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In this picture two women are playing college lacrosse. One is from Syracuse and one from Northwestern college are playing a game


Lacrosse inside and out.


By: Kayla Sarazin published: Wednesday February 26 Cost:

LAX-FO 2014

Lacrosse is a college sport that is very known of at John Hopkins in fact one of the coaches Bob Scott wrote a book on lacrosse.

In this picture, you can see the lacrosse stick’s motion while he shoots.

INTRO TO LACROSSE ... In this paragraph I will do a short introduction to the game of lacrosse so that you get a feel for what this article will be about.

Lacrosse is a popular sport in North

an Indian game and has evolved in many ways to

America many people start

the game it is today.

at a young age and

Lacrosse is played with a

continue to grow all the

stick and a ball. It is

way through college. Lacrosse is commonly

one of the fastest games on two feet. As the game

played on a turf or grass

evolved overtime shafts

field. there are many club

got longer, the game got

and school teams in North

less violent, and the game

America a few are TLC, M and D, 207, and Maineiax

got much more popular.

this is just to name are a few. Lacrosse started as


This picture shows how thy progress from kids to college players.

The fundamentals and rules of lacrosse are important to learning, teaching, and playing the game of lacrosse.

Fundamentals/Rules In the game of it’s important to know the fundamentals before you move on because moving too fast can cause problems. Learning and knowing the basics are very important because it can help prevent making bad habits. Some of the major parts in lacrosse are cradling, Throwing, and catching. Cradling is essential so that you don't drop the ball while you run down the field. Throwing and catching are essential because if you can't

throw the ball it makes the catch harder and if you can't catch the ball then you will have to scoop it. “learning the fundamentals the fundamentals of handling the stick is the first step in the development of a lacrosse player.�


This is a map of the field that can be used to show plays and drills.

lacrosse down the line and up from the beginning to the end. these pictures show the affects of learning the fundamentals of the game of lacrosse and how they help you as you advance.



has evolved a lot overtime including the stick the ball and even the players. The lacrosse ball was made of wood and buckskin and it is now made of rubber. there used to be Native American carvings on the lacrosse Lacrosse is one of ball of shapes that the most known sports of looked like crosses. the Indian culture. The Most lacrosse balls game was started as a these days have the Indian game but many brand symbol and the have interpreted it brand name carved into along the way. There the ball. have been many names for the game lacrosse before they came up with the final name lacrosse. Lacrosse was generated out of the game stick ball because of the ball and the shaft with the net at the top. The game The native american’s started the game of lacrosse and had a huge impact on the game. The origin of lacrosse starts with the native american sport called stick Ball.

Stick it (caption) In these pictures for the first they are pictures that show lacrosse sticks from the native american time and the last picture is a lacrosse stick for today’s era.

In this picture it shows three Native Americans playing Lacrosse


The formula


Lacrosse can be looked at like a formula because there are many things you have to put in to become a great lacrosse player. Some of what you need to pt in is effort, sweat, blood, technique, form, open minded, fundamentals, and being an Athlete.

Technique is one of the many things that helps someone play lacrosse. According to the Bob scott the writer of Lacrosse technique and tradition ”Games are won by the goals scored, shooting plays a Technique is a major part of the vital role in a team’s success.” sport of lacrosse. If there wasn't a Goalies also play a vital role technique behind any plays or The because if you have a goalie that is fundamentals it would be very hard not very good and lets in a lot of technique is to learn the sport. Even with a ton goals than it would be harder to the backbone of win. Knowing a goalies weakness is a of practice you don't usually have a 100% average. For instance even at great advantage. Its harder for the the game of the college level player miss 40-50% goalie to make to make the save when lacrosse of their goals. Usually fancy and you pass the ball from behind the net amazing goals do not amount to an to the cutter. actual goal while they do look cool.




In this paragraph It talks about how the game has improved and how things have changed from the beginning to where we are now.

Beginning When lacrosse first started as a game there were many faults or flaws in the way the game was played. One of the flaws was it was very violent and sometimes the games would result in players breaking bones or even dying. Some games would last days but even in these long games the ball would rarely hit the ground. Now a days the ball still rarely hits the ground but it's even more rare for it to

positioning one end to the other Lacrosse is a possession game so one of the most important positions is center because winning the draws is essential to having possession. there are may other positions that include defense (defenseman), goalie, midfield

Look at the way the boy puts his arm out to protect the ball from the other player the player in green also keeps his body between the player and the ball.



leave the perimeter. From the beginning to now the game has evolved in many ways including stick length, violence, stick netting, equipment, and length of the game. In the timeline below i show a picture at the beginning with two shorter stick instead of one longer one and sometimes that is how the game would be played in the beginning of the game of lacrosse.

Lexicon Organizer Lexicon Organizer By Kayla Sarazin Word & Page #

Athlete (31)

Part of Speech (noun, verb, adj)


Sentence from book/article

Relevance or importance to topic/time period.

Use the word in a new sentence. (your own!)


someone who does athletics or sports.

“The above-average athlete who has many talents can play any of the four positions.”

In lacrosse you have to be athletic or it is very hard to keep up with the play

To be good athletes we have to know how to be a team.

ball (20-21)


a sphere or round shape

“The lacrosse ball is solid rubber and white or orange in color”

In lacrosse you play the game with a rubber ball

You must scoop the ball to get it off the ground..

catching (39-40)


to grasp or grab something when it comes towards you

“when the player catches the ball, the positions of both his body and his stick are important.”

In lacrosse catching is a major fundamental if you can't catch its very hard to play the game.

while catching the ball it's important to follow the ball into your stick.


check list


Lexicon Organizer center(20)


the player who takes the draw or is in the center of the field. It can also be the center of the field.

“One of the midfielders handles the faceoffs and is called either the “center” or the “faceoff man”. ”

the center is a very important position because the game of lacrosse is possession game so winning the draw is essential.

Mia you'll be taking samis spot as center.

circle drill (190)


A drill where there is four circles with a man in the middle and they are passing.

“The action starts when o1 makes a break and calls for the ball, and a player on the rim of thre circle passes it to him.”

The drill helps you think about passing in the game and making plays.

come on guys its time to do the circle drill.

clearing (72, 103-4, 107)


when you clear the ball out of the zone like in hockey or lacrosse

“when they clear the ball to the offensive half of the field and go right in toward the goal for a shot.”

this word is used when the defence gets control of the ball in their defensive zone and need to get the ball out their zone.

clear the puck out of the zone. Up the boards.

cradling (36-37)


How you keep the ball in your stick. you rotate the stick

“The key to cradling is the looseness of the upper hand and wrist”

IN the game of lacrosse if you don't cradle the ball then it will

You must cradle the ball to keep it in your stick.



Lexicon Organizer back and forth.

fall out.

crease (99-100)


an area that surrounds the goal most players are not permitted to enter

“The goal crease is a circle around each goal with a 9-foot radius. ”

you can sometimes use the crease to your advantage while playing defense and offense.

roll the crease and feed the ball to Mac.

defense (30)


When you defend something or protect it.

“It is the responsibility of

In lacrosse you can play a position that is called defense.

Maria can you play defense in our game today?

the defense to neutralize the star attackman”

defenseman (164)


a player that is in a defensive position and defends the goal that is not the goalie.

“The three defenseman remain in upfield position on their three attackman when the first pass is made from the goalie.”

the defense play a big role in lacrosse with out them it would be a frenzy of goal scoring.

midfielders you need to come back and help the defenseman.

equipment (125-126)


the necessary safety protection that you need for a certain activity

“(chest protector) some goalies prefer not to wear it because they do not want to weighed down by extra equipment.”

if you didn't have the equipment then the players would get hurt more often

I need at least 10 mins before practice and games to get my equipment on.


Lexicon Organizer fast breaks (170)


a fast break when the defense gets the ball and quickly runs down the field

“When three defenders are confronted with three attackers moving toward the goal,”

fast breaks make the game really interesting because they can cause quick and interesting goals

And Sam makes a fast break down the field. He shoots…. and he scores

goal (29)

noun or adverb

a net in which someone shoots on (noun). when someone has scored they call it a goal (adverb).

“The goalie must be the most courageous player on the field,”

In the game of lacrosse you shoot at the goal and the goal tries to stop you from hitting the net

Kat takes the shot and… its goal.

Goalie (164-165, 29)


a form of a goalkeeper or goaltender that is less formal they try to stop shots that the other team shoots

“The goalie remains in the goal when the first pass is made to offense one”

if there was no goalie then it would be way easier to score and it would a much more boring game

The goalie makes the save.


Lexicon Organizer midfield (30)


the neutral part of the field or the central part

“The midfielders are normally considered the runners, or hustlers, the scramblers on the team because they cover the entire field, covering both offense and defense”

in lacrosse midfield is where you take the draw. there is also a position called midfield.

were going to set a play for when we clear the ball to the midfield.

perimeter (100)


the boundaries of the field

“The Boundaries for the perimeter are the goal area lines which form a rectangular box around the goal, 35 yards by 40 yards.”

it’s good to know where you are in relation to the perimeter so you don't accidentally step out of bounds.

the shot goes wide but robbie gets to the ball before it goes out of the perimeter.

players (20)


a person that takes activity in athletics/sports .

There are are ten players on a team, plus a number of substitutes for each the four positions; goal, defense, midfield, attack.

the team needs a good coach but if the players don't care then it doesn't matter.

The Players sprint up and down up and down as a punishment for not playing as a team.


Lexicon Organizer positioning (89)


where you are on the field

“Being in the proper position when the offensive player gets the ball is extremely important for the defender.”

If you're not in the right position sometimes you can end up offsides

Stay in your position next time and you won't get a penalty.


a set of regulations understood and enforced in the game.

“the regulation playing time of a college varsity game is sixty minutes.”

If there were no rules the game would get very physical and people would get hurt.

don't get any penalties by not following the rules.

save (130-133)


to prevent the opponent or the other team from scoring.

“Goalies initial move on a high shot is to his right.”

the goalie makes more saves than he lets in usually. If every time someone shot they scored the game would be less interesting.

our goalie makes every save; He keeps us in the game.

scooping (40-41)


When you scoop something you are picking something up

“Since the ball is on the ground for a portion of every game, it is vital for a team to try to gain

When you miss the catch or you can’t catch the pass its essential to get the ball

when scooping the ball its important to get the but of your stick and your but to the

rules (19-25)


Lexicon Organizer and also moving it.

possession of it more than 50% of the time”

fast so you can scoop the ball.


shooting (50)


to throw, kick, or hit the ball at something.

“One of the shocking statistics in lacrosse is the high percentage of shots that miss the goal completely.”

If you don't shoot the ball then its very hard to win.

100% of the shots that you don't shoot wont go in.

stick (20-21)


a metal pole with a net at the top.

“The lacrosse stick-or crosse, as it was originally called-may be an overall length between 40 to 72 inches.”

you catch and throw the ball with your stick in lacrosse.

Go grab your stick so we can play some catch.

throwing (38)


to throw or push something into the air with force

“The techniques used in throwing a football or baseball are the same ones used in throwing a lacrosse ball with the stick.”

in lacrosse you need to know how to throw something with a lacrosse stick and make it go straight to the other persons stick.

lets throw the ball around while we wait for coach.

weave (190)


the weave drill is when you go

“player o1 starts with the ball, runs several

the weave drill help you to learn

think of the weave drill and try to



Lexicon Organizer down the field passing and following your pass

yards, and passes to o2, who initially calls for the ball,�


how to pass and run at the same time.

weave up and down the field passing.

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