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AProRedTM Blood-derived pigment for natural colouring of lean meat

Add the most appealing look to your meat products AProRed™ is a natural micro-granulated meat pigment derived from pork blood. With AProRed™ you get a more homogeneous colour in your meat products. As a meat processor you can improve the product appearance and acquire a meat-authentic look without adding food colourants. AProRed™ is a natural pigment that intensifies the colouring and improves the perception of lean meat.

Consistent product quality AProRed™ brings a high degree of consistency to the product appearance and improves the perceived product quality. Despite colour variances in e.g. lean and extended meat, AProRed™ will deliver consistency to the products. This means that AProRed™ also adds to a better process efficiency.


Blood stabilisation process

Injection/brine AProRed


Dry addition Behaves like myoglobin = the red pigment in muscles


Never colours fat The great advantage of AProRed™ is that it only colours muscle tissue and not fat. Therefore, AProRed™ is the perfect choice for bacon, hams, minced meat, cold cuts and other meat applications consisting of mixed tissues.

Developed to fit into your process AProRed™ is developed for meat processors, i.e. professionals who expect ease of use, high functionality and consistent quality. AProRed™ comes prepacked as an instant powder readily soluble and easily incorporated into your production process.

0 sec.

30 sec.

60 sec.

90 sec.

120 sec.

Easy to use 100 % water soluble High content of bioavailable iron No known allergens Non-GMO No E-numbers Will never colour the fat Intensifies the colour of PSE meat Cost saving – maintains colour when replacing meat and ensures same appearance

APro™ AProRedTM


Protein N x 6.25

≥62 %


Micro-granulated powder

Water binding

Fat binding



Application areas

• Injected and reformed products • Emulsified products • Ground products • Dried and fermented products

AProRedTM in fresh minced meat AProRed™ provides a natural meat colour in fresh minced meat, and even at a very low dosage it is possible to get the desired colour in the meat. Depending on the desired colour intensity the dosage can be increased accordingly, as illustrated below in the three different types of minced meat with different dosages. The intensity of the colour from 0.1 % - 0.4 % shows the excellent performance of AProRed™ even at this relatively low dosage.

0 % AProRedTM

0.1 % AProRedTM

0.2 % AProRedTM

0.4 % AProRedTM

AProRedTM in PSE meat Studies at the Spanish IRTA institute (Recerca i Technologia Agrolimentáries) show that AProRed™ has a positive effect in hams made from PSE meat. AProRed™ reduces the PSE effect in cooked hams. One of the problems with PSE meat is that the myoglobin is denaturated and by adding AProRed™ the meat will gain its original colour. Research has been done on injected hams with normal pH and in PSE hams without AProRed™ versus PSE hams with 0.04 % AProRed™.

Control ham with normal pH

PSE ham without AProRedTM

PSE ham with AProRedTM

Pigment content (µ hematin/g muscle) 34.77 31.26


35.29 31.28

No PSE - ham control


PSE - ham control

PSE ham + 0.04 % AProRedTM Fresh


The studies concluded that adding stabilised AProRedTM meat pigment to the brine injected in PSE hams resulted in cooked hams with reduced L* values and increased a* values as well as a visual redness. The AProRedTM meat pigment reduced the pale colour of PSE cooked hams without affecting the colour stability or the texture.

L* values - Lightness a* values - Redness

*For more information about the study from IRTA please contact us.

AProRedTM in smoked and cooked products AProRed™ also has a highly noticeable effect on your smoked or cooked products. It will shorten smoking time due to fast colour development, make your production economy better and enhance the look of your products.

Without AProRedTM

Never colours fat

With AProRedTM

Loin without AProRedTM

Loin with AProRedTM

Less smoking time due to fast colour development Stabilises the curing time Intensifies the smoked colour Reduces production cost Increases perception of lean meat

AProRedTM in dried and fermented products

Never colours fat

Without AProRedTM

With AProRedTM

As far as dried or fermented products are concerned, you have a number of opportunities to use AProRed™ in your production. If you are using a high dosage of isolated soy protein (5 %), AProRed™ will increase the perception of lean meat in the product. Also, AProRed™ allows you to replace more pigmented meats like beef meat with other meat types with lower pigmentation or even with turkey or chicken meat. In that way you are able to reduce the cost of the final product.

Reduces the smoking time due to fast development in smoked products Replaces other food colourants Enhances the meat colour and gives the final product a more natural colour Never colours the visible fat in the final product Better colour stabilisation in dried and fermented sausages due to lower pH

AProRedTM in emulsified products AProRedTM is highly usable in all kinds of emulsified products e.g. sausages, cold cuts, canned procucts ect.

Mortadella One of the special features of AProRed™ is that it does not colour fat. This is highly relevant when making Mortadellas where big pieces of fat are visible. Water soluble and dissolves/reacts in the meat Increases the lean meat perception

Never colours fat

Without AProRedTM

With AProRedTM

Cold cuts AProRedTM in high-extended products will:

Provide natural pigmentation to extended products Allow to replace lean meat without affecting the colour of the finished product Provide natural appearance to extended products Ensure that the replaced meat obtains the same colour as the lean meat

Without AProRedTM

With AProRedTM

AProRedTM in ground products AProRedTM delivers a natural and appealing look to fresh lean meat which will even last after grilling. When using AProRed™ in ground products you will get a more natural colour compared to that of E 120. Below pictures show the difference in the products before and after grilling (heat treatment). AProRed™ reacts in the same way as the meat’s own colour. The pictures below reveal that the reaction of AProRed™ equals lean meat - a natural appearance versus the burger with E 120. Even after grilling, the burger with E 120 keeps a very red colour which is not something you will see in natural meat.


0.10 % AProRedTM

0.005 % E 120


0.10 % AProRedTM

0.005 % E 120

How to use AProRedTM in brines Avoid to dissolve AProRedTM with foam present Must be completely dissolved May be blended with other ingredients to dissolve faster

Dry addition Can be added directly into your meat product or mixed with other dry ingredients It is not recommended to use AProRed™ in dry blends for applications without curing reaction

Recommended use levels Product


Coked sausages (hot dog, Vienna)

0.10 - 0.20 %


0.10 - 0.20 %

Cooked ham

0.01 – 0.06 %

Restructured ham

0.06 – 0.10 %

Smoked bacon

0.04 – 0.08 %


0.10 – 0.20 %

Cooked salami and Mortadella

0.10 - 0.20 %

How to store After opening the bag, it is recommended to seal the bag and keep the product in a cool place (ideally in a cooler). The product is best preserved by keeping it away from light and oxygen.

AProRedTM packaging Packed in modified atmosphere (CO2 ) in aluminium foil sealed bags. 1 kg printed or neutral bag 10 kg printed or neutral bag Pallet weight 480 kg

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