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PROFILE TS: I did a little research on your career before our meeting. For such a young guy you’ve certainly had a stellar career. Calvin Klein, Bottega Veneta, Luella Bartley, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and all of that was prior to becoming the Design Director at Mulberry, winning a British Fashion Award, and then moving to Loewe in 2008 as their Design Director. SV: It’s true, I moved around a lot when I was starting out. Actually, I studied fashion when I attended University because I originally wanted to be a fashion designer. When I worked at Louis Vuitton, I started designing handbags and never looked back. I love what I do at Loewe. Most of my team is young. Although the company is 165 years old, and places a lot of value in its traditional styles and quality craftsmanship, it’s also very supportive of new ideas. Loewe is really like a big family. I work with people who have been with the company for 50 years. I’m still in awe with our craftsmen. It takes 26 hours to hand-craft just one bag! That’s love and that’s the attention to detail that puts Loewe on par with the Hermes Kelly bag. TS: What are the hallmarks of Loewe style? SV: The leather is the most important element. It’s quite unusual for a company with so much history to have remained so singularly focused on one area. Another important hallmark is the provenance of the brand; Spain. Although, we have a lot in common with our European cousins, Spain is different - different references and cultural events. All that contributes extensively to the uniqueness of the brand. It’s the only brand of its luxury level in Spain. TS: Speaking of luxury, tell me about your iconic Amazona bag. SV: There’s really a great story behind the creation of the handbag. It was initially designed in the ‘70s when modern women were breaking the social, cultural, and political barriers. The world was seeing the rise of female empowerment. The name Amazona signifies female strength. It’s bold, yet classically designed and it’s still represents a symbol of women’s freedom and power.

STUART VEVERS - The Man Behind The Luxurious Handbags Of LOEWE Findustry ashion Night Out attracted a galaxy of shining stars from the fashion to our Beverly Hills week-long celebrations. One of the youngest, brightest stars in the competitive world of luxury handbags is Stuart Vevers, who was on hand at Neiman Marcus to showcase his latest Loewe fall collection. Loewe; the 165 year-old Spanish design house, is renowned for its luxurious leather goods, which are loyally coveted by royalty and celebrities alike. Tawny Sanders, our Fashion Director had the opportunity to sit down and chat over lunch with Stuart, during his recent visit.

TS: We haven’t seen Loewe in Beverly Hills. What’s in the future? SV: Loewe is now part of LVMH and because of their strong support, we’re able to reach out to a broader market. Right now, the store producing our highest revenue world-wide is a small boutique in China. We’re looking to expand in Asia and right here on your West coast. We’re currently in Bergdorf Goodman in New York and we’re here at Neiman Marcus, testing the waters you might say. TS: So if our readers want to purchase one of your bags? SV: Go to Neiman Marcus. If it’s not on the floor they’ve got my number and I’m happy to ship it. October 14, 2011 | Page C

BHC 10-14-2011  

Beverly Hills Courier October 14, 2011 Edition

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