutes due  to  the  changes  in  the


if the  weather  is the  rainy  weather  was not  nice, melting  the  snow  very snowboarders  can fast. still  do  the  sport

Lexicon Organizer By Santos G.

zigzag pg#47


a line  or  course having  abrupt left  and  right turns.


but it  wouldn’t  be as  much  fun.

By going  back  and  forth  in a  zigzag  pattern, snowboarders  can  very gradually  travel  down  a mountain.

This zigzag  lines are  made  by  the snowboard  when snowboarders  turn and/or  stop.


i driveled  the  soccer ball  in  a  zigzag  pattern through  other  players feet.

Bibliography • Schwartz, Heather E. Snowboarding. Detroit: Lucent, 2011. Print. •Riley, Gail Blasser. Snowboarding. Logan, IA: Perfection Learning Corporation, 2005. Print.


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