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This is a rider with his knee down on the track. This makes it much easier for the rider to take turns.



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Super bike racing

Super bike racing has been

Knee down one half

around since the first super bike of the track! and it is very interesting to see When super bikes are out on how it has evolved. The first the track, they turn constantly. motorcycle was a bike that had when they turn, they put their an engine attached to it and knee down to maintain balance. was wired to the wheels and the they have some of the thickest throttle. It is amazing how a knee pads in the world. If they rider can keep his stance don’t have the necessary leaning over the ground. equipment, they can break their Motorcycles are the most knees within seconds. aerodynamic vehicle other that jets and planes. Some super tuned super bikes have been known to beat some planes down the runway.

Super bike in action (above) This is a picture of super bike in action on the track. He is leaning over the track in hopes of turning very smoothly.



Crashing on a motorcycle is much more dangerous than crashing in a car, because the rider has no protection other than the motorcycle itself. BMW, a german engineering company, has developed a solution to that problem. They have introduced a motorcycle with a roof, seatbelt, and an airbag. Here is a picture of the BMW C1.(below)

Crashes Motorcycle drivers are all dierent, some of

roof, windshield, and seatbelt, so it is impossible

them are very cautious, and some of them are very fast and reckless. Many accidents happen on the road each day. Many people have completely destroyed someone else's vehicle or their vehicle in the process of reckless driving.

if the seat belt is on to fly over the handlebars. Picture of the C1 (Below)

Motorcycle Accidents Motorcycle accidents can range from good or bad, depending on how the motorcycle is hit. If the motorcycle T-bones another vehicle, they will fly over the handlebars onto the top or hood of the car. If a motorcycle hits a car from the side, usually the motorcycle flues underneath the car. Some companies have tried to prevent things like that from happening such as BMW. They built a motorcycle called the C1, and it comes with a


Lexicon Organizer by Danny Thorne Brake Disc


The disc attached  in  a wheel  in  a wheel  brake.

No This is sentence how in  book. bikes stop.

Brake disc are essential for stopping.


a position  where the  knees  are bent  and  the upper  body  is brought  forward and  down, sometimes  to avoid  detection  or to  defend  oneself

no sentence

This helps the  rider  go faster,  and  is needed during  racing.

I think crouching  is a  big,  but difficult  part of  motorcycle racing.


a cylindrical container  for liquefied  gas under pressure.

The Liquid Cooled engine  has  4 cylinders.

Added cylinders increase horsepower in the  engine.

Cylinders are required  to make  the bike  drive.


a straight, paved  track or  section  of road  used  for drag  racing.

This is  where racers  test there  bikes.

This is  where racers  test there  bikes.

Drag Stripes are  long stripes  of road,  and  are a  very  unique way  of  testing out  your  bike.


a machine with  moving parts  that converts power  into motion.

no sentence

This is  how  a motorcycle produces power  to move.

We could  not use motorcycles without  an engine,  it  is essential.


A lever  that  is connected  with hydraulics  to stop  the  bike using  the  brake disc.

No Sentence  in book.

This is  how  the rider  can manually  make the  bike  stop.

These are needed  for safety  features on  a motorcycle  or dirt  bike.




15 Cylinders



Drag Strip




 6 Front  Brake Lever




Lexicon Organizer by Danny Thorne Fuel Injection system


the direct introduction of  fuel  under pressure  into the combustion units  of  an internal combustion engine.

most fuel injection systems have  a butterfly valve.

This is  how you  put  fuel into  the  gas tank.

Fuel injection systems  are needed  to drive  your motorcycle,  if it  runs  on gas.


a flammable gas  used  as a  fuel.

No sentence

Gas is  how  a motorcycle Drives.

Gas is needed, without  it  we could  not  get around  on motorcycles


the steering bar  of  a bicycle, motorcycle, scooter,  or other vehicle,  with a  handgrip at  each  end.

Both brakes come  on when  the rider squeezes  the hand  brake on  the handlebar.

This is  what the  throttle and  brake  is attached  to.

Without this, riding  would physically  be impossible because  the rider  would fall  off  the bike.


a hard  or padded protective hat,  various types  of which  are worn  by soldiers, police officers, firefighters, motorcyclists ,  athletes, and  others.

“Gloves are very important, almost  as important  as a  helmet.”

This protects the  rider  from serious injuries.

Helmets are essential  to riding,  even though  not everyone wears  one.

This is

This is  how




 4 Handlebar







the power  of

This bike  has

Lexicon Organizer by Danny Thorne        28

an engine.

133 horsepower.

increased per big  the cylinder. engine  in power.  It  is important  to look  at  this before buying.


A metal  rod attached  to  a motorcycle that  gives  the motorcycle stability  when parked.

No Sentence in book.

Helps the bike  not  fall over,  gives  it stability  when parked.


A metal  part that  supports and  holds essential components.

no sentence

This is  what without  this  it holds  the  bike would  be together impossible  to build  and  ride a  motorcycle.

Noun preposition noun

How many  miles traveled  in  a  60 minute  time  period.

No Sentence

This helps the  rider when choosing  a motorcycle.

I think  this  is a  big  part  of choosing  a motorcycle.



a Book Title two-­wheeled vehicle  that  is powered  by  a motor  and has  no pedals.

Its My  topic!

My topic  is superbikes and motorcycles.

Super Bike


A high performance motorcycle.

Book Title

Its the  whole topic!

My Topic  Is superbikes.

Superbike racing

noun Adjective

Category of motorcycle

“Super bikes are  built  for

Directly relates to

Super bike racing  is  fun


 5    Metal frame

6 Miles  per Hour


Kickstands are extremely useful,  and don’t  get  in your  way.


Lexicon Organizer by Danny Thorne noun

racing that  is with  modified motorcycles called superbikes.

winning races”

what a superbike  is made  for.

and exciting.


a device controlling the  flow  of fuel  or  power to  an  engine

no sentence

What you squeeze  to get  the  spark plugs  to ignite,  lighting the  fuel, making  the engine  work and  move  the bike.

This is  how you  ignite  the spark  plugs and  get  them to  light  the fuel.






Bibliography Sievert, Terri. The World's Fastest Superbikes. Mankato, MN: Capstone, 2002. Print. Franchino, Vicky. Motorcycles. Ann Arbor, MI: Cherry Lake Pub., 2009. Print. Jefferis, David. Super Bikes. Austin, TX: Raintree Steck-Vaughn, 2001. Print.


Bibliography Sievert, Terri. The World's Fastest Superbikes. Mankato, MN: Capstone, 2002. Print. Franchino, Vicky. Motorcycles. Ann Arbor, MI: Cherry Lake Pub., 2009. Print. Jefferis, David. Super Bikes. Austin, TX: Raintree Steck-Vaughn, 2001. Print.


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