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TIPS&TRICKS Passing the field hockey ball to another player

TACTICS OF FIELD HOCKEY There are many of tactics for this sport that you can use

Field hockey is a very common sport. Filed

that you need to get the ball to the other side of

hockey is a combination of golf and hockey. So

the field or upfield, you wold use the speed

if you have played either of those you might

dribble. To do that you stop the pass and then

already know some of the rules and get the gist

run and put your stick behind the ball and keep

of it. What is it? Field hockey is a sport that is

dribbling the ball as you are running down the

most commonly played by girls and you have to

field. If you have other players near you and

wear certain gear to keep you safe and from

don’t have a ton of space, you can do a dribble

getting hurt. The gear that you need for this

where you run and just push the ball, and keep it

sport is a stick, googles, mouth guard, shin

on your stick. For all dribbles when you have

pads and a ball. A couple really good brands for

possession over the ball you need pretty good

a stick is STX, GRAYS. To learn how to play field

control over the ball. According to the author

hockey you might have to do some drills.

“when you are in space, perhaps in a breakaway

How to dribble the Field Hockey ball correctly

situation in the midfield, you can afford to throw the ball ahead and run onto it.”

There are a couple different ways to dribble the ball according to where you are trying to get it to and this is one of the ways. For a dribble


Dribbling This is what it can look like when you are dribbling the ball down the field.

Trapping(stopping) the ball


To trap the ball you have to position your stick so that it will be where the ball is going. Then put your stick so that your knuckles are touching the ground. Then angle your stick a little bit at the ground. If you are right handed then put your right leg at the end of the stick handle, and bend your leg and then have your other leg so it is almost touching the ground. Then you will have a lot of leg strength. According to the author “anticipating where the ball will arrive and positioning your body accordingly.”

Passing the ball correctly There are a few different ways to pass the ball but this is one of the ways. To pass the ball you keep your stick on the ball at first, and this is a good pass for short distances and since you keep your stick on the ball is is harder for the opponent to get the ball. First you have to quickly position your feet, so if you are right handed put your left foot next to the stick and your left foot behind so you have a lot of strength and when you transfer your weight to the other leg then you will have strength in that leg and you push the ball really hard. End the

Trapping and passing the ball The first picture is showing how to trap(stop) the ball and how to position your stick and legs correctly. The second picture is showing what it can look like when you are getting ready to do a push pass to pass the ball. The third picture is showing another type of pass where you hit the ball really hard and don’t keep your stick on the ball the whole time

This is showing how to do a drag


pass with your stick pointed at the target and the target could either be a team-mate or the goal. You would usually use this pass if you played attack (offense) or midfield, but not defense. If you are a striker then when you can hit the ball make sure your stick doesn’t go above your waste or else you might get a foul. If you are trying to receive the pass you have to make a good lead first and then stop the ball. You could also try to intercept the pass. According to the author “power is not always the most important characteristic of a pass.”

How to drag the ball A drag is a skill that you would use to fake out another player or to get around or dodge that player. For a drag you have to push (vacuum) the ball towards your opponent’s left leg or right (depending on which way you want to go) then you keep your stick on the ball, but turn your stick so it is facing the other way from your opponent. Then push the ball that way, keeping your stick on the ball. “The idea is to use your body and weight to transfer to convince your opponent that you are making a pass to your right and to get her to commit to that end.”

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Sentence from book


Relevance or importance to topic.

Use the word in a new sentence. (your own!)

Attack (3)


an aggressive The  skill  of  trapping  the  ball Attack  is  one  of attempt  to  score is  necessary  all  over  the the  positions  that a  goal,  win field  (in  defence,  attack)... you  can  play  in points,  or  gain  or field  hockey exploit  an advantage  in  a game

The attack  players  are really  good  at  passing the  ball.

Ball (3)


a solid  or  hollow sphere  or  ovoid, one  that  is kicked,  thrown, or  hit  in  a  game

The skill  of  trapping  the ball...

This is  what  you hit  with  the  stick

The field  hockey  ball  is very  hard,  and  hurts  if you  get  hit  by  it.

Control (42)


the ability  to manage  a machine, vehicle,  or  other moving  object

You may  have  to  slow down  or  speak  up  to reveive  and  control  the ball...

This is  what  it  is called  when  you are  making  the  ball go  a  certian  way, or  when  you  keep the  ball  on  your stick

Sarah was  using  very good  control  and keeping  the  ball  on  her stick.

Defence (3)


the action  or  role of  defending one's  goal against  the opposition

The skill  of  trapping  the  ball is  necessary  all  over  the field  (in  defence,  attack, midfield)...

This is  one  of  the posotions  that  you can  play  in  field hockey

The defence  is  really good  at  stopping  the ball.


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Dribbling (1)


take (the  ball) forward  past opponents  with slight  touches  of the  feet  or  the stick

The basic  skills  of  the game  of  hockey  include trapping,  passing,  tackling and  moving  with  the  ball (dribbling).

You can  dribble  to get  the  ball  down the  field

Grace ran  down  the field  to  the  other  side dribbling  the  ball.

Drill (42)


cause (someone) to learn  something by  repeating  it regularly

In this  drill  the  timing  and sharpness  of  the  lead  are critical.

This is  what  you can  do  to  practice a  certian  thing

Daisy practiced  a  drill to  get  better  at defence.

Field (3)


an area  marked out  for  a  game or  sport

The skill  of  trapping  the  ball You  play  field is  necessary  all  over  the hockey  on  a  field field...

Molly sprinted  to  the other  side  of  the  field.

Fouling (31)


an unfair  or invalid  stroke  or piece  of  play, esp.  one involving interference  with an  opponent.

When you  use  this  tactic,  it is  difficult  for  opponents  to steal  possession  without fouling...

Caitlyn got  a  foul because  she  did  not follow  the  rule.

Free hit  (32)


An oppertunity  to Or  you  may  try  to  force  the This  is  when  you Grace  got  a  free  hit shoot  on  the opposition  to  foul  you,  and get  to  shoot  on  the because  the  other goal  after  you then  you  can  win  a  free  hit. goal,  possibly team  got  a  foul. have  tryed  to  get because  the  other the  opposition  to team  got  a  foul. foul  you.

Goal (43)


(in football, soccer,  rugby,

Thisis when  you did  something wrong  and  the  reff blows  the  whistle.

The attackers  shoot  at  goal This  is  what  you Emily  shot  at  the  goal when  they  get  into  the shoot  at  to  score  a and  scored.


Lexicon Organizer hockey, and circle. some  other games)  a  pair  of posts  linked  by  a crossbar  and often  with  a  net attached  behind it,  forming  a space  into  or over  which  the ball  has  to  be sent  in  order  to score.



Interception (44)


Football an  act of  a  defensive player  catching a  forward  pass

Your opponents  might make  an  interception...

This is  what  it  is called  when  you stop  the  ball  in  the middle  of  a  pass to  another  player.

Madison made  a  great interception  and  ran the  ball  down  the  field and  scored.

Leading (39)


an amount  by which  a competitor  is ahead  of  the others

Leading is  an  important skill  that  requires significant  awareness...

You have  to  lead when  you  are trying  to  get  a good  pass  from anothere  player, so  that  you  are  in front  of  them.

Sarah was  leading  in front  of  her  team  mate so  she  could  receive  a pass.

Midfield (3)


the players  on  a team  who  play in  a  central position between  attack and  defense

The skill  of  trapping  the  ball The  midi’s  in  the is  necessary  all  over  the game  play  midfield field  (in  defence,  attack, midfield  and  goal-­shooting situations)...


At the  begging  of  the game  and  after  a  goal gets  scored  the  face off  is  at  midfield.

Lexicon Organizer


Passing (1)


the action  of The  basic  skills  of  the throwing, game  of  hockey  include kicking,  or  hitting trapping,  passing... a  ball  or  puck  to another  team member  during a  sports  match

You pass  to  get the  ball  to  another player

Sarah and  Caitlyn were  passing  the  ball down  the  field  to eachother.

Position (31)


a set  of functions considered  as the  responsibility of  a  particular player  based  on the  location  in which  they  play

Keep the  ball  in  one position  as  much  as  you can  so  you  avoid  moving  it from  side  to  side unnecessarily.

You have  to  be  in the  correct position  to  pass and  receive  the ball.

Emily bent  her  knees and  got  in  the  correct position  to  stop  the ball.

Possession (31)


temporary control of  the ball  by  a particular  player or  team

If you  measured  the amount  of  time  you  actually have  in  possession  of  the ball...

Possession is when  you  have  the ball  in  the  game  of field  hockey

You can  have possession  of  the  ball longer  if  you  are  good at  dribbling.

Receive (40)


be given, presented  with, or  paid

You will  do  better  if  you demand  the  ball  only  when you  are  in  a  really  good position  to  receive  the  ball.

You have  to receive  the  ball before  you  can start  dribbling  it.

Daisy received  the  ball before  she  started dribbling  it  up  the  field.


The carrier  makes  a  pass according  to  the predetermined  lead  in  the form  of  a  sharp  stick movement...

You sometimes have  to  make  a sharp  stick movement  if  there is  another  player on  the  other  team

Emily made  a  sharp stick  movement,  so her  opponent  didn’t  get the  ball.

Sharp stick na movement  (43)


Lexicon Organizer


right there. Shooting  (1)


kick, hit,  or throw  the  ball  or puck  in  an attempt  to  score a  goal

From here  you  can You  shoot  to  get develope  skills  such  as the  ball  in  the  net elimination  techniques  and goal  shooting...

Caroline started shooting  on  the  goal, trying  to  get  the  ball  in.

Space (41)


a continuous area  or  expanse that  is  free, available,  or unoccupied

You now  have  a  small break  on  your  opponent and  can  receive  the  ball with  some  space.

When you  have space  you  are more  likley  to  get the  ball  since  a player  isn’t  as likley  to  intercept the  ball.

When the  whistle  is blown  all  opposing players  have  to  step  at least  5  yards.

Strikers (40)


the player  who It’s  easy  to  become is  to  strike  the frustrated  (particularly  if ball  in  a  game;;  a you  are  a  striker)... player considered  in terms  of  ability to  strike  the  ball

Whenever there  is a  whistle  the striker  is  the  player who  hits  the  ball  to start  the  play.

Molly was  the  striker for  one  of  the  teams, and  hit  the  ball  really far.

Team -­  mates (43)


a fellow  member On  the  other  hand,  you of  a  team. may  be  ignored  on  your first  couple  of  genuine leads,  and  you  will  need  to relead  if  you  are  to continue  presenting  as  an option  and  making  space for  your  team  -­  mates.

You pass  the  ball to  your team-­mates.

Sarah made  a  great pass  to  one  of  her team-­mates.

Trapping (1)


prevent from

You have  to

Madison was  doing  a

The basic  skills  of  the


Lexicon Organizer escaping from  a place

game of  hockey  include trapping...

trap(stop) the  ball before  hitting  it


good job  trapping  the ball  before  she  passed it.

Travel (44)


make a  journey, The  other  frustrating  part  of This  is  what  it  is typically  of  some leading  when  the  ball called  when  you length  or  abroad needs  to  travel... run  to  the  other side  of  the  field.

Emily traveled  down the  field,  getting  ready to  receive  a  pass.

Upfield (42)


(in sport)  in  or  to a  position  nearer to  the opponents'  end of  a  field.

Daisy plays  upfield and  Caroline  plays  at the  other  end  of  the field.

Player E  makes  a  pass  to player  D,  then  applies pressure  to  player  D,  who must  look  for  a  lead  by  a player  upfield.


This is  where  som eof  the  players are.

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