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July 15, 1942

Issue No. Seventeen

Cloudy weather, light mist.


We don’t want to rain on the parade- the Jew parade.



It was a sunny, pleasant day today in Munich, Germany. It was the perfect day for a parade- and one simultaneously took place on Heaven street. Nazi soldiers delivering Jews to Dachau concentration camp abandoned their trucks, and they walked Heaven st., a relatively poor area. Local boy Rudy Steiner states, “They just came out of nowhere. One of them, an old man, dropped dead. They were all in horrible condition.” We contacted Adolf Hitler, who believes that the “death marches” as he calls them are a wonderful idea. “Anyway to torture those wretched people.”

Local Jewish children walking to Lauenberg.

Line of Jews that didn’t survive the death marches, with government officials.

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Group walking to Sokal (a concentration camp.)




Rudy Steiner 1931-1944 I cannot say, and I will not say, that he is dead. He is just away. With a cheery smile, with the wave of a hand, he has

Books can help you get through anything. Words are life. -Catherine

Rudy Steiner, 5 months before his death.

JEW PARADES CONTINUED Nazi soldiers said they will start them in Auschwitz to Wodzisław Śląski, Stutthof to Lauenberg, Chelm and Hrubieszow to Sokal, and Belz to Hrubieszow. We will keep our readers updated on these parades, or death marches.

Dear Book Thief, Wow, what a tough life for a girl so young. My condolences go to you. As with this constant sadness, it’s never going to go away. Rudy sounds like your soulmate, and thats going to take a long time to heal from. With that said, to prevent the pain a bit, try reading. If ADVICE FROM CATHERINE offers an escape from your feelings, and Dear Editor, there are enough books you should be I’ve noticed I’ve been sad a lot lately. much interested in that would last you a while. I sadder than a 13 year old girl should be. know whenever I’m sad, I read and it You see, I have witnessed so many tortures makes me feel better. A good book, one and deaths. I watch my brother die in my mothers arms, my foster father been sent to of my favorites actually, is the Book Thief. The protagonists issues relate to war, and a close friend nearly die. (That friend ended up being sent to a yours. Another strategy you could try is concentration camp.) Recently, a bomb hit to surround yourself with good people. my street killing my foster family, and my Has your “close friend” been released? whole neighborhood. Most importantly I’ve heard the Holocaust has ended, so though, was my best friend Rudy. Unfortunately, i realized my feelings for him maybe you should try contacting and meet up. As a wise man once told me, after he was lying motionless in my arms. His death, with everyone else's, have taken a Even death has a heart. It will get better, toll on me. How do you think i should deal I guarantee that. with my constant sadness? -Catherine Carpenter -Liesel Meminger, Book Thief

Munich Times, 11 Zeil st. | Your local, trustworthy newspaper since 1900

wandered into an unknown land.” - James Whitcomb Riley

They say true love only happens once in a lifetime. I guess thats true, at least it was in my case. I was just a young girl, lost and confused. They he came along, Rudy Steiner. The boy with lemon hair, who painted himself black and defeated the world. He was my other half, my rock when the times got tough. We were just kids in love, but that came to an end. Rudy Steiner died on a cloudy day, strewn across bomb stricken land we once races across. I held him in my arms as he took his last breath. He was only 13. He used to tell me that he wanted to grow up before he died, but that never happened. He was the kind of person you meet once in a lifetime, and you can never forget. He asked me for a kiss, and he only received one after his short life ended. I can never forgive myself for that. His only wish never happened.





 You know what I hate? Jews. Everything from their dark hair to their disgusting little toes. You probably already know that, though, i converted all of Germany to anti-semitism. They are dreadful people, and i want more people on my Nazi Party. So, if you are a Jew supporter, you should read this to figure out how heinous these people can be.

 First of all, the failure we call World War 1 is entirely their fault. I blame the Treaty of Versailles on them, which is the peace treaty we “supposedly” signed with France. Also, a large amount of jewish people gave information about Germany and our strategies to French armies.   Also, on a more personal note, Jewish people are responsible to my

Jews working in Concentration camps.

nonfulfillment when I was a college student. I used to be an artist, and a pretty great one at that. My dream art school was run by Jewish hooligans, and they denied my entry. They are prejudice, and I hate them with a burning passion. I hope you feel the same way. Nazi now, Nazi forever. -Adolf Hitler

Dachau members being sent to a gas chamber, unknowingly.

Munich Times, 11 Zeil st. | Your local, trustworthy newspaper since 1900

Lexicon Organizer Catherine Carpenter Word & Page #

Part of Speech (noun, verb, adj)


Sentence from book

Relevance or importance to topic.

Use the word in a new sentence. (your own!)

Air Raid noun Shelter  pg.  338

A building  to protect  people from  bombs.

Rudy and  I  sit  in  the  air  raid Liesl  went  through shelter,  along  with  most  of a  lot  of  air  raids, the  neighbors. and  told  stories  in the  shelter.

The air  raid  shelter  was cold  and  dark.

Amper River pg.  209

Proper noun

It is  a  river  in Germany.

I walked  down  to  the Amper  River,  and  saw Rudy  sitting  there  quietly.

anti-­Semitism pg. 84


hostility against Jews.

Nazi Germany  was  built  on Everyone  around anti-­Semitism. her  was anti-­Semitic,  and she  had  a  Jew  in her  house.

The library  is  filled  with books  about  anti-­Semitism.

Band Of German  Girls pg.  40


They are  the girls  of  the  Nazi Party  Youth Division

Being female,  I  was automatically  enrolled  in the  BDM.

This is  where Liesel  goes  to school.

My grandmother  tells  me  of her  history  in  the  BDM.

Brownshirts pg. 112


A member  of  an early  Nazi

It was  easy  to  see  the brownshirts  about  the

Liesl fears  that brownshirts  are

The brownshirts  uniform  is very  ugly.

This is  the  location The  Amper  water  was where  Liesl slightly  cold,  but  refreshing. spends  a  lot  of time  with  Rudy.

Lexicon Organizer Catherine Carpenter militia.

swastika sign.

going to  take  her family  away. Liesel  walks  past  it In  school,  I’m  reading  a everyday,  and book  about  Dachau. shes  scared  her Jewish  friend  will go  there.

Dachau pg.  70


A concentration camp  for  Jews.

We walked  past  Dachau.

Fuhrer pg.  50


a ruthless, tyrannical  ruler.

He had  a  framed  picture  of Hitler  is  the  fuhrer the  Fuhrer. during  Liesels youth.

Molching pg. 50


It is  a  fictional town  in Germany

The main  road  in  and  out  of

Gas Chamber pg.  308


Its an  airtight room,  which releases poisonous  gas for  execution.

There was  a  pile  of  bodies laying  on  the  ground.  “Gas Chambers.”  Rudy whispers  in  my  ear.

This was  how  they I  flipped  through  the  book, killed  a  lot  of  Jews. and  saw  a  picture  of  a  gas chamber.

Heinrich Himmler pg. 339


German nazi who  was  the chief  of  SS  and Gestapo.

Heinrich Himmler  walked the  streets,  giving  dirty glances  to  the  peoples poor  living  conditions.

He took  Liesls father  away  to fight.

A girl  in  my  class  is  related to  Himmler.

Hitler pg.  40

proper noun

He was  a German

They made  sure  you  heil Hitler  right.

This is  the  person who  created  the

I think  that  Hitler  was  a horrible  person.


Liesel lives  in Molching.

Strangely, everyone  loves the  new  Fuhrer. Many  children  play  soccer in  the  streets  of  Molching.

Lexicon Organizer Catherine Carpenter politician, and the  leader  of  the Nazi  party. Hitler  Youth Divisions  pg. 108


It is  a  youth  nazi organization, divided  into  3 parts  (boys 14-­18)  boys (10-­14)  and females.


At the  end,  the  Hitler  Youth divisions  were  allowed  to disperse.  Liesl  looked  for Rudy,  but  it  was  nearly impossible.

Liesl and  Rudy  are Everyday,  I  have  to  go  to enrolled  in  the Hitler  Youth  division Hitler  Youth meetings. divisions.

Rudy pretended  to My  friend  was  so  lucky! be  Jesse  Owens, She  got  to  watch  Hitlers and  he  gets games. teased  about  it.

Hitlers Games


it was  the  1936 summer olympics

Rudy watched  hitlers games,  thinking  about Jesse  Owens

Holocaust pg. 339


destruction and slaughter  on  a mass  scale.

“The Holocaust-­  its  stupid.  I Liesl  lived  during hate  Hitler.”  Rudy  told  me. the  holocaust.

We have  to  research  the holocaust  in  school.

Joseph Goebbels pg. 93


He was  a minister  in  Nazi, Germany

The called  him  little He  didn’t  like Goebbels  after  Hitler's  right people  who  likes hand  man. Jews,  and  her family  cared  for one.

I’m doing  a  history  project  n Goebbels.

Labor Camps pg.  107


A prison  camp where  challenging labor  is  enforced.

Often, Rudy  and  I  have  to walk  past  labor  camps.

Last sunday,  I  toured  a labor  camp.

Liesl doesn’t  want herMax  to  go  to  a labor  camp,  and

Lexicon Organizer Catherine Carpenter she has  to  walk past  them  daily. Luftwaffe Sondereinheit pg.  431


Air raid  special unit

He was  in  the  most undesirable  position.  The LSE.

Liesls father  is  in the  LSE.

Both of  my  grand  parents were  in  the  LSE.

Mein Kampf pg.  105


Its an autobiography on  Adolf  Hitler.

She should  be  reading Mein  Kampf.

It was  the  book that  brought  Max, a  Jewish  man,  to live  with  Liesl.

My father  sometimes  stays up  late,  reading  Mein Kampf.

Nazi Party  pg. 50


It stands  for National Socialist German Workers  Party.

He was  a  member  of  the They  are  looking Nazi  Party,  but  did  not  hate for  the  Jews,  and the  Jews. Liesels  family  has one  in  their basement.

My father  refused  to  join the  Nazi  Party.

Saukerl pg. 320


Its a  male  pig.

The last  she  heard  was  the Liesl  calls  Rudy  a laugh  of  that  Saukerl,  Rudy Saukerl  often. Steiner.

You stupid  Saukerl!  I thought  as  he  eased  me.

Saumensch pg. 320


Its a  female  pig.

“Hey Saumensch.”  He waited.  “SAUMENSCH!”

Rudy calls  Liesl  a Saumensch  often.

My mother  warned  me,  she said  she  was  a saumensch.

Swastika pg. 112


An symbol It  was  easy  to  see  the representing  the brownshirts  about  the emblem  of  Nazi, swastika  sign. germany

This is  the “Holocaust” symbol

When I  was  in  the basement,  I  found  a  old swastika  flag.

Lexicon Organizer Catherine Carpenter Star of  David pg.  51


It is  a  Jewish  or Israeli  symbol

Ridy and  I  walk  through  the streets,  where  every building  is  marked  with  a Star  of  David.

Third Reich  pg. noun 50

the Nazi dictatorship under  rule  of Hitler.

Her shop  lived  for  the  Third Liesel  is  living Reich. during  the  third reich.

World War  2 pg.  73

A war  where  the The  Steiner  boys  rode allies  defeated through  the  street, the  Axis  powers. screaming  “World  War  2 has  begun!”


It is  a  Jewish For  my  birthday,  I  got  a  sar symbol,  and  her of  david  necklace. father  gets  in trouble  for  taking  it off  a  building.

Liesel lives  during World  War  2,  and its  the  Brits  that bombs  her  street.

I feel  bad  for  the  people who  lived  during  the  Third Reich. My  grandfather  was  a fighter  in  World  War  2.

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