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Our Donor Family‌Rooted in Giving

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family‌Rooted in Giving

A Message to Our Donors


2011 Hospital & Foundation Highlights


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Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors


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2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving A Message to Our Donors

On behalf of our patients, their families and our staff, thank you for your generous support of Bridgeport Hospital. Your kind gifts have helped us enhance and expand our services to patients and the community. The year 2011 was a very positive one for Bridgeport Hospital. The generosity of our donors, coupled with quality and efficiency improvements, sound fiscal management and the launch of new services in our community, helped us finish the year with a positive operating margin. As a result, we were able to allocate more resources toward necessary facility and service enhancements for our patients. (See 2011 Hospital & Foundation Highlights on page 2.) However, the full impact of healthcare reform will begin to be felt in the next two to three years, when important federal reimbursements for the care of underinsured patients will be shifted away from hospitals to pay for the growing number of people enrolling in government-sponsored health insurance programs, such as Medicaid. This is why philanthropy is more important than ever and especially appreciated at this time. Your support for Bridgeport Hospital comes in many forms, as you will read in the examples on the following pages: • The John Patrick Flanagan Foundation honored his memory after he lost his battle with cancer by funding the creation of a play area for children of patients in our Norma F. Pfriem Cancer Institute. • After Gregg Ricco underwent lifesaving surgery for a ruptured brain abscess, he and his wife Lauri established a scholarship at the Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing as a way of thanking his caregivers. • When Bill Ryan could not overcome the serious burn injuries he received in a 2009 accident, his family used memorial donations to help pay for renovations to the family lounge in The Connecticut Burn Center. • Finley Shaw underwent surgery to treat a dangerous heart condition and one of her children received care in the hospital’s Newborn Intensive Unit. Finley and her family expressed their gratitude with financial support and by donating toys, games and crafts to pediatric patients. • Following her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis in 2004, Lynne Taikowski has been involved in many fundraising activities for The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center, and over the years she has inspired the rest of her family—her husband Dr. Rick Taikowski and their daughters Allie and Kate—to join her. Again, we deeply appreciate your generosity as we strive to provide the safest, highest-quality healthcare to our patients. Thank you for your acts of kindness and compassion. Sincerely,

William M. Jennings President and Chief Executive Officer, Bridgeport Hospital and Executive Vice President, Yale New Haven Health System

Stephen M. Jakab, CFRE President Bridgeport Hospital Foundation


2011 HOSPITAL & FOUNDATION HIGHLIGHTS Quality of Care – Bridgeport Hospital led all Connecticut hospitals with the best (lowest) rate of adverse events per patient days during the latest one-year reporting period. This is the result of an internal process that includes reviews of all adverse events and the development of initiatives to address risks to patients. Center for Geriatrics – Bridgeport Hospital was named “Best in Fairfield County” for geriatrics in U.S. News and World Report’s 2011-12 Best Hospitals rankings. The Center for Geriatrics recruited a fifth geriatrician and expanded its Geriatric Emergency Medicine Program. The Center for Geriatrics also recruited a dedicated advanced practice registered nurse to coordinate its Palliative Care Program. Joel E. Smilow Heart Institute – Thanks to the heartfelt generosity of Joel E. Smilow of Southport, Bridgeport Hospital’s expert cardiac care treatments and services now have a new name: the Joel E. Smilow Heart Institute. The Heart Institute re-packaged its heart rhythm services into the new Connecticut Cardiac Arrhythmia Center (CCAC). In June, CCAC physicians performed New England’s first hybrid ablation for atrial fibrillation, an innovative procedure that combines the best minimally invasive surgical and catheter-based approaches. Emergency Department – The phased expansion and renovation of the Emergency Department (ED) was completed with the renovation of the Department’s psychiatric and trauma rooms and the installation of a new ED-based 16-slice CT scanner. Burn Center – Renovations began on the sub-acute wing of The Connecticut Burn Center, the only dedicated adult burn care facility in the state. The Foundation is seeking donor support for the addition of an overnight suite for families of patients, installation of a dedicated patient elevator and upgrades to patient rooms, the rehabilitation room and the nursing station. Norma F. Pfriem Cancer Institute – Construction began on a new, centrally located outpatient radiation oncology center in Trumbull, adjacent to other cancer services on Park Avenue. A new patient and family lounge opened in the Oncology Unit at the Hospital and the Unit’s Hospice Rooms were renovated. The Cancer Institute received a national award for its Patient Passport, a journal to help patients and their families keep track of various aspects of their cancer care. Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center – The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center introduced expanded women’s wellness services at its renovated Fairfield site on Beach Road. These services include yoga, massage, mental health counseling, naturopathic medicine, nutrition counseling and Pilates. In addition, the Breast Care Center was accredited by the American College of Surgeons’ National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. Sleep Medicine – Bridgeport Hospital’s Center for Sleep Medicine relocated its Diagnostic Suite to the Holiday Inn in downtown Bridgeport in May. The move provides more space for patient care in comfortable surroundings and patient access to amenities such as the hotel pool and fitness center. The Center maintains a Consultation Suite at Bridgeport Hospital.

Bridgeport Hospital’s main lobby has undergone a major renovation which, thanks to the generosity of the Bridgeport Hospital Auxiliary, includes this majestic granite and glass water wall—a 12-foot-high continuously flowing soothing centerpiece accented with seasonal greenery.


2011 Annual Fundraising Report

OB/GYN Services – Park Avenue Perinatal Services, an outpatient antenatal testing center, opened in February 2011 at 5520 Park Avenue in Trumbull, expanding Bridgeport Hospital-based services for pregnant women to a suburban location. Bridgeport Hospital also performed the first single-port (single incision) hysterectomy in Connecticut, a laparoscopic procedure that leaves little or no visible scarring. Pediatric Services – With a goal of increasing safety and quality through a single standard of care, Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital and Bridgeport Hospital jointly initiated a process to integrate their pediatric services, creating two inpatient campuses operating under the Yale-New Haven Hospital license. The integration will also allow for the expansion of services and access to a wider variety of specialty services in Bridgeport. Cafeteria – Bridgeport Hospital’s second floor cafeteria underwent a major floor-to-ceiling renovation to provide a more comfortable and contemporary dining environment for visitors and staff. The second and third floor public corridors were also updated. Lobby and Public Restroom Renovations – Major renovations to Bridgeport Hospital’s main lobby added new, brighter lighting, a water wall at the front entrance and new furniture. Public restrooms throughout the Hospital were also updated. Medical Staff Lounge – The Hospital’s Medical Staff Lounge was remodeled to provide a more comfortable working and meeting environment for physicians. Enhancements included new seating areas, computer work stations, an expanded coffee bar, a flat screen television, a digital message board and modernized restrooms. Surgical Enhancements – Bridgeport Hospital’s da Vinci robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery program, which launched in January 2007, reached its 1,000th procedure milestone, the most performed at any hospital in Fairfield County. Information Technology – For the sixth time, Bridgeport Hospital was selected as one of the nation’s Most Wired Hospitals by Hospitals and Health Networks, a trade magazine published by the American Hospital Association. This recognition is based on technology advancements made by organizations to enhance patient safety, clinical quality and customer service in healthcare centers. Community Wellness – Through its involvement in the Bridgeport Primary Care Action Group (PCAG), Bridgeport Hospital assisted in opening the Hope Dispensary of Greater Bridgeport (HDGB), a pharmacy for people who need prescriptions but have no insurance coverage and lack the resources to afford their medications. Another PCAG initiative, the Coalition to Eliminate Obesity in Bridgeport and Stratford, launched community task forces to address healthy eating, physical activity and support systems.


Our Donor Family‌Rooted in Giving Financial Performance 2011

Expenses by Major Category

n n n n n n n

Salaries and Benefits


Supplies and Other Expenses 18.7% Purchased Services


Physician Fees


Interest and Depreciation


Professional Fees


Bad Debt


Net Patient Revenue by Source

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Managed Care


Anthem/Blue Cross




Medicare Managed Care 9.0% Self Pay/Other


Medicaid Managed Care 7.3% Commercial

2011 Annual Fundraising Report


Our Donor Family‌Rooted in Giving Financial Performance 2011

Fundraising by Major Category (For the period October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2011 total philanthropy = $7,870,604)

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Corporate Giving


Individual Giving


Bequests and Trusts


Outpatient Services (Number of patient visits)

n n n n n n n n n

Emergency Room (68,274)


Hospital Clinics (40,726)


Laboratory (37,636)


Ambulatory Surgery (14,083)


Cardiac (14,217)


Other (13,716)


DI and GI Procedures (10,807)


Rehab (9,973)


ATU and EFM (8,874)




Lauri and Gregg Ricco in their Fairfield home with daughters Olivia, Lia, Grace and Anna.


2011 Annual Fundraising Report

“Bridgeport Hospital saved my life,” says Gregg.

It was March 2010, and Gregg Ricco took a day off from work to try to recover from what he and his doctor thought was an ordinary bout with the flu. His head ached, he had a slight fever, he felt a little dizzy and he couldn’t keep down any of his usual favorite foods. Instead of improving, his symptoms worsened during the day. Early the next morning, his wife, Lauri, knew something serious was going on. “I woke up suddenly at 5:00 a.m. and found Gregg in the basement, which was very out of the ordinary for him,” Lauri remembers. “He was acting strange and not making sense.” She called Gregg’s doctor, made arrangements for their three young children and she and Gregg headed to the Emergency Department at Bridgeport Hospital. Just before they backed down the driveway of their Fairfield home, Lauri locked the car doors. “I don’t usually do that,” she admits. It was her most important impulse decision of the day. “Gregg was so disoriented during the drive to the hospital, he tried to open the car door when we were on the highway,” Lauri says. “It is terrifying to think about what could have happened.” At Bridgeport Hospital, Gregg was rushed for a CT scan, and doctors immediately diagnosed him with a large, ruptured brain abscess—a fatal condition if not treated right away. Within minutes, Gregg was prepped for surgery. “I was shocked and everything became a blur,” remembers Lauri. “By then, Gregg was completely unaware of his surroundings, but until he was wheeled into surgery, I held his hand and whispered, ‘I love you, I’m here,’ over and over.” Hours later, she and Gregg’s parents were greeted by the surgical team, led by neurosurgeon Gary Zimmerman, MD, with good news: the procedure had gone well, but the next few weeks would be critical in his recovery. Gregg spent three weeks in the Intensive Care Unit. Lauri stayed by his side and squeezed his hand while talking to him. Days later, there was finally a response. “I’ll never forget the moment he tapped back, ever so slightly,” she remembers. “To me, it was monumental.” Gregg also spent two weeks in Bridgeport Hospital’s Ahlbin Centers Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit to relearn how to walk and regain other basic skills. As a way of thanking all who took part in Gregg’s care, the Riccos established a scholarship at the Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing. “Bridgeport Hospital saved my life,” says Gregg. “Lauri and I wanted to give back to the place that returned my life to me.” “Bridgeport Hospital is a wonderful place,” says Lauri. “The nurses are compassionate, the doctors very skilled and the support staff always helpful and courteous. We are so grateful to everyone who took care of us.” “Since the surgery, I embrace life more and I live for the moment,” says Gregg, smiling at his wife. “I’m lucky to have Lauri and Bridgeport Hospital in my life.”



Finley and Patrick Shaw in their Fairfield home with their children Beatrix, Malcolm, Chapman and Pippa, along with donations for the Dr. Tom Kennedy Toy Closet.


2011 Annual Fundraising Report

In lieu of receiving presents for their birthdays, the Shaw children donate the gifts to the Dr. Tom Kennedy Toy Closet in the pediatric center.

Eight years ago, Finley Shaw of Fairfield needed heart surgery—fast. At age 30, she was diagnosed with a small hole in her heart, something she never suspected. “It was an intense time for all of us,” says Finley, referring to her husband, Patrick, and their then-toddlers, Malcolm and Pippa. “My husband was so impressed with the care I received at Bridgeport Hospital, that he wanted to give back right away,” says Finley. Finley and Patrick have continuously supported the Foundation’s Annual Fund and the annual Coca-Cola Kaulbach Memorial Golf Classic. Finley and Patrick’s family has expanded to four children: Malcolm, now 10, and Pippa, now 9, have since been joined by Chapman, 6, and Beatrix, 2, who were both born at Bridgeport Hospital. Arriving a few weeks early, Beatrix spent some time in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. “The nurses there are so attentive,” recalls Finley. “For them, nursing is just not a nine-to-five job. They have so much passion for what they do. I remember one nurse stayed with us longer than her shift, just to make sure she could personally update the next nurse as to what was going on with our daughter.” Today, Finley supports Bridgeport Hospital by serving as a member of Friends of Pediatrics. “I love it. I feel like I’m being helpful in a meaningful way,” she says. Her generosity has rubbed off on her children, who are involved—in their own age-appropriate way. In lieu of receiving presents for their birthdays, they donate the gifts to the Dr. Tom Kennedy Toy Closet in the pediatric center. Malcolm and Pippa periodically consult the Toy Closet Wish List online to make sure the closet has a wide range of toys and activities. Their young friends enjoy choosing books, games, dolls, Play-Doh and Lego sets that will bring a smile to a hospitalized child’s face. “While in the hospital, children use the toys from the Toy Closet to work through and express emotions they have about their stay,” says Child Life Specialist Amy Huff. “The games and activities are used to provide a distraction, a reward, or be a motivator for needed therapy. We’re so grateful to the Shaws for their ongoing generosity!”



Three generations of the Ryan family in the Family Lounge named for Dawn’s husband, Bill. Pictured above are Joseph and Nancy Smerekanicz, Noel, Ellie and Kerry Smith, Dawn Ryan and Brandon Smerekanicz.


2011 Annual Fundraising Report

“The William T. Ryan Family Lounge reflects the outstanding care Bill received and the special way the staff took care of all of us,” Bill’s wife Dawn says.

Back in high school, Dawn and Bill Ryan were like two peas in a pod. “We met during our freshman year and shared everything together—friends, activities,” remembers Dawn. “We were a team right from the beginning.” They married in December 1960, just six months after graduation. Dawn and Bill settled in Milford and in 1972 moved to Seymour, where they raised their family. Bill started his own business as a highly respected general building contractor with Dawn at his side, handling the bookkeeping. Bill was a man of strong character and beliefs, who encouraged others to always be the best at what they do. He was also the guy who jumped in to help anyone who needed it. On July 14, 2009, when his neighbor needed another pair of hands to help fix an old car, Bill was there. Suddenly, the engine turned and in less than an instant, an errant spark lit the gas in the cup Bill was holding and burst into flame. Instantly, burning gas splashed on Bill’s hands, arms, chest and face. Bill’s grandson and neighbor quickly extinguished the flames and Bill was rushed to The Connecticut Burn Center at Bridgeport Hospital. A team of doctors and nurses cared for him around the clock. “The burns to his face weren’t bad and healed quickly,” says Dawn, “but the rest of his body was seriously damaged and there were significant complications.” For three weeks, Bill fought infection, underwent several surgical procedures and tried to heal. Through it all, his family was by his side every minute. Bill put up a strong fight, but eventually his body could not overcome the extensive damage left behind by the flames. Word spread quickly that Bill had passed away on August 4, 2009. Memorial contributions immediately poured in to Dawn and her family. Dawn was overwhelmed by the generosity. “I sat down with our family and discussed what to do with the money. We decided that the Burn Center would benefit most from the donations,” she says. The donations enabled the transformation of the Burn Center’s outdated waiting area into the comfortable William T. Ryan Family Lounge that it is today, with modern furnishings, a television and private bathroom. “It’s become a place where family members can relax and take a moment to rest while visiting with a loved one in the hospital,” says Dawn. “We are so pleased with the results. The room reflects the outstanding care Bill received and the special way the staff took care of all of us.”



Kate, Richard and Lynne Taikowski in their Fairfield home. Daughter Allie (not pictured) is studying at Dartmouth College.


2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Allie Taikowski launched Catwalk for a Cure, which in the first two years raised more than $25,000 for the Breast Care Center.

With scores of cars lining their quaint Fairfield street and nearly 75 teens streaming into their living room every Sunday afternoon for months, from the outside, the Taikowski residence resembled party central. But inside, it was obvious there was serious work underway. It was spring 2010, and Lynne Taikowski and her younger daughter, Allie, were in the thick of planning the second Catwalk for a Cure, a now-annual mother-daughter fashion fundraiser for The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center. Allie organized the students—from Ludlowe and Warde High Schools in Fairfield—and Lynne provided the space. “There was so much energy in this house, which was wonderful because we had lots to do,” remembers Lynne. “The students really handled it all, from publicity to chasing down items for the silent auction, to practicing their catwalk in our garage. Each meeting had an agenda. They were very impressive!” Allie launched Catwalk for a Cure in 2009, which in the first two years raised more than $25,000 for the Breast Care Center. Today, the event has spun off to surrounding high schools in Easton, Trumbull and Weston. Touched by her grandmother’s diagnosis of breast cancer in 2004, Allie began raising money for the Breast Center at age 13 by holding bake sales and teas. More than $2,000 was raised by her efforts. Donna Twist, PhD, the Breast Care Center’s Executive Director and Vice President of Development, invited Allie to speak at the Center’s distinguished Rose of Hope Luncheon a year later, alongside that year’s guest speaker Dana Reeve. Last year, Lynne was honored at the 2011 Rose of Hope Luncheon for her ongoing support of the Breast Care Center. She serves on the Breast Care Center’s Advisory Board, is Vice-Chair of the President’s Council and has spearheaded, hosted and participated in dozens of events over the years. Her involvement has drawn in husband and Bridgeport Hospital cardiologist, Richard (Rick), and older daughter Kate. “I couldn’t do any of this without my family’s support,” Lynne says. “They do whatever I ask—it’s wonderful! From moving furniture to running errands to cleaning out the garage, my husband and daughters are right there.” Last fall, Lynne, Kate and Tara Cook-Littman hosted “Here’s to Your Health,” a women-only event presented by the Breast Care Center. More than 80 people filled every nook in Lynne’s home to participate in yoga, cooking classes, and other wellness demonstrations. “After a long day at work, Rick wasn’t able to come home and relax until late in the evening, after the ladies had left,” she laughs. “He didn’t mind.”



The Flanagans–Emma, Amanda, Bridget and Jack– in the John Patrick Flanagan Children’s Corner.


2011 Annual Fundraising Report

“We are so proud of the result,” says John’s wife, Amanda. “He would love this.”

John Flanagan had two great loves in his life: his family and the great outdoors. For him, there was nothing better than when he could enjoy both at the same time. So John taught his young children—Emma, Bridget and Jack—the names of all the birds that flew within the 155-acre Connecticut Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary in Fairfield near their home. He took them for walks on the best hiking trails in town. And he showed them where to find the most seashells along the shoreline. In 2008, doctors stunned John and his wife, Amanda, with news that John’s unrelenting stomach ache was actually a rare and aggressive neuroendocrine cancer. The devastating diagnosis sent shock waves throughout the Flanagans’ large family and wide circle of friends. By month’s end, John’s body was ravaged by cancer. He was treated aggressively by a compassionate team of medical professionals in The Norma F. Pfriem Cancer Institute at Bridgeport Hospital, but the fast-moving cancer had a plan of its own. Less than two weeks after his first treatment, John lost his fight at age 44. In 2009, Amanda founded the John Patrick Flanagan Foundation (JPFF) as a charitable legacy to remember her devoted husband. “The John Patrick Flanagan Foundation supports programs and causes that pay tribute to John’s life and memory,” Amanda says. “Thanks to the support of hundreds of family members and friends, we’ve been able to make a significant impact in our community over these past three years.” Memorial contributions to the Bridgeport Hospital Foundation and a generous gift from the JPFF funded the creation of the John Patrick Flanagan Children’s Corner, a new addition to The Norma F. Pfriem Cancer Institute at Bridgeport Hospital. The Children’s Corner provides a much-needed reprieve for the children of loved ones undergoing cancer treatment. A sunny play area with books, games (including Connect Four, John’s favorite) and toys, the Children’s Corner’s décor also reflects John’s passion for sharing the outdoors with his family. Bird artwork hangs on the walls. Colorful fish dart around the aquarium. A mosaic created by artist Jill Morris O’Brien incorporates natural elements found in Connecticut woodlands. And potted orchids—John’s preferred flower—sit on the windowsill. “The John Patrick Flanagan Children’s Corner is a very special project for the JPFF and is very close to our hearts,” Amanda continues. “It was important to John that he spend time with our children while he was receiving treatment. To be able to offer families facing similar battles a place where their children can play together and take their minds off the seriousness of the situation, even for just a few minutes, is a very fitting way for us to honor—and remember—my husband. We are so proud of the result. He would love this.”


Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors 2011

Bridgeport Hospital and the Bridgeport Hospital Foundation, Inc., gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the following donors for the calendar year beginning January 1, 2011 and ending December 31, 2011. Each gift assists the hospital in providing the finest healthcare services to all those in need regardless of their ability to pay. Please note that only monetary gifts are listed. Although donations are made through special event programs such as live and silent auctions and raffles are most appreciated, those gifts are not included. A list of donors to the Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center begins on page 30. We apologize for any omissions or inaccuracies. Please call the Bridgeport Hospital Foundation office at 203-384-3522 with any questions or concerns. Thank you again for your continued support!

Bridgeport Hospital Foundation

Estate of Cecil Semple Mr. Joel E. Smilow Mr. & Mrs. Ernest A. Wiehl, Jr.



Platinum Leadership

Estate of Harry J. Brodbeck Mrs. Selma B. Cohen Mrs. Edith W. Filliettaz Mr. & Mrs. Shane Fitzsimons Estate of Helga Haas Estate of Mary E. Hawley & Sarah Booth Mr. Frank W. Pepe, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth M. Pfriem Ms. Dorothy Sachs Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Scinto Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Werdmann

$10,000 and above Anonymous Estate of Levi S. Cobb Estate of Sidney Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Dammerman Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. DeFeo M.T. Faulkner Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan M. Fox Mr. J. Colin Green Estate of Marcus E. Hawley & Sarah Booth Estate of Dorothy S. Kish Ms. Marta Jo Lawrence Estate of Benjamin B. Lewis Estate of Dr. Jane A. Mack Mr. & Mrs. Denis J. Nayden Noble Charitable Trust Estate of Gertrude Racine


Gold Leadership $2,500–$4,999 Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Arnett Dr. & Mrs. Nabil A. Atweh Estate of Mary W. Beardsley Estate of Sarah Beardsley Mrs. Barbara A. Bodine

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Callahan Ms. Gayle Capozzalo Heil & Dr. Jack K. Heil Mrs. Dorothy A. Edgerton Mr. & Mrs. David H. Faile, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John J. Falconi Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Folman Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Garvey Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Hoyt Dr. & Mrs. Philip M. LaMastra Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McCabe Estate of Doris & Roland McLellan Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Parks Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Parsons Mr. Jeffrey P. Pino Mr. & Mrs. Eric M. Reuben Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. C. Shaw Mr. Frank V. Sica Mrs. Helen B. Wasserman

Silver Leadership $1,000–$2,499 Dr. & Mrs. Zosimo A. Adefuin Mr. & Mrs. Charles Agin Mr. & Mrs. John F. Akers Anonymous

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors 2011

Attorney & Mrs. Collin P. Baron Mrs. Nancy J. Bassett Ms. Margaret Bachtel Mr. James Bennett Mrs. Laura A. Bieling Reverend Peggy S. Block & Mr. David Block Mr. Stuart R. Bloom Ruth Camp McDougall Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Armand J. Cantafio Mr. & Mrs. George P. Carter Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Como Drs. Shelley & Mitchell Driesman Mrs. Henry B. duPont III Mr. & Mrs. Pierre M. Dziubina Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Gargano Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gaudino Mrs. Aline C. Gillies Ms. Marcia A. Gruce Mr. & Mrs. Leo B. Hansen Dr. & Mrs. Michael E. Ivy Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Jakab Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Janell Mr. & Mrs. William M. Jennings Dr. & Mrs. Alan D. Kaye Mrs. Esther B. Kmetzo Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kosturko Ms. Marta Jo Lawrence Dr. & Mrs. Edward Luchansky Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Marsilius Mr. William S. Mazo Mr. & Mrs. Dermot M. McDermott Dr. & Mrs. Bruce McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Gordon S. Milne Drs. Charles J. & Joan Morgan Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Musto Attorney & Mrs. Ronald B. Noren Dr. & Mrs. Ryan T. O’Connell Dr. & Mrs. Pasquale E. Perillie Drs. Edward R. & Marguerite Pinto Dr. Carole M. Presnick Mr. & Mrs. Fred M. Richman Ms. Carolyn Salsgiver & Mr. Peter Kobsa Dr. & Mrs. Harold J. Sauer Dr. & Mrs. Scott C. Thornton Dr. & Mrs. Peter C. Tortora

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Urquhart, Sr. Dr. Nicholas A. Viner Mr. & Mrs. Webster U. Walker, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Charles B. Watson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Weinshel Ms. Sara R. Wilford Ms. Margaret Mary Wynne Dr. & Mrs. Stuart W. Zarich

Sponsors $500–$999 Ms. Margaret Bachtel Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. Baker Dr. Kathryn Baker Ms. Kim Battaglia Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Bielecki Mr. Christopher M. Burney Dr. Robert F. Fishman & Dr. Susan B. Eysmann Mr. & Mrs. David Fitton Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Garvey Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Harrison Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Herzlinger Mr. Milton Jacoby Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Lapera Mr. Herbert M. Lobsenz Mr. Stephen Lupinacci Mr. & Mrs. Newman M. Marsilius Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Matthews Dr. & Mrs. Fred McKinney Dr. & Mrs. Craig A. McPherson Mr. Anthony Provenzano Mr. William E. O’Donald, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John R. Page Mrs. Janice B. Reynolds Mr. Dennis W. Rocheleau Mr. Norman G. Roth Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Z. Smith Miss Viola J. Spinelli Mr. & Mrs. David K. Storrs Dr. Howard L. Taubin Mr. & Mrs. George Tenney Dr. Donna J. Twist & Dr. Daniel J. Rudolph Dr. & Mrs. Kirit R. Vaidya

Patrons $250–$499 Mr. & Mrs. William T. Alpert Anonymous Mr. Sean J. Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Y. Chen Mr. & Mrs. David M. Cioffi Ms. Patricia A. Clark Mr. David G. Connor Mr. & Mrs. David M. Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Cummings Mr. Leonard Curry Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Fedak Mr. & Mrs. Steven Fein Mrs. Suzanne Y. Finnegan Dr. Craig D. Friedman Mr. Robert D. Froats, Jr. Mr. Robert A. Goldman Mr. Thomas M. Graham, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James D. Greenberg Mr. Jason Hanna Mr. & Mrs. David S. Huntington Mrs. Geraldine W. Johnson Dr. Amarjit Lamba Dr. & Mrs. Gilead I. Lancaster Mr. & Mrs. Walter M. Leask Mr. John B. Love Dr. Alice Madwed Mr. & Mrs. Deane McCarthy Dr. Bruce McGibbon Dr. & Mrs. Leland W. Miles Attorney & Mrs. Herbert H. Moorin Ms. Sally Morgan Mrs. Maura R. O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Terrance J. O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Parniawski Mr. & Mrs. J. Donaldson Paxton Mr. Thomas Quinley Dr. Robert P. Ragusa Mr. Jeffrey Renzulli Mr. & Mrs. Michael Salvagno, Jr. Dr. Alisa Savetamal Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Schloss Mrs. Anita Vogel Sklarsky Mr. & Mrs. Burton Stuttman


Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors 2011

($250–$499 continued) Mr. & Mrs. David P. Sylvestro Estate of Mary Tickey Dr. & Mrs. Norman Weinstein Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Welch

Friends $100–$249 Mr. & Mrs. Akram R. Ahmad Ms. Jean Ahn Mrs. & Mrs. Eileen L. Ainsworth Ms. Terri Alpert Ms. Meredith Anastasio Reverend Nancy K. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. John W. Annick Mr. Frank N. Auriemma Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth S. Backman Mr. & Mrs. James W. Balazsi Dr. & Mrs. Philip M. Barasch Mrs. Julia M. Bassett Mrs. Dorothy T. Bassick-Scott Mrs. Arlene S. Battistelli Mr. Frank S. Beckerer, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Bellitto, Sr. Mrs. Holly E. Bisset Mr. & Mrs. Vincent A. Bonazzo Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Boronski Mr. & Mrs. James E. Boutilier Mr. & Mrs. Peter Brawley Mr. & Mrs. Theodor Brown Mr. & Mrs. Marc B. Brunetti Mr. & Mrs. Erwine T. Buckenmaier Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Buchanan Mrs. Ida M. Calliari Mrs. Margaret B. Candee Ms. Christine L. Capozziello Mr. & Mrs. Raymond O. Card Mrs. Philomena Cassidy Mr. & Mrs. Vincent D. Castagna Mr. & Mrs. Phillip A. Cavallaro, Sr. Mr. Robert B. Chapell Mr. & Mrs. David M. Christoffersen Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. Chudwick Ms. Kristy Cioffi Dr. Paul J. Cohen & Dr. Nhu Ngo Ms. Susan M. Cole Ms. Susan Cooper


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Corso Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Craw Mr. Steven Cross Ms. Nicole Daly Mr. & Mrs. Gaetano De Feo Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. De Santis Mr. & Mrs. Louis DeCilio Mr. & Mrs. Vincent A. DeGennaro Ms. Angela DeGirolamo Mr. Joseph Dellamonica Reverend Stephen J. DeLuca Mr. & Mrs. Ted A. D’Eramo Mrs. Michele R. DiLella Attorney & Mrs. Bruce E. Dillingham Ms. Helen Dilworth Mr. David J. Domogala Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Donegan Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Dunn Mr. & Mrs. David A. Dwyer Mrs. Judith S. Edmonds Dr. & Mrs. Jay J. Esposito Ms. Tina Ferreira Dr. Neal Fischbach & Dr. Amy Gates Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Fiscus Mrs. Amanda A. Flanagan Ms. Barbara D. Fodor Mr. Paul H. Foytho, Jr. Ms. Margaret T. Fraser Mr. Stephen K. Galpin Ms. Lea Garcia Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Gess Dr. & Mrs. Alan J. Gill Mr. & Mrs. Burton S. Glass Mr. Brian Gonski Mr. Michael S. Gozzo Mr. & Mrs. James J. Greer Mr. Thomas S. Griggs, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Russell J. Grindrod Ms. Phyllis Gutowski Dr. & Mrs. Raymond G. Haddad Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Hannon Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Hariton Percy C.K. & Edna Morgan Harrison Fund Mr. Craig Hempstead Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. Hibbs III Mr. & Mrs. Manfred Hofmann Mr. & Mrs. Maurice J. Hoover III

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Hoyt Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Hull Mr. Joseph W. Ianniello Mr. Omer A. Ibrahm Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Ilardo Mr. & Mrs. Lambe H. Jordhamo Mrs. Hope Juckel-Regan, RN Mrs. Eliz Kakas Ms. Anastasia Kapetaneas & Mr. Dimitrios Iliopoulos Mr. & Mrs. Roger Karabin Dr. James T. Kauders Mr. & Mrs. Roger D. Keller II Mr. William J. Kenyhercz Attorney & Mrs. Irving J. Kern Mr. Paul J. Kiley Mr. Michael Kilgore Mrs. Patricia Klaff Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Klee Mr. John L. Kmetzo Ms. Carol A. Knee Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Kochan, Jr. Mrs. Mary M. Kogut Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Kovacs Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Kubinec Ms. Ann Kulishek Drs. Steven & Claudette H. Kunkes Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Lazarus Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Leary Mrs. Joanne W. Lenci Mrs. Mary B. Levanti Mr. & Mrs. Howard Levinson Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Link Ms. Lorraine Lopata Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lozyniak Dr. & Mrs. Adolfo J. Luciano Mr. Scott Machada Mr. Isaac G. Macwan Ms. Maureen K. Malasics Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan C. Maldon Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Marino Attorney & Mrs. Robert K. Marzik Mr. Lou Mastrianni Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. McCreery III Mr. Mac McDermott Mr. & Mrs. Richard McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. Rick C. McLaughlin

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors 2011

Ms. Theresa R. McNamara Mr. Jonathan Melendez The Honorable & Mrs. Aaron Ment Mr. S. Warren Metcalf Ms. Nancy R. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Allan Michel Mr. William W. Miko, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Richard Miller Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Mirsky Mr. Archie Misakian Ms. Patricia A. Misencik Mr. Jan Mlynek Mr. & Mrs. Brian Molinko Dr. & Mrs. Edward Molloy Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Moran Mrs. Tracey Morgan Mr. Peter Nathan Mr. & Mrs. William Nayden Mr. & Mrs. Phil Orazietti Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pagliaro Ms. Carol L. Papp Mr. Frederick A. Parsons III Mr. Harmon Patton Dr. Louis B. Pieper, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Pinkosky, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Pirritino Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Pressman Mr. & Mrs. Michael Quinn Dr. Ben D. Ramaley Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Raynor Mr. B.D. Richards Mr. Jon L. Ringel Mr. & Mrs. Erwin J. Riven Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Roberts Ms. Carol A. Roosevelt Mrs. Joan Rosenbaum Dr. & Mrs. Murray Rosenberg Mr. John C. Ruby Mr. & Mrs. John G. Russell Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Saja Mr. & Mrs. Andre Santamaria Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Santangelo Dr. & Mrs. Allen P. Schlein Mr. & Mrs. William M. Sherts Mrs. Laura I. Sherwood Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Siderowf

Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. Sikorski Mr. & Mrs. George J. Smith Mrs. Audrey L. Sparre Mrs. MaryAnn M. Still Mr. & Mrs. Russell Strasburger Mr. Robert Strauss Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Tatta Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Taylor, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Terentiuk Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Terrill Mr. David Tisdale Mr. & Mrs. Raymond R. Tkacs Mr. Gerald A. Tomasulo Dr. Karine Z. Toumanian Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Trefry Ms. Ann Trifono Mr. & Mrs. Alex J. Tripoli Ms. Margaret Troiano Mr. & Mrs. John Tucker Mr. Anthony J. Tylutki Ms. Lucia F. Ullmann Dr. Stephen J. Urciuoli Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Vance Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Vegliante Mrs. Barbara Vigilane Mr. & Mrs. Martin L. Vogel Mr. & Mrs. Robert Von Eck Mr. Stephen L. Vonick Mrs. Marilyn Vuozzo Estate of Regina Wasilik Ms. Andrea Weinstein Ms. Judy K. Weinstein Ms. Paula Woods Mrs. Valerie J. Wyman Mr. C. Duncan Yetman Mr. & Mrs. Arthur P. Yost Mr. & Mrs. Richard Zboray Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Zmuda Attorney & Mrs. Louis C. Zowine Mr. & Mrs. Guenther Zvaigzne Mr. & Mrs. Howard Zwickler

Advocates $1–$99 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Adams Mr. Gertha Adolphe

Mr. K. Bradford Adolphson Ms. Lisa Adriani Mr. Florin Aighiveswi Mr. Mark Aikman Mr. Avelino Albernaz Mr. Alan Albert & Ms. Lorrie Ochman Mr. & Mrs. John Alesevich, Jr. Ms. Ella Allatt Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Allen Mrs. Jane Allen Mr. Peabo Allen Mr. Richard Allen Mr. & Mrs. Ernest E. Alterio Mr. & Mrs. John S. Alusik Ms. Teri Alves Mr. & Mrs. John S. Amaral Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ambrose Ms. Jenny Ames Mrs. Ellen-Ann Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Keith E. Anderson Mrs. Wilma Andrews Mr. George Andriotis Mr. Mark Antonini Mr. Anthony R. Arbisi Mr. & Mrs. Albert A. Arcuri Ms. Judith K. Ares Ms. Megan Arsenault Mr. Andres Arteaga Mr. Gregory Artman Ms. Melody Audette Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Augustine Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Avery Mr. Olgev Ayias Mr. & Mrs. James J. Bacik Ms. Susan M. Baglas Mr. Christopher Bailey Mr. John Bailey Mr. & Mrs. David Baillargeon Mr. Kenneth Baker Ms. Josey Balcastro Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Baldwin Ms. Deborah L. Bandanza Ms. Sara Bandanza Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Banks Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Barlaam Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Barnes


Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors 2011

($1–$99 continued) Ms. Wanda Baronavski Mrs. Carol M. Barrios Ms. Maureen L. Barry Mr. & Mrs. Edmond W. Bartosik Ms. Liece Bascoe Mr. & Mrs. William Bassler Ms. Stephanie Batch Mr. & Mrs. Jose Batista, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Mario Battaglino Mrs. Nancy C. Beam Mr. Paul Beck Mr. & Mrs. Dolph F. Becker Ms. Rebecca Beers Mr. Garnell Bell Ms. Kathleen A. Bellucci Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Bender Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Benedetto Ms. Marilyn Benitez Mr. William Bennet Mr. Leo Bentel Ms. Vincenzina Berardi Mrs. Noreen P. Berarducci Ms. Jeannine Bergeron Mr. William Bergeron Mrs. Maureen Berman Attorney Herman Bershtein Ms. Joy Betso Ms. Mireille M. Bigonesse Blacke Mrs. Teresemarie Bilyard Mr. William F. Bisch, Sr. Mrs. Elsie M. Bitsco Mr. & Mrs. Allan S. Blauner Ms. Alfreda Blazey Mr. Stephen Blazey Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Bliss, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Blum Mr. Reed Bocchino Mr. & Mrs. Gary C. Bock Mr. & Mrs. Arnold E. Boeleter Mr. R.J. Bogardus Mrs. Jane A. Bohnsack Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. Boland Ms. Dawn Bolling Ms. Nancy M. Bonvini Dr. Christopher J. Boreyko Mr. & Mrs. James F. Borges Mr. Michael Boscarino


Mr. Zarko Bosnjak Mrs. Caitlin Bosse Mr. Kevin Bosse Mrs. Joan L. Bourque Mr. & Mrs. Paul I. Bower Ms. Shannon Bowley Ms. Susan Brannelly Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Breault Mr. Louis F. Bregy Mr. Geoff Brenna Mrs. Gloria Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Britell Mrs. Isobel C. Broadhurst Mrs. Sarah Bromley Dr. & Mrs. David B. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Brownstein Mr. & Mrs. Bernhard F. Bruder Mr. Daniel C. Bruno Ms. Gwen Bruno Mr. Edward Buckmir Ms. Jennifer S. Bull Mr. Joseph S. Burden Mr. Stephen Burns Ms. Nancy Burroughs Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Butterfield Mr. & Mrs. Paul Buttress Mr. & Mrs. David R. Buyers Ms. Mary Buzzanca Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Bykowski Ms. Bridget Cabral Mr. Joseph A. Cacciola Mrs. Dorothy Calabrese Mrs. Diane C. Calise Mr. Orlando Callado Ms. Amy Callahan Ms. Eileen M. Callahan Mr. Jason Camillo Mr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Philip Cappellieri Mrs. Irene M. Cappello Mr. Anthony T. Carella Ms. Emily M. Carey Mr. Russell Carrington Ms. Krista Carroll Mr. & Mrs. James D. Carruthers Ms. Patricia O. Cartee

Ms. Patricia Carton Casine Family Ms. Beatrice Castro Mr. Vito Catalanotto Mrs. Emma S. Cathcart Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Caton Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Ceccarelli Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Cerrone Mr. & Mrs. Philip Cerrone, Jr. Mr. Bob Chadloux Mr. & Mrs. Everett G. Chaffee Mr. & Mrs. Roy W. Champagney Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Chandler Mr. Christopher Charres Ms. Patricia C. Cheney Mr. Clarence Cherry Ms. Patricia Chervenak Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Chessin Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Christie Mrs. Sally A. Ciccia Mr. & Mrs. George L. Cipu Mr. Thomas P. Clifford III Mr. & Mrs. Albert L. Cockfield Mrs. Ethel C. Cockfield Ms. Linda J. Codd Ms. Kimberly Cody Mr. Donald S. Cohen Ms. Lisa Cohen Mr. & Mrs. John T. Coleman Ms. Kim Collins Mr. Alan Comer Mr. Lawrence R. Comer Ms. Mary Ann Comer Mr. Joseph A. Concordia Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Conetta Mr. Bryan Conley Mrs. Betty L. Connolly Mr. Michael Consolati Mr. & Mrs. John J. Conte Mr. Mark Convertito Mr. & Mrs. Philip Convertito Ms. Eileen B. Cook Attorney Robert J. Cooney Mrs. Helena Copeck Ms. Suzanne D. Copp Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Coppola Ms. Marie Coppola

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Cormack Mr. & Mrs. Augusto Correia Mr. Jason Corsi Mr. Matthew A. Corso Mr. Amarildo Costa Ms. Carol A. Costello Mr. Michael Costello Mr. & Mrs. William J. Costello Ms. Sarah Coulter Ms. Rana Coury-Raymond & Mr. Michael Raymond Ms. Kim Coyne-Lupinacci Mr. Robert J. Craco Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas D. Craig Mr. Timothy Creagh Mr. John F. Cronan Ms. Alison Crosby Ms. Rachel Crosby Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Crossman, Sr. Ms. Alma R. Crouch Mrs. Sophie Crowe Ms. Caitlin Crowley Ms. Alisha Cruz Ms. Lisa Cuchara Ms. Erika Cueto Mr. Joe Cullen Mr. & Mrs. John M. Cullen Mr. & Mrs. Gerard A. Cunningham Ms. Noelle D’Agostino Mr. & Mrs. William W. Daley Ms. Kerry Dalling Mr. & Mrs. William J. Damm Mr. Michael D’Angelo Mr. & Mrs. Adam David Ms. Devroux A. Davis Dr. & Mrs. Gustave L. Davis Mr. Pedro Deabreu Dr. & Mrs. Brian M. DeBroff Mr. Albert DeFilippo Mr. Anthony DeFrancesco Ms. Cynthia DeGirolamo Mrs. Elaine A. DeGrood Mr. & Mrs. Clement L. Della Rocco Mr. Gary Della Vecchio Mr. & Mrs. Anthony F. Dellamonica, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. John L. DeLoma Mr. William Demotses

Ms. Dana DeNomme Mr. & Mrs. Paul deRegt Ms. Christine DeRubis Mr. & Mrs. Norman Dick Mrs. Gail Dickinson Ms. Linda Digianvittorio Mr. Gino S. DiMauro, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dominick DiPaulo Mrs. Chantel A. DiPronio Ms. Joann Dixson Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Doherty Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Domena Mr. & Mrs. Juan C. Dominguez Mr. Walter J. Donne Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. Donnelly Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Donovan Mr. Richard E. Doris Ms. Evelyn S. Dorosh Dorosh Family Ms. Sandra Dorsey Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Dorsio Mr. & Mrs. Rickey C. Douglass Mr. Curtis Downing Mr. Jack Doyle Mr. & Mrs. William F. Doyle Mr. Mike Draper Ms. Kimberly Driscoll Mr. Joseph W. Dubin Ms. Anne D. DuFrane Ms. Marguerite Dunigan Mr. John Dunlevy Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Dusick, Jr. Ms. Bari S. Dworken Dr. & Mrs. Donald S. Dworken Mr. Joshua Eaddy Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Eaker Ms. Cheryl Eckardt Ms. Kristin Edgerton Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Edmonds Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Ehalt Mrs. Ann Eisinger Mr. & Mrs. Peter Elliott Mr. Luke Ellis Ms. Linda Epstein Ms. Susan M. Errichetti Ms. Manuela Esposito Ms. Judith M. Essenbreis

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Evangelista Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Fabry Ms. Marianna Fahey Mr. & Mrs. Perry Fanelli Ms. Deborah Farber Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J. Farkas Ms. Joan E. Farley Mr. Tom Fatone Ms. Ilene J. Feldman & Dr. Harvey J. Bluestein Mrs. Louise H. Feldman Ms. Christine Fenn Ms. Barbara Fennell Mr. & Mrs. David A. Fetter Mr. Richard Fidler Mr. & Mrs. Howard Fiedler Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Field Mr. & Mrs. John F. Fielding Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Finstein Mrs. Margaret M. Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Flanagan Mr. Mark Flash Ms. Ewa Florkiewicz Mr. Bobby Floyd Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Flynn Dr. Spyridon Fortis Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Fox Mr. Steve France Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Francis Ms. Allison Frank Miss Janice R. Frank Mr. Alan J. Frankel Ms. Susan N. Frank-Gass & Mr. William Gass Ms. Isabela Frankiewicz Mr. & Mrs. Gordon J. Fraser Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Freeman Mr. & Mrs. James Frey Ms. Carrie Friend Mr. & Mrs. Jim Frillici Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Fusco Ms. Elizabeth K. Gabianelli Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Galla Ms. Mary Beth Gallagher Mr. Alfred J. Gallucci Ms. Laura Galvin Mr. Sean Ganley


Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors 2011

($1–$99 continued) Mr. Harry J. Garafalo Ms. Shari Garcia Mr. Victor Garcia Ms. Elizabeth B. Gardner Mr. Steven M. Gardner Mr. & Mrs. William Gargano Mr. & Mrs. James P. Garrow Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gartin Mr. Dean Gaugler Ms. Amy Gavaghan Mr. Sean Gavaghan Ms. Teresa S. Gavigan Mr. & Mrs. Andrew G. Geisert Mrs. Jessica Gerber Ms. Marci Germinaro Mr. & Mrs. Walter G. Gerstenlauer Mr. & Mrs. Bradford G. Gesler Mr. Jeremy Gettings Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Giannino Mr. & Mrs. Rich Gibson Mrs. Carolyn Gill Ms. Kathleen Gilligan-Megrue Ms. Karen Gintant Ms. Vanessa Giusti Ms. Liz Glagowski Mr. Robert Glennon Mr. & Mrs. Zelly Goldberg Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Goldrick Mr. & Mrs. David Goldstein Ms. Maria A. Goncalves Mr. Jon E. Goode Mr. Michael Gordon Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Gough Ms. Joan F. Gourley Ms. Janis Grant Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Gray Mr. & Mrs. Danny L. Green Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Green Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Green Mr. & Mrs. Harris Greenberg Mr. & Mrs. Ira B. Gregerman Mr. & Mrs. Patrick L. Gribbon Mr. & Mrs. Philip Grob Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Grosso Dr. & Mrs. Jerald A. Grotstein Ms. Maria Guzman Mr. Clinton H. Hackenson


Mr. Mark Hagan Mr. William Haley Mr. Christopher Hall Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Halper Ms. Gretchen W. Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. Mark T. Hanna Ms. Donna R. Hansen Ms. Dorothy S. Harlow Mr. & Mrs. James Harrell Mr. & Mrs. Bill Harris Mr. John Hartington Mr. & Mrs. Melvin L. Hartman, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George Hassinger Ms. Kathleen L. Hauglie Ms. Linda Hawkes Mr. Matt Hayo Mr. Timothy P. Healy Mr. & Mrs. William A. Healy Mr. Way Hedding Mr. & Mrs. Robert Heeks, Jr. Mr. Lorenzo Hemingway Mr. & Mrs. Peter Heneage Miss Barbara Herman Ms. Rachel Heyer Ms. Alisande Higgs Mr. Garry Higgs Mr. Robert M. Hirata Mr. Stephen T. Hladun Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Hoag Ms. Barbara V. Hofferth Mrs. Chantelle Hoffman Mrs. Mary Ann Holden Ms. Doris Hollenstein Mr. John S. Holohan Ms. Kim Hooker Mr. Bruce Hoppel Ms. Eileen Houlihan Mr. Peter Howard Mrs. Lori Hudak Ms. Cecilia R. Hudzik Mrs. Jane C. Hughes Mr. Christopher Huntley Mr. & Mrs. Wallace W. Hurd, Jr. Ms. Berit Ianiri Mrs. Patti M. Iannucci Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Imbimbo Mr. Bryant Infantas

Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Ingersoll Ms. Kelley Irving Mr. & Mrs. William R. Jaffee Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Jakab Ms. Elizabeth Jando Ms. Jo-Anne Janesky Mr. & Mrs. James M. Jankura Ms. Paige Jenney Mr. Chris Jennings Miss Jada Jennings Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Jensen Mr. & Mrs. William D. Jockle Ms. Nancy Johmann Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Johnson Mr. Peter H. Johnson Dr. & Mrs. Martin M. Josephson Ms. Monica S. Justen Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Kaeser Mr. Edward C. Kaine Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kamins Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kane Mr. Bob Kania Ms. Victoria Kantor Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Kanuch Mr. Mark Kaufman Ms. Shirley Keane Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Kecskes Mr. & Mrs. Henry R. Kelly Mrs. Jill O.C. Kelly Ms. Marjorie Kempf Mr. John C. Keneally Mrs. Patricia M. Kenworthy Dr. Jeffrey H. Kerner Mr. Mike Kery Mr. & Mrs. James C. Kettman Ms. Diane King Mrs. Terry Kinsella Mrs. Stephany Kirik Dr. Anya Kishinevsky Ms. Lenke Kiss Ms. Jean Kitchens Ms. Marjorie Klar Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Kmetzo Ms. Carolyn H. Knight Mr. & Mrs. John Kochersperger Ms. Suzanne Kolker Ms. Barbara Kopac

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family‌Rooted in Giving Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors 2011

Mr. William Kosa Mr. Thomas M. Kosturko Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Kozlowski Mr. Barry S. Kresch Ms. Lisa A. Krohelski Mrs. Jeanne N. Kruse Mr. & Mrs. Scott J. Kudravy Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Kugel Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Kuroghlian Mr. Richard S. Kurtzman Ms. Leann LaConte Ms. Julie LaFerrera Ms. Beth M. Lamonica Mr. & Mrs. Ernest L. Lane Mr. Todd Lane Mr. Lawrence Langello Ms. Margo D. Langlois Ms. Anna Lanzante Ms. Sydney A. Lapidus Mr. James O. LaPlante & Ms. Rosanne Weir-LaPlante Ms. Faith Laroy Mr. & Mrs. Alfred S. Lassen, Jr. Mr. Mark Laudati The Honorable Mark A. Lauretti Mrs. Eleanor Lavalla Ms. Eleanor U. Layne Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lazar Mr. Timothy P. Leahy Mrs. Anna M. Lecardo Mr. & Mrs. Emmett Lee Ms. Renee Lee Mr. Michael Leitch Mrs. Eleanor Leonard Ms. Jean D. Leonetti Mr. Michael Lesinsky Mrs. Mary A. Lesko Mrs. Linda Levinson Ms. Wendy Levy Mr. & Mrs. Alan M. Lewis Ms. Alexandra Lewis Mr. & Mrs. John P. Lezinsky Mr. Michael Liebowitz & Attorney Adele Jacobs Ms. Evelyn L. Light Mr. James S. Lindwall Mr. & Mrs. Dominic A. Lisi

Mrs. & Mrs. Victor Liss Ms. Tanya Livingston Mr. & Mrs. William C. Lloyd Mrs. Virginia C. Loch Ms. Emily Locher Mr. & Mrs. Robert Loh Mr. Edward Lomas Mr. Jorge Lopes Mr. & Mrs. Vinicius Lopes Mr. Richard Lopez Mrs. Nancy Lopez-Peralta Mr. & Mrs. John Lucas Ms. Fran Lucio Mrs. Carole A. Lundquist Ms. Dorothy Lupariello Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Lupkas Mr. Dan Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Bruce B. MacCallum Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Maddock Ms. Regina Madwed Mr. Edward N. Magi, Jr. Mr. Nathan Magida Mr. David Majewski Mr. Edward Malasics Mrs. Anna Maldonado Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Maleri Ms. Alexis Mangan Mr. & Mrs. Peter Manning Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Marak Mr. Driss Marbou Ms. Carol Marinaccio Attorney & Mrs. George J. Markley Mr. & Mrs. David C. Markoya Mr. & Mrs. Samuel S. Marks Mr. Gary P. Markus Mr. & Mrs. James A. Marren Mr. & Mrs. Gregory H. Marshall Mrs. Linda M. Marshall Mr. Norman R. Marsilius Mr. Anthony R. Martello Ms. Roxanne G. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Martini Mr. Alberto C. Martins Ms. Patricia I. Marvin Ms. Joy M. Massicotte Mr. Robert M. Mastroni Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Matey

Mr. & Mrs. Gino Mattera Mr. & Mrs. Robert Matteson Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Matthies, Jr. Mrs. Helen B. Matto Mrs. Betty Matulionis Mrs. Mary G. Mayer Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Mazzeo Father Edward J. McAuley, Jr. Mr. Keith McCants Mrs. Mary G. McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. John McCauley Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. McCauley Mr. Tim McCauley Ms. Noelle C. McCulloch Mr. Matthew McDonough Mr. & Mrs. Matt A. McGuire Ms. Christina McGurrin-Zakos Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey McHugh Ms. Vivienne L. McKay Mr. & Mrs. Paul McLaughlin Mr. Thomas McLoughlin Mr. & Mrs. Steven McMonagle Mrs. Maria C. Mendes Ms. Natasha L. Mendez Mr. Jorge Mendoza Ms. Dianne Merrigan Mr. Alexander J. Metro Mr. & Mrs. Frank Micalizzi Mr. Richard Michaud Ms. Nancy Micinilio Mr. & Mrs. Louis Migliaccio Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Mignosa Mr. & Mrs. John G. Mike Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Miller Ms. Irma J. Miller Mrs. Michele Miller Mr. Samuel Miller Mr. & Mrs. Ralph A. Minichino Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Minogue Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Minotti Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Misencik Mr. & Mrs. Jan Miska Ms. Phillis M. Mojzis Ms. Danielle Moleski Mr. Ken Moleski Ms. Michele Molloy


Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors 2011

($1–$99 continued) Mr. Mario Monteiro Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Moore Ms. Rafaela Morales-Rosa Mr. Jay Moran Mr. & Mrs. John W. Moran Ms. Kelly Moran Mr. & Mrs. Rocco A. Morcone Mr. Wedney Morgan Ms. Joyce Moriber Ms. Mary Muery Mr. Scott Mulloy Ms. Corinne A. Mulvey Mr. & Mrs. Brian Murphy Mr. Christopher L. Murray Mr. Barry Mustaka Dr. & Mrs. Yildizalp M. Naci Ms. Dawn Nair Ms. Jennifer Napoleone Ms. Adrianna Napoletano Mr. Lee Nastu Mr. Clem Natale Mr. & Mrs. Marc Neglia Mr. & Mrs. A. James Nelson Mr. David Nelson Ms. Margaret Nemec Ms. Amy W. Nessel Ms. Leslie Newing Mr. Hong Nguyen Mr. & Mrs. Humphrey T. Nichols II Mr. Eric R. Nielsen Mr. & Mrs. James B. Nies Mr. & Mrs. Charles Niewenhous Mr. Walter D. Nolte Mr. & Mrs. Laurence W. Nordvall Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Nosal Mr. Joseph G. Nuara Dr. & Mrs. Henry R. Ochman Mrs. Elizabeth B. O’Connell Ms. Mary E. O’Connell Mr. Brian R. O’Connor Mr. Kurt Ogren Mr. Wesley Oliveira Mr. & Mrs. Robert Olsen Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Olson, Sr. Mr. Chad Ondy Ms. Janet O’Neil Ms. Dolores A. O’Neill


Mr. Donald O’Neill Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey O’Neill Ms. Pamela O’Neill Ms. Ann L. Onton Ms. Gertrude W. Opalinski Mr. Richard M. Orazietti Mrs. Audrey Ortega Ms. Dian D. Ostuno Ms. Nicole Otterspoor Mr. & Mrs. John C. Overhiser Ms. Ellen L. Pagliaro Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Pale Mrs. Eileen Palmer Mr. Fred Palmieri Ms. Mara Palmieri Ms. Margaret M. Paoletti Mr. Robert A. Parisi Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Parisi Ms. Chanhee Park Dr. & Mrs. Marc Parness Ms. Marycatherine Parr Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Paul, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Pavlech Mr. Henry Pavon Dr. & Mrs. Adam Pearl Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Pelletier, Sr. Mrs. Donna Pelosi Mr. & Mrs. Frank Perazzini, Jr. Mr. Armando Pereira Mr. & Mrs. Luigi Perelli Mr. Edgardo Perez Mr. Edward C. Perkowski Ms. Linda Perno Mr. Francis A. Perrotti Mr. Christopher Perry Mr. & Mrs. Chris Persichilli Mrs. Joy Peshkin Ms. Laura Peters Mrs. Barbara A. Peterson Mr. Kenneth J. Petrella Mr. Hank Petroskey Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J. Petrucelli Ms. Sharon Pettway-Stewart Mr. Bryan Phelps Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Pietris Ms. Lucille Pinto Mrs. Patricia V. Pirrone

Mr. Michael Pisani Mr. & Mrs. Johan J. Plenter Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Poidomani Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Poirier Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Pollock Mr. R. Michael Pond Mr. S. V. Porio Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Porter Mr. & Mrs. Edward Portnay Ms. Amanda Porto Mr. & Mrs. Paul Possenti Mr. Jeffrey Post Ms. Sherri Prendergast Mr. & Mrs. David O. Pressler Ms. Marcia Preston Ms. Jamie Principi Ms. Lori Prusaczyk Ms. Chay-Len Pua Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Pultz Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Pyrch Mrs. Melissa M. Quan Mr. David Quoka Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Racowski Ms. Maryanne Radzion Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Raffel Ms. Mary Raimondi Mr. & Mrs. John P. Raino Ms. Kathleen A. Raiselis Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ramos Ms. Mary B. Randolph Mrs. Florence M. Rasmussen Mrs. Lois Ravage-Mass Mr. & Mrs. Michael Raymond Mr. & Mrs. Roger V. Raymond Ms. LuAnne Raynor Ms. Barbara Reback Mr. Harrison Reed Mr. David Regalado Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Regan Mr. & Mrs. John Regina Mr. John Reh Mr. Michael P. Reid Ms. Sherree N. Reid Ms. Mary E. Reis Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Resko Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Ressler Mr. Hector Retamar

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family‌Rooted in Giving Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors 2011

Ms. Karen Reyes Benzi Ms. Sue A. Rhode Mr. Paul D. Ribnicky Mrs. Helen Riccio Mr. & Mrs. David Rice Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Rice Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey A. Riches Mr. & Mrs. Cameron M. Riggs Mr. Matti Rinta-Tuuri Ms. Donna Rizzo Mrs. Gracia Robinson Ms. Monica Roche Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Rockmael Dr. & Mrs. Paul R. Rockoff Mr. Flavio Rodrigues Mr. Jose Rodrigues Mr. Brian J. Rogers Ms. Nicole M. Rogucki, RN Ms. Lisa Romanchick Ms. Jacqueline Romero Mr. & Mrs. James Roodhuyzen Mr. Jonathan J. Rook Ms. Hope Ropke Ms. Jean M. Rosati Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rosch Ms. Ellen Rosoff Mr. & Mrs. Samuel T. Rost Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Roth Ms. Angelina Rua Mr. & Mrs. John Rubbo Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Rusatsky Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Russell Mr. John Sakacs Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sakowicz Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Salerno Mr. Rahul Samanta Ms. Linda L. Sampson Mr. Bradley Sanchez Mr. Stan Sanders Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Santo Ms. Isabel Santo-Tomas Ms. Maria Saraczynski Ms. Sheila Sardi Ms. Mary Grace Sauve Mr. Nicholas T. Saviano, Jr. Mr. Jerry Sawyer Ms. Susan Saylor

Ms. Mary Scallion Mrs. Linnea A. Scheck Ms. Katrina Schick Mr. Jack Schlechtweg Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. Schmedlin Mr. Kurt A. Schneider Mr. George M. Schneider Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schraer Ms. Frances C. Schramm Mr. Chris Schumacher Dr. Adam E. Schussheim Mr. & Mrs. Ronald B. Schwarz Mrs. Barbara C. Seaholm Mr. William Seanor Mr. & Mrs. Nils A. Seastrand Ms. Rebecca Sedlock Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sender Ms. Kattia Sequeira Mr. & Mrs. William L. Shaughnessy Ms. Cynthia S. Shaw Ms. Elizabeth Shea Ms. Shelley F. Sheridan Mr. & Mrs. Alexis M. Shigo Ms. Lisa Shinall Mr. & Mrs. William E. Showalter Mr. Seth Shulman Mr. & Mrs. Roger W. Silhavey Mr. Stanley M. Silverstein Ms. Karen A. Simmons Mr. Edward Simon Mr. & Mrs. Steve Simon Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Sinkewicz Mr. & Mrs. George S. Sipprell Ms. Beatrice Skala Mr. L. Remsen Skidmore, Jr. Mr. Paul Skrtich Drs. Beata & Pawel Skudlarska Mr. & Mrs. William F. Slade Ms. C. Susan Smith Mr. & Mrs. Jason M. Smith Mr. Edward Snyder Ms. Genie Snyder Ms. Patricia A. Sombati Mr. Wantuil Souza Mr. & Mrs. Neil Spagna Mr. & Mrs. Norman Sperry Ms. Helen W. Spillane

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony F. Spingler, Jr. Miss Mary G. Sposito Mr. J.P. Sredzinski Mr. Zygmunt Stachurski Ms. Liz Stafford Ms. Katherine Stallfort Mr. & Mrs. Perry Stamatiadis Mr. & Mrs. Charles M Stankye III Mr. & Mrs. William T. Stansfield Ms. Gabriella Stapleton Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Stashower Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Stehman Ms. Anita L. Stepanowski Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Stiller Ms. Barbara R. Stohl Ms. Kathryn Stoker Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Stone Mrs. Sonia R. Strauss Mr. John G. Strich Mr. & Mrs. Jerry E. Struzik Mr. Joseph A. Suarez Mr. Brian Sugrue Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Sullivan Mr. David Surreira Ms. Darlene E. Sweet Mr. Paul S. Swords Mr. & Mrs. Carl Sylvester Mr. & Mrs. Alex Szedlmayer Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Szwejkowski, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. John M. Tabak Ms. Anya Taddeo Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tallberg Ms. Linda Tampellini Mr. Keith Tandler Mrs. Ida Tasi Ms. Kristine Tedesco Ms. Kristina Tenney Ms. Linda J. Terrill Mr. & Mrs. Carlo Testani Ms. Natalie Thames Ms. Lorraine R. Thibault Ms. Christy Thomas Mr. Robert Thomas Ms. Jennifer W. Thompson Mr. Colin Thornton Ms. Augusta Thyberg Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tibbals


Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors 2011

($1–$99 continued) Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Tighe Mrs. Mildred O. Tocco Ms. Peni Todd Ms. Margherite M. Tom Mr. William G. Tomis Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Tomsheck Mr. Jorge Torre Dr. Louise E. Tortora Mr. & Mrs. Mauricio C. Trabuco Ms. Debra A. Tracey Ms. Joann Trifono Mr. Michael Trifono Ms. Jeanette Trujillo Mr. & Mrs. David J. Trzaskos Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Tuttle, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Stanley W. Udell Mr. & Mrs. Michael Vanik Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Vecsey Ms. Dawn Velte Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Verrilli Ms. Shannon Vicente Mr. Jake Vitale Ms. Janet Voelpert Mr. Thomas J. Vos Ms. Betty L. Wadejko Ms. Suzanne E. Wagner Ms. Honorine K. Wallack Ms. Helen M. Walter Ms. Phyllis B. Ward Mr. Joseph R. Warichar Ms. Lisa Warren Mr. & Mrs. William F. Watkins Mrs. Evelyn E. Watt Dr. Bevin Weeks Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Weeks Ms. Anne Weimann Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Weinberg Mr. Mitchell Weinstein Mr. Vic Weinstein Mr. Anthony Welfare Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Wellington III Mr. S. McCorvie Wham Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. White Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Wicklund Mrs. Diane L. Wicks Bustamante Mr. & Mrs. James Wigglesworth Mr. & Mrs. Richard Williams


Mr. & Mrs. Howell J. Williams Mrs. Florence A. Williamson Mr. Fred Wills Ms. Vikki A. Winks Mrs. Marjorie Winokur Mrs. Jean C. Winton Mrs. Kikuko Wisdom Mr. Alan B. Wolf Attorney & Mrs. Martin F. Wolf Mr. Eric Wolfeiler Dr. Armand Wolff Mr. & Mrs. James G. Woods Mr. Edward Wormley Mrs. Catherine P. Wright Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Wright II Mr. Robert Wynn Dr. Abraham C. Yale Ms. Laura Yarish Ms. Florence Yeomans Mr. James Yevich Ms. Diane Youd Mrs. Pauline R. Young Ms. Noka Zador Mr. & Mrs. Steven Zambo Ms. Mary Zannis Mr. & Mrs. Richard Zbrozek Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Zeleny Ms. Kristina Zimbardo Mr. & Mrs. Mark Zitko Mr. Frederick C. Zorn Ms. Sara Zuba Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Zuckerman

Community Health Center Association of Connecticut Eastern Bag & Paper Co. Friends of Pediatrics Greater Bridgeport Adolescent Pregnancy Program, Inc. Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc. New Life Assembly of God PMT Group, Inc. Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation U.S. Department of Education United Way of Coastal Fairfield County

Corporations & Organizations

Allergan The Auxiliary of Ahlbin Rehabilitation Centers Bank of America Merrill Lynch Benetech, Inc. BHSN Alumnae I, Bertha Stiles BMW of Bridgeport Century Financial Services, Inc. The Chapin & Bangs Co. Echo Hose Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1, Inc. Fairfield County Bank Genentech USA Goal Line Philanthropy

Platinum Leadership $10,000 and above Abbott Laboratories Action Bridgeport Aetna, Inc. Bridgeport Hospital Auxiliary Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut Coca-Cola Refreshments

$5,000–$9,999 Blakeslee, Arpaia, Chapman, Inc. Bridgeport Energy, LLC Connecticut Challenge Connecticut Light & Power Dr Pepper Company Fairfield Half Marathon, Inc. Northeast Electronics Corp. NRG Energy, Inc. People’s United Bank PSEG Power LLC PT Adaro Indonesia Sanford D. Katz Fund Santa Energy The United Illuminating Company

Gold Leadership $2,500–$4,999

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors 2011

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 42 The Charles and Mabel P. Jost Foundation, Inc. Pediatric Healthcare Associates Phasor Engineering Services, LLC PSC Industrial Services Pullman & Comley, LLC RR Donnelley Southport Congregational Church The United Illuminating Company United Technologies Corp. Unitex Textile Rental Services University of Massachusetts

Silver Leadership $1,000–$2,499 Advantedge Healthcare Solutions Anchor Insulation Anonymous Antinozzi Associates Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut Assured Guaranty Corp. B.J.’s Wholesale Club Bridgeport Holiday Inn & Conference Center Bridgeport Hospital Dept. of Pediatrics Carbon Resources of Florida, Inc. Coleman Bros. Shows EMC Corporation Fletcher-Thompson, Inc. General Re Corporation Hess Corporation Hi Ho D’Addario Holiday Inn ICAP Energy International Granite & Marble Corp. J C Properties III M.J. Oross Medconn Collection Agency, LLC Metalor USA Refining Corporation Moran Towing Corporation Neubert, Pepe & Monteith, PC Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison Charitable Gift Fund Regan Technologies

Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. Siemens Industry, Inc. Southern Connecticut Gas Co. T.A.D. Masonry, Inc. Town of Stratford Venman & Co. LLC Yale University Yankee Fiber Control, Inc.

Sponsors $500–$999 Advanced Radiology Consultants, LLC BNC Financial Group, Inc. BNY Mellon Bank Capossela & Cohen, LLC Cardiac Specialists, PC Delythe Charles & Associates, LLC Agency Complete Connection LLC Connecticut Tank Removal Cordea Consulting Dominion Employee Giving Program Eight & Forty Salon 19 Departmental de CT Farmington Fire Fighters Association Hewlett Packard HQUS IBM Employee Services Center Kirsen Technologies Corporation Larson Fund Maincon Services, Inc. Neuberger Berman LLC Oncology Associates of Bridgeport, PC Park City Valve & Fitting, Inc. The Russell Agency, LLC Sodexo Health Care Unilever Utility Workers Union of America Local 470-1 Vitas Innovative Hospice Care Welding Works, Inc.

Patrons $250–$499 AT&T Employee Community Services Fund AV Davey Audio Visuals

John J. Brennan Construction Co., Inc. Bridgeport Fittings, Inc. Classical Studies Academy Class 201 & 202 Darien Police Association, Inc. Financial Network Limited Hampford Research, Inc. Henry & Gerety Builders, Inc. Lincoln Healthcare Events Oral Surgery Associates, LLC RMM Hospitality Group, LLC Rotair Industries, Inc. SDI Health, LLC John L. Simpson Co., Inc. Stockbridge’s Gourmet Cheesecakes Turner Construction Company United HealthCare Services, Inc. United Oil Recovery Water Jel Technologies The Waterview, LLC Wheelabrator Bridgeport, LP

Friends $100–$249 American Hockey League June Antunes PLLC Ascent Healthcare Solutions Atria Stratford B Dickson & Associates, LLC R.C. Bigelow, Inc. Tom Brennan Real Estate Bridgeport Hospital Respiratory Services City of Shelton Coleytown Elementary School Comfort Keepers East Haven Firefighters Fiber-Seal of Western CT Golden Hill United Methodist Church Hersam Acorn Newspapers Iroquois Gas Transmission System, LP KLA-Tencor Employee Funds Neurological Specialists, PC Oronoque Village Condominium Association PC Metals, Inc. Schine, Julianelle & Antonucci, PC SHP II/CSL Trumbull, LLC


Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors 2011

($100–$249 continued) Stax, Inc. Stratford Visiting Nurse Association, Inc. Subway United Way of Central & Northeastern Connecticut United Way of Greater New Haven, Inc.

Advocates $1–$99 Alumni Association II of BH School of Nursing Ansonia Fire Department Barron Gannon & Co., PC BHSN Alumni Association II Carolina Retail Packaging Chapel Haven, Inc. The Connecticut Floor Covering Association Covidien Data Power Decisions, Inc. Hansen’s Flower Shop IBM International Foundation The Kennedy Center Auxiliary, Inc. Lindquist Supply Company The Milford Bank Mohawk Tool & Die Mfg. Co. N & S Electric, Inc. PTSA Stratford High School Petit Salon 45 Fairfield County Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. Strategic Employee Benefit Services Tumor Registrars Association of CT, Inc. United Way of New York City Wilton Public Schools Yellow Team at Swift Middle School

The Barden Foundation, Inc. David & Eunice Bigelow Foundation The William C. Bullitt Foundatio, Inc. Connecticut Burns Care Foundation, Inc. Fairfield County Community Foundation, Inc. GE Foundation Huntington Foundation, Inc. Cyrus W. & Amy F. Jones & Bessie D. Phelps Foundation Agnes W. & Ernest W. Kaulbach Charitable Foundation Klein Family Foundation, Inc. Irwin and Dorothy Nessel Family Foundation The Norma F. Pfriem Foundation Smith Richardson Foundation Stamford Fire Fighters Burn Foundation Stratford Professional Firefighters Burn Foundation, Inc. The Tiny Miracles Foundation Ernest Trefz and Joan Trefz Foundation

$5,000–$9,999 New London Fire Fighters Burn Foundation, Inc. Switzer Foundation Wheeler Foundation, Inc.

Gold Leadership $2,500–$4,999 Gould Foundation The Edward and Lucille Kimmel Foundation, Inc.


Silver Leadership

Platinum Leadership


$10,000 and above

The Delaney Memorial Foundation, Inc. Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation The Fuchs Family Foundation

American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Foundation


Sponsors $500–$999 Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund Sitkin Family Foundation United Illuminating Company Foundation

Patrons $250–$499 David E. Block Foundation John Patrick Flanagan Foundation, Inc. John & Evelyn Kossak Foundation, Inc. Sophia’s Butterflies of Hope Foundation

Friends $100–$249 The Beckerer Foundation, Inc. KT Foundation Matching Gift Program

Advocates $1–$99 Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation The Hollander Foundation

In Memory of Claire Alpert Jack Anderson Thomas Antollino Oscar Artigas Dr. Sumner Auerbach Chris Baglas Owen Bailey Dr. William H. Baird Jennie Barillari James Beam Genevieve Bennick Willa Mae Bilskis Phyllis P. Bonsall Barbara Boreyko Halina Boreyko

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving Bridgeport Hospital Honor Roll of Donors 2011

Ferdinando Bottone Robert J. Brennan Ryan Brennan Joseph Brush John R. Cardillo Olga Cassidy Ciriaco Catino Karin L. Clark Kenneth L. Cushman Daniel R. DeMarco Mario DeRubis Marilyn Dineley John Donaher Kenneth Dorland Jean O. Dorsch Jordan Emmons Dorothy R. Farkas Diane H. Feigenson Joel S. Feigenson Esther Felici June K. Felis Linda Finger Waldron J. Finnegan Michael Flam Jeff Foster Shirley Gallagher Raymond J. Gaydos Marie S. Gibbons Maureen E. Gill Marion Gintant David Goby BeBe Greene Ruth Greenhalgh Gladys V. Gregor Emily Gregory Joseph Gresko Amedo S. Guaglianone Chester E. Haberlin Jessie M. Hall Harry & Ruth Hansen Josephine I. Haslob Jeanne Hood Heffner Lee Heffner Mary Hillmann Peter L. Holm Janice Hopkins

Carl K. Horvath Dorothy Hough Lovey Hungerford Joseph Iannucci Jablonski Family Jakab Family Roland P. Jolie Zoltan Kakas Florence Kamszik Nicholas Katsis Diane E. Kauders Dr. Henry V. Kogut Hilma Kovlak Alex J. Kozak Barbara Krolikowski Paul E. Kupec Treva LaRose Rodrigue Lauzon Nathan Ledewitz Loretta Levine Rita Levine Edward L. Liebreich Light Family Lucas Family Ellen Lurie Debbie Madow Margaret L. Malasics Carmela Mangiacapra Esther H. Marsilius Neoklis J. Martin Maria Mastroianni Marie Maynard Melnicsak Family Fred Michaud Joan D. Micinilo Jerome Miller Barbara Murphy David W. Ney Arlen D. Nickowitz Robert J. O’Connor Mary O’Dowd Chester R. Pajolek Frances Parise John & Kay Pfuhl Joseph R. Piccinino Americo C. Pires

Sidney Plotkin Michael W. Poidomani Louis J. Poirier Alex Poljak June M. Prescott Din-Su Pua Colleen Ramirez David J. Regan Eleanor Reid Robert Riccio Walter S. Rosenberry John R. Russo Anna M. Sakowich Edward Sakowich Carol H. Salsgiver Gloria E. Santiago-Torres Josephine Santucci Gustavo Sarmiento Frank Schmincke Dr. Francis Scholan Robert R. Schwabe Edward Sciongay Donald E. Scott Claudia A. Sczyrek Warren Seaman Elizabeth E. Shaw Silhavey Family Edwin W. Smith Raymond C. Smith Whitney Snead Dr. Nicholas P. Spinelli Muriel Sussman Sandie Taubin Mario Testani Helen Thomas Elizabeth T. Throupe Tkacs Family Patsy Trifono Josephine Tucciarone Anthony Frank Vadala George Vince Lorraine Von Eck Myra Curtis Wahlberg Ida P. Wakeling Jean Warner Eleanore Weinhaus


Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center Honor Roll of Donors 2011

(In Memory of continued) Wesley C. Wheaton Seymour Wilk John Wills Arnold Wilson Jackie Wilson Arthur Wrubel Mary Ellen Wynne Konstantino Yiannoulis

In Honor of Candace Adams Andre Arnaldo Audrey Bernstein Larry Bernstein Carol Bertilson Carol Bloch Reverend Peggy S. Block Julie Brown Tom Browne Lisa Burns Ann Cassel Douglas W. Chandler Dr. Murali Chiravuri Helen V. Cook Dr. Nimrod Dayan James Di Bonaventura Emergency Department Staff Marion Gresko Maggie Herman Milton Jacoby Faith Jones Michael Kamins Dr. Thomas L. Kennedy Mary Kilgore Joan Kline Esther B. Kmetzo Diane Leahy Linda Liefland Margaret Lux-Drury Precious I. Macwan Philip R. Marsilius Sam C. Melilli Scott R. Mogle Charles O’Hara Becky Pensanti


Joseph R. Piccinino Planning & Marketing Department Richard E. Racowski Gregory C. Ressler Gregg Ricco Sophia L. Seymour Malcom Shaw Francis J. Scholan, M.D. Viola J. Spinelli William T. Stansfield Anne Tighe Laura Triono Susan Wargo Monica Watson Gail Weinstein

$5,000–$9,999 Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Adams, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James A. Conroy Mr. & Mrs. Philip L. DiGennaro Dr. & Mrs. Andrew S. Kenler David Lane Trust Mrs. Anna D. Leszczynski Mr. John Mulligan Ms.Laurel Oztemel Mrs. Elizabeth M. Pfriem Dr. Carole M. Presnick Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Taikowski Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. West

Gold Leadership $2,500–$4,999

The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center Individuals

Anonymous Attorney & Mrs. Collin P. Baron John R. and Dorothy D. Caples Fund Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Craft Mrs. Dorothy A. Edgerton Mr. & Mrs. Alan H. Feldman Mr. & Mrs. Michel C. Finzi Mrs. Linda E. McMahon Mr. & Mrs. Gordon S. Milne Mr. & Mrs. John G. Petti Drs. Mary T. & Paul H. Pronovost Mr. & Mrs. Eric M. Reuben Dr. Donna J. Twist & Dr. Daniel J. Rudolph

Platinum Leadership

Silver Leadership

$10,000 and above


Mr. & Mrs. David C. Bigelow Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Citrone Ms. Elizabeth B. Davis & Mr. Andrew S. Gleeman Mr. & Mrs. Russell Fuchs Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Keegan Ms. Marta Jo Lawrence Dr. Anke Ott-Young & Mr. Robert Young Mr. & Mrs. John R. Paloian Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Scinto

Mr. Stuart G. Adam Mrs. Carole A. Allers Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Bento Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Blackwell Mr. & Mrs. Edgar R. Butts Mr. & Mrs. William Christie Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Curtis Dr. & Mrs. Nimrod Dayan Dr. Ranjana Dikhit Drs. Shelley & Mitchell Driesman

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center Honor Roll of Donors 2011

Mr. Mark Elletson Ms. Ilene J. Feldman & Dr. Harvey J. Bluestein Mr. & Mrs. Gregory S. Garvey Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Gorab Mr. & Mrs. Adam J. Greenlee Mrs. Hope Juckel-Regan, RN Dr. Anya Kishinevsky Mr. & Mrs. Matthew S. Kraft Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Laska Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Lasota Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Massey Mrs. Anne O. McCrory Mr. & Mrs. Roy L. Morton Ms. Amy W. Nessel Mr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Nick Attorney & Mrs. Ronald B. Noren Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Quinn Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kobsa Mr. & Mrs. Paul Santacaterina Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Scheetz Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Stevenson Mr. & Mrs. Brian W. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. David P. Sylvestro Mrs. Stephanie Vaughn

Sponsors $500–$999 Mrs. Allison A. Allott Anonymous Mrs. Kimberly L. Babcock Mrs. Mary L. Beazley Ms. Cynthia R. Bigelow & Mr. Thomas M. O’Hara Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Bliss Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Boffa Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Brennan Ms. Margaret M. Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. Carlson Ms. Martha K. Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Caruso Mr. & Mrs. James F. Chizmadia Mr. Mark Connelly Mr. Thomas Cunningham Ms. Angela C. Dazzo

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth I. Ferleger Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Folman Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Garvey Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Gavey Ms. Carole S. Hochman Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Jakab Mr. & Mrs. William M. Jennings Mrs. Lisa Johns-Elmy Mr. & Mrs. John F. Kamovitch Mr. & Mrs. Ira M. Kaplan Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Keenoy Mr. & Mrs. William P. Kelly Ms. Elizabeth Klee Ms. Sandra Kmec Mrs. Deborah Krevalin Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Laska Dr. & Mrs. Clifford J. Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Mason Mr. & Mrs. Dermot M. McDermott Ms. Phyllis R. McGrath Ms. Jill Miller & Mr. Richard Goldberg Mrs. Andrea Ozyck Ms. Karen L. Parkhill Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pinto Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Pompa, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Porter, Jr. Mrs. Barbara Powell Ms. Willamae Pryor Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Raposo Mr. & Mrs. Alan B. Reed Ms. Maureen A. Riley David Rosen Revocable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Shanley Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Stemme Mr. Randall S. Taikowski Ms. Patricia M. Tay Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Vacheron Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Van de Berghe, Jr. Mrs. Andrea Veikos Mr. & Mrs. Martin T. Warten Ms. Eileen Watson Mrs. Maureen Watson Mr. & Mrs. John Winstead Mr. & Mrs. David E. Yurkerwich Mr. & Mrs. William J. Zierolf

Patrons $250–$499 Mr. & Mrs. Mark V. Abrahamson Mr. & Mrs. Andrew I. Alcosser Ms. Anne M. Aquila, RN Dr. & Mrs. Nabil A. Atweh Mrs. Michele F. Austin Ms. Mary K. Babcock Ms. Nancy P. Baer Dr. & Mrs. William A. Baker Mrs. Wendy Balinski Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Barlaam Mrs. Carol M. Barrios Mr. & Mrs. Carmine Battimelli Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence S. Beck Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Bernstein Mrs. Nancy Bigonette Mrs. Clare M. Blasius Mrs. Barbara A. Bodine Ms. Carol Bolin Mrs. Gina Bond Mr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Boroughs Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bova Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Bratchell Ms. Tina Bratchell-Torraco Mrs. Joanna F. Breunig, PAC Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Brogan Dr. & Mrs. David B. Brown Mrs. Jeanne L. Burris Mr. Terrence Bussen Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Carson Judge Daniel F. Caruso Mr. & Mrs. Vincent D. Castagna Mrs. Lynette Catandella Ms. Erin M. Chamberlain Mr. & Mrs. David M. Christoffersen Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Church Ms. Sheila J. Clancy Ms. Amy E. Cole Mr. & Mrs. David W. Collier Mrs. Denise A. Colosimo Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Cooke Mr. & Mrs. Owen S. Littman Mrs. Jennifer L. Corbett Ms. Terri M. Cunningham


Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center Honor Roll of Donors 2011

($250–$499 continued) Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Dancho Mr. & Mrs. Joel Davis Mr. & Mrs. John A. De Salva Mr. & Mrs. Louis DeCilio Ms. Amy J. Desel Mrs. Jean M. Devaney Mrs. Linda Epstein Mr. & Mrs. John F. Fallon Mr. & Mrs. Steven Fein Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Fincher Dr. & Mrs. Brian E. Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Foley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Foster Ms. Deborah Friedman Mr. Robert Fuda Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan M. Gandal Ms. Laura Griffith Ms. Missy Harmon Dr. Laurie J. Harrold & Dr. Edward Chu Ms. Deborah A. Haughn Mr. Randall Heck Dr. Mindy Hersh Walters & Mr. Ian Walters Mr. & Mrs. Christopher H. Heyn Ms. Brinkerhoff B. Higgins Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Hines Ms. Sonya S. Hitt Dr. & Mrs. Scott A. Hodes Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Hoyt Ms. Stephanie J. Inglis Ms. Betsey Ives Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Jackel Dr. Shareef Jandali Mrs. Karen Kaiser Ms. Robyn Kaiserman Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Kellogg Mr. & Mrs. Mark K. Kelly Ms. Sally Kenler Dr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Kennedy III Ms. Claire-Anne Kinney-Meskers Mrs. Elizabeth S. Klein Mr. & Mrs. Larry Klein Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Kostopoulos Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kosturko Ms. Claudia M. Lau Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lazor II Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. LoGuidice


Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Makes Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Manning III Mr. & Mrs. Damian Maroun Mr. & Mrs. Sean W. Martin Mrs. Nancy E. McCuaig Dr. & Mrs. Bruce M. McDonald Dr. Bruce McGibbon Mr. & Mrs. John A. Mehanna Ms. Ariane Mermod Mr. & Mrs. Emil Meshberg Mr. & Mrs. Casey Meskers Ms. Linda A. Michaud & Mr. Joseph J. McGee Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Miller Dr. & Mrs. Abraham M. Mintz Mr. & Mrs. Richard Molinsky Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Murray Ms. Margaret C. Murray Mrs. Nancy Murren Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Nadolny Mr. & Mrs. Marc Neglia Mr. & Mrs. Myles O’Brien Dr. & Mrs. J. Brad O’Connell Mr. & Mrs. John D. O’Connor Mr. Gary Opin Mrs. Jennifer A. Orr Mr. & Mrs. Davis E. Owen, Sr. Mrs. Kiki Owen Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Pantalena Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Parniawski Mrs. Georgiana Platt Attorney & Mrs. Frank A. Pomer Ms. Jane A. Purcell Mrs. Lorna Recone Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Reilly Ms. Amy G. Rocchi Mr. & Mrs. Mario Romaldini Mr. & Mrs. Donald Romaniello Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Rosen Mrs. Andrea Rowland Ms. Kristine Samsel Mr. & Mrs. John Santilli Ms. Janice E. Schaefer Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Schmincke Mrs. Jacqueline Schwartz Ms. Susan M. Selleck & Mr. Saul A. Cornell

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Shanley Ms. Myra Shapiro Mrs. Marianne P. Shea Mrs. Wendy Stauffer Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stebbins Ms. Adrienne Stoller-Bocz & Mr. Jimmie Bocz Mrs. Christine Stone Mr. & Mrs. Guy R. Sullivan Mr. Michael C. Tetreau Mr. John N. Tieman Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Tracy Mrs. Julie Tuozzoli Dr. Tito Vasquez Mr. & Mrs. Scott L. Warkentin Mrs. Jennifer K. Wastrom Dr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Worthington Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Wright Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Zeleny Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Zikaras

Friends $100–$249 Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Addessi Mr. & Mrs. Akram R. Ahmad Mrs. Latha Alaparthi Mr. & Mrs. Dion Albanese Mr. & Mrs. Keith E. Anderson Ms. Joan E. Andros Mr. & Mrs. Edmund T. Auer Mr. & Mrs. William B. Auer Mr. & Mrs. James C. Axtell Ms. Barbara Bacarella Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Baisley Ms. Debra Baker Ms. Kay Baker Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Baldelli, Jr. Mr. Salvatore A. Barcia Ms. Janet Barillari, C.P.A. Mr. & Mrs. Scott R. Bartlett Mr. & Mrs. Truman W. Bassett Ms. Karen Beardsworth Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence P. Berry Mr. & Mrs. David T. Biedermann Ms. Jill R. Bishop Mr. Benjamin B. Bissell

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family‌Rooted in Giving The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center Honor Roll of Donors 2011

Mr. & Mrs. David D. Bixler Ms. Susan E. Bonney Mrs. Darry Bova Ms. Diana Bowes Weller Miss Margaret M. Branca Ms. Mary Ellen Brennan-Connelly Ms. Norma J. Brewer Mr. & Mrs. Jon G. Brower Ms. Karen D. Broyles Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Buebendorf Miss Eleanor Burns Ms. Rita E. Campbell Mr. John Canavan Mr. & Mrs. Bradford A. Capshaw Ms. Olga M. Caputo Mrs. Julie Carpenter Mr. & Mrs. George P. Carter Mr. & Mrs. Michael Carter Dr. & Mrs. Robert Caserta Ms. Barbara-Ann Cavanaugh Mr. & Mrs. Hicham Chamarkhi Mr. & Mrs. Todd J. Chandler Ms. Candace Channing Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Y. Chen Mr. & Mrs. Gerald C. Chertavian Mrs. Susan E. Ciccarelli Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Cirilli Ms. Michelle M. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Dennis P. Clarke Mr. & Mrs. Michael Coppola Mr. Gary I. Cornell Ms. Terrell L. Cote Vizard Ms. Linda S. Coursen Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Dainiak Mrs. Louise M. Dancho Mr. & Mrs. John S. DaPonte Mrs. Nora J. DeBellis Mr. & Mrs. Paul DelBene Mr. & Mrs. John R. DeMattia Mr. & Mrs. Michael Devaney Mrs. Silvia Dicovich Mr. & Mrs. Michael Didio Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dineley Mrs. Barbara Dockray Ms. Cindy Dodge Mr. & Mrs. David J. Duffy

Mr. & Mrs. Stewart I. Edelstein Mrs. Linda Epstein Mrs. Michelle Falcone Ms. Arlene Fanali Mr. & Mrs. Robin Austin Mrs. Diane B. Feeley Mr. & Mrs. Randolph V. Fenn Mr. & Mrs. James R. Ferrante Dr. & Mrs. Rudy Feudo Ms. Anna M. Finzi Mrs. Joan G. Firmender Dr. Neal A. Fischbach & Dr. Amy Gates Ms. Sue Flack Mrs. Deborah A. Flores Mr. Charles A. Fortin Mrs. Mary Frank Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Friedman Mr. Joseph Gargiulo & Ms. Nancy Kish-Gargiulo Mr. & Mrs. Philip Gavey Ms. Kimberly A. Gay Ms. Marilia Giacobbe Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ginley Dr. & Mrs. Jack D. Glasser Dr. Elika Golara Ms. Claire S. Gold Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Gold Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Goldberg Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Goldfarb Ms. Loretta P. Goldin Mrs. Susan Goldman Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey R. Gombos Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Gomez Ms. MaryBeth Goodwin Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Gottlieb Mr. & Mrs. Richard Greenspan Mrs. Lisa A. Gregory Mr. Glenn J. Grella Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Guerrera Ms. Gabrielle Guise & Mr. Jon D. Tiktinsky Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Gulotta Dr. Maria S. Guoth Ms. Marcy Haley Mr. & Mrs. Francis E. Hand

Ms. Kristen Hardiman Ms. Veronica C. Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hatzistavrakis Ms. Karen M. Haydon Dr. & Mrs. Warren Heller Mr. & Mrs. William D. Gates Attorney Joel Hirshfield Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Hobbie Mr. & Mrs. William H. Hoffmann, Jr. Mrs. Deborah Holleran Ms. Richetta M. Iovino Dr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Jankowich Ms. Sara M. Jannott Mr. & Mrs. Willem Jansen Ms. Susan G. Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Pablo L. Jimenez Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Kamins Mrs. Laura D. Keane Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Kearns Mr. & Mrs. Terrance W. Keegan Mrs. Jacalyn S. Keehan Ms. Pamea Keller Dr. & Mrs. Kermit L. Kenler Mrs. Heidi Kenney Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Kilmartin Mr. Slater B. Kirby Ms. Vera Kishinevsky Mr. & Mrs. David E. Klebe Dr. & Mrs. Maurice Klee Mr. & Mrs. Keith A. Kleps Ms. Katherine A. Knetzger Drs. Claudette H. & Steven H. Kunkes Ms. Theresa Lapinski Mr. & Mrs. Scott Lareau Mr. & Mrs. Timothy T. Larney Mr. Timothy P. Leahy Ms. Nancy Legow Mr. & Mrs. Matthew C. Leighton Dr. Susan Levine Mrs. Lisa Liebow Mr. & Mrs. Martin C. Lippe Dr. & Mrs. Richard N. Lopatin Ms. Ava L. Lorenz Ms. Jill R. Lorenz Ms. Gaynor D. Luke Mr. & Mrs. Steven T. Lutinski


Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center Honor Roll of Donors 2011

($100–$249 continued) Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Lynch Mrs. Suellen S. Lyon Mr. & Mrs. Robert MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Mack Ms. Melissa Mackno Mr. & Mrs. John J. Madeo Mr. Declan J. Mahar Mrs. Patricia Mahoney Mr. & Mrs. Harry F. Manbeck, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Paul L. Marciano Ms. Joanne Martin Ms. Nancy T. Martin & Mr. Christopher J. Porto Ms. Dorothy A. F. Massello Mrs. Karen Mather LaCosta Dr. Lyn S. Matis Mr. & Mrs. Michael Matis Mr. & Mrs. Konstantinos Matsikas Mr. & Mrs. Vincent M. McAvey II Mr. & Mrs. Scott L. McCain Mrs. Amy McCann Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. McCormick Mr. & Mrs. William J. McCullough Mr. & Mrs. Richard McEttrick Mr. & Mrs. Brian McGrath Ms. Elizabeth A. McLoughlin Ms. Bonnie S. McNair Mr. Gary Mendell Mrs. Suzanne N. Mercado Mrs. Connie Michel Mr. Evan Miller Mr. & Mrs. Richard Miller Ms. Yvonne A. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Mitchell Mrs. Karin M. Modica Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Modugno Ms. Gay Mohrbacher Mrs. Kimberly C. Moore Ms. Mary C. Moore Mrs. Sarni Morrison Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey G. Mullen Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Murray Ms. Elsie B. Nappi Mr. & Mrs. William Nayden Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Nerreau Mr. & Mrs. Phil Neugebauer


Mrs. Jill A. Newman Ms. Barbara B. Nicholas Ms. Alicea Nicoletti Mrs. Leslie A. Noland Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. O’Brien Ms. Shelly M. O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Brian T. O’Day Ms. Katie O’Grady Mrs. Kimberly O’Halloran Mr. & Mrs. Mark O’Halloran Mr. Justin J. O’Hara Ms. Adele F. O’Kane Mr. & Mrs. Christopher K. O’Neill Mrs. Donna Ormsbee Mr. & Mrs. James J. O’Shaughnessy Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Patrignelli Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Pavoni Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Pecora Ms. Jessica Pecora & Mr. Matthew Doran Ms. Vicky Pelletier Mr. & Mrs. B. Joseph Pendergast Ms. Madelyn Pesci Ms. Aleksandra Pesys Mr. & Mrs. John G. Petti Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Coffin Mrs. Margaret R. Philip Drs. Marguerite & Edward R. Pinto Mrs. Lisa Pollner Attorney & Mrs. Frank A. Pomer Mr. & Mrs. Andrew G. Poniros Ms. Donna Pope Ms. Kelly M. Poulin Mr. & Mrs. Hugh V. Powell Mr. & Mrs. John P. Powers Mrs. Anne K. Probst Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. Buckley Mr. Albert R. Quinn Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Quinn Mr. David T. Quinn Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Regan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William L. Reichelt Mrs. Karen D. Reilly Mrs. Laurette Reilly Ms. Laurie E. Reilly & Mr. Gregory P. Seferi Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Robb Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Robertson

Ms. Margaret Rooney Mr. & Mrs. William H. Roos Ms. Carrie Rosenbloom Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Rosenthal Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rowland Ms. Peggy L. Rubens-Duhl Mr. John C. Ruby, Trustee Ms. Lita Ruseski Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Jack Ryng Mrs. JoAnne Saber Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Saja Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Santa Dr. Alisa Savetamal Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Scheetz Mr. & Mrs. David L. Schmerzler Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schoenleber Ms. Kathryn C. Senie Mr. & Mrs. Jay C. Serniak Mr. & Mrs. Bernard C. Sezon Ms. Sandralee M. Shea Dr. & Mrs. Perry A. Shear Mrs. Denise Sherwood Mr. & Mrs. Schuyler D. Sherwood Mr. & Mrs. John Siano Ms. Anne Sidoriak Mrs. Erica Sklar Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Smith Mrs. Elizabeth Solovay Mr. Edward M. Stern Ms. Judith E. Stern Mr. & Mrs. John B. Stevenson Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Stiller Ms. Lynn Stoller & Mr. Andrew Greenberg Mrs. Libia Streat Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Tarde Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Tatta Mr. & Mrs. Mark Tennant Mrs. Maria G. Terrell Dr. & Mrs. Scott C. Thornton Mr. & Mrs. Stanley G. Tobin Dr. Marina C. Torbey Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Trefry Mrs. Susan A. Trischman

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center Honor Roll of Donors 2011

Ms. Kerry Underhill Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Vachon Mrs. Michelle Varrone Mrs. Laura A. Vescovi Ms. Dian B. Vince Mrs. Kristin Wackerman Dr. Veronica Waks Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Waldvogel Ms. Jean Ann Walker Mr. & Mrs. John T. Walkley Mr. & Mrs. Alan L. Wallack Ms. Jennifer A. Wasmer Ms. Amy Waugh Ms. Margot A. Welter Mr. & Mrs. Brian Wenzel Mr. & Mrs. James E. Wolf Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Wright Ms. Margaret Mary Wynne Dr. & Mrs. Stuart W. Zarich Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Zecher

Advocates $1–$99 Ms. Eman Abdel-Fattah Miss Shannon Ahearn Mrs. Donna Alatakis Mr. & Mrs. Norman A. Aldrich Ms. Mollie Alexander Mr. & Mrs. David F. Allen Mr. & Mrs. John C. Almy Ms. Joan Alter Mr. & Mrs. William W. Amidon III Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Anderson Ms. Tracey Anderson Ms. Susan O. Andrade Ms. Anita Andrews Mrs. Aida L. Andrzejewski Mr. Mark Anestis Mr. & Mrs. Lazaros Angelidis Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Appelberg Mr. & Mrs. Robert Appleby Ms. Judith K. Ares Ms. Maureen F. Arszyla Mr. William Ashton Ms. Louise Astorino Ms. Debra Austin

Ms. Diane S. Avery, RN Ms. Lynn Azzam Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Babushkin Mr. & Mrs. Rosario Bacarella Mrs. Sandra A. Bailey Mrs. Tina Barbar Miss Jillian Barcia Mr. Joseph R. Barese III & Mr. David Nunner Ms. Sara Barrows Dr. Lynne L. Becker Mrs. Jean I. Beezel Ms. Judith Beier Ms. Lisa Bettke Mr. & Mrs. Anand Bhatia Ms. Joanna Bianchi Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Bielecki Mr. & Mrs. Theodore W. Bielecki Ms. Barbara M. Bishop Mr. & Mrs. Calvin R. Blagys Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Blanco Mr. & Mrs. James P. Blose Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bluestein Mrs. Mary Louise Bohn Mr. Keith Bond Ms. Diane M. Bova Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Brown Mrs. Karen Brown Ms. Lisa Brown Mr. & Mrs. William M. Brown, Jr. Ms. Jennifer H. Buchanan Mr. & Mrs. John Burgeson Ms. Heidi Burke Ms. Marie A. Burke Mr. & Mrs. Davis Burroughs Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Cable Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Camillo Mr. Mark Cammarota Ms. Caryn F. Campbell Ms. Jill K. Campolucci Mrs. Eileen Canavan Mrs. Kerri J. Canelli Mrs. Irene M. Cappello Ms. Pamela Capuano Ms. Hilary F. Carr Mrs. Lisa Carrano Mr. & Mrs. James R. Carroll

Ms. Caroline Carsen Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Caruso Ms. Sally Cascella, RN Ms. Eve Casey Ms. Kathy Catalano Ms. Roberta Catania Ms. Peggy Caterson Ms. Cynthia A. Chadderton Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Chambers Mrs. Lynn D. Charbonneau Ms. Anne H. Cheevers Ms. Patricia Chervenak Mrs. Elizabeth T. Childers Mr. & Mrs. Olivier Chomienne Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. Chudwick Ms. Jennifer Ciamei Mr. & Mrs. David M. Cioffi Ms. Christina Clark Ms. Cindy Clarke Mr. & Mrs. Ivan J. Clayton, Jr. Ms. MaryKate Cohane Mr. David Cohen Ms. Robin Cohen Mr. & Mrs. John C. Colligan, Jr. Ms. Sonia Collins Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fey Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Colonnese Mr. & Mrs. David R. Conetta Ms. Marian W. Conklin Ms. Elizabeth Connor Mr. & Mrs. Irwin F. Coombs III Ms. Friede Costigan Mrs. Wendy Cratt Mr. & Mrs. David M. Crean Mr. & Mrs. William F. Cronan Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Crossman, Sr. Ms. Ann L. Cucak Mr. & Mrs. Clarence N. Burke Mr. Demetrio J. Cuzzocrea Mr. & Mrs. William W. Daley Ms. Donna Darak Ms. Nancy N. Darling Mrs. Arlene Darrow Ms. Sarah E. David Mr. Elan-Paolo DeCarlo Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Deliberti Mr. Derek A. Dellamonica


Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center Honor Roll of Donors 2011

($1–$99 continued) Mrs. Barbara Delmonico Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Denton Ms. Sheila A. Denton & Mr. Gregg N. Essig Mrs. Linda DeRosa Mr. & Mrs. W. Michael Desmond Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. DiCocco Ms. Joyce Dineley Mr. & Mrs. John J. DiSangro Mr. & Mrs. John J. DiSangro, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Christopher E. Dockray Ms. Barbara J. Doheny Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Domena Mr. & Mrs. Francis X. J. Donelan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Donohue Mr. & Mrs. John F. Donovan III Mr. Matthew D. Donovan Mr. & Mrs. Peter Doonan Ms. Gail M. Dorset Ms. Patty Downes Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Doyle Dr. Kathleen Doyle-Kelly Mrs. Barbara Duca Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Dukes Ms. Marguerite Dunigan Mr. Michael A. Durand Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Edison Mr. Jason Elias Ms. Christine G. Emmons Mrs. Rosina Esmiol Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Esposito Mrs. Olga M. Fabian Ms. Patricia M. Fahey Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Fallon Ms. Charlene R. Farley Ms. Fay Farquhar Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Fedak Mrs. Bernadette M. Felletta Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Fenton Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Ference Ms. Katharina R. Ferrando The Filan Family Ms. Judith A. Finer Ms. Virginia Fingelly Ms. Holly Firmender Mr. Erik Flack


Mrs. Joanne Flamini Ms. Robin C. Flay Ms. Marilyn Fleureton Mrs. Madeline D. Flynn Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Franklin Mr. & Mrs. Jay S. Friedler Ms. Mary Gallagher Mr. Sean Galligan Ms. Ann W. Galloway Mr. & Mrs. Erik Gans Ms. Margaret H. Gardella Mrs. Pamela N. Garrett Mr. & Mrs. Roy Garza Mr. & Mrs. John P. Gavey Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Geffert Mrs. Donna J. Geffert Mr. & Mrs. George A. Geffert Miss Melynda Geffet Ms. Elizabeth A. Geller Ms. Shira Genauer Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Gerken The Gersh Family Ms. Nell K. Gibbon Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Giffin Mrs. Camilla Gimand Mr. & Mrs. Paul O. Ginouves Mrs. Susan K. Glucksman Mr. & Mrs. Myles Golden Ms. Karen A. Goldstein Ms. Isabel M. Gonzalez Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery K. Goodkin Ms. Annette Gosselin Ms. Joan P. Greenwood Mrs. Anastasia Greim Mrs. Julie D. Gross Mrs. Lindsay Grubb Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Hackett Ms. Elizabeth W. Hallinan Ms. Danielle Harris Mrs. Karen L. Harriss Mr. & Mrs. William F. Hatton Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Hawley Mr. & Mrs. David C. Hawthorne Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hayden Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Haynes Mrs. Kimberly D. Healey

Mr. Michael C. Healy Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hendrick Mrs. Dorene M. Herron Ms. Barbara A. Hickling Dr. & Mrs. William Hickling Mr. & Mrs. Gerard F. Hill, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David Hinkle Mrs. Lisa M. Hotaling Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Howard Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Howley Ms. Patti Hudak Ms. Janet E. Huetteman Ms. Laurel Hughes Mrs. Maria P. Hughes Mr. Joseph Ianello Mr. Stephen Ianello Mr. Nicholas A. Ianus Ms. Laura Imperioli Mrs. Faith J. Ippolito Mrs. Jayanthi Iyengar Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Heitsmith Ms. Wilhelmina Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Jacob Mrs. Sharon K. Jacobs Ms. Zelda F. Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Arthur James Mr. T. Donald Janezic Mrs. Jacquelin Jankura Mrs. Beth Jennings Miss Callie Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Johnson Mrs. Laura A. Jones Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Kaczmarek Ms. Cheryl Kaiden Mr. & Mrs. Roger D. Keller II Mr. John J. Kelly Ms. Patricia A. Kelly Ms. Sally J. Keniston Ms. Jaqueline Keren Mr. James W. Kerrigan, Jr. Ms. Amy Kershaw & Mr. Adrien Finzi Ms. Claire A. Kinney Ms. Kim Kiriaizidis Mr. & Mrs. Erik C. Kleinbeck Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Z. Kochor

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center Honor Roll of Donors 2011

Ms. Lindsay M. Koolis Ms. Joan Kostarlt Mr. & Mrs. Richard Krajewski Mr. Grayson Kramer Ms. Rose Kukuc Ms. Leslie A. Kyrytschenko Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. LaBella Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Lamy Mr. David H. Lang Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Lapke Mr. & Mrs. George Lawrence Mrs. Anna M. Lecardo Ms. Lily M. Lee Mrs. Jane Lee Mrs. Evelyn Lesko Mrs. Carrie E. Lester Mr. Jack M. Levine Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lewandoski Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lightman Mr. & Mrs. Martin C. Lippe Ms. Karin Longstreth Mr. & Mrs. John M. Low Ms. Linda A. Low Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. T. Lozier Mr. & Mrs. Dermott Luckner Mr. & Mrs. Christopher B. Lue Mrs. Carole A. Lundquist Mr. & Mrs. Brendan T. Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. Lynch Ms. Michelle A. Lyons Ms. Regina Madwed Mrs. Sally Maglione Ms. Michelle Maire Ms. Joanne Malise Ms. Lisa Manca Mr. Charles Maneval Ms. Carole Maravich Ms. Marlene Marcus Bacher Ms. Irene Marella Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Mariani Mrs. Karen Marko Mr. & Mrs. David C. Martini Mr. Christopher B. Marvin Mr. Robert Mascetta Ms. Donna Matera Mrs. Helen B. Matto

Ms. Carole Maurati Mr. & Mrs. Harry D. Mautte, Jr. Ms. Gretchen May-Fendo Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mazzadra Mr. & Mrs. William T. Mc Kiernan Mr. Joseph McBride Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. McCain, Jr. Ms. Ellen McCarthy-Payden & Mr. James J. Payden Mrs. Meredith McCormack Ms. Nancy McCullough Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. McCullough Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. McGillicuddy Mrs. Anita M. McGrath Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. McInerney Dr. Elizabeth J. McKinnis & Mr. David R.R. McKinnis Mrs. Dorothy K. McLean Ms. Irene V. McNeil Mr. & Mrs. Dean E. McNulty Mr. & Mrs. Edward McPadden Mr. & Mrs. Kieran McTague Ms. Ethel Mebane Mr. & Mrs. James C. Melvin Mrs. Ellen Mendell Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Mendenhall Mr. & Mrs. Wayne C. Merkert Ms. Kathy A. Miller Ms. Martha Miller Mrs. Mercedes Millhouse Mr. & Mrs. James C. Millslagle Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Milord Ms. Kathryn H. Mimms Ms. Patricia A. Misencik Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Misencik Ms. Mohini Monteiro Mrs. Janet G. Moseley Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Mostowy, Sr. Ms. Renee A. Moye, RN Ms. Gloria G. Mullen Mrs. Nancy A. Mullins Mr. & Mrs. Christopher D. Munger Mr. & Mrs. John T. Murphy Mr. Robert Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Alex J. Murray Ms. Robyn M. Musicant

Mr. John F. Muskus Mr. Matt Nakano Mrs. Nancy Nelle Mrs. Amy Nessel Ms. Cecile D. Newberg Mr. & Mrs. Peter Nikac Mr. & Mrs. James A. O’Brien Ms. Laura L. O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. O’Brien Ms. Claudia O’Connell Ms. Erin O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Offredi Mrs. Annette O’Hara Mr. Daniel O’Hara Ms. Doranne O’Hara Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. O’Keefe Mr. Frederick J. Olsen & Ms. Brenda L. Coleman Mrs. Leslie L. Orendorf Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel J. Orleans Ms. Paula O’Rourke Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Ouimette Mr. & Mrs. John T. Ovesny Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Ozyck Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Palma Mr. & Mrs. Dominick N. Palumbo Mr. & Mrs. James Pando Ms. Mamta Patel Mr. & Mrs. Lewis M. Paternoster Mr. Michael J. Patka Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. Pecor Ms. Mildred E. Pekar Mr. & Mrs. James A. Pelegano Mr. & Mrs. Gary H. Pelletier Mr. Raymond J. Peloso Ms. Laura K. Pennock Mr. & Mrs. Philip Pepin Mr. & Mrs. Keith Perham Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Perna Ms. Gail L. Perry-Estime Mrs. Barbara A. Peterson Mrs. Alyssa A. Pethick Ms. Sharon Petshaft Ms. Susan A. Pfannkuch


Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center Honor Roll of Donors 2011

($1–$99 continued) Ms. Anita E. Pfluger Ms. E.V. Picarazzi Mrs. Evdoxia S. Picarazzi Mr. & Mrs. Guido Picarazzi Mr. Michael J. Pida Attorney Elliott B. Pollack Ms. Angela Polozzolo Ms. Rosalind Porges Mr. & Mrs. Bradford B. Pratt Mr. & Mrs. John L. Prom Mr. & Mrs. Kosta Proskinitopoulos Mr. & Mrs. Christopher T. Pullen Mrs. Kathleen Purdy Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Racowski Ms. Laura A. Rais Mr. & Mrs. John A. Pelazza Mr. & Mrs. Oscar A. Raposo Ms. Maria Raposo-Bullers & Mr. Michael R. Bullers Mr. & Mrs. Roger V. Raymond Ms. Betsy J. Ready Mrs. Kim Reed Mr. & Mrs. Louis Regina Mrs. Eileen Remlin Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Repko, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Reynolds Mr. Matthew Riccio Ms. Betty M. Richardson Mr. & Mrs. E.P. Rihbany Mrs. Jan M. Rissolo Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Rizzo, Jr. Ms. Christine Roberts Mrs. Mary Rocchi-Schreiner Ms. Joanne M. Rocco Mrs. Sachi Rochlin Mr. & Mrs. Fulgencio R. Rodriguez Ms. Yoselin Roman Mr. & Mrs. Michael Romaniw Ms. Mary Jo Romano Mrs. Lydia M. Ronzitti Mr. William J. Rose Ms. Jane Roseman Ms. Mary A. Ross Ms. Lora A. Rossomando Dr. Gary E. Rothrock Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rowan


Ms. Nicole Rubens Mrs. Deborah S. Rubenstein Ms. Christine Ryles Miss Kimberly Ryng Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Sacco Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Salci Mrs. Mildred C. Sampson Ms. Frances M. Samsel Ms. Dolores A. Sanchione Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Sanderson Mr. & Mrs. W. Anthony Sandonato Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Sansone Ms. Sofia Santacaterina Mr. & Mrs. Steven Santa-Maria Ms. Blanche Saxa Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Scharf Mr. & Mrs. Raymond O. Schellhas Mrs. Howard Schloss Mrs. Debra Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. James R. Schneider Mr. & Mrs. Andrew T. Schopps Ms. Nancy J. Schulz Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Schwinn Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Scofield Ms. Deborah R. Selski Mr. & Mrs. William Sembiante Mrs. Susan G. Senie, Trustee Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Seymour Mr. & Mrs. Kevin B. Shanahan Mrs. Janet W. Shaw Ms. Jocelyn T. Shaw Dr. & Mrs. S.A. Sherman Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sidoriak Mr. & Mrs. Irving Silverman Ms. Florence Simonelli-Gorlo Mrs. Lisa Singer Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Skibinski Ms. Jacqueline Skubly Attorney Richard Slavin Mr. & Mrs. J. Anthony Sloan Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence T. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin F. Snead Mrs. Kathleen Sobieraj Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Soderholm Ms. Esther J. H. Sotolongo Mr. & Mrs. Maynard P. Soule, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Southard Ms. Evylene H. Spigarolo Mr. Dante Spinelli Ms. Mary Stapleton Mr. & Mrs. Craig A. Steinke Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Stephan Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stewart Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Stiller Mr. Christopher J. Stone Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Stone Mrs. Mary Beth Stone Mrs. Kerry Stratton Ms. Henrietta Streich Mrs. Kimberly Striebe Ms. Ann Stupak Ms. Caroline Sumner Ms. Darlene E. Sweet Ms. Leticia Szablak Mr. & Mrs. Terrence F. Tangney Mr. & Mrs. Christopher D. Tanner Ms. Hazel F. Taylor Mrs. Marcey A. Taylor Ms. Eileen H. Teichgraeber Mr. & Mrs. Winston Tellis Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Testani Mrs. Cynthia S. Thiel Ms. Marjorie Thommen Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Tinnesz Ms. Judy Touchette Mr. & Mrs. Douglas P. Traynor Mrs. Patricia A. Trefz Ms. Trish Treyz Mr. Michael C. Truncone Mr. Joshua Tunick Mr. & Mrs. Todd D. Tuozzoli Ms. Mary A. Turrini Mr. & Mrs. Michael Turrini Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Tuttle, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. Tuzzolino Ms. Tracy Tyler Mr. & Mrs. Stefan R. Underhill Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Urban Ms. Maria Valente Mr. & Mrs. William Valus Mrs. Judith Velasquez Ms. Dawn Velte

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center Honor Roll of Donors 2011

Gold Leadership

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Vesely Dr. Nicholas A. Viner Ms. Pamela C. Walker Mr. & Mrs. David P. Wanciak Ms. Joyce Ward Dr. & Mrs. Charles B. Watson Ms. Claire Weitzman Mr. Ray Wenzel, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Edwin F. Westfield Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan C. Wheeler Ms. Margaux Will Ms. Megan Will Mrs. Fae A. Willett Mrs. Stacey R. Williams Ms. Lois A. Windeler Ms. Vikki A. Winks Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Winstead Ms. Maggie Winstead Ms. Josephine A. Woods Mrs. Katherine B. Wyckoff Mrs. Carole Yatsinko Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. Zacchia Mr. Thomas P. Zadrovicz Mr. & Mrs. William Zargo Mr. Mark Zilling Ms. Pamela L. Zimmer Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Zofcak

$2,500–$4,999 Advanced Radiology Consultants, LLC Danaher, Lagnese & Sacco, PC Fairfield University Have a Nice Day Promotions, LLC OB/GYN of Fairfield County, PC Pullman & Comley, LLC TD Bank, N.A. United HealthCare Services, Inc.

Silver Leadership $1,000–$2,499 AMGEN USA AstraZeneca R.C. Bigelow, Inc. Brody Wilkinson, PC Diagnostic ID, LLC Feile, Inc. Genomic Health, Inc. Patrice Foudy, DDS General Atlantic Services Company, LLC Harpers of Fairfield Hologic, Inc. IBM Employee Services Center Myriad Genetics, Inc. Patterson Ladies Tennis Club The Pink Party Refuge Temple Church of God Venman & Co. LLC Vitas Hospice Services, LLC Vitas Innovative Hospice Care Weston High School Key Club Westport Young Woman’s League

Corporations Platinum Leadership $10,000 and above People’s United Bank Wealth Management & Trust Turner Construction Company


$5,000–$9,999 BMW of Bridgeport Celtic Knots Cox Radio Greenwich Breast Cancer Alliance, Inc. SPECS of Westport U.S. Trust Bank of America Private Wealth Management

$500–$999 Ahlbin Centers for Rehabilitation Medicine Anonymous Bank of America Matching Gifts Fairfield Warde High School Grove Systems, Inc. Hudson Valley Bank

Jo-Davi the Salon, LLC Memorial Middle School Northeast Medical Group, Inc. Park Avenue Medical Center Condominium Association Shelton High School St. Paul’s Nursery School

Patrons $250–$499 Cargo Bay, Inc. Connecticut Dance Conservatory, LLC Cooperative Educational Services Fox Music , LLC H&M Liquors, LLC Housatonic Community College La Moda Fashions Little Pub, LLC Magnolia Money Consultants, Inc. Newman’s Own Oncology Associates of Bridgeport, PC Orange Bra Lady, LLC Pulmonary and Internal Medicine Associates PC Relaxation & Rejuvenation, LLC Mike Riccio Sports, LLC Robert D. Scinto, Inc. Snappy Gator Storage Properties, LLC Swanson’s Fish Market Raymond T. Goldbach Post 9460 VFW

Friends $100–$249 3SISTERSNY 794 Sasco Hill, LLC A.A. DiMatteo Insurance Service Center Adzima Funeral Home Aftercare Physical Therapy Services, LLC Allwood Construction, LLC Alpha Medical Group, LLC American Russians Citizen Club Black Rock Bodyworks, LLC


Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center Honor Roll of Donors 2011

($100–$249 continued) Black Rock Plumbing, LLC Byrne Woodworking, Inc. Classy Builders, LLC CMH Construction, LLC Conner Printing Continuations Desjardin & Son, LLC Dineley Painting & Restoration, LLC FMWL Enterprises, Inc. Gailrich Services, LLC General Electric Company Gregory and Adams, PC Grill & Partners, LLC Hands On Pottery, LLC Hawthorne Hospitality HD Hotel, LLC Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church Huttfield Services, LLC It’s A Bumwrap, LLC Thomas Kane Building & Remodeling, LLC Kardamis Custom Homes, LLC M.J. Thomas, Ltd. The Maire Group, Inc. Mauro Builders, LLC Megan Will Photography Merry Maids Performing Arts Center of Connecticut, LLC Pinnacle Health & Fitness, LLC Rich Moore Construction, LLC Scarnuley Electric, LLC Shelton Board of Education Specifications Plating, Inc. The Traveling Boutique Anthony Vizzo Plumbing & Heating, LLC Wizard of Walls Wooster Middle School

Advocates $1–$99 Absolute Plumbing & Heating, LLC A Albert Hair & Wellness Spa, LLC Alumni Association II of BH School of Nursing


At Home Brands, Inc. Crime Watch of Stratford Curtiss Ryan, Inc. D & M Landscaping, LLC D.R. Charles Environmental Construction, LLC Earle Partners Echo Spa & Nails, Inc. GBAPP, Inc. Jacobs & Quiles, LLC Joan LaClair’s Swim & Fitness, Inc. Larkin’s Run Lighthouse Liquor Locker The Little Red School of Art & Music Keith J. Manca Building Company Marie’s Sandwich Shop Nature’s Way Health Foods, Inc. Oronoque Pharmacy, Inc. Positive Promotions, Inc. R L Cascella Associates Stratford Cleaners Truist United Way of Western Connecticut, Inc. The UPS Store #744 Valentine’s Diamond Center, Inc. Robert A. Vance, CPA, LLC West Coast Connection

$5,000–$9,999 CIGNA Foundation The Laura Hartenbaum Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. Susan G. Komen for the Cure Connecticut The Near & Far Aid Association, Inc. Paloian Family Foundation, Inc.

Gold Leadership $2,500–$4,999 Foundation for Life, Inc. New England Patriots Foundation

Silver Leadership $1,000–$2,499 The Barden Foundation, Inc. Stuart & Susan Bell Family Foundation Fairfield Rotary Foundation GE Foundation The Graham Foundation of CT

Sponsors $500–$999 Marx Family Foundation

Foundations Platinum Leadership $10,000 and above Boehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation, Inc. The DeMattia Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Fuchs Family Foundation Grabe Family Foundation, Inc. Maximilian E. & Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, Inc. Irwin and Dorothy Nessel Family Foundation The Norma F. Pfriem Foundation

Friends $100–$249 AptarGroup Charitable Foundation Baldwin Family Foundation Quidditch Foundation, Inc.

Advocates $1–$99 Unilever United States Foundation, Inc. Matching Gifts Program

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving Volunteer Leadership 2011

Dr. Richard Freedman Russell Fuchs Janet Hansen Richard Hoyt Dr. William Hulcher Peter Hurst William Jennings Newman Marsilius III Patricia McDermott Dr. Fred McKinney Attorney Ronald Noren Duncan O’Brien, Jr. Jeffrey Pino Meredith Reuben Dr. Howard Taubin Dr. Peter Tortora

In Memory of Jennie Barillari Eleanor Conklin Ann P. Corkery Carl K. Horvath Eleanor Ianiri Evelyn B. Keller Charlene Norton Sandie Taubin Wilma Virelli Myra C. Wahlberg

In Honor of Janet Barillari Joan S. Crossman Dr. Neal Fischbach Dr. Robert Foleman Dr. Laurie Harrold Natasha Jones Patricia M. Keegan Andrew S. Kenler Dr. Jerry P. Malafatto Ann McCarthy Kristin S. Nick Dr. Anke Ott-Young Dr. Mary T. Pronovost Susan H. Sampson Katherine M. Sullivan Lynne B. Taikowski Dr. Richard L. Taikowski Dr. David Witt

Bridgeport Hospital and Health Care Services, Inc. Board of Associates

Volunteer Leadership Bridgeport Hospital and Health Care Services, Inc. Board of Directors Dr. David Bindelglass Dr. Emily Blair Gayle Capozzalo George Carter John Falconi Dr. Robert Folman

Susan Akers Nancy Bassett Dorothy Bassick Scott Attorney Robert Berchem Dr. Nicholas Bertini Elinor Biggs James Biggs Barbara Bodine Richard Bodine, Jr. Joan Brew Paul Burner Attorney J. Edward Caldwell Lisa Callahan Harry Christianson Sheila Clancy Jeffrey Coulson Richard Cummings David D’Addario Dennis Dammerman Jean Dawe Frank DeLuca Dr. Mitchell Driesman Dr. Sean Duerr Joan duPont David Faile, Jr.

Christopher Farrell Michael Flynn Pamela Fortuna David Frassinelli Dr. Richard Garvey Samuel Hawley, Jr. Dr. Herbert Hermele Arthur Hersh Robert Huebner Dr. Elwood Ireland, Jr. Joan Ireland Geraldine Johnson Henry Katz, CPA Attorney Irving Kern Dr. Charles Kochan, Jr. Dr. Leslie Kutcher Robert Larsen John Larson Joanne Lenci The Honorable Carmen Lopez Attorney George Markley Philip Marsilius Phyllis Marsilius Terrance McClinch Emil Meshberg Kathleen Miller Paul Miller William Minter Susan Morrison Dr. Anthony Musto Robert Parnell Attorney S. Giles Payne Peg Perillie Dr. Jerold Perlman Mary Ann Peterson Sherry Rago Peter Richardson Peter Roberge Dr. Daniel Rudolph Robert Scinto Joseph Stagg III Dr. Robert Stanton James Tomchik Mary Pat Tortora John Urquhart, Sr. Dr. Nicholas Viner


Our Donor Family…Rooted in Giving Volunteer Leadership 2011

(Board of Associates continued) Webster Walker, Jr. Michael Weinshel, CPA Charles Welch Robert Werner Mary Wiatr Ernest Wiehl, Jr. Dr. Charles Williams James Woods, CPA Toni Zeleny David Zieff, CPA

Bridgeport Hospital Auxiliary, Inc. Board of Directors Shirley Alexay Ulla Atweh Arlene Battistelli Judith Skier Brown Barbara Buxton Rosemary Cheng Nicole Chiravuri Susan Chudwick Joan Crossman Rachel Dayan Ilene Feldman Sloane Feldman Robert Hojnacki Kristin Jennings Virginia Loch Regina Madwed Wendy Martinenas Peg Perillie Mary Ann Peterson Ellen Hyde Phillips Emily Price Vivian Rockmacher Morag Vance Anne Wright Toni Zeleny


Bridgeport Hospital Heart Beats, Inc. Board of Directors Ella Allatt Anthony Angiolillo Nathan Barsky Anthony Cavaliere Louis Cavaliere Ida Correia Louis DeGirolamo George Hassinger Russell Jagoe

Friends of Pediatrics, Inc. at Bridgeport Hospital Lisa Callahan Letitia Carter Sally Cummings Marjorie D’Elia Bridgett di Bonaventura Heather Kreitler Patti Makes Karen Paloian Patti Russell Finley Shaw Hope Tarbox

Bridgeport Hospital Community Advisory Committee Joanna Ahmad Esperina Baptiste Barbara Benjamini Barbara Bodine Attorney J. Edward Caldwell Lou Carpino Charles Carroll

Mark Chudwick Susan Chudwick, CFRE Joan Crossman Dawn Dalrymple Rick DeNisco Art Derbyshire Samuel Diaz Donna Doxsey-McGrew, APRN Kristin duBay Horton Marguerite Dunigan Attorney Lyn Eliovson Dr. Michael Emery Pamela Fortuna Debra Greenwood Marie Guman Marda Gutierrez Tracy Gyarfas, RN, BSN George Hassinger William Jennings Kristin Hosp Ken Kellogg Joan Kleinknecht Esther Kmetzo Angela Leonzi, RN, BSN Karen O’Driscoll Patrick Pallotto Joanne Ryan Lyn Salsgiver Ludwig Spinelli Morag Vance Stephanie Weirsman Gale Whittemore Audrey Wise Michelle Wolf

2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Our Donor Family‌Rooted in Giving Volunteer Leadership 2011

The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center Advisory Board Barbara Bellinger Linda Blackwell Donna Craft Elizabeth Davis Constance DeMattia Dr. Neal Fischbach Daneen Grabe William Jennings Robert Laska Donna Milne Dr. Mary Pronovost Lyn Salsgiver Barbara Scinto Lynne Taikowski Dr. Donna Twist

The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center President’s Council Nancy Bento Linda Blackwell Nancy Church Tara Cook-Littman Donna Craft Elizabeth Davis Constance DeMattia Amy Desel Jeannie Devaney Kristen Ginley

Daneen Grabe Marianne Laska Amanda Mason Mary Jo McAvey Patricia McDermott Donna Milne Kristin Nick Karen Paloian Cathy Porter Robin Righter Attorney Madonna Sacco Stephanie Scheetz Katherine Sullivan Lynne Taikowski Dr. Donna Twist Vicki Yurkerwich

Jeanne Lynch Nancy Lyons Bonnie Molloy Linda Moore Donna Lee Piccolo Kay Smith Mary Strohm Masha Watson Susan Zaveruha Yvonne Zeisler Toni Zeleny

The Auxiliary of Ahlbin Rehabilitation Centers Shaun Amberg Julie Anderson Patty Barrett Zoe Bebon Samantha Bernstein Debbie Charles Sarah Donovan Kendra Bollinger Guilfoile Maureen Hand Patricia Hansen Jenny Hayes Sue Hines Trish Kirik Meg Landrey


“One is wise to cultivate the tree that bears fruit in our soul.” Henry David Thoreau


2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Stories: Jill Caseria Design: Susan Martini Photography: David Emberling

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2011 Annual Fundraising Report

Bridgeport Hospital Foundation 2011 Annual Fundraising Report  

Profiles of families who have a tradition of giving to the Foundation and our annual Honor Roll of Donors.