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Playbook Everything Between Listing and Selling Your Property

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Way Way Way Past Real Estate

Ever wonder why our clients look so...well, happy?

Why Aspen Snowmass Properties?

Our listings

have legs, selling 30%

sell for higher Our listings

faster. prices. (220 days vs. 345 average days on market)

You’ll have a

(4.7% vs. 7% discount from list price— an average of $30,000)

47% greater

chance of getting to the closing table with us than with our competitors.

2017 comparisons based on our listings vs. our Aspen/Snowmass competitors’ listings.

Aspen Office

About Us

Frequently voted Aspen’s favorite real estate group, Aspen Snowmass Properties is one of the Roaring Fork Valley’s most successful companies, with salespeople who are consistently among the area’s top performers. From historically-preserved Aspen and Snowmass offices, we’ve generated more than 2600 transactions and over $3.7 billion in sales during our 24-year tenure, including some of the valley’s highest-end acquisitions.

We’re all yours.

 We’re an unusual team here because, well, we actually are a team. We work together, not in competition. When you hire one of us, you get all of us: broker to broker, front desk to president. More hands, more brains, more service, more care.  Our mission: exceed your highest expectations by bringing more thought, creativity, accountability, service and wisdom to the task of buying and selling property.

Look for results, and you’ll find us. A spen Snowmass Properties has more high-producing brokers than any other office in the valley. Since 2010, we have individually out-performed the top ten offices in the valley with over $100 million per agent. Three times the average Joe. Or double our best competitors. Or, wow.

Recent Listing Performance BHHS Aspen Snowmass Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C

Avg # of Listings Listings Taken/ % Sales Sold/ Agents Taken Sold Agent Success Agent 12 354 117 29.5 52% 15.4 159 1665 726 10.5 44% 4.6 55 605 289 11.0 48% 5.3 44 344 137 7.5 40% 3.0 Source: Aspen/Glenwood Springs Multiple Listing Service, 2014-2017

Snowmass Office

Link to the world.

Our affiliation with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices gives our brokers (and our listings) direct access to 44,000 brokers in 1325 firms which comprise one of the most

productive and extensive global networks on the planet. Our database of 17,000 people is a living network of property owners and potential buyers kept current on the market and on our listings through creative communication.

What we do, nobody does. N o dog ever ate our homework. Details. Details. Details. We love them, and you’ll never have to ask. Aspen Snowmass Properties has more thorough Aspen/Snowmass/Basalt market research than you will find anywhere. This valley is a neighborhood-specific marketplace, and we have taken the time to analyze, in depth and detail, the inventory and sales histories, supply-and-demand dynamics, and trends of each. Ask for our annual Aspen Report and its monthly updates which remove the guesswork from our advice and inform our decisions about values. From sophisticated market analyses, to staging and styling photographs, to arranging inspections and surveys, we prepare our sellers so they’ll avoid bumps in the road that can derail a sale. And, in the end, we’ll negotiate for them like it was for world peace.

We lead.

For six years running, to standing-room only audiences, Aspen Snowmass Properties hosted an

annual forum at the Aspen Institute on the current state of the real estate and tourist economy, featuring presentations of in-depth market statistics and trends, nationallyknown keynote speakers, and panels of local tourism, development, and government leaders.

LUCY NICHOLS IN HER WE TRUST • When she listens, it’s like the whole world’s listening. • Quiet force, major force. • Bold, adventurous, as fearless as they come. Lucy is a Zen warrior, long at the pinnacle of her game. She has mastered the graceful art of landing the home, the neighborhood, the particular flavor of life people tell her they want. This isn’t optional, it’s her mission. A pro’s pro, she’s faster than public knowledge, fresher and more nuanced than an online search, and she eclipses other brokers you may be used to. Lucy won’t miss a word you’re saying, and you’ll say a lot, because you’ll trust her. Everybody does. It can’t be helped. Having lived and worked in Aspen for 30 years, Lucy is a local who holds the people, places, and stories of this valley close. She sees more than most. Her market forecasts and analyses actually do predict what’s coming, and she’s a magnet for unearthing and transforming potential treasures of land and property. A gifted broker who makes exceptional look easy, Lucy will see that your experience of real estate is gratifying, smooth, and successful – right up there with pleasurable.


Aspen Snowmass Properties

HER CLIENTS SAY: Our sale was intricate, our timing critical, and Lucy handled everything flawlessly. And: We bought the house sight unseen, that’s how much we trust her. And: Her excellent staging and marketing helped find just the right buyer for our property, pronto. And: Lucy is tenacious, honest, creative and persuasive. Above the rest in a very competitive industry. WE SAY: She doesn’t ask people to compromise, because she doesn’t. And: Calm, direct, discreet, rock solid honest. And: A seamless professional with no drama, rigmarole, bumps or excuses. WHAT LUCY BRINGS TO THE TABLE Ground-up experience in the real estate business – property management, commercial sales, and luxury rental/development/design/build in Aspen. | Deeply connected to the community’s movers and shakers. | Under the radar knowledge of what’s going on in the Aspen market. | The eye to identify diamonds in the rough, properties with possibilities and built-in value. | Consistently in the top 4% of the brokerage community, producing more sales volume than 96% of her peers. Year in and year out, in the top 30 of over 700 brokers. | Calm, plain-spoken, and fearless, Lucy is the unassailable master of her craft.

LUCY NICHOLS 970.379.1587

FINE POINTS Born in Cleveland Heights, Ohio | Devoted to Gary: builder/partner/pilot/chef/Renaissance man | Gung-ho mom to Gracie and Gardner | Attended Maryland Institute of Art, Cleveland Institute of Art; BS in Marketing and International Business from University of Colorado | Practices impossible little things like patience, listening, staying curious | Passionate about morning hikes, tree skiing, yoga, movies where the underdog wins, and most of all, her family.


Aspen Snowmass Properties

A Pedigree Like No Other Our Affiliation with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices


erkshire Hathaway HomeServices is a joint venture between HomeServices of America and Berkshire Hathaway. From technology to advertising to research and communication, the company is laser-focused on ensuring the

fulfillment of the brand’s vision: to be the best-recognized, most highly respected homeownership services brand in the United States and worldwide. That boils down to a compelling value for our customers. Aspen Snowmass Properties |BJ Adams and Company is proud to become a member of the $200 billion Berkshire Hathaway family. There’s not a brand name on the planet you can toss around so casually and have it land more positively than Berkshire Hathaway – it is one of the most recognized and respected companies in the world, one which carries a smart reputation with a long history of success. The name is synonymous with strength, integrity, trust, admiration, and instant global presence. And, that’s the whole real estate ballgame, in our opinion. So when they asked, we said yes. The BHHS affiliation amplifies our creativity, innovation and voice and gives us a grand platform from which to operate. And it gives our clients the broader exposure they deserve and want. We see it as giving our clients the best of both worlds—the advantages of a right-sized, elite team of local professionals, supported by a trusted international organization. HomeServices of America (the joint venture partner with Berkshire Hathaway) was already the second-largest real estate sales network in the country, and the new company is going international this year, beginning with the most powerful international website in the world. BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomeServices already has an impressive footprint — 45,000 agents in over 1350 offices (that’s nearly three times the size of Sotheby’s) — a network which will be a meaningful source of referrals.

Respected and Admired


cross the most trusted and well-read sources, the Berkshire Hathaway band continues to rank among the very best.. Across the nation and around the world, it is a pedigree like no other.

Forbes World’s Largest Public Companies 2016 #1



China Construction Bank


Agricultural Bank of China


Berkshire Hathaway


JP Morgan Chase


Bank of China


Wells Fargo




World’s Most Respected Companies 2016


Exxon Mobile


Johnson & Johnson


Toyota Motor


Berkshire Hathaway














Alphabet (Google)


Home Depot

Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies 2016 #1



Alphabet (Google)




Berkshire Hathaway






Southwest Airlines






General Electric Fortune - World’s Most Admired Companies 2016, Barron’s - World’s Most Respected Companies 2016, Forbes - The World’s Largest Public Companies 2016

Exceptional Reach


se our reach to reach your real estate goals.

More than 45,000 agents Over 1350 offices In 47 states

International Listing Distribution


s part of the global expansion, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices has partnered with Worldposting to syndicate the network’s residential listings to over 79 global websites serving consumers in 41 countries on five continents. Your property will experience the full breadth and reach of our rapidly expanding international network.

EU RO P E Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia France Greece Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Monaco Poland Portugal Romania Serbia Spain

AME R IC A S Brazil Canada Chile Colombia BJan Republic Mexico

MIDDLE E A S T & AFR IC A Algeria Morocco South Africa Turkey United Arab Emirates

ASIA & PACIFIC China - French Polynesia Macau New Caledonia Papua New Guinea Philippines Thailand

WO R LD BestPropertiesOver


Sorry, your mother was wrong.

At Aspen Snowmass Properties, that world does revolve around you. Think it, we make it so.

Hit the Ground Running: We Tell the World


e will not hesitate. As most buyers will likely first see your listing online, we will create a web page and custom Hitproperty, the Ground Running: We the World URL for your and here our devotion to Tell professional staging and photography will set you apart from the   crowd.     theis complete, Ground Running: Tell thereach World We   will  nthat ot  Hit hesitate.   The  myour oment   staging   is  complete,   our   The moment staging property willWe immediately theyeyes of   property   w ill   i mmediately   r each   t he   e yes   o f   p rospective   b uyers   prospective buyers worldwide. It will launch on our website,,   worldwide.    It  will   launch   on  dknow ozens  beof  thereal   eHere state   earch   engines   and dozens search engines aresthe top five, with We  of wreal ill  nestate ot  hesitate.   The  mwe oment  stotaging   ibest. s  complete,   your   we   k now   t o   b e   t he   b est.     H ere   a re   t he   t op   f ive,   w ith   a   c ombined   a combined 26% share of tvisitors: property   will  imarket mmediately   reach   he  eyes  of  prospective  buyers   26%  worldwide.   market  s  hare   o f   v isitors.         It  will  launch  on  dozens  of  real  estate  search  engines   we  know  to  be  the  best.    Here  are  the  top  five,  with  a  combined           share              o   f  visitors.                             26%  m    arket  

                                                And   w e   c ertainly   d on’t   s top   t here.   T here   a re   a   m ultitude   o f   o ther   And we  certainly don’t stop there. There are a multitude of other websites which each garner websites   each   garner   additional   m arket   share.    Here’s   a   And   wwe  hich   cshare. ertainly   don’t   There   are   a  multitude   ther   just   additional market Here’s just satop   few tofhere.   over 50 that we utilize. (That guyof  inoMoscow, he’ll see few  of  over  50  that  we  utilize.    (That  guy  in  Moscow,  he’ll  see  you.)       you.) websites  which  each  garner  additional  market  share.    Here’s  just  a   few  of  over  50  that  we  utilize.    (That  guy  in  Moscow,  he’ll  see  you.)      























We will set up a buyer’s hotline so, if we’re queried about your property on-line, we can respond in minutes. Our red-alert system bypasses all distractions and sends requests directly to our attention. An outreach to the local brokers and our 17,000-plus database will go out the same day your news reaches our BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomeServices network which further extends your audience through a rapidly growing global network presently comprised of 1200 offices and 40,000 sales associates, many located in key markets where we make meaningful and productive connections: Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, New York, Florida and California.

Here are some of the other elements of our plan to market your property to the widest possible audience:

Expanded MLS listing with numerous photographs, maps, surveys, floorplans and rental proformas.

• The most impressive and complete brochure in the area.

• D  irect mailings, unique to your home, professionally created and intelligently targeted to and for qualified buyers.

Open houses on a regular basis, for both the brokerage community and the public.

• Online/offline, pick-up-the phone outreach to local brokers, our most important customer base, about the merits of your listing.

• Included in our local newspaper and magazine advertising.

• F  eatured in Shelter, our seasonal guide to Roaring Fork Valley real estate, distributed to thousands of qualified buyers around the world.

• T  he Aspen Report, our biannual update on the local market – the crucial education for potential buyers and a valuable warm up before presenting your property.

• Highlighted in our monthly e-mail newsletters to our client database.

Our company support and presence in local festival publications. (Aspen Music Festival, The Aspen Idea, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Aspen Writers Foundation, Aspen Choral Society, Theatre Aspen, and many others).

• P  rime exposure through the networks of our award-winning team of brokers who have been bestowed with international marketing recognition, honored by multiple Aspen Times Local Choice Awards, and acknowledged by their peers as Aspen Board of Realtors presidents and Realtors of the Year.

Attention, world.

What we do for our clients, nobody does. Not even close.

This is what we do.


Visit your property with fresh eyes.

Spend enough time to

see its personality, strengths and secrets revealed.

Know with

clarity who your likely buyers are and how your property should be marketed, which photographer and which copywriter should be hired to tell the story. ✯ Study deep and study broad. Combine hardcore left-brain analysis with experienced-based instinct to determine value and position in the marketplace. ✯ Deliver a detailed market analysis that includes competitive listings, recent sales, and neighborhood trends. (Include what didn’t sell – and why.)


Generate intelligent listing documents sans errors, gaps, oversights or cavalier answers. ✯

Ask the good questions: Why did you buy this property? Learn the architectural roots, ownership history, how each room was loved and lived in. ✯ Feed these gems to the marketing team. ✯ Take care of business. Order title work, pre-sale inspection and radon test, survey, HOA meeting minutes, financials and rules. ✯ Review documents for any mistakes potential snags and red flags that could derail your sale later. Handle all issues now.


Take first impressions seriously and never put a property on the market half-dressed. ✯ Toss out the standard

checklists. Examine every corner of every room to see what needs tending. ✯ Declutter, organize, move, restock, re-envision. Clean, wash, fix, shine, plant, white glove everything. ✯ Take on the “honey-do” list. Call you when it’s all handled. ✯ Approved budget in hand, shop and accessorize with wit, style and the eyes of a buyer. ✯ FYI. The cost for this time and expertise is zip. ✯

(Who does this besides us? Nobody.


Design a targeted, stand-out online/offline marketing and media plan. ✯ Manage the creative team. ✯ Take inventory, document rental history, create aerial maps, floorplans and site plans. ✯ Style for the photographer, coach the copywriter, cue the web designer so your property has a personal website, brochure and ad that demand attention.

Go public

Hit the ground running. ✯ Reach out to the neighbors,

plumb our database, upload to BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomeServices website and other international networks. ✯ Create unusual postcard mailings that convey your home’s warmth and personality, kindle imaginations and move people to action. ✯

Host non-typical Open

Houses that compel brokers and buyers to experience your property’s strongest features. (Ask about our Gourmet Treasure Hunt, Pond-Jumping Contest and Old West Campfire Breakfast.) ✯

its worth.

Use the MLS for all

Where the rest stop, keep going with auxiliary documents like

surveys, rules and regs, costs of ownership. ✯ Maintain a top-of-list online presence and utilize key search engines. ✯

Stay in close touch

with you, and not just at the crucial points.

Keep it up

Refresh staging.

Accompany brokers to showings,

inspiring them to keep prospective buyers coming.

✯ Continue hosting Open Houses and incorporating feedback. ✯ Faithfully

update you on showings, feedback, new listings and sales in your neighborhood. ✯ Unceasingly refine and finesse all strategies. ✯ Don’t slow the pace and never leave your side.


Negotiate offers with the art, skill, knowledge, determination and people skills this demands. Know when to bend, where to hold fast, how to keep the conversation going. ✯ To keep things moving, do the paperwork for the other broker. ✯ When the closing is in sight, take care of all new details. Title review, survey review, inspection loopholes, additional repairs,

Walk the buyers through due diligence and never let them out of sight. Take care of any potential deal breakers. ✯ And then, suddenly, it’s done. ✯ etc. ✯

The final destination is reached, the closing is unequivocally closed.

Grab the champagne and celebrate, with abandon.

Fan Mail

A good sale makes our day. A good letter makes our life.

Thank yous, kudos, references that count.


Richard M. Hodosh, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.A.N.S.


Neurovascular Surgery Skull Base Tumors Neurovascular Surgery Skull Base Tumors Acoustic Neuromas Spinal Surgery

99 Beauvoir Avenue Summit, NJ 07902 Tel: 908-522-4979 Mobile: 908-377-0923

Dear Lucy, You were recommended to us for your Real Estate acumen and expertise. Our experience with you exceeded our most hopeful expectations. During three years of our on-and-off search for the right place to begin our retirement in Aspen, your patience, understanding of our needs, and continuous dedication were remarkable-you always made us feel comfortable with this process. We appreciate your promptness to always go the extra mile making sure our questions and concerns were clarified. You represented us with integrity and your persistence with negotiations was key in facilitating closure of our contract to the satisfaction of both seller and buyer. Not only did we find a wonderful home, but indeed my wife and I found a dear friend. We remember you said the Aspen community would be warm and welcoming and that certainly has been the case. Thank you for having made our purchase such a pleasant experience. Warmest regards,


perennial �PROPERTIES�

Re: Lucy Nichols To whom it may concern:

I am thrilled to recommend Lucy Nichols for real estate representation in the Aspen area. My family first engaged with Lucy after meeting her as she was representing a property we were interested in purchasing. Even though the home didn't end up being the right f it, Lucy was so helpful in understanding what our family's needs were, that it became very apparent that she should be a great buyers' representative. Lucy used her intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods we were interested in as well as her concern for the peculiarities of our family's needs to find a way to creatively acquire the perfect land site for development. She was tenacious, honest, creative and persuasive in making a deal happen. These qualities make her a cut above the rest in a very competitive industry. We'd be thrilled to get the opportunity to work with Lucy again.


1924 Piedmont Circle, Suite 100 Atlanta, Georgia, 30324

Phone: 404.881.0759 404.881.0755 Fax:

2600 ISLAND BLVD APT 706 AVENTURA,FL. 33160 TEL 305-935-8827 FAX 305-935-8829 E-MAIL IRVBROWN@AOL.COM


Memo To:

Lucy Nichols


Irv Brown


Sale of 100 Park Ave

Dear Lucy Bobbi and I want to express our thanks to you for working so diligently and professionally on our behalf and especially for the end result of your dedication-a sale. There is no doubt in my mind that any person who wants their home in Aspen sold could never find a person more capable than you nor a company more professional than BJ Adams. The time and effort you devoted not only to showings and advertising but to the updating and redecoration of the house, goes beyond the normal expectations of an owner and I’m sure beyond the capabilities of most real estate agents. Your attention to the minutest detail from the first day of our association enabled the sale and closing to proceed without a hitch. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend you and B.J.Adams to any prospective seller and in truth would be doing them a gigantic favor. Please feel free to call me if I can be of assistance in the future. I hope you and your family are well. Give my best to BJ. Sincerely Irv




f your property was just any property, anywhere, you could hire just anyone to sell it. But Aspen, Snowmass and every nook and crest of this valley are as close as it gets to extraordinary. And we know it takes innovation, knowledge and service to keep pace with paradise. Which could be why we sell more of our listings than anybody around and are able to make that crucial difference between a home that sits, and a home that sells. We’re determined to get your property the price it deserves and to give you the tender care and service you thought extinct, and with a respect for detail you don’t see in bottom-line business anymore. Our staging and marketing strategies are so out-of-the-mold, we’ve been recognized nationally as a model for the industry. You might say we’ve lifted the practice of real estate to an art. In an extraordinary valley that glitters and glows, BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomeServices is the real deal.

The BHHS | Aspen Snowmass Properties Guarantee If ever you’re unsatisfied with our service, feel we’ve left promises unfulfilled or just decide not to sell, please give us a 14-day written notice with the reason for your decision to terminate the listing. After we’re reimbursed for our direct marketing expenses, your listing will be returned, but our door will remain open. Your satisfaction is priority number one.

Aspen 534 East Hopkins Avenue | Aspen, CO 81611 | 970.922.2111 555 E. Durant Avenue | Aspen, C) 81611 | 970.925.5400 Snowmass Village PO Box 6699 | Snowmass Village, CO 81615 | 970.923.2111

Playbook - Lucy Nichols  

Everything between listing and selling your property.

Playbook - Lucy Nichols  

Everything between listing and selling your property.