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This is Fenway park one if the most well known and popular stadium in the league

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BASEBALL Febuary 2014

These are some of the most popular and most decorated ballparks not just in the league, but in the history of baseball!

Fenway Ballpark, Boston, MA

Ballparks: some of the most popular baseball stadiums are.Yankee Stadium,Fenway park and wrigley feild

Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY

Wrigley Field, Chicago IL

This article includes information about some of the most popular stadiums, the things that go on inside the clubhouses and a brief summary of the baseball hall of fame.

Yankee: Yankee Stadium, the most decorated stadium in the country is located in South Bronx, New York and it is the home to the New York Yankees. It opened April Second, 2009 and the capacity holds 52,191.

Wrigley: Wrigley Field, the most popular

Fenway:Fenway Park is located near

baseball stadium in the midwest is in located in

Kenmore square, Boston Massachusetts is the home field for the Red Sox and has been since April twentieth, 1912.The capacity is 37,400

Chicago, Illinois. It it the home field for the Cubs and has been since 1916,Although it opened in 1914, the capacity is 41, 159



Inside the clubhouse coaches,mangers and players all relax and have some fun before the games

THE HALL OF FAME 1936 Induction Class: In Baseball’s first Hall of Fame class, Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson,Christy Mathewson, Honus Wagner, andBabe Ruth were inducted as five of the finest players of the era controlling the election ballots in 1936.


Lexicon Organizer Jake Ricker Word & Page #

Part of Speech (noun, verb, adj)


Sentence from book

the announcer  said  please rise  and  remove  your hats...

Relevance or importance to topic.



a person  who announces something,  in particular someone  who introduces  or gives information about  programs on  radio  or television.



a baseball on  the  morning  of  the its  the  field  they stadium  or  field. game  the  men  like  to  arrive play  on •  informal  a early  at  the  ballpark particular  area or  range:  we  can make  a  pretty good  guess  that this  figure's  in the  ballpark.


noun a boy  who  is

The Red  Sox  hire  two BatBoys,one  for


he says  what's going  on  in  the game

They are technically  a  part

Use the word in a new sentence. (your own!) the announcer  stated all  the  player  stats

Fenway  is  my  favorite ballpark!

The batboy  picked  up the  bat  after  the  player

Lexicon Organizer Jake Ricke



employed to themselves  and  one  for  the of  the  team  even look  after  and visiting  team  when  there though  they  don't retrieve  bats regular  one  isn't  with  them play during  a baseball  game and  as  a  general assistant  at other  times.

hit a  homerun

the action  of hitting  with  or using  a  bat, especially  in cricket  or baseball. •  a  cricket team's  batsmen collectively.1  the actual application  or use  of  an  idea, belief,  or  method as  opposed  to theories  about such  application or  use:  the principles  and practice  of teaching  |  he put  his self-­defense training  into

the coach  said  alright everyone  get  out  there to  take  batting  practice

he takes  down  the  rubber mound  for  the  pitcher  so he  can  throw  batting practice


its the  team practicing

Lexicon Organizer Jake Ricker practice by helping  police arrest  the  armed robber



a building  having a  bar  and  other facilities  for  the members  of  a club. •  a  building  or part  of  a  building used  by  a  sports team,  esp.  a baseball  team, as  a  locker room.

Inside the clubhouse,Fenway  Parks visiting-­team  equipment manager  unpacks  the  the bags  and  hangs  the uniforms  in  its  assigned locker.

The clubhouse has  a  locker  room and  places  where managers  and players  can  eat and  relax.

The players  met  in  the clubhouse  before  the took  the  field.

(Coach) manager-­27


• a  person  in charge  of  the activities, tactics,  and training  of  a sports  team: Frank  Robinson became baseball's  first black  manager.

He hangs  the  Managers uniform  in  the visiting-­team's  Managers office

The Manager  is the  Coach  of  the team

The Manager  called the  player  into  his office  to  tell  him  hes not  playing  tonight.


Lexicon Organizer Jake Ricke GM-­36

Grounds crew-­50

Proper noun


A general manager  is  a business executive  who usually oversees  a  unit or  firm's marketing  and sales  functions, as  well  as  the day-­to-­day business operations.

Mr.Sullivan,the red  sox general  manager

Groundskeepi while the  team  is  getting ng  is  the  activity ready,the  grounds  crew... of  tending  an area  of  land  for aesthetic  or functional purposes;; typically  in  an institutional setting.  It includes mowing  grass, trimming hedges,  pulling weeds,  planting flowers,  etc.  The U.S. Department  of


he's the  manager of  the  team

the manager  called  the player  into  his  office  to let  him  know  hes  been cut

they keep  the  field the  way  it  should be

after the  game  the grounds  crew  swept the  field

Lexicon Organizer Jake Ricker Labor estimated that  more  than 900,000  workers are  employed  in the  landscape and groundskeeping services industry  in  the United  States  in 2006.  Of  these over  300,000 workers  were groundskeepers for  golf  courses, school Fenway park-­35

Proper noun

(the Fenway)  a She  has  been  the Its  the  name  of  the I  cant  wait  for  the park  system  that receptionist  and  operator  at stadium game! incorporates  the Fenway  for  thirty  five  years wetlands  in Boston, Massachusetts. Nearby  is Fenway  Park, the  baseball stadium  of  the Boston  Red Sox.

Locker room-­28


a room containing

all major  league  teams have  locker  rooms


its were  the  teams get  ready

Lexicon Organizer Jake Ricker lockers for  the storage  of personal belongings,  esp. in  schools  or gymnasiums. Star  spangled banner-­71


literary please  rise  and  remove covered, your  hats  for  the  star glittering,  or spangled  banner decorated  with stars:  the star-­spangled horizon. •  glitteringly successful:  a star-­spangled career. •  used humorously  with reference  to  the US  national  flag and  a  perceived American identity: star-­spangled decency.

it represents  the country

before every  game they  play  the  star spangled  banner



1 a  person  who the  ushers,who  will  keep shows  people  to help  find  people  find  their their  seats,  esp. seats

they help  people find  seats

the woman  walked  up to  the  usher  and  asked where  her  seat  was


Lexicon Organizer Jake Ricker in a  theater  or  at a  wedding. •  an  official  in  a court  whose duties  include swearing  in jurors  and witnesses  and keeping  order. •  Brit.a  person employed  to walk  before  a person  of  high rank  on  special occasions. Umpire-­33


(in some  sports) the  batboys  must  keep  the an  official  who umpires  supplied  with  balls watches  a  game or  match  closely to  enforce  the rules  and arbitrate  on matters  arising from  the  play. •  a  person chosen  to arbitrate between contending parties.


they make  sure The  umpire  calls  strike the  game  is  played three  on  the  batter  to correctly  and finish  the  inning makes  important calls

Lexicon Organizer Jake Rick another or others:  a uniform package  of amenities  at  a choice  of  hotels. (Athletic) Trainer-­43


a person  who trains  people  or animals. •  informal  an aircraft  or simulator  used to  train  pilots. 2  a  person whose  job  is  to provide  medical assistance  to athletes. 3  Brit.a  soft sports  shoe suitable  for casual  wear.

mike the  athletic  trainer went  into  the  clubhouse...

Baseball reporters-­54


a person  who all  the  reporters  waited  for reports,  esp. the  players  to  come  out... one  employed  to report  news  or conduct interviews  for newspapers  or


he makes  sure people  get  their medical requirements

the trainer  taped  the players  ankles

they ask  the players  questions

the reporter  asked when  the  player  would return

Lexicon Organizer Jake Ricke broadcasts. Press Box-­65


an area reserved  for journalists  at  a sports  event.

all of  the  journalist  sat  in the  press  box...


they analyze players

the  journalist  took notes  on  the  players

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