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Running The Bases [1]

OUR PASTIME Below: A baseball, a baseball bat, and a batting helmet.

INTRODUCTION Have you ever gone to a baseball game? Have you ever wondered what has brought us to this point in the game? Baseball has become America’s favorite pastime, over the last almost 200 years. Many things have brought the game to where it stands now, as America’s favorite pass time. Some of the best baseball players have helped advance the game, as well as new rules and teams moving to new cities and out west.

THE FIRST 75 YEARS In 1839 Abner Doubleday invented baseball.

instead of the nine innings we play today. To

The first diamond ever built was in Cooperstown,

kick off the 1900s they started having the World

New York, but the first match was played in

Series. The world series was a play off game

Hobokin, New Jersey. The teams were the

where the best team from the American League

Knickerbockers vs. the New York Nine. Alex

and National League play for the title of world

Cartwright was another major figure in baseball.

champion. Also they added a new rule. It was

He was the person who made all of rules in the

the rule where if a batter hits a foul ball it counts

beginning of this sports history. Back than a

as a strike. That rule still stands today.

game was played until one team had 21 runs


Above is a picture of Abner Doubleday. The inventor of baseball!

THE 1900S !

The 1900s brought 2 world wars

which affected the game very much. During world war 1 and 2 attendance dropped heavily, but there was plenty of action anyway. In 1920 George Ruth (Babe

people were first allowed to play in the MLB. Also in 1973 the first Designated Hitters played.




Baseball has changed in good ways

Ruth) started playing. Also in 1920 the only over the years. New pitches have been unassisted triple play was made. A triple invented, new rules have been made, but play is when 3 players get out in the same baseball has changed in base ways to. play, and unassisted is when he does it all Steroids have been used, and other by himself. In 1930 attendance increased performance enhancing drugs. Some of but went down again when world war 2 the differences between baseball now and came around. The first lighted stadium was baseball 180 years ago are that now you the Cincinnati Reds in 1935. It was a very only play for 9 innings opposed to 21 runs. profitable move because now games could Also they added a rule about free agents. be played at nights. Then by 1948 every Free agents are people who have played MLB team had a lighted stadium except with a team for a certain amount of years for the Chicago Cubs. As the book and can sign with any team that gives him Baseball says “They didn’t flip their switch an offer. Overall, there is a very different until 1988.” In the 1940s the first televised game then how it started 180 years ago. games were played. In 1947 colored

This is George Ruth (Babe Ruth)


So how do you play baseball you might ask? Well, here are the basics. There are 3 outs per inning, and 3 strikes per out. In baseball there is an imaginary box (strike zone) stretching across home plate and between your knees and shoulders. If a pitcher pitches a ball in that imaginary box without the batter hitting it, it is called a strike. If the ball doesn’t go in the imaginary box it is called a ball. 4 balls is equal to a free walk to first base. Some pitches that are pitched are fastball, curveball, knuckleball, and changeup. Each one has its own defined movement towards the batter. A batter has to hit the ball in the diamond, otherwise it will be called foul by an an umpire. Lastly if a batter hits the balls over the fence in the far end of the diamond it is called a home run.

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by Elias R.S.

Relevance or importance to topic.

Use the word in a new sentence. (your own!)

The person who  made  the first  rules.

Alexander Cartwright was  an  important  man in  baseball  history

One of  the  2 major  league leagues.

The American  League was  invented  in  1900.

Alexander Cartwright InstaGrok


American League #78


At Bat  (AB) GALE


a player's  turn  at  batting.

Instituted a  designated  hitter  rule so  that  a  pitcher's  turn  at  bat could  be  taken  by  a  pinch  hitter.

Your at  bat while  your hitting.

Pitch never  bat  in  the AL  because  of Designated  hitters.

Batter #154


A player  who  is  batting.

Batters from  every  team  gladly shared  in  the  new  found offensive  bounty.

The person who  attempts to  hit  the  ball.

Batters are  dominating the  game  of  baseball currently.

Batting Average Noun #158

the average  performance  of  a batter,  expressed  as  a  ratio  of  a batter's  safe  hits  per  official times  at  bat.

Four teams  posted  club  batting average  above  .300…

The statistic for  how  often  a batter  gets  a hit.

My batting  average was  .304  this  season.

Bunting GALE


gently tap  without  swinging  in  an attempt  to  make  it  more  difficult to  field.

Then Martin  suspended  Reggie Mostly  used  to Jackson  for  bunting  when  he advance  base was  instructed  to  hit  away. runners.

Designated Hitter (DH)


A nonfielding  player  named  Instituted  a  designated  hitter before  the  start  of  a  game  to  be rule  so  that  a  pitcher's  turn  at  bat

one of  the  two  major  leagues  in The  American  League  arose  the American  professional  baseball. same  cause  as  that  produced the  American  Asocciation.


A player  who doesn’t  field

Jacoby Ellisbury bunted  twice  last game. David  Ortiz  is  the  DH for  the  Red  Sox.

Lexicon Organizer GALE

by Elias R.S.

in the  batting  order.

could be  taken  by  a  pinch  hitter.

but always bats.

Acording to  the  legend,  Abner Doubleday  laid  out  the  first baseball  diamond.

It is  the  field baseball players  play on.

The Red  Sox  walked onto  the  diamond  to start  the  game.

Each league  was  divided  into two  divisions,  and  the  division winners  played  one  another  in  a five-­game  series  to  determine the  pennant  winner.

Divisions split up  the leagues.

The Red  Sox  split  up the  leagues.

A play  where  2 batters  get  out in  one  play.

Davind Ortiz  hit  into  a double  play.

A stat  for pitchers.

Jon Lester’s  ERA  was below  3.00

A mistake  in the  field.

I only  made  3  errors last  season.

Diamond #4


the area  delimited  by  the  four bases  of  a  baseball  field,  forming a  square  shape.

Division GALE


the action  of  separating something  into  parts,  or  the process  of  being  separated.

Double Play #82


a defensive  play  in  which  two players  are  put  out.

…A way  to  play  for  one  runand to  stay  out  of  a  double  play.

ERA #82


a statistic  used  to  measure  a pitcher's  effectiveness.

ERA’s dropped  all  the  way  below

Error #84


a misplay  by  a  fielder  that  allows a  batter  to  reach  base  or  a runner  to  advance.

He hit  only  .222  and  led  all

Fastball InstaGrok


Foul Ball #78


the levels  of  1880’s  baseball.

fielders with  12  errors.

a baseball  pitch  thrown  at  or near  a  pitcher's  maximum speed.

The most basic  pitch

a ball  struck  so  that  it  falls  or  will The  adoption  of  the  foulball  in  the fall  outside  the  lines  extending NL  in  1901… from  home  plate  past  first  and third  bases.


An out  of  play ball.

The fastest  fastball ever  was  103  mph. David  Ortiz  hit  a  deep foul  ball.

Lexicon Organizer

by Elias R.S.

Free Agent GALE


a sports  player  who  is  not  bound He  could  declare  himself  a  free A  player  who by  a  contract  and  so  is  eligible  to agent  and  market  his  services  to is  elidgable  to join  any  team. the  highest  bidder. join  any  team.

George Ruth (Babe  Ruth) InstaGrok


US baseball  player,  played  for the  Boston  Red  Sox  1914–19, the  New  York  Yankees  1919-­34, and  the  Boston  Braves  1935

Hit #84


score (runs  or  points)  by  hitting  a ball  with  a  bat,  racket,  or  stick.

Home Run GALE


Innings #106 Manager #238

Jacoby Ellisbury became  a  free  agent this  year.

Possibly hte best  baseball player  of all-­time.

I think  Babe  Ruth  is  the best  baseball  player who  ever  lievd

He hit  only  .222  and  led  all fielders  with  12  errors.

A hit  is  the  ball being  hit  by  the bat.

I got  200  hits  last season.

a fair  hit  that  allows  the  batter  to make  a  complete  circuit  of  the bases  without  stopping  and score  a  run.

Stargell  hit  .400  during  the series,  with  a  home  run  in  the seventh  game.

A hit  long enough  you get  a  freewalk around  the bases

I hit  3  home  runs  last game.


a single  turn  at  bat  for  a  team until  three  outs  are  made.

Thanks to  a  gritty  nine  innings from  George  Mullin.

The length  of  3 outs.

Jon Lester  pitched  7 innings  of  the  game.


a person  in  charge  of  the activities,  tactics,  and  training  of a  sports  team

MacPhail was  then  the  dodgers general  manager.

The person who  owns  a team.

Bill Belichich  is  the patriots  manager.

National League Noun #78

one of  the  two  major  leagues  in American  professional  baseball.

The National  League  was  at  its historic  weak  point.

One of  the  2 major  league leagues.

The National  League has  always  been  a league  throughout  MLB history.

Pitcher #84

the player  who  delivers  the  ball to  the  batter.

As if  pitchers  of  the  1900’s  didn’t have  enough  of  a  advantage over  hitters…

The player who  throws the  ball  to  the

The pitcher  pitched  a fastball  to  the  batter.



Lexicon Organizer

by Elias R.S. batter.

Runs #8


a point  scored  when  a  base The  game  ended  when  one  side It  is  the  points runner  reaches  home  plate  after scored  75  runs. you  score. touching  the  other  bases.

The Red  Sox  scored 14  runs  againist  the Yankees

Umpire #10


an official  who  watches  a  game closely  to  enforce  the  rules  and arbitrate  on  matters  arising  from the  play.

Alexander Cartwright  served  as The  person umpire. who  calls  balls and  strikes.

The  umpire  called “Strike  three”  for  the first  out  of  the  inning.

World Series #80


the professional  championship The  World  Series  was  also  a  big The  MLB for  North  American  major  league hit. championship baseball. series.

The Red  Sox  won  the World  Series.


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