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FEBRUARY 17 1964

Discrimination Today February 17, 1964!

News of New Orleans and Alexandria !

Discrimination caught in action

In New Orleans, Luisiana a big State known for racism, this photo was taken. It is an African American drinking from a seperate water fountain from the whites.This treatment of the African American is not acceptable. They cannot sit in the

same section as the whites, are not allowed to drink at the same water fountain, and do not have the same privileges of learning like the whites do. A local by stander who took this photo happened to be African Amercan they said, “This is no way you treat a person, and

LETTER TO EDITOR Dear Editor, ! This letter concerns the discrimination that has been used to the whites advantages. I do not think it is very even-handed the opportunities that the whites get. The African Americans are as equal as the whites are. Bathrooms, water fountains, entering through the door and etc are seperated by race wich to me is not fair. If African American’s were alowed to do what the whites do the United States would be a less contriversal world without slavery. Therefore I believe that African American’s should get equal rights as the whites do.



Vol.30 No.9

Advice Collum Hello my name is Luke. I am seeking some advice on a critical problem. I am at a boarding school called Sacred Heart. I am having a hard time adapting to this different enviroment where there are strange people who speak English and not E s k i m o . T h e c af e te r i a i s s p l i t between the Eskimos and the Indians like it is some sort of war. It is a really religous Catholic school so there are Nuns, Priests, etc. This is not the way I grew up and they don’t speak my native language. There is alot of discrimination between the Indians and the Eskimos on how they have their seperate privilages. There is this one boy named Amiq and he is a real smart-alec who bullies kids for their background. My question to you is, should I leave Sacred Heart School and go home where I understand the flow of things? --Luke Dear Luke, I understand the position you are in and the emotions you are feeling. I would not reccomend to run away from the problem. I promise everything will make its way out. The bully Alec is not a problem, just try to stay out of his way and do not let him put your self-esteem down. The situation you are in is a learning expierience. You need to learn how to cooperate with others whether or not they are your skin color. My advice to you is to stay in school and try to fit in with the other Eskimo’s. --Edior Sadie



FEBRUARY 17 1964


In Alexandria, Louisiana a heart breaking story was made. African American boy (Jack) gets beat up by a white boy Ian. A local by stander was there to break up the fight and took evidencial photos. Our news cast came as quicky as they could to catch the horrendous story. “I was just walking down the street putting my head down so I do not fall and all of a sudden I bump into Ian and he decided to beat me up. ” Jack states in a petrified voice. This tragic moment has happened to many African American boys

because of their skin color. If racism and discrimination could all come to an end the world would be a much more pleasant place to live in. Our news cast interviewd a couple of localist about their opinion on disrimination towards blacks. One of the few people stated “ If I could put a stop to this situation I would. It is very mournful to see these incidents happen every day in front of our eyes just because of ones race.” `

OBITUARY ON MARAGARET SULLAVAN Margaret Sullavan died January 1, 1960. She was born in Norfolk, Virginia. The cause of her death was due to overdose of drugs. Throughout the life she lived she was in 16 movies. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Three Comrades. Margaret Sullavan arrived in Hollywood on May 16, 1933, her 24th birthday.



Lexicon Organizer Athabaskan pg 29


Athapaskan: a group  of Amerindian languages (Alaska)

“They were  Athapaskan like  him”

Because my book  is  in  the basis  of  Alaska.

Athapaskan is  a native  language  that a  main  character  in my  book  uses.

Bible pg  52


the Christian scriptures, consisting  of the  66  books  of the  Old  and New Testaments.

“The collection  of poems  by  Emily dickinson  and  the  bible were  laying  on  her desk.”

The book  is  in  a  In  Sunday  school  we Catholic sometime  read  little Boarding  school. passages  from  the new  and  old Testament.

Bishop of  36


a senior member  of  the Christian churchman, typically  in charge  of  a diocese  and empowered  to confer  holy orders.

“ Even  without  looking he  could  feel  father standing  there  like  a black  bishop.”

Because the book  is  based  in a  Catholic Boarding  school.



A faith  you believe  in

Im not  sure  how  I  feel Catholic about  going  to  a  Catholic represents  a school. religion  that people  believed in  the  1960’s

The Bishop  greeted my  family  and  I  to  a welcoming  service in  our  church.

many people  go  to Catholic  churches.

Lexicon Organizer Chapel 52


a small  building “  The  nuns  are  all  at for  Christian Chapel.” worship, typically  one attached  to  an institution  or private  house.

The book  is  in  a The  Chapel  is  a Catholic similar  building  to Boarding  school. Church.

Church pg  49


a building  used “She  was  sitting  up for  public straight  like  she  was  in Christian church  or  something” worship.

The book  is  in  a I  got  to  church  every Catholic Sunday  and  pray  for Boarding  school. my  grandfather  to heal  from  his sickness  and  not die.

Eskimo pg 4


a group of native people living in Northern Canada, Alaska, etc

The only thing under our bed is our little Eskimo

Eskimo’s are very native in the time period of my Book. They are also one of the popular people in that part of time

Father pg  36


Any of  the authoritative early  writers  in the  Christian church  who formulated beliefs  and codified religious observances.

“ Even  without  looking he  could  feel  father standing  there  like  a black  bishop.”

Because it  was When  entering  into in  the  Catholic church,  Faith Boarding  school. welcomed  father with  a  friendly  smile

Eskimo’s are very native people in the 1960’s

Lexicon Organizer God pg  45


the creator  and ruler  of  the universe  and source  of  all moral  authority;; the  supreme being.

“ It’s  our  way  of  saying thanks  to  God  for everything  he  has  given us.”

The book  is  in  a God  is  the  most Catholic powerful  man  on  this Boarding  school. Earth.  And  is  creator of  all  things.

Indian pg  4

adjective/no un it depends how  you use  it

Native people who  live  in America  or India

Isaac is  mad  about  the fact  he’s  always  got  to be  the  Indian.

Indian’s are  part of  the discrimination  of the  1960’s

The Lord  pg 45


someone having power, authority,  or influence;;  a master  or  ruler. The  lord  is basically  god.

“ The  Lord  gives  us each  special  skills,  and he  expects  us  each  to use  them  for  others.

It is  in  a  Catholic The  Lord  is  a  very Boarding  school. powerful  person

Military pg  7


of, relating  to, or characteristic of  soldiers  or armed  forces.

nun pg 14


a member  of  a religious community  of women,  esp.  a

“then I realized it was one of the nuns”

Indian’s are indigenous  people.

relevant to  the time  period because  it  was world  war  2  at the  time.

Military was  used  in many  wars  to  fight.

In the book the boarding school is Catholic so there are a lot of

The nun was with the of her sisters

Lexicon Organizer religious figures in the story.

cloistered one, living  under vows  of poverty, chastity,  and obedience. Preacher  pg 18


a person  who preaches,  esp. a  minister  of religion.

“ I  bet  its  where  them preachers  live”

It is  used  in  the Catholic churches relevant  to  the time  period.

preachers  are  one of  the  most  holiest people  in  the Catholic  churches.

Poverty pg  53


the state  of being extremely poor.

“ eradicate  the

In the  time period  people were  very  poor.

My mother  suffered from  poverty growing  up  as  a child.

it means  to shake  hands  in a  slang  way

“hey. Put  her  there,”  and

It is  in  a  slang language

“I frequently  just  met this  boy  and  he happened  not  to know  my  name  and so  he  said  to  me” put  her  there”

An instrument used  to  slap people  when naughty.

“He stopped  right  next to    those  two  brothers, and  towered  over  them, tapping  his  hand  with  a ruler”

Because in  1960 that  is  what teachers  would do  to  the students  when being  bad  and used  it  for discipline.

Molly slapped  Jake in  the  shin.  The teacher  had  saw  her and  slapped  her hand  with  a  ruler.

“put her there”


Ruler pg  36


rampant ignorance  and poverty...”

he extends  his  arm.

Lexicon Organizer Saint pg  51


a person acknowledged as  holy  or virtuous  and typically regarded  as being  in heaven  after death.

“Its Saint  Christopher’s medal”

The book  is  in  a “I  am  named  after Catholic Saint  Anastasios  in Boarding  school. Easter  meaning  the resurrection  of Christ”

Segregate pg 53


set apart  from the  rest  or from  each other;;  isolate or  divide.

“except for  the  fact  they seem  to  segregate themselves  into  two groups”

In the  book  they sit  like  that dividing  the lunch  table  from Indians,  eskimos and  the  two whites  in  the middle.

Sin pg  61


an immoral  act considered  to be  a transgression against  divine law.

“ There  is  no  sin  in  that is  there?”

The book  is  in  a If  someone  did Catholic something  very Boarding  school. wrong  it  would  be considered  a  sin against  God.



another word “sister  sits  down  next  to for  nun  and  the me” polite  way  of calling  a  nun that.

It is  used  in Catholic churches  and  is used  quite  often in  the  book  and the  time  period

Our school  does  not segregate  because of  racial appearances

Sister handed  me  a tissue

Lexicon Organizer Suspenders pg 11


a pair  of  straps that  pass  over the  shoulders and  fasten  to the  waistband of  a  pair  of trousers  or  a skirt  at  the front  and  back to  hold  it  up.

 “He  took  of  his suspenders  to  make  a sling-­shot”

A type  of Clothing  they were  in  1960

Along  time  ago  many people  wore suspenders  to  hold up  their  pants.

“ there  ain't” pg  18


a slang  term people  in  the 1960’s  use

“naw I    say,  there  aint”

a  long  of  slang terms.  people with  accents.

there  aint  another bathroom  around here

Villages pg  7


a group  of houses  and associated buildings, larger  than  a hamlet  and smaller  than  a town,  situated in  a  rural  area.

“Because there  is  no schools  in  my  villages.”

The characters in  the  book  lived in  villages.

my mother  used  to live  in  a  village  back in  Greece.

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Discrimination Today (1960's)

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