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Holocaust Takes a Turn

The tragedy takes a turn for the worst with the “final solution” Letter to the Editor

Concentration camps in Poland

The Holocaust first began January 1933 when Hitler became chancellor of Germany. He has been discriminating against the Jews and other groups of people. Since then Hitlers plans have taken a very disturbing and terrible turn. In the year he became chancellor, Hitler had built the first extermination camp where Jews would be held. In this camp they were forced to do labor and were tortured. In the next few years five other camps had been built and were in use. for years these camps have been in !use for the Jews and other people whom the Nazis were against. Recently Hitler has

decided on a “Final Solution”. Killing the Jews. They built camps for the purpose of killing thousands of people every day. Days ago these camps were discovered and shut down. The horrors of these places were discovered. Thousands of people would be shipped there by train, stripped of their valuables, then gassed in large chambers. Survivors of these camps are being put into refugee camps and have a long road to recovery. The police and currently trying to find Hitler, but no sightings have been reported yet.

Dear Editor, I have some thoughts about the Holocaust. I think that it is the right thing to do. The Jews are a race that is not pure and should be eliminated from Germany. They are an inferior race who I do not consider to be people. I believe that all of my countries problems were because of them. Our lack of food, robbery, murder, and shortage of goods should all be blamed on them. Sincerely, Hitler

One of the gas chambers at a concentration camp




Advice !om the Editor

Dear Editor, I have a little problem. Well actually its not that little. I’m a parachuter from England and I fly with my best friend Maddie. I was on a mission with her going to Germany. Long story short she was flying when the plane got shot and I had to parachute out of the plane and ended up on Nazi territory. Pretty much they captured me and now I’m being force to tell them

about my mission. Either that or I get shot. I don’t know whether to give into them or keep my information. Please help, Verity

Dear Verity, wow thats quite a problem you have there! Do you know where Maddie is at the moment? I do hope she’s not in trouble. But back to you. I would suggest that you keep your information to yourself because in the long run it will be better that way. I wish I could help more but I’m not sure what else I could do. ! Good luck, Editor


Recently we lost Leslie Howard (1893–1943) who was an actor, director and producer. He died when the flight he was in crashed into the Bay of Biscay. His most well known work was Gone With the Wind in which he played Ashley Wilkes. His work was spectacular and he will be dearly missed.



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Lexicon Organizer Word & Page #

Part of Speech (noun, verb, adj)


Sentence from book

Relevance or importance to topic/time period

Use the word in a new sentence. (your own!)

British Air  Force #19


The Air  Force  in England

He was  a  pilot  from  the British  Air  Force

the British  Air force  had  an impact  on  the  end of  the  Holocaust

The British  Air  Force had  advanced airplanes

British Spy  #6


A spy  from England  who came  to  figure out  what  the Nazis  were doing

“Therefore she  must  be  a british  spy,  and  is  likely  to have  parachuted  into Nazi-­occupied  France  out of  an  allied  plane.”

They got information  about the  Nazis  to  help end  the  Holocaust

The British  spies helped  to  end  the Holocaust

Brolly #49


A british  word  for Hellfire  raining  out  of  the umbrella sky  and  she  held  it  off with  a  brolly

It was  a  commonly When  there  is  a  lot  of used  slang  word rain  I  use  a  brolly

Concentration Camp from Grock


A place  where the  Jews,  and others  who  the Germans  were punishing,  were held  before  being killed

A concentration  camp  is a  place  where  people  are imprisoned  not  because of  any  crimes  they  have committed,  but  simply because  of  who  they  are.

These camps were  where  the Jews  were  forced to  do  labor  and being  tortured while  waiting  for there  death

English Channel #44


The English Channel,  is  an arm  of  the

“Could the  German  plane It  was  used  for There  are  swimming be  over  the  English getting  ships  from competitions  across Channel?” England  to  France the  English  Channel

Concentration Camps had  to  be  the  most terrifying  part  of Holocaust  for  the  Jews

Lexicon Organizer Atlantic Ocean that  separates southern England  from northern  France Extermination Camp  from Grock


Where the  Jews, and  others  who were  killed  by  the Nazis,  were gassed  to  their death

Each extermination  camp This  is  where  the operated  differently,  yet Jews  were  killed each  was  designed  for quick  and  efficient industrialized  killing

Some extermination camps  are  museums now

Franklin D. Roosevelt  from Grock

Proper Noun

The President  of the  USA  during World  War  Two

Franklin Roosevelt  would then  align  the  country  with the  Allied  Forces,  offering anything  short  of engaging  in  actual warfare.

He controlled  the American  military that  fought  during World  War  Two

Roosevelt was  a  great president

“Final Solution” from  Grock


Hitlers “final solution”  was  to kill  all  of  the jews,  and  other people  he thought  were impure  and  bad

The "Final  Solution"  was the  Nazi  plan  to exterminate  the  Jews

The “final  solution” the  Final  Solution  was was  a  major  part a  terrible  time  for  the of  the  Holocaust Jews



the deliberate killing  of  a  large group  of  people, esp.  those  of  a particular  ethnic group  or  nation

Genocide is  the  targeted The  Holocaust killing  of  a  specific  group was  genocide of  people  with  the  intent  of exterminating  the  group  in question.

Genocide is  a  terrible thing  and  I  hope  it never  happens  to  us

Lexicon Organizer Hauptsturmführer Proper #6 Noun

A paramilitary rank  used  in many  Nazi organizations

“Lets try  this”  said  the Hauptsturmfuhrer.

They were  the people  who controlled  parts  of the  Nazi  army

The Hauptsturmführer were  bad  people because  of  what  they did  to  the  Jews

Hitler from  Grock

Proper Noun

The leader  of Nazi  Germany during  World War  Two

Adolf Hitler,  murderer  of He  led  the millions,  master  of Holocaust  and  the destruction  and  organized Nazis insanity,  did  not  come  into the  worldas  a  monster

Hitler was  one  of  the most  powerful  people in  Germany  during  the war

Kerosene #6


An oil  commonly used  for  oil lamps  and heating  houses

What’s in  my  future-­  a  tin It  was  used  as  a of  kerosene  poured  down torture  method  by my  throat  and  a  match the  Nazis held  to  my  lips?

Kerosene is  an effective  way  of heating  your  house

Leopard Moth #11


a three-­seat high-­wing  cabin monoplane

I think  the  upgraded version  of  the  Tiger  Moth is  called  the  Leopard  Moth

Another commonly I  like  the  way  the used  plane  during Leopard  Moth  looks the  1900s more  than  the  Puss Moth

London Blitz from  Grock


The phrase  used London  was  bombed  for in  English  to 57  consecutive  days describe  the period  of bombing  of  the United  Kingdom by  Nazi Germany  during the  World  War  2

2,000,000 were The  london  Blitz  was  a left  homeless  and terrible  time  for  people 60,000  people  died in  London in  London

Nazi #5


a member  of  the YOU  STUPID  NAZI  (bad National  Socialist word).

The Nazis  were responsible  for

The Nazis  tortured  and killed  millions  of  Jews

Lexicon Organizer German Workers' Party

killing millions  of Jews  during  the Holocaust

during the  Holocaust

Puss Moths  look  very different  than  modern planes

Puss Moth  #7


a British three-­seater high-­wing monoplane aeroplane

I will  tell  you  all  of  the aircrafts  I  know,  starting with  the  Puss  Moth

They were commonly  used during  the  time  of the  Holocaust  and WW2

Silent Superb #13


a motorcycle  with a  quiet  engine

Beryl stayed  with  the unconscious  pilot  while Maddie  rode  her  Silent Superb  to  the  farm  to  get help.

Some people  used Silent  Superbs  look them  to  get  around very  different  than but  mostly  for modern  motorcycles enjoyment

Soviet Union from  Grock

Proper Noun

A country  that formed  a non-­violence  pact with  Hitler  during WW2

The Soviet  Union  was one  of  the  world's  most ethnically  diverse countries,  with  more  than 100  distinct  national ethnicities  living  within  its borders

The Soviet  Union covered  the  area  of the  15  current countries

Tiger Moth  #11


a three-­seater monoplane

The Tiger  Moth  is  a bi-­plane  with  two  sets  of wings

another commonly I  would  love  to  take  a used  plane  in  the ride  in  a  plane  like  a 1900s Tiger  Moth

World War  Two from  Grock

Proper Noun

The second World  War  II  took  the World  War  that lives  of  more  people  than the  Holocaust any  other  war  in  history. took  place  during


Hitler broke  the  pact with  the  Soviet  union

My book  takes More  people  died place  during  World during  World  War  Two War  Two than  any  other  war

Camille M  

New York Times

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