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From the Publisher CLIF SMITH BEVERLY HILLS–CENTER OF FASHION Famed couturier Valentino two years ago proclaimed, “Rodeo Drive is the most important fashion street in the world” as he accepted his award on our Rodeo Drive Committee's famed “Walk of Style.” This year, international supermodel, actress and entrepreneur Iman, and acclaimed Italian fashion house, Missoni, will receive the coveted plaque to be placed along Rodeo. This week, the annual delegation of Beverly Hills notables to New York City led by Mayor Barry Brucker again hosted the CEO's and leaders of the world's greatest fashion houses. We invite–they come. We are a key part of their world, even thousands of miles away. They know it and they come each year to get an update about this supremely important investment they have in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills' celebration of Fashion's Night Out tops everywhere except Manhattan for impact, importance and patronage. Last night, the greatest costume designers of the Italian opera world premiered their other-worldly creations in “Il Teatro alla Moda,” the new exhibit curated by our fledgling Annenberg Center for the Arts (the old Post Office) and located in the new MGM building. You really need to see this. Next week, the French government brings the finest of French jewelry to town in a private showing. The Courier is a sponsor of the exhibit. Throughout our City, fashion reigns supreme as it should–and not just on Rodeo Drive. Canon, Dayton, Brighton, Beverly Drive, Santa Monica Boulevard–all feature the finest collections of fashions found anywhere in the world with one hugely unique feature: they are in Beverly Hills. Added to this is the fact that our stores are not just for the richest, but we feature merchants with goods in all price ranges. The net result is well over $1 billion in retail sales every year. That is a staggering amount of money. Is this simply “rich people playing?” No. This is big business and it is what pays for most of the cost of our police, fire, streets, services and indirectly even our schools. It directly employs thousands and thousands of people and provides the livelihood for countless others. Recall the scene from The Devil Wears Prada wherein Meryl Streep lambasts snooty too-smart-for-the-world Anne Hathaway's shabbily-dressed (at the time) character. Streep (thinly disguised from Vogue's Anna Wintour) gives her a one minute dissertation on the jobs, the factories, the businesses, the benefits the fashion industry creates. A chastened Hathaway then, of course, performs her “ugly duckling into a swan” metamorphosis and emerges as the glam of the glams. In today's Courier, we welcome Fashion Director Tawny Sanders' latest installment. No publication comes close to covering Beverly Hills including its fashion icons like The Courier does. We don't just print pretty pictures, we work at the center of the industry–the Beverly Hills fashion industry. It's why so many people come here. It's a huge part of what makes Beverly Hills “Beverly Hills.” It's one reason our readership is sky-high and growing. We commend everyone in our City who supports our fashion industry and we particularly commend our annual trade delegation to New York. The delegation is comprised of the mayor, some City officials, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce like President Bruce Schulman of Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills, the Conference & Visitors Bureau, and our leading hoteliers. Some in the City may dismiss this trip as a boondoggle. It is not. It is three to four days of 16 hours of meetings, promotions and working. Our team works hard pitching our City. No one works harder at it than our mayors–Brucker this year; Jimmy Delshad last year; Linda Briskman a few years ago. They keep our profile high and they bring back business. Without hotels full of guests and our tourism taxes growing, we also think it is time for this particular City Council to return to honoring the decades-old commitment to our business community which they rescinded earlier this year. But that's a topic for another day. We think Valentino was correct. Beverly Hills is the center. The Courier is proud to play its part. POLICE BLOTTER and closet, and stole items. Loss $5,770 BURGLARY Occurred between 11 p.m. on Occurred about 2:40 a.m. on 10/2 and 8:15 p.m. on 10/3 in 10/3 in 300 block of S. Beverly 100 block of N. Crescent Dr. Dr. Suspect: Male Black, 40, Unknown suspect entered unse5'06'', 200, black hair and brown cured subterranean garage, eyes–forced open secured park- opened victim’s vehhicle and ing booth window with his hands stole property. Loss $515 and stole miscellaneous change. Occurred between 1 and 8:30 Loss $1 a.m. on 10/4 in 100 block of N. Occurred between 9/3 and 10/3 Hamilton Dr. Unknown suspect in 200 block of S. Gale Dr. smashed victim’s front driver’s Unknown suspect entered loca- windshield and stole property. tion, ransacked master bedroom Loss $350

Occurred between 10:30 a.m. on 10/3 and 11:45 a.m. on 10/4 in 100 block of N. Hamilton Dr. Unknown suspect smashed window of victim’s vehicle. Occurred between 8:50 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on 10/8 in 200 block of S. Le Doux Rd. Unknown suspect cut screen to open kitchen window, entered residence and ransacked multiple rooms and stole property. Loss $190 Occurred between 1 p.m. on 10/7 and 1 p.m. on 10/8 in 100 block of N. Oakhurst Dr. Unknown suspect entered residence via unlocked door and stole property. Loss $180 Occurred between 2 and 3 p.m. on 10/3 in 400 block of N. Canon Dr. Unknown suspect stole property inside trunk of victim’s vehicle. Loss $1,600 Occurred between 12:54 and 11 p.m. on 8/26 in 400 block of N. Oakhurst Dr. Unknown suspect stole package left in front of victim’s door. Loss $1,100 Occurred between noon and 1 p.m. on 10/4 in 200 block of S. Beverly Dr. Unknown suspect entered unlocked office suite and stole laptop from victim’s desk. Loss $2,250 ATTEMPTED ROBBERY Occurred about 12:45 p.m. on 10/4 in 200 block of N. Crescent Dr. Suspect: Male Black, 35, 5'10'', 160, black hair–knocked on victim’s door and stated he needed to fix water pipes, then attempted to force his way into apartment. ASSAULT Occurred between 2:30 and 3 p.m. on 9/30 in 300 block of S. Elm Dr. Suspect #1: Male Black, 14, black hair and brown eyes. Black, 14, black hair and brown eyes–touched victim’s breast over clothing against her will.

LETTERS Thank you for being unrelenting in putting forward information on the actions of our mayor. I am having a hard time accepting that we have an elected steward of the people sworn to uphold the interests of our City and its residents who is aligning with the MTA to tunnel under our sole high school and the houses of residents. How will this effect the physical integrity of these and adjacent houses and their market value? We are talking about people's homes and their lives! Mr. mayor, do you want that tunnel under your home or under your neighbor's home? If the mayor's thrust is not to protect Beverly Hills and its residents, and he is openly adversarial to the Board of Education and its efforts to thwart tunneling under the high school...then in whose interest is he acting? As to Willie Brien and Julian Gold, who support the mayor on this issue (in violation of their campaign promises), they may feel powerful as a majority on the City Council. However, in the context of the entire community, they are a minority of three. Christine Skirmuntt Ford ****** What a difference 100 votes in an election can make. Instead of electing Nancy


Rabbi Jacob Pressman YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW I am blessed with a good friend, in Florida, Rabbi Jack Riemer, who in his sermon raised some fascinating questions, and I am taking the liberty of sharing some with you. •25 years ago, we all wanted to have long hair. .......Today, most of us would be satisfied, if we just had hair. •25 years ago, we were all into acid. .......Today, we are all into antacid. •25 years ago we all wanted to go out to a hip joint. .......Today, we’re all afraid we may soon need a new hip joint. •25 years ago, we all yearned to look like Marlin Brando. .......Today, unfortunately, most of us look like Marlin Brando. •When I was young, closets were for putting things into. .......Now they are for coming out of. •When I was young, a chip was a piece of wood, .......And hardware was hardware, .......And software had not been invented yet, .......When I was young, “aids” were kids who helped out in the school office, or who volunteered in the hospital, not the name of a disease. •When I was young, there was no xerox, no radar, no contact lenses, no credit cards, no computers, no dual career families, no mutual funds, no VCRs and no DVDs. •When I was young, when we spoke about ‘the pill’, we meant aspirin. •When I was young people got married first and THEN they lived together. •A few years ago, if you wanted to see a movie, you had to go to a theatre. .......Now every film that you want to see is available to you on your cell phone. If you wanted to read a book, you had to go to the library or bookstore. .......Now you have E books, and you can read them on your computer or phone. At the rate we are going, in a few more years, children will ask their parents: “Mommy, what’s a cell phone?” We live in a fast changing world in which the time between when a new invention comes in and you simply have to have it, and the time when this new invention goes out and you no longer need it, has become shorter and shorter. And so we are all like passengers on a subway that is hurtling down the tracks, at many miles per second, and so we clutch on to the straps above our heads for support, as the train goes faster and faster and faster. Krasne and have a pro-City tri- been told, Brucker knows, umvirate, we now have a pro- Korlin knows, etc. The last I spending uninterested trio on heard, they were studying the simple issues. Perhaps in two problem. years we will smarten up. Again, only uninterested Needless to say ,rooms at individuals in the safety of all our parks are a disaster (BH pedestrians would “study the HS as well). Instead of correct- problem.” It shouldn't take ing this problem, our pro- more than a minute to deterspending trio are going to revis- mine Segways must go on the it the unnecessary Roxbury Park streets, not on the sidewalks. idea. Bicycles are not allowed On a different topic, my on the sidewalks, perhaps DOT street is an asphalt disaster with can make sure its officers ticket markings by SCE, Gas Co., etc., those bicycles instead of a lot cracked and bumpy. So, I of other unnecessary parking asked the new city manager tickets. about taking care of the probRegarding the tour vehilem. He ever so kindly referred cles, Herb Wallerstein was me to someone else more savy partly correct in his letter. The on the subject. The response fact is that they are endangerwas that my street is due to be ing our streets with stops as asphalted in 2016. What can I they make a turn and change say? In other words, every lanes so as to have a better decision is set in concrete in view of a particular house, plus this City, no one has the time to the number of buses is ridicuthink, regardless of absurd lous. One “change lane salaries and the number of per- against traffic” is for sure is at sonnel. I guess they know Greystone mansion. they are here to stay and the I would like to ask The famous trio is not about to Courier to make a study of what price BH residents are paying make any changes. In the meantime, this “best by having to tolerate the traffic of the best” City is asphalting jams, see tourists walking streets that are not in need of it around our homes, parking as for e.g. Cynthia, and a few issues, etc. versus the benefit months ago Elevado and today reaped by the vendors by our Doheny. In a display of con- “going all out” to help them. I tempt and after The Courier don't think there is a real published an article by Nancy income advantage. I believe Kraft that the City was about to this “extravaganza” of BH is pave a perfectly fine street, the detrimental and unfounded monetarily. City did it today anyway. As the saying goes this is a Once more Segways have inundated our streets, DOT has no-brainer. Pablo Nankin, MD

BHC 10-14-2011  

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