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Not A Common Cold




Febuary 2014

NOT A COMMON COLD Have you ever been sick? Like, really ill? Well, you probably haven’t had Cholera and you probably won’t get it because people who get it are usually living in filthy living conditions or came into contact with someone with the disease.

My magazine is about the epidemics of Cholera.

This is the bacteria V. Cholera

Symptoms One of the common symptoms of

What is Cholera?

ridden germs fly at 100s

cholera is Diarrhea, which Is a watery stool

usually makes you dehydrated over a miles per hour.Another way period of time. Dehydration (is when your you can contract Cholera is fecal routes so for example body doesn’t have the right amount of fluids in its body.The only way to in the book Cholera started at the rehydrate yourself is to drink a lot of

The bacteria that causes Cholera is called V.Cholera. It thrives in filthy places and also in your small intestine which is where it multiplies Ganges River where people water immediately after). Vomiting(is when by the thousands in hours. bathed used the bathroom your mouth starts to sweat and something That’s what causes you to which is how people spread doesn’t agree with your stomach).a later have white specks in your it so fast.Also if you drink stage symptom of Cholera is after a while d i a r r h e a . H o w p e o p l e contaminated drinking water you skin dries out which pulls your skin contract Cholera is through you will also get Cholera. back to have sunken eyeballs and pulled oral routes so for example if back lips in a form of a death mask.The

someone sneezes that has Cholera and your close to them millions of disease

final symptom of Cholera is a person slips into a coma mostly which you won’t wake up from.


the first pandemics people Major cities like

made breakthroughs and had


more efficient ways of keeping

York,Detroit and

people one way was that New

Philadelphia(all major cities in

York City ran a truck through

the US.

the city handing out sanitizer

The Rich The rich were more likely to survive then the poor because they had better living conditions and cleaner drinking water.Some rich people were scared and just all at once left in a horse and carriage and boarded up their once nice mansions to be vandalized.But a few rich were on the path to solving Cholera like Charles

to everyone and antiseptic to clean their rooms to get rid the germs and they had less deaths when they did that.They also made improvements in the sewers it was called the Street Drain which is what we have today but a much improved version.

Pandemics The first pandemic started in

Darwin thought Cholera was

Sunderland(a port city in

caused by unsanitary living

England) a ship carrying

conditions and filthy water

contaminated water from

that was flow freely in the Thames River. Most of the slim population thought that the poor had brought upon themselves with sins or that it was gods wrath.

How People dealt with Cholera The most common way with dealing with Cholera is they would set up a Quarantine

India(a country in Asia) once it made landfall it made perfect home in the slums where it claimed many lives in a short amount of time.Most likely the first pandemic started in the upper Ganges River(a scared river to the Hindus).The reason it spread so fast was that nobody knew what it was

which is where they put all the the United States read about the horrific disease in the ill patients in a chained little area until they deemed [3]

newspaper they wondered it

healthy and not sick.Also after their country would be spared

Lexicon Organizer Word & Page #

Part of Definition Speech (noun, verb, adj)

Sentence from book

By Mark Kiesewetter.

Relevance or importance to topic.

Use the word in a new sentence. (your own!)

Boston Pg  26


The capital of Massachus etts.

Boston, Chicago  and Charleston  escaped Choleras  wrath  barley.

A city  that  Cholera Boston  did’nt  have swept  by. very  clean  city  so Cholera  was  rampant there.

Calcutta Pg  5-­6


A huge  city in  India.

Calcutta a  major  city  in India  was  caught  on  a  full scale  epidemic.

Calcutta was where  Cholera started

Calcutta was  a  perfect place  for  Cholera  to begin.

Coma Pg  3


A prolonged period  of  an unconsciou s  state.

At this  point  of  the  disease the  patient  usually  goes into  shock  and  slips  into  a coma.

A final  stage  of Cholera

Comas can  be  a  death wish.

Cramps Pg  1


Painful Involuntary contraction of muscles.

Three experienced excruciating  leg  cramps.

One of  the symptoms  of cholera

You get  tired  when your  sick  which causes  leg  cramps.

Dehydrated Pg  2


When a persons body  loses a  large amount  of water

If water  keeps  flowing  out of  the  body  the  person becomes  seriously dehydrated.

One of  the symptoms  of Cholera.

Cholera makes  you dehydrated.


Lexicon Organizer diarrhea Pg  1


By Mark Kiesewetter.

A condition in  which feces  are discharged frequently usually  in  a liquid  form.

Within days  all  people  who One  of  the had  attended  the  dinner symptoms  of came  down  with  severe Cholera. diarrhea.

When you  are  sick sometimes  you  have Diarrhea

Edwin Chadwick  Pg  42 Noun

A famous scientist  in Cholera

Edwin Chadwick  thought poverty  and  Cholera  were connected

Major doctor  in Cholera.

Europe Pg  39



It was  several  years  before two  big  spots  for Cholera  struck  Europe  and Cholera. North  America  again.

Ganges River  Pg  1-­2 4-­5


Kidney Failure  Pg  3

London Pg  14

Contributed in curing  Cholera

Where Cholera  was most  potent.

A northern The  story  of  Cholera river  in  India and Bangladesh that  rises into  the Himalayas.

Where cholera originated

Ganges river  was breeding  ground  for Cholera  because people  went  to  the bathroom  there.


When the Without  fluid  replacement Kidneys the  victims  Kidneys  will  fail don’t  filter out  toxins  in the  body.

One of  the symptoms  of Cholera

Kidney failure  is serious  thing.


a large  city in  England

London was  one of  the  hardest  hit areas  of  cholera

london was    a  beach for  cholera.

Of a  ditch  he  observed  in London.


Lexicon Organizer

By Mark Kiesewetter.

Moscow Pg  22


Capital of Russia.

Moscow losts  half  of  its population  to  the  dreaded disease.

Major city  for Cholera

Moscow losts  half  of its  population  to Cholera.x

Nausea Pg  3


Feeling of sickness needing  to vomit.

Nausea is  one  of  the  first stages  of  Cholera

One of  the symptoms  of Cholera

When  you’re      sick you  can  feel    nausea.

New York  City  Pg  26


A huge  city in  the  new world

It made  3  stop  in  small riverside  communities before  entering  New  York.

New York  was caught  completely off  guard  by Cholera.

New York  was  filthy slum  like  city  then.

North America  Pg  39


A continent It  was  several  years  before Cholera  was  less in  the Cholera  struck  Europe  and potent  in  North Northern North  America  again. America  than Hemisphere Europe. .

North America  was better  prepared  for Cholera  than  Europe.

Paris Pg  25


The capital of  France

Paris had  18,000  people killed  there  alone  before  it died  out.

Paris was shocked  by Cholera  when  it struck  them.

Paris had  fetid  narrow streets  the  air  was polluted  and  filthy which  was  the  perfect environment  for Cholera.

Quarantine  Pg  17-­18


A state  or

The primary  and  in  many

Quarantine was

Quarantine is  a  good


Lexicon Organizer

By Mark Kiesewetter.

period of isolation  in which people  who are  infected by  a contagious disease  are kept.

places the  only  response to  a  health  crisis  was Quarantine.

basically the  best response  to Cholera.

way to  deal  with Cholera.

Quebec Pg  25


A coastal city  in Canada

Emigrants from  Europe made  their  way  on  a  ship to  Quebec  many  were  sick and  died  on  the  voyage.

Quebec was  the starting  place  for Cholera  in  North America.

Quebec was unprepared  for Cholera

Riga Pg  23


A port  on the  Baltic Sea.

Riga had  a  brisk  overseas trade  on  the  Baltic  Sea.

A city  in  Latvia

Riga was  affected  by Cholera.

Russia Pg  6


A arctic Russia  and  other  countries A  country  tragically Russia  had  many  life country  with were  in  an  ongoing affected  by claimed  from  them. some  of  it  in pandemic  till  1824. Cholera. the  Arctic Circle.

Spasms Pg  3


An involuntary muscular contraction or convulsive movement.

Sunderland Pg  23


A port  city  in Cholera  struck  the  port  city Where  Cholera

Muscle cramps  can  lead  to One  of  the  side paralysis  or  violent effects  of  Cholera uncontrolled  Muscle Spasms.


Violent spasms  occur with  Cholera.

Where Cholera

Lexicon Organizer

By Mark Kiesewetter.


of Sunderland  in  northern England  in  1831.

started in  Europe

People in  the  United  States Where  Cholera  hit and  Canada  read  about  the last Cholera  epidemic  in Europe  and  wondered  if their  country  would  be spared.

attacked first  in Europe.

United States  Pg  25


A country  in North America.

Vomiting Pg  1


Eject matter Five  people  also  began from  the vomiting. stomach out  through the  mouth.

One of  the symptoms  of Cholera.

You get  dehydrated when  you  vomit.

Weakness Pg  3


State of lacking strength  or energy

Weakness is  a Cholera symptoms

Weakness is  a  state of  Cholera.

As the  waste  products build  up  in  the  weakened circulatory  system.


The United  States were  better  at  handling Cholera..



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