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Mississippi 1963 !

AUGUST 29 1963

Mississippi Daily The Biggest Civil Rights Movement Yet! Held at the Lincoln Memorial by Audrey Pratico

On August 28th, 1963 just one day ago another Civil Rights Movement was held this one was held at The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, This picture Americans D.C. A quarter of a million people shows the group marching the joined civil rights leader Dr. Martin of African streets of Luther King Jr for this march, making this one be the biggest civil King still stuck by his no violence rule that he has rights movement yet. The march was for African Americans to have always stuck by during his marches. A total of 5,900 equal jobs and freedom from the police officers were on duty whites. After the march, Dr. Martin Luther during the march including King Jr. delivered a speech called I firefighters and soldiers, Have A Dream, discussing what he there were no acts of believes the problems of how african violence. americans are treated in our nation. He states the following, “The Negro still is not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination.” These civil right movements are far from over and The size of the crowd that attended Martin Luther King Jr will be and supported the march. making sure he gets what he believes.! During this march,

Advice Column Dear Abby, Here in Mississippi we live under the rules known as the Jim Crow laws, which separates whites from blacks. The government says the laws are “separate but equal”, but I disagree. Lately I’ve been watching the Blacks in this town , especially the maids and I have witnessed some disgusting things, they think there helping there maids by building bathrooms for just them and giving them their own plate and fork but they are just showing that they don’t trust them! Even though this maids have raised their children for them! I want to seek help from you because I want to make a difference in this world. I’ve decided I want to help the blacks in this town, so I ask you Miss Abby, how? How can I make sure that whites and blacks get treated equally? I know what I am asking is considered inappropriate but please consider my question. From, Skeeter (answer on page 2)

Mississippi 1963 !

AUGUST 29 1963


Dear Ms Skeeter, I am shocked and disgusted by your opinions and ideas in regards to the treatment of blacks. I’ll have you know that blacks carry different diseases then we do, thats why I came up with separate bathrooms for the help,if you even share the slightest thing, a unwashed fork, a plate used by one of them and especially those bathrooms we could catch diseases we didn’t even know existed! Thats why we made separate bathrooms and we let them have their own plate! The Jim Crow Laws keep us away from the risks of catching things from maids that stay in our very own houses! I have a maid myself and they should be thankful we built them beautiful

bathrooms of their own! If we didn’t give them their own plates and forks they could be eating on the floor like a dog! There is no reason that blacks and whites should be treated equally when who knows what would happen if we let them live in our neighborhood, use the same bathrooms and attend the same schools! I think you should re consider your opinion and get use to the laws in this country and learn how to follow them! From, Miss Abby


Dear Editor, I am Hilly Holbrook and I would like to discuss the bathroom plan I have come up with! The bathroom plan is keeping separate bathrooms for our black maids! All houses need to have these! Those blacks carry diseases that us whites won’t and we must all be as safe as possible and have separate

bathrooms for the maids! I am writing to you because some people don’t believe in the separation of us whites from the blacks, we live under the saying separate but equal, and thats exactly how we are supposed to live. The bathroom plan I have come up with keeps us separate from the blacks but still equal.

From, Hilly Holbrook

King greets the crowd during The March on Washington Me: Hello Dr. King, What do you have to say about The March on Washington the civil rights movement that you lead? King: Well just like all of my other movements I always try to get the same message out, we need to stop hurting each other and start helping each other. Me: What made you want to start leading these civil right movements? King: ! My father was a minster and always wanted to help people who were being treated unfairly, just because of that it made me want to help others who were being treated unfairly. Me: Thank you Dr.King for sitting down with me, any last words? King: Thank you for having me, I hope this interview might change some people minds about segregation. Interview With Martin Luther King Jr


Part of Speech (noun, verb, adj)


Sentence from book/article

Relevance or importance to topic./time period

Use the word in a new sentence. (your own!)

ailing (pg  150)


in poor  health.

“Lot a  ailing,  sick  peoples  in This  is  important I  want  to  go  see  my this  town.” because  it  shows ailing  mother. that  the maids/african american  people get  sick  very easily  because they  didn’t  have  as good  resources as  whites.

Boycott (gale essay:  king martin  luther  jr page  1)


refuse to participate.

“The success  of  the one-­day  boycott  was  such that  it  was  continued  for over  a  year  as  blacks refused  to  ride  the  buses

Civil Rights (Page  182)

plural noun

the rights  of citizens  to  have social  and political  equality

“Minny do  you  and  leroy This  is  important ever  talk  about  civil  rights?” because  the  main idea  of  the  books is  civil  rights  and how  blacks  and whites  should  or should  not  be segregated.

African American people  wanted  civil rights.

Civil Right



“During a  civil  right  march

The civil  right

This is  important because  many boycotts  were happening  lead  by black  people.

This is  important

Many boycotts  were led  by  african americans  because they  wanted  equal rights.

LEXICON ORGANIZER impact on  peoples lives. home  help sanitation initiative  (not an  actual thing)(page 147)


when the  black maids  had  to use  separate bathrooms

House Slave (page  144)


Even though  this is  not  a  real  thing this  shows  how mads  were treated  during  this time  period,  they believed  that  you would  catch diseases

the home  help sanitation  initiative  kept blacks  from  using  the same  bathroom  as whites.

A person  who “My  grandmother  was  a worked  in  a house  slave,  now  look  at house  and  was me.” mainly  in  charge of  the  cooking and  cleaning.

The sentence  is very  important because  it  shows how  a  whole family  of  african american  people used  to  be  slaves at  one  point.

The house  slaves  are always  taking  care  of the  cooking  and cleaning  and  always taking  care  of  the children.

Integrate (Page verb 106)

To combine  one thing  with another  so  they become  a whole.

“I watched  them  try  to integrate  your  bus  station, they  jammed  fifty-­five blacks  in  a  jail  cell  built  for four  after  that.”

This is  important Now  in  our  time  blacks because  when and  whites  integrate. people  tried  to bring  blacks  and whites  together whites  would  not stand  up  for  it  and we  rather  have  the blacks  in  jail.

Jim Crow Laws  (page

Its a  list  of  laws stating  what

“I find  this  little  booklet called  Compilation  of  Jim

This is  important because  these


“Have you  put  in  my  letter about  the  home  help sanitation  initiative,  we need  to  get  this  as  a  law soon.”

Our laws  are  now completely  different

LEXICON ORGANIZER Movements (essay: The civil  right movements  in Birmingham Alabama.  Page 1) Colored  (page 29)

done by  african in  Alabama  Martin  Luther american  people King  jr  was  confronted  my to  show  their city  authorities.” need  for  equal rights.


because it  shows what  african american  people would  do  to  try and  get  equal rights.

movements in  the south  were  mainly  led by  african  american people.

a label  for people  of  mixed ethnic  origin.

“I use  my  colored  bathroom This  is  important from  now  on.” because  during this  time  period they  treated colored  people differently  and they  would  not  get the  same  respect as  whites.

The colored  people  in this  town  can’t  go  to school  with  white people.

colored noun hospital pg  153

during this  time period  blacks and  whites  had to  go  to separate hospitals

“And then  they  dropped  him This  is  important off  at  a  colored  hospital.” because  it  shows how  black  and whites  couldn’t even  attend  the same  hospital

In the  south  blacks had  to  go  to  a  colored hospital.

Discrimination noun (gale page  one essay:  Racial Segregation  in the  American south:Jim Crow  laws

The unjust treatment  of different categories  or people.

“The  segregation  laws  did not  exist  in  the  North,  but racial  discrimination  by Northerners  was widespread”

There was  a  lot  of discrimination  against african  americans.

This is  important because  in  the south  during  this time  period (1960s) discrimination was  a  huge  part and  had  a  huge


colored people can  and  can  not do  in  southern states

Crows law  of  the  south”

were the  laws  of the  south.

then the  jim  crow laws,  for  example blacks  and  whites  can attend  the  same school.

Maid Quarters (page  8)


where maids “All  these  houses  there would  stay  while building  without  maid working  in  a quarters,  its  dangerous.” white  ladies house.

This is  important Minny  has  to  go  to  the because  it  shows maid  quarters. how  maids  had  to be  segregated from  white  people.

Martin Luther King (page  294)


Martin Luther King,  Jr.  was  an American pastor,  activist, humanitarian, and  leader  in  the African-­America n  Civil  Rights Movement

“Everyone watches  Martin Luther  King  stand  in  our nations  capital  and  he  tells us  he’s  got  a  dream.”

This is  important because  there were  many  civil right  movements going  on  and  he was  a  leader  in many  and  made  a great  impact  on the  lives  of  black people.

Every year  we celebrate  Martin  Luther King  jr  because  of  the accomplishments  he had.

Medgar Evers (page  239)


Medgar Evers was  a  US  civil rights  leader.

“But with  Medgar  Evers murder  and  colored  people getting  arrested  and  beat by  the  police,  I’m  sure she’s  scared  to  talk  to  me.”

This is  important because  he wanted  blacks and  whites  to have  equal opportunities  and because  of  this  he got  murdered.

Medgar Evers  was always  trying  to  make sure  African  American people  had  equal opportunities.

Mississippi (page 12)


A state  found  in the  southern

“You’d never  know  it  living here,  but  Jackson

This is  important to  the  plot

I live  in  jackson Mississippi


Mississippi be  filled  with two  hundred  thousand people.”

because the setting  influences the  perspectives of  the  characters.

NAACP (page 164)


The association of  the  rights  of african american.

“The NAAC  officer  who  live five  minutes  away  they blew  up  his  carport  last night.”

This shows  how they  treated african  american people

The NAACP  always tried  to  make  sure blacks  and  whites  had equal  rights.

Race (gale segregation  in schools  page 1)


a group  of people  sharing the  same culture,  history, language

“Schools very  strictly  used to  segregate  kids  of different  race.”

This shoes  how they  treated people  of  a different  race  and how  they  wouldn't even  attend  the same  school

Now kids  of  different races  can  attend  the same  school.

Racism (  Gale


the belief  that  all “Racism  was  not  restricted members  of  the to  the  South  during  the same  race Progressive  Era.” posses characteristics or  abilities specific  to  that race.

This is  important because  this  was one  of  the  biggest things  going  on  in this  time  period and  affected everyone.

Racism was  very  big in  the  south.


The governor  of Mississippi  from 1960-­1964  he

This is  important because  since  he was  the  governor

Ross Barnett  wanted everyone  to  believe that  blacks  and  whites

essay: Jim Crow, Nativism,  and Racism

Ross Barnett

“To think  you  know  better about  our  government, better  than  Ross  Barnett.”

LEXICON ORGANIZER was in  favor  of segregation between  whites and  blacks. Segregated south  (page  1 from  the  essay the  sit  in movement)


In the  south whites  and blacks  were segregated during  this  time.

and he  was  in can’t  have  equal support  of rights. segregation  so everyone  followed it. “a  series  of  peaceful protests  that  brought renewed  national  attention to  the  injustices  of  the segregated  South.”

The sit  in movement (Gale essay:The sit-­in movement page  1


an organized passive  protest, especially against  racial segregation,  in which  the demonstrators occupy  seats prohibited  to them,  as  in restaurants  and other  public places.

Their demonstration  began  the sit-­in  movement,  a  series  of peaceful  protests  that  brought renewed  national  attention  to the  injustices  of  the segregated  South  and eventually  forced  the  federal

because it  was set  in  the  south and  describes  the movement  black people  did  so  they could  have  equal rights.

I was  reading  a  book about  the  segregated south  and  couldn’t believe  how  they treated  black  people.

This is  important because  by  doing sit-­in  movements african  american people  could finally  voice  their opinion  on  the segregation between  blacks and  whites.

The sit-­in  movements were  sometimes  done in  restaurants  or  in busses,  especially  in busses  when  african americans  were requested  to  leave  so whites  could  have  a  sit instead.

This is  important because  it contains

I want  to  read  the  book the  souls  of  black  folks to  learn  about  racism

government to  protect  the rights  of  African-­Americans actively

The Souls  of Black  Folks  (a book)  (page


a book  that contains  essays on  race.

“I would  like  to  read  The Souls  of  Blacks  Folks”


information about segregation.

The Space noun Age  (page  238)

The period  after “It  is  1963,  The  Space  Age 1957,  the  year  in they’re  calling  it.” which  a spacecraft  was first  placed  in orbit  around Earth,  marking the  beginning  of space exploration.

This is  important because  it  tells you  more  about the  time  period.

During the  space  age there  were  tons  of  new space  inventions.

tithe (page  16)


one tenth  of annual  earnings formerly  taken as  tax  for  the church.

“I got  thirteen  dollars  and fifty  cents  a  week  left  for my  groceries,  my  clothes, getting  my  hair  done,  and tithing  to  the  church.”

The importance  of this  is  that  it shows  how  little money  maids have  left.

I had  to  tithe  to  the church,  after  that  the amount  of  money  I  had left  went  down

typewriter Page 155


a machine  used for  writing.

“I sit  at  my  typewriter  in  my bedroom.”

This shows  the machines  in which  they  used during  this  time period

I used  my  typewriter  to write  a  book  about  my life.

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