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Boost your buying power...

and watch your profits soar! Get bigger discounts and better terms from a wide range of suppliers via The Direct Company. Exclusive to BHF-BSSA Group members.

The Direct Company

Increase your buying power with The Direct Company Using the combined buying power of the 7500 members of BHF-BSSA Group, The Direct Company negotiates improved terms, greater discounts, specials deals, rebates and lower carriage paid order values with a wide range of major suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, exclusively for members. This free service ensures you can compete with the multiple retailers and offer even greater value for money to your customers.

What is The Direct Company? The Direct Company is the trading name of BHF Direct Limited. It is the central buying and invoicing subsidiary company of BHF-BSSA Group. It operates for the benefit of the retail members and works closely with suppliers to ensure we achieve the best terms and results for all parties involved - the retailer; the supplier and BHF-BSSA Group.

Why should you use The Direct Company? Using The Direct Company gives you rapid access to exclusive terms that have been negotiated on behalf of all members with over 200 major suppliers. You remain in complete control of your buying, because you decide which suppliers you choose to invoice via The Direct Company and how often you use the service. The more you use the service, the more savings you will make on the products you sell - boosting your profits. Your order is placed with the supplier and delivered directly to the retailer but the invoice for that order will come from The Direct Company. Retailers and suppliers benefit from speedier account opening and cost reduction. Your BHF-BSSA Group membership number is your key to accessing these discounts. There are additional incentives such as rebate schemes.

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The Direct Company




The system is simple: 1. You place your order with the supplier, quote your BHF-BSSA Group membership number, and ask to be invoiced via The Direct Company; 2. The supplier delivers the products to you; 3. The supplier sends the invoice to The Direct Company; 4. The Direct Company pays the supplier and invoices you; 5. You pay The Direct Company and benefit from the additional terms & special discounts.

What products and terms are available? The Direct Company supplier base is wide-reaching and is continually growing. As a guide, the current suppliers cover the following general product areas: Hardware, DIY, Ironmongery, Tools, Decorating, Housewares, Cook / Kitchenware, Giftware, Garden, Agricultural products and machinery, Building supplies and Pet products. New suppliers and product areas are added to the portfolio every month. As a member of BHF-BSSA Group you can request a FREE copy of the Direct Buyers Guide, which lists all of our promoted suppliers (over 200!) and details the special terms, carriage paid order values, contact and how to order.

Where can you find out about member exclusive special offers? We circulate the special promotions on a monthly basis via a dedicated newsletter called ‘Direct Deals’. This is also where you will find the details of supplier launches and confirmation of the specially negotiated terms. The suppliers also advertise special offers in our specialist trade magazines Hardware Today; Cookshop, Housewares & Tabletop; Home Decor & Furnishings; BAGMA Bulletin and Pet Product Focus. Let us know if you’re interested in receiving these magazines.

How do you start saving? If you’re already a BHF-BSSA Group member, simply request your free copy of the current Direct Buyers Guide by contacting the Membership team on 0121 446 6688 (Birmingham) or 01295 712 277 (Banbury) or email: Once you have your Direct Buyers Guide, you can start ordering from the promoted suppliers right away; remember to have your BHF-BSSA Group Membership number and delivery address details to hand. Easy!

The Direct Company is a free and valuable service to all BHF-BSSA Group members. You could start saving today!

Retailers benefit: Better buying terms; Additional discounts; Reduced carriage paid order values; Rebate schemes; Rapid account opening; Free monthly newsletter packed with special offers; Exclusive supplier promotions; Free Direct Buyers Guide - two editions per year.

Suppliers benefit: Instant target audience; Guaranteed payment, on time, every time; Reduced administration costs; Rapid account opening; Free marketing support and advice; Free direct mail service; Discounted advertising and magazine inserts; Exclusive listing in Direct Buyers’ Guide.

Your Trade Association benefits: The Direct Company is wholly owned by BHF-BSSA Group. The revenue generated by this service funds the Group’s activities in supporting the independent retail industry across the six divisions and it helps to keep membership subscription rates as low as possible.

All members of BHF-BSSA Group can use The Direct Company:

The Direct Company is the trading name of BHF Direct Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary company of BHF-BSSA Group. Registered No. 00739251 Registered Office: 225 Bristol Road Edgbaston Birmingham B5 7UB Tel: 0121 446 6688 Fax: 0121 446 5215 Email:

Direct Sales Leaflet  

Direct Sales Leaflet July 2010

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