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Forest Park Is that really a ponderosa pine? Sure looks like one, but different than I've ever seen before...

A close up of the needles...

A look at the trunk...

The man, the legend, Thomas Jefferson

Surveyors tools of the trade

More surveyors tools

Model of the Observation Wheel from 1904

A map display on the floor

A strange re-breather device to re-capture moisture from the breath, one of tools Charles Lindenburg used on the longer flights he took.

An exceptionally poor phone cam picture of a vial of the actual motor oil from the Spirit of St. Louis plane used in the legendary record flight. I tried to capture the rather intricate support wire used to steady the unstable vial used.

Cropped the top... grrr!

A replica of the contract used for the Louisiana Purchase! (Must not have used an attorney)

A bad looking WWII gun

Japanese cuisine... Mmmmm!

An historic boathouse on the Mississippi River at St. Charles

A cheese menu? Gotta love that!

The BPOE Building!

A random alley shot...

St. Louis Sites!  

A collection of iffy photos from my phone cam, quite sad quality, but interesting content!

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