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The journal of the St Philip’s Christian College Learning Community.

Volume 18 Issue 1 Term 1, 2011


“We also pray that you will be strengthened with all His glorious power so you will have all the endurance and patience you need. May you be filled with joy, always thanking the Father.” Colossians 1:11,12a

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Safari Kimanthi, SPCC Gosford Photograph by Belle Holliday-Williams

EDITORIAL COMMITTEE Graeme Irwin, Lindsay O’Reilly, Brian Rennie & Belle Holliday-Williams EDITOR

Lindsay O’Reilly


Belle Holliday-Williams

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thelife - Volume 18 - Issue 1 - Term 1, 2011

Endurance The other day I met Safari Kimanthi and I want to tell you about his story of endurance. As a two-year-old Safari was severely disfigured from burns he suffered when the blanket he was wrapped in caught fire. In his village in Kenya no medical help was available and somehow he survived this horrendous trauma but was grossly debilitated. In 2001 when Safari was six years old he first came to Sydney’s RPA Hospital because of the generosity of some Australians who found him in Kenya. Doctors at the hospital donated their skills and Safari’s story was recorded and broadcast around Australia on Channel Nine’s RPA program. Over the past 10 years he has endured 17 operations, including major ear reconstruction, which will be completed this year. Now aged 17, Safari has been awarded a four-year scholarship to St Philip’s Christian College Gosford, where he began this year as a Year 9 student. Safari was very excited to be starting school and said that his favourite subjects are Science and Geography. When Safari commenced school at the beginning of Term 1 this year, his surrogate Australian parents, Frank Scaysbrook and Janet Seath-Scaysbrook are reported to have said that they knew they had honoured a dying woman’s request.

“Safari’s mother died of a snake bite in Kenya in 2002,” Mrs Seath-Scaysbrook said. “Before she died she begged us to get him an education and we have finally fulfilled her wish.” If you ever get the chance to meet Safari you should pay close attention to how he carries himself. There is something very engaging about him and if you look closely you will see that what Safari has had to endure has given him a sweet spirit and a grateful heart. Endurance, the Bible says, builds character and you can see strength of character written all over this young man’s life. This magazine is essentially about some of the amazing students, staff and supporters that make up the St Philip’s community and I commend this edition to you. I hope that you enjoy reading ‘The Life’ and that you will be inspired to live life to the full. Not as a rampant pursuit of more, but as a reflection of God’s grace in your life. “We also pray that you will be strengthened with all His glorious power so you will have all the endurance and patience you need. May you be filled with joy, always thanking the Father.” Colossians 1:11,12a Every blessing,

Graeme Irwin Executive Principal


Official Opening of Gosford’s IRC On Wednesday 17th November 2010, Gosford Campus held a 20/20 vision dinner to raise funds for their IRC. The students and staff did an amazing job of organising the event. The music, artworks and the incredible video presentation were of a high standard. The food from Jasbir & Danielle Sandhu of Waterfall Cafe at Mount Penang was better than we have had at any school Formal. The round tables provided by Gosford RSL helped to create a festive ambience. Mrs Harrison’s quirky goldfish centrepieces added to the fun of the evening, though we learnt the hard way not to mix goldfish and candles! I shared at the dinner how beautiful and humbling the whole fundraising experience has been. I have been overwhelmed by the the response, not so much in monetary terms - though that is great too - but more the spirit in which parents, students, staff and community members have donated. It has felt like a celebration of God’s goodness the whole time. I am delighted to announce that we have made an excellent start to our fundraising to furnish and fit out the Information Resource Centre, raising over $14,000 on the night. The evening did nothing but confirm the excitement and faith that I have in my spirit that St Philip’s Christian College Gosford will be not only the best school on the Central Coast (as it is now!) but a world-class school. Michelle Kelly Principal, Gosford

PAC Building at Port Stephens This is the Performing Arts Centre which almost never happened! The 320 seat, fully equipped theatre will provide quality performance space for students at the Port Stephens campus and for the entire Tomaree Peninsula. New bushfire regulations, however, nearly saw this wonderful facility get no further than the drawing board. Twelve months of negotiations with Port Stephens Council, submissions to various authorities and much prayer has now seen the dream becoming a reality as the theatre takes shape for completion in Term 1, 2011. This building is a gift from God, a fruit of the financial crisis and a monument to endurance!

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thelife -

Volume 18 - Issue 1 - Term 1, 2011



Farewell Paul West

I want to publically thank Paul for his work and ministry knowing that he has profoundly influenced many lives, students and staff alike, and we are deeply grateful for his time with us as Ministry Coordinator. Graeme Irwin India Mission Trips The job of a Principal is to serve the students by finding really good people to teach them and care for them. When I had the opportunity to employ Paul West as the College’s Ministry Coordinator I knew I had made a very good decision and the years have proved me correct. As he moves on to ministry outside St Philip’s, I want to reflect on his time here. Paul came to St Philip’s, Newcastle as an experienced educator who had risen to the level of Principal in his last school and had prepared himself well for this new challenge by completing a Masters of Christian Ministry at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. For 11 years Paul served in a strategic role within the College as Ministry Coordinator overseeing Chapels, Christian Studies and Studies of Religion courses, counselling, small groups, outreach activities, missions etc. etc. He has been instrumental in pioneering a number of ventures that are now part of the St Philip’s experience.

The Commitment of a Board Member Ever wondered what makes someone volunteer for a job for no pay and do it for over 21 years? Steve Ward has been a member of the Board of Governors of St Philip’s since 1989. Steve’s connection to St Philip’s started when his children, Ian and Leia, commenced at the College. He was enthused by a spirit of renewal sweeping the college. Steve joined the Board because he was excited about how the ethos of respect, discipline and encouragement was impacting students. Steve later helped establish St Philip’s Port Stephens in 1995, and is still a council member today. Thank you for your enduring support, Steve.


thelife -

The Empowering started as a small student conference for St Philip’s students and is now attended by students from schools all over the region. Also the mission trip to India is just one of the trips Paul established and led. This experience enables students to work in orphanages in India and is now an enduring feature of our program.

Volume 18 - Issue 1 - Term 1, 2011

See You at the Pole


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4960 6665 Belle.HollidayWiliams@

In 2001, with a passion for Hockey and a conviction to introduce and encourage this sport at St Philip’s, teachers, Paul Dimmick and Lyn Mulholland, introduced a Junior Boys and a Junior Girls team into the local Newcastle competition. With significant involvement from Chris Hayes and Leigh van Wyk the numbers built to enable the Saints to regularly field five teams including Moddies each year since then. Dedicated coaches, many of whom were previous Saints juniors, fantastic managers, supportive parents and committed players have enabled the club to continue. Over the ten years Saints have won premierships, had players selected in representative teams, encouraged sportsmanship, formed friendships both on and off the field and built character and resilience (through some crushing losses and incredible victories). Particular thanks to all who have been involved for the long haul, or just along the way, as we celebrate 10 years of Saints Hockey. Lyn Mulholland Saints Hockey Coordinator

Newcastle Long Serving Staff 2010


Celebrating 10 Years of Hockey at SPCC Newcastle

From left to right: Helen Bonzo, Jo Birchill, Lyn McKenzie, Marcia Kolasinski, Heather Nixon, Lyn Mulholland, Jan Cummings, Patric Moir, Phil Baker, Anne Anschau-Roach, Shelly Sopher and Audrey West

25 Years

Jan Cummings began as a part time teacher of Home Economics in 1985 when the College had about 40 students and very few facilities. During the 26 years at the College Jan has held positions of Faculty Head TAS, Director of Studies, Head of Senior School 7-12 and Director of Vocational Education for the past 10 years.

20 Years

Jo Birchill started at the College in 1990 as a Kindergarten teacher and is now the Director of Special Programs K-12. Pam O’Dea commenced as Year 5 teacher in 1990 and during the past 20 years has fulfilled the roles of Head of English, Director of Studies, Assistant Principal and was appointed Principal in 2009.

15 Years

Anne Anschau-Roach began at the College in 1995 as a teacher of English and History. Anne currently holds the position of Director of Teaching and Leaning (BOS). Heather Nixon started in 1995 and currently teaches a 3-4 Discovery Learning class in the Junior School. Marcia Kolasinski started in 1995 and has taught on every grade in the Junior School. During this time Marcia has witnessed a huge change and transformation in the school. Shelly Sopher began teaching Mathematics and Art in 1995 and still holds a key position in the Mathematics Faculty in the College.

10 Years

Lyn Mulholland began teaching in the PE/PD Faculty in 2000. Audrey West began teaching here in 2000 (fulltime English). Patric Moir commenced at SPCC in 1999 employed as a Secondary Science, Maths and HSC Biology Teacher. He is now teaching in Middle School. Helen Bonzo taught from 19841987 as a full time classroom teacher in the Primary School, followed by 4 years of casual teaching and is currently teacher librarian (part time). Phillip Baker began in the HSIE Faculty in 1999 specialising in Legal Studies, Economics, Business Studies and Commerce.

thelife -

Volume 18 - Issue 1 - Term 1, 2011



Endurance – Right To The End!!

Beginning school in Preschool or Kindergarten and continuing through to year 12, is a long and demanding time in the life of a young person. In our society education is very important for a student if he or she wishes to realise their aspirations and ambitions, in their adult career. Completion of the Higher School Certificate is quickly becoming the basic educational requirement for access into many tertiary courses. For even the able and gifted students, the HSC years are often fraught with uncertainty and anxiety, as these students strive with continual effort and determination to achieve their best in the HSC exams, which are the culmination of 13 years of schooling. This accomplishment requires sustained effort and perseverance.

In 2010, there were four Newcastle Campus students in Year 12, who demonstrated exceptional perseverance and endurance, as they worked tirelessly for 13 years to reach and achieve their Higher School Certificate. For these students, Alice Evans, Declan Shaw, Andrew Lapham and Damien Bennett, it was an exceptional achievement, as they all have learning difficulties. Devising an educational pathway that was suitable for each of these students, allowed them to overcome challenges with the regular curriculum and so pursue their goal of achieving an HSC. Three of the students participated in Work Studies work placement during Years 11 and 12. Involvement in this program has led one of these students, Declan Shaw, to a permanent position with a reputable motor company in Newcastle. All four students participated in the Castle Personnel “Certificate 1 in Transition Education” in 2010. This course helped them to be better equipped for the work force, providing necessary skills and training. These four students have demonstrated what endurance, and a determined effort to overcome obstacles, can achieve in life. Prue Hannaford

Our Graduating International Students and have become an inspiration to us. They are all planning to further their studies in Australia at the University of Newcastle, University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney. We congratulate them and pray God’s blessings on them for the future.

Kate Lee with her parents, who flew from Korea to be here for her graduation.

At Newcastle Campus this year we have had the honour of having 10 International Students from China, Hong Kong and Korea graduate from Year 12. They have accomplished so much during their time here and we are so proud of them. They have enriched the College experience for our domestic students, bringing in new ideas, perspectives and culture. Each one has endured leaving family and friends to come study in Australia. They have sacrificed what they’ve known to step into the unknown, and through this they have come out stronger


thelife -

Volume 18 - Issue 1 - Term 1, 2011

Ling, with her host family, the Rennies at the Year 12 Formal.

Newcastle Campus Year 12 students put their talents to work by producing a range of creative projects for their HSC Design and Technology course. Each year, students in this course are required to identify an existing design problem or opportunity, and then design a suitable solution to address it. The process of deciding on a Major Design Project can be a daunting endeavour as it involves literally a year’s worth of work, and comprises 60% of the Higher School Certificate assessment in this subject. Their teacher, Mr Bonzo, works hard to help students clarify their gifts so that they can put these to work to develop a suitable design project and solution. Many former students have gone on to pursue career opportunities in related fields.

Kim Babore

Jacob Weir

God-given talents: Illustration and a good sense of humour

God-given talents: Graphic design and architecture.

Design Project: A satirical comic book (“The Smooth Operator”) meant to provide Year 12 students with some much needed stress reduction.

Design Project: An attractive “retro-style” entertainment unit made from discarded furniture, decorated with a number of audio cassette cases.

Bree-Lacey Nelson

Hujiding Zhu God-given talents: Creativity and perseverance.

God-given talents: Fashion design, creative blending of styles, and a passion for overseas missions. Design Project: A range of fashion accessories designed to support the work of missions in Cambodia, incorporating a fusion of SE Asian and Victorian motifs.

Nicolai ThaarupProesser God-given talents: Jewellery design and silver-smithing.

Design Project: A leadlight wall clock containing an inspirational message in Mandarin encouraging international students to “never give up”.


Students display God-given design talents

Jacinda Scott

God-given talents: Artistic interpretation and furniture design. Design Project: A commemorative leadlight coffee table containing an elegant Frangipani design, constructed from discarded materials.

Design Project: A range of silver jewellery incorporating the fabrication of welded wire hoops into necklaces, pendants and rings.

Alana Gear

“When we realise that today’s students will soon become tomorrow’s leaders, it reminds us how important it is to develop within young people, an understanding of how to best use their God-given talents to achieve not only a better future for themselves, but also for us all.” (Mr Bonzo)

Design Project: An energyefficient LED chandelier made from recycled crushed glass.

Design is the study of how to create a better future ...

God-given talents: Creativity and problem solving.

thelife -

Volume 18 - Issue 1 - Term 1, 2011



Enduring the Race

Throughout 2010 the St Philip’s Cessnock triathlon squad has been training to compete in the ultimate sporting endurance race. Beginning in January we have had our squad members training twice a week in the pool and once a week running and cycling. After months of training three of squad members competed in the Newcastle Triathlon Club Duathlon race held at Speers Point Park. Mark Winkless and Courtney and Kate Schefe took to the course and completed a 1km run then an 8km cycle and concluded with another 2km run. Conditions were fantastic on the day and Mark, Courtney and Kate all performed creditably. The students are looking forward to their next event in which they will take to the course to complete a 400m Swim then an 8km Cycle and conclude with a 2km run. These students are enduring the race as they strive to do their best as they represent our College this summer in triathlon.

Kieran and Taylor Corry to Swim in Athens at the Special Olympics

James Doyle

The SPCC Port Stephens Dux of Year 12 for 2010, James Doyle is a great example of how perseverance and endurance overcomes all obstacles. James, a student at our campus since Year 4, was born with no natural hearing. A cochlear implant at 17 months gave him the opportunity to live in a hearing world, and James has worked hard to achieve excellence. We congratulate him on his efforts, and wish him success as he pursues a degree in International Studies at the Australian National University in 2011. James is pictured above with Kareena Connolly and Soo Hyun Pi, all graduating Yr 12 2010.

Kyumin Choi

Kyumin (David) Choi arrived earlier this year at age 11, to study on his own from South Korea. David has been a wonderful addition to the Port Stephens family; he will depart at the end of the year and meet up with his parents to travel around Australia before heading home to Korea. SPCC Port Stephens students Kieran and Taylor Corry have been selected to travel to Athens in 2011 as part of Australia’s swim team for the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics Summer Games from 25th June to 4th July 2011 will see 7500 Special Olympics athletes from 185 countries compete in 22 Olympic style sports. This is a great opportunity for Kieran and Taylor, and they are both very excited at the prospect. Kieran, who has just completed his HSC will swim in the 800 metre freestyle event. Taylor will swim in the 50 metre Butterfly event, an event in which she took the Bronze Medal at the Australian Short Course Championships in Brisbane in April 2010. Both students have been blitzing swimming events in the local area and at school carnivals for a number of years now. The many hours of training and the dedication to their sport have led to this well-deserved recognition, and we wish them all the very best success in the competition.


thelife -

Volume 18 - Issue 1 - Term 1, 2011

David shares: “When I first came to Australia to study more English, I wasn’t used to Australia’s culture, which caused me lots of problems with my friends and studying. However, after some time of endurance, I have adapted to Australian culture, and now, I love being in Australia. It’s peaceful, fun with lots of interesting things happening around me. Endurance is important.”

Mrs O’Dea was interviewed about her sons’ recent success in The X Factor and Mr Irwin had the opportunity to win $1000 if he could answer 10 questions in one minute. He almost did it, but instead of the monetary gift, he received an enormous number of free pizzas! The students are very grateful that he missed a question or two! It was a great morning for our SPCC community and we appreciate the opportunity afforded to us by KOFM to embrace something new.


KO FM Breakfast

In September, 2010, SPCC had a visit from KOFM who conducted their breakfast show from the SPCC grounds. Tanya Wilks and David Collins, hosts of the KOFM Breakfast Show, with the support of Bob Miggins, set up their radio broadcast from 4.30am on Wednesday morning, assisted by Lea Rule and Brian Rennie. From 6am, as people arrived, they were offered a BBQ breakfast, fruit and juice while they listened to SPCC students and staff being interviewed about a range of issues.

International Food Festival Last year’s theme of “Embracing New Opportunities” allowed for many different ideas and experiences. In 2010, our Senior School embraced the opportunity to experience a wide range of cultures by eating our way through the cuisines of many countries. Every Morning Prayer group successfully took on the challenge of representing a nation through their participation in an International Food Festival. Some of the delights that we experienced included kangaroo-meat sausages from MP10, while MP8 and MP17 created an amazing range of Sushi products. Many students were tempted by the delicious Polynesian fruit kebabs provided by MP4, combined with the Italian gelato from MP6. The aroma of the most deliciously cooked South African crepes from MP18 were challenged by the French cuisine from MP12 and MP19. A special feature of the day was the personally cooked dishes by our International students who thoughtfully presented a dish from their home culture, so other students were able to sample different cuisines and appreciate new tastes and flavours. Each one of these culinary delights gave us different ways to experience and appreciate the values and gifts that each culture brings to our St Philip’s community, reinforcing our core value of Building Community both locally and internationally.

2010 Mission Trips

Year 12 to Vanuatu

Cross Campus to India

Year 10 to Bogabilla thelife -

Volume 18 - Issue 1 - Term 1, 2011



ThinkSMART - One to One Programme

Interactive textbooks, Macbook computers, switched-on learning and divergent thinking – this will be the experience of our Years 5, 6, 7 and 9 students enjoying the ThinkSMART programme in 2011. Designed to engage students in learning, the programme is much more than just a laptop programme – it is a new way of delivering the curriculum which is designed to bring education to life. Port Stephens Campus has embraced a ‘shared cost’ model which makes the programme very affordable for parents while its partnership with Apple computers means user friendly technology is available to every student both at home and at school.The years following 2011 will see the programme rolled out to all students in Middle School and Senior School.

Belle’s Rebound

Mr Buchan returns! In a first for our Port Stephens campus a graduate has come back to teach at the school he graduated from. Mr Peter Buchan was a student at Port Stephens campus for six years and graduated in our inaugural Year 12 group in 2004. Since then he has completed his teaching degree at Avondale. Peter has joined our Middle School teaching team as Core teacher for Year 5 and we are excited to be introducing a teacher with such a real knowledge of the culture and aspirations of the College.

Peter Buchan in Year 7, 1999

Peter shares, Having completed my HSC in 2004 at SPCC Port Stephens as part of the inaugural Year 12, I deferred my teaching degree for 12 months and took a gap year. I completed my Bachelor of Education at Avondale College in 2009. After casual teaching in first term I was pleased to accept a full time teaching position at Newmerella Primary School in rural Victoria. I gained valuable experience living and working in a small farming community 400km east of Melbourne. Some students travelled an hour by bus from outlying remote and isolated areas. I am excited to be able to return to my former school and take up a teaching position in Middle School at SPCC Port Stephens. Welcome back Mr Buchan!

Peter Buchan in 2010


thelife -

Volume 18 - Issue 1 - Term 1, 2011

Belle Schaeffer has been a teacher at Port Stephens Campus since January 2006. A degenerative condition affecting her liver led to a complete liver transplant in 2008. The process was featured on the television show, RPA. This major operation has seen Belle persevere through infection and a protracted recovery. Belle has been able to return to teaching on a part time basis and is working her way back to a full time load. Her goal is once again to teach full time on her own class in Junior School. Belle is a great example of endurance, faith and enthusiasm.

The tireless P&F ladies worked above and beyond to help make the Spring Fair successful. They were energetic and their enthusiasm was contagious. Their stalls were creative and professional and the teamwork displayed was admirable. The teachers and their students planned and ran a wonderful selection of Class Stalls. The activities and merchandise available was impressive and the bonding that happened throughout the process was excellent.

Endurance: the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions; stamina. This is an accurate description of the endurance that was demonstrated at the inaugural St Philip’s Christian College and Community Spring Fair.


Endurance at the College Spring Fair

The big question: ‘How much money did we raise?’ The simple answer is approx $16,000. This was an excellent effort, especially for our first Spring Fair, however, the money was really an added bonus. The atmosphere and goodwill in the community was priceless! Margaret Pond

The stage was set – a beautiful sunny Saturday on a magnificent backdrop of natural bushland. The Spring Fair was an overwhelming success with more than 5 000 visitors attending.With over 60 community stallholders, quality class stalls, amusement rides, animal nursery, pony rides, helicopter flights, Harley rides and live entertainment, there really was something for everyone! It truly was a Community Fair with support and sponsorship from many different sectors in the community.There was overwhelming support from SPCC families and they helped make this event a huge success. Many parents donated supplies and volunteered for the endless jobs and rosters. The day was able to run smoothly because of their involvement. The Spring Fair Committee was made up of a devoted group of people who put in countless hours to plan and organise the Spring Fair. Without their vision, insight, determination and hard work, this day would not have happened.

Year 9 SES Cadets During Term 3, Year 9 students completed the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) Cadet Program. The program lasted for 10 weeks and provided practical life skills; development of safety and leadership behaviours that foster a commitment to community and service through volunteering. The cadets went on 2 excursions, which included the SES Unit at Rutherford. The program ran on Wednesday afternoons and had a focus on development skills in Leadership, Teamwork, Communication and Safety. Cadets were supplied with an SES back pack and personal protective equipment (PPE). The learning program was incorporated into the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education program and utilised Certificate II and III level competencies from the Public Safety Training Package. Students will receive statements of attainment for areas covered. I congratulate the students on their achievement, and encourage them to continue to look for ways to be involved and contribute to the school and local communities. Tim Shields Senior School Coordinator thelife -

Volume 18 - Issue 1 - Term 1, 2011



Thank you Gosford PTF

Junior School Bush Dance

Saturday 18th September 2010 was an amazing success for our PTF Market Day. Special thanks to Jo Witham, Katrina Woolcott, Tanya Young and Jane Richmond for all of their hard work. It was ‘touch and go’ whether the basketball court would actually be open, but praise God the children were finally playing on it on Friday (and they seem to have been there ever since – who could blame them!) Our PTF raised over $1200 which will go towards our portable sports shade shelter.

Texta School Zone Winner The Original Texta Company runs a competition each month to encourage teachers to nominate a student from their class who supports their school’s ongoing anti-bullying efforts. Congratulations to Gosford’s Madison Dobson of 5/6B for being the NSW Cool Kid Award Winner. Madison received coloured pencils, glitter glue, drawing books and a wallet and gym bag.

Our bush dance on Tuesday 21st September was a knee slapping, heel clicking, yee-haaing success! It was wonderful to see the school hall so full and to see so many happy faces, flannelette shirts and cowboy hats. Mums and Dads dosey-doed with their children and a great time was had by all. Staff confess to being a little sausage sizzled out after this week but would love to see the bush dance become an annual event in Junior School.Thank you to our dedicated teachers and to all the parents who helped out. A special thank you to Miss Goldman for her entertaining compering skills.

Winner: Best Overall Newspaper Publication:NNP, Edition:NCH, Page:0201 PageType:A3Proof Typeset On PDF2001 at 14/10/2010 2:49:59 PM by RFrench

High resolution

The Newcastle Herald’s School Newspaper Competition High school entry #23: St Philip’s Christian College Gosford

Bikes are beating crime By JAYDEN EARNSHAW

PUPPY LOVE: Student Paris Gray and Emmi. – Picture by Amy Grose

RSPCA is still coming to the rescue By BROOKE RIDLEY and JANE LEE CONDITIONS for lost and stray animals on the Central Coast improved four years ago when the RSPCA took over Erina pound on behalf of Gosford City Council. Erina pound supervisor Elise Foster said that the new arrangement had allowed males and females to be separated to prevent them breeding, also helping stop the spread of disease from hurt animals, and puppies to be kept away from adult dogs. ‘‘Every dog is placed with their own bedding, their own toys and veterinary treatment,’’ Ms Foster said. Animals are also given a 20-minute walk and run daily. ‘‘We now have a high percentage of re-homing older dogs.” Every month the RSPCA at Erina has 50 dogs come through the doors and only 30 per cent are returned to their homes. During the past five years the RSPCA has rescued millions of animals Australia-wide. Of these animals, 333,974 are dogs, and 22,085 of those are put down due to behavioural problems. The other 311,893 are taken in by the RSPCA or returned to their homes. To help the RSPCA or donate, go to or phone 02 4372 2044.

TUGGERAH Lakes Police Local Area Command and Delta Electricity have come together again to help stop local crime and benefit the community at large Delta Electricity has made many contributions to Tuggerah Lakes LAC for several years now, beginning with two trail bikes that it provided the funds for in 2004. The trail bikes have been very useful in preventing rural crime and finding missing persons. Delta Electricity provided funds to upgrade the bikes four years later in 2008, again providing Tuggerah Lakes LAC and the community with a much-needed resource. Now Delta Electricity is helping the community again by providing funds to Tuggerah Lakes LAC to buy an enclosed trailer for the bikes and GPS devices for off-road vehicles. ‘‘These items have been very helpful in conducting patrols and preventing trespassing on Delta’s property and will further increase the capabilities of Tuggerah Lakes police to respond to these and other emergencies,” Chief Inspector Rod Peet said. Every year Delta outlines a community relations plan for the regions surrounding its opera-

NO ESCAPE: Senior Constable Jamie Kain and Senior Sergeant Rob Lawson of Tuggerah Lakes Local Area Command. – Picture by Shara Silk

tions and, through sponsorship and donations to various community groups, it builds a positive relationship with the community. The trail bikes are an asset to Delta as they have extensive buffer lands around their two power stations which adjoin housing.

Trespassers break through the security fencing from time to time. This also troubles residents in housing close to the buffer lands who often notify Delta of the trespassing as they are disturbed by the loud noise of the bikes.

Police have also used the bikes to help in search-and-rescue operations such as rescuing lost bushwalkers trapped in remote areas that would be very difficult to get into without the trail bikes. They have also been used to target rural crime.

Hywel’s climb to great heights

Publicatio Typeset On n:NNP, Edition:NC H, Page:0202 PDF2001 at By14/10/2010 JORDAN FRANCIS 3:28:42 PM

the RSL since 2005. lian history, particularly its PageType:A 3Proof was set up military history. by RFrench The program High resolution

ST Philip’s Christian College Gosford student Hywel Barker represented the region during the last school holidays as an ambassador on a Kokoda Track trek. Hywel was supported by Gosford RSL. The Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge is a scholarship run and funded by

to help develop potential



leaders and increase Lieutenant Colonel Sydney The New awareness of the World Barker was in the Austracast le on Hera War Two battles the lian Light Horse. ld’s Scho track. “Ever since I was a kid, olI Newspap

Cooped up for life with no lov e

Hywel Barker has a great appreciation of Australian history. – Picture by Amy Grose UNDERSTANDING:

So far 120 youths between 16 and 18 have taken part. The RSL selects nominees, looking for youth who have an interest in and understanding of Austra-

St Philip’s Christian College Gosford was awarded ‘Winner: Best Overall Newspaper – High School’ in the 2010 Newcastle Herald School Newspaper Competition.

Year 9/10 students wrote all the articles, designed advertisements, submitted photographs and designed editorial cartoons.

Run by the Newcastle Herald and sponsored by Newcastle Permanent, St Philip’s was awarded $2000 in prize money as winners of this prestigious event.

Competition coordinator, Richard French, said that the team of judges, which included education and marketing experts, were impressed with the mix of articles included in the entry, the photographs taken by the students and the community connection the articles emphasised.

er Competit

have always wanted to walk the track,’’ Hywel said. ‘‘This was an opportunity for me to gain an understanding of my family’s history and, by extension, mine.”


Mariners set sail for excellence


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Teens make a difference

Mum raises red

Opinions expre ssed

Cartoon by Shara Silk

light on human trafficking

By NATALY ORTUBIA had to do something. CENTRAL To raise money, ” Coast mother Felicity Fowler Yasha jewellery, she sells handcrafmission to change is on a ted for an organisatio the world by highlightin n g the effects called Nightlight by victims of women being of the sex trade. the sex trade. forced into Selling jeweller Her aim is to y help women provides an alternative escape and income. to communities educate local “I hope that about supthis business porting freedom will help for ness for in raising awarewomen. this issue and “How could help in the fight babies, trafficking. against human young children, ” even men be women and To buy the sold into such a trade as this?,’’ support an jewellery or Ms end Fowler said. to the sexual slavery, go to http:/ ‘‘I was shocked, /www.yash I knew I About_Yas ha.html

in this newspaper

are not neces sarily those of


Advertiseme created by Jenny nt Brooks of St Philip’s Christian College Gosford.

Felicity Fowler

wants an end

to sexual slavery.

the competitio n sponsor

Here for you, here for the community

13 19 87 newcas


HERALD Thursday , October 28, 2010

Here for good. Newcastle Permanent


thelife -

Volume 18 - Issue 1 - Term 1, 2011

Building Society

Limited ABN 96 087

651 992.

NPB0027 T24

The St Philip’s entry included a number of articles including St Philip’s student Hywel Barker who won RSL sponsorship to walk the Kokoda Track, an article on the Erina Pound, Tuggerah Lakes Police and Delta Electricity, the Central Coast Mariners and National Bandanna Day. The editorial raised issues about puppy factories. Shara Silk was highly commended for her contributions as was Nataly Ortubia for her article on human trafficking.

Over 90 schools, K-12, on the Central Coast and Hunter entered the competition.

Each task is charged to either the school or to individuals.The accumulated funds are spent by the students at the end of the year in Enterprise Week on such activities as: • • • • • •

DALE Christian School provides alternative education for students in Years 7-10 for whom mainstream schooling is not the most appropriate option. One of the many activities undertaken by students is Enterprise Activity. The aim of this is to demonstrate by “doing” that productive activity can lead to both reward and achievement. Some of the tasks undertaken in Enterprise Activity include: • Weekly cooking of lunches for students and staff • Lawn mowing • Gardening • Grounds beautification • A daily stall for the sale of small items of food

Aerobatic flying Go-karting Sand surfing at Stockton Camping Laser skirmish Sailing on the lake

Each activity undertaken by students is recorded and provides a means of assisting in the formulation of personal CV’s which can testify to potential employers that students have achieved specific tasks and have acquired specific employment skills. In addition, students learn that productive service can produce reward.


Enterprising Activity at DALE Christian School

A recent activity involved the making of cakes and Sri Lankan food for sale, with the proceeds going to overseas ministry in Sri Lanka.

A fine example of Endurance It is impossible not to say that all the students of the DALE Young Mothers’ Program show amazing endurance under often extreme and difficult circumstances – and they just keep on going. However at this time we would recognise one student in particular for her endurance and her outstanding achievement in the area of short story writing. Abby Barnes, is a 20 year old finishing her year 10 studies. She intends to sit subjects in the HSC and would like to be a journalist/writer. It was recognised some time ago that Abby is a very good writer and we have been encouraging her along these lines. She recently entered a nation wide competition “Write 4 Fun” and although she did not win she was on the shortlist and was asked for permission to use her short story in a book of the best writings to be published. So she is very proud to be a published author and feels validated in her abilities. Abby originally enrolled in the Program in 2008, when her baby was four months old. She had dropped out of school after Year 9 some time before.When she had her baby she wanted to improve herself and her employment opportunities in order to make a better life for herself and her son. Abby left the Program at the end of 2008 but returned at the beginning of 2010 to finish her Year 10. She has worked very well since and made great progress, and will complete her Year 10 this year. Now with a clear career path in mind she is determined to finish her HSC and go on to university.

This is one of Abby’s poems: Mine to keep..... The sun is shining today It’s warm in a gorgeous way. The breeze is cool but not intense To be inside would make no sense. I sit and feel at peace inside I watch you with abundant pride. You turn and you smile at me Your lips curving perfectly. You fill my heart ‘til it might burst Go on son, do your worst. For as it stands, and I should know My love is too deep to fully show. I know you may bring me pain Yet I know this love will remain. So I can sit and smile away As I will silently every day. For God knows even as you sleep You are mine and His to keep.

thelife -

Volume 18 - Issue 1 - Term 1, 2011



Bethany June

Jona David

William Noah

The 20th of October saw the welcomed arrival of Bethany June Hawgood, born at 5.23pm, weighing 7lb 12oz. She is an absolutely delightful little bundle and very much loved by her big sister Olivia, father Gareth and mother, Lea (Newcastle PD/H/PE Teacher).

Jeffery and Jessica Paget (nee Burrell, ex-pupil) are overjoyed with the arrival of Jona David Paget, born on 2nd September weighing 8lb 6oz. Jona is the grandson of Business Manager Garry Paget. He is “the best looking grandchild in the history of births”, according to the very proud grandparents.

Congratulations to Jay and Kim Osborn, PDHPE Gosford, on the safe arrival of William Noah Osborn. He was born on Thursday 2nd September, weighing 7lb 3oz. He is providing enormous joy to both of his parents.

Micah Lukacs

Seth Asher

Emerald Faith

Junior School Teacher Luke Bowie from Cessnock Campus and his wife Anna have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy! Micah Lukacs Bowie was born on 16th of October 2010 weighing 7lb 9oz (3.43kg). Micah’s middle name is Luke in Hungarian representing Anna’s background.

Jody and Kim Yeaman, Middle school Maths teacher at Port Stephens, are proud parents to Seth Asher Yeaman. He was born on 5th January 2010 weighing 9lb 3oz and is being thoroughly enjoyed by his big brothers, Levi and Elijah. Seth was a lovely surprise after Jody and Kim had been told they were having a girl!

Congratulations to Chloe and Evan Ellenbacher who welcomed ‘Emerald Faith Ellenbacher’ into the world at 3:33am on Saturday morning, after a quick 3.5 hour labour. At 5 pound 14 she is very cute and perfect. Chloe (nee Cooper) is an SPCC Newcastle exstudent, and teacher.

Jeremiah Timothy

Glen and Emma

Southland College

....serving the needs of Christian Educators

Teaching as a College Christian...

Junior School Teacher Jonathon Cooper and his wife Naomi gave birth to their first child, Jeremiah Timothy Cooper, on August 3rd. Jonathon is loving being a father to Jeremiah.

Glen Urane and Emma Ross announced their engagement on 9th October 2010. It was a “story book” proposal with Glen proposing during a hot air balloon flight over the Hunter Valley. Glen is a Port Stephens Middle School teacher.

*M Ed / M Ed (Leadership) Face to Face Courses *Based at Newcastle St Philip’s Christian College *Also accessible at the other video conferencing sites of SPCC OR via Distance Education Enrolments for Grad Dip Ed (Secondary) will be accepted throughout the year

14 thelife -

Volume 18 - Issue 1 - Term 1, 2011

Belle and Kendall

Lachlan and Leya

Ellen Collyer and Peter Bromhead were married on 26 June 2010. They thoroughly enjoyed their honeymoon in Thailand and are currently living in Charlestown. Ellen is a Child Care Worker at D.A.L.E. Young Mothers’ Program. Peter teaches at Belmont Christian Collage. Ellen has been a staff member at D.A.L.E. since March 2005. Peter is the son of Malcolm Bromhead (Principal of SPCC Cessnock).

Belle Holliday and Kendall Williams were spontaneously hitched while travelling in Las Vegas Nevada, with the service being performed by ‘Elvis’ on 21 July, 2010. Belle currently works as SPCC’s Communications Officer and Kendall is a 2000 graduate of Newcastle Campus. They held a post-wedding celebration for family and friends in November last year.

Leya Aboltins and Lachlan Cowling celebrated their marriage on April 10, 2010 at St. Michael’s, Wollombi. They honeymooned at Thala Beach Lodge, north of Cairns, and are currently living at Anna Bay. Lachlan taught at Port Stephens for 7 years and has moved to Richmond Lowlands in 2011.

Melanie and Ben

Beth and Nathan

Stella and Michael

Melanie Moylan and Ben Brice were married on 25 September 2010, at Speers Point Park, on a gorgeous spring day. Melanie is a former Newcastle student, and is in her final year of Occupational Therapy at the University of Newcastle. They now live in New Lambton. Ben teaches Middle and Senior School at the Cessnock campus.

Beth Bowley married Nathan Watson on 10th July 2010 in Soldiers Point. They celebrated this special day with a honeymoon at Ko Sumui. Beth is an ex-student, HSC 2007 of Port Stephens campus and is currently studying Secondary Teaching at Newcastle University and Nathan is a research scientist.

Congratulations to Stella Ienco, Gosford English Coordinator, and Michael Gaffney. They celebrated their wonderful wedding on Saturday 4th September, 2010. It was a very special day surrounded by family and friends.

home at 5am. Of course, he did not want to get out of bed the next day to go to Sydney, but under coercion, managed to get in the car at 6am and before they knew it, Luke and Joel made it through the first round.

the start of an amazing journey!


Ellen and Peter

Luke and Joel on X-Factor

‘Just for fun’, in June 2010, Luke and Joel O’Dea (sons of Newcastle Principal, Pam O’Dea) went to an X-Factor audition in Sydney. Actually, the night before, Joel went to watch the screening in Wheeler Place of a Socceroos World Cup match, and so because of the time difference between Europe and Australia, arrived

From there it was like a whirlwind.They made it through Boot Camp and then they were told they were going to Los Angeles for the next audition. After making it through their audition with Snoop Dog, they were whisked off to New York where they met Usher and subsequently Guy Sebastian thanked them, but told them they should go and pack to return home...(very disappointedly they turned to go) pack for the live shows. Well that was

Luke and Joel were challenged by the experience, yet thoroughly enjoyed it. They went on to be placed 5th out of 12 finalists, and following the conclusion of the X-Factor experience were asked to support the winner of X-Factor, Altiyan Childs, on his “Somewhere in the World” tour including Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, South Coast and Melbourne. Luke and Joel are planning a show in Newcastle, supported by fellow X-Factor contestant, Sally Chatfield, on April 2nd 2011, at Panthers.

thelife -

Volume 18 - Issue 1 - Term 1, 2011


Year 12 Formal Photographs


Port Stephens


The Life - Term 1, 2011  

The Life promotes College events, highlights the development of St. Philip’s Christian College, and records the achievements of students and...