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“Wit, Wisdom and Words: Content Strategy and Communication”

A Project submitted to Department of Fashion Communication NIFT-Bengaluru In partial fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor’s of Design in Fashion Communication Guided By Mr B. Raja Associate Professor Submitted by Bhavya Malviya BD/14/333

Department of Fashion Communication National Institute of Fashion Technology Bengaluru - 560102

Design With WORDS Design In WORDS

Declaration I, Bhavya Malviya, hereby declare that the Graduation Project, titled “Wit, Wisdom and Words: Content Strategy and Communication� is a record of original work undertaken by me for the award of the degree of B.Des in Fashion Communication. I have completed this study under the supervision of Mr B. Raja, Assistant Professor Department of Fashion Communication. I also declare that this graduation project thesis has not been submitted for the award of any degree, diploma, associateship, fellowship or other title. I hereby confirm the originality of the work and that there is no plagiarism in any part of the dissertation.

Place: Bengaluru Date: 22.05.2018

Signature of the candidate:

Name: Bhavya Malviya BD/14/333


Certificate This is to certify that the Graduation project titled “Wit, Wisdom and Words: Content Strategy and Communication� is a record of work done by the student, Bhavya Malviya (BD/14/333), as a regular student for the degree of B.Des Fashion Communication during the period of January 2018 to May 2018, which represents as an independent work and does not form the base for any previous work.

PLACE: Bengaluru DATE: 22.05.2018

Under the Guidance of

Guide Name, Mr B. Raja Assistant Professor Department Of Fashion Communication National Institute of Fashion Technology Bengaluru - 560102

------------------------ (External Jury Member)

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Acknowledgement Firstly, I would like to thank my college, NIFT Bengaluru, for giving me the opportunity of doing a Graduation Project in the industry. I would also like to thank my college mentor, Mr B. Raja, for his continuous support during the project. I would like to thank the Spread team who helped me grow, not only as a content writer but also as any other professional in the industry. They gave me the opportunity to expand and multiply my knowledge exponentially with each given project. I thank them for making me a part of their family. Lastly, I would also like to thank my parents and my friends for their constant emotional support during these four months and believing in me. This document would not have been possible if not for an army.


Joining Letter

Relieving Letter

Contents • About the Company


• Projects: 1. Rupeek Gold Loans


2. SOI Play School


3. Secura Centre


4. Other Project


• Conclusion


• Bibliography


• Appendix





Let’s introduce

the economy. the company.

We Understand We Design We Spread


SPREAD DESIGN AND INNOVATION PVT. LTD. Started two years ago, Spread is a design partnership and a collective with an experience of seventeen years. With budding, young talents of graphic designers, product thinkers, interaction designers, design technicians, design researchers, sociologists, ethnographers, business strategists, filmmakers, blended in an inspired architect or two, made room for technology, a creative collaborative team is formed. At Spread, fresh business ideas are crafted beautifully, design ideas that spread exponentially, leveraging design, media and technology to create engaging and transformative interactions, inspiring experiences and a new generation of brands.

“ We spread your message as brands, products, experiences, interactions and relationships with simplicity, beauty and truth.



Design is what design does. Services Brand Design Publication Packaging Experience Design Interaction Design Digital Design



and more...

Nestled in Nature

Nestled in the wilderness and in the embrace of nature to the sounds of birds chirping, Spread is where we work and live, naturally.

The Process

Disruptive ideas into Design systems. In a holistic design system, from updating and implementing the latest technology, building memorable brands to designing museums, designing events, prototyping new products, creating films, shaping learning systems, everything is done.

Fresh and imaginative exploration and understanding of people, cultures, life, business and disruptive trends. Design research, synthesis and design systems.


From idea to prototype, developing products and solutions for lasting impact in the physical and a virtual worlds.


Spread deeper, wider, higher – faster! Communication strategies and compellling campaigns.


Organisation Structure FOUNDERS


Sonia Manchanda

Girish Raj Nair

Mohammad Javed

Creative Head and Founder

Content Strategist and Founder

CEO and Founder

Core Team

Ekta Manchanda

Rajeshwari Math

Principle Designer

Principle Designer

Sridhar Chakraborthy Principle Space Designer

The Young Parade

Sumedh Pande

Shajin Paikath

Sr. Graphic Designer

Sr. Graphic Designer

Nivea Vivek


Jr. Graphic Designer

Product Designer and Editor

Mejo Kuriachan

Parinita Mahindrakar

Design Manager

Design Manager

Debojit Roy

Manya Cherabuddi

UI/UX Designer

Creative Strategist

Suryarshi Mitra Creative Consultant: Film and Content

The Interns

Bhavya Malviya

Sharika Hariprakash

Content Writer Intern

Graphic Design Intern

Graduation Projects

01 Rupeek Gold Loans


03 Play School

Secura Centre

Project 1 Design Strategy, Branding and Communication Design

Powered Gold Loans


Client Brief Reposition the brand Rupeek and create visual branding and communication for the same. Develop a unique brand proposition, brand culture and values that differentiate the brand from its competitors.

About Rupeek Rupeek is an asset-backed online lending platform with low operational costs and credit evaluation tools, making credit cheaper for borrowers and investing more valuable for lenders. Currently, it provides simplified gold loans at the most affordable interest rates in the market with zero processing fee, personalised support and on-demand pickup and return of the valuables.

Simplified Affordable On-demand

Project Division PHASE I



1. Immerse in Research

1. Create Preserve Destroy Workshop

1. Brand Design + Communication Design + Service Design

Deliverables: Design Research and Synthesis Workshop Document 2. Brand Purpose + Reframe Strategy Deliverables: Design research and concept presentation.

Deliverables: Workshop Document Incorporate the feedback into the brand identity and communication.

Deliverables: Redesigning the Brand Identity, developing the digital and communication design and Packages and Service Experience.


Spread Team Girish Raj Nair

Sonia Manchanda

Content Strategist and Founder

Creative Head and Founder

Sumedh Pande

Mejo Kuriachan

Sr. Graphic Designer

Design Manager

Bhavya Malviya Content Writer Intern

Role Overview Research on the current Rupeek brand in depth and study and analyze local competitions. This would give incentive to build further the communication strategy and communication deliverables for the same.


Research Understand Communicate

Brief Understanding Key takeaways from the brief Rupeek is a company which is lot more than gold loans. Rupeek, as a brand, aims to target the existing market and make a difference with their products and communications. It wishes to maintain the existing transparency in the system but also, articulate the same to strengthen the customers’ trust. The aim is to disrupt India’s existing gold loan sector and emerge as a comprehensive gold brand, product and experience when it comes to gold in India.

Disrupt Emerge Build Trust+ Transparency

The Beginnings The first steps to know more about the brand was to interview the Rupeek Staff to understand the: 1. Way Rupeek brand works 2. Employees, take their feedback and record their experiences 3. Consumers’ mindset 4. Sales pitch 5. Problems and gaps existing within Rupeek and with Rupeek as a brand 6. Competition in the market

Consumer’s Mindset Existing Gaps Market Competition


Digging deep with the Interviews.

Less Branches

• Unclear Gold loan concepts

• Conversion is less: no face-to-face interactions

• Attractive ambience is missing

• Hard to convince HNI and female customers (need branches to visit) • More manpower needed

Rupeek Growth, Gold Appraisal and Sales Team

Unclear brand name

Trust Issues

Fresh loans are difficult: Trust issues, less outlets, Unaware of Rupeek

Negative image of the brand exists in the market

Need brand awareness Advertisements on mass media

Why Rupeek

• Uncomfortable with the gold checking procedure.

• Fixed Rate of Interest • Flexible Repay Options • Quick money within 30 minutes • Doorstep Services • Transparency while checking gold worth • Same interest rate after renewal • Friendly • Available anytime (during emergency also)

Trust Issues Refer Appendix A for more.

• Delayed cashback • Need doorstep delivery for part-release

Rupeek Customers

Lack of physical presence

Delayed and pending pledge receipts to be received


Interview Inputs The interviews were conducted at Rupeek Jayanagar and J.P. Nagar offices with the Growth Team (Call Centre staff), Gold Appraisal Team and the Sales Team. Major concerns were raised regarding the brand awareness, trust issues, sense of security and lack of knowledge in gold loans. Rupeek’s major consumer base are takeovers from the competitors like Manappuram and Muthoot Gold loans. The pitch is made by drawing comparisons with the same and making Rupeek stand-out from the rest. The interviews gave an insight into the mindset of consumers, the need for gold loans and the emotional security attached with it.

The Big Divide For the Client Presentation, the entire on-field and off-field research with idea starters was divided into two separate presentations.

Rupeek: The Gold Story

Rupeek: Insightor

1. General understanding of Gold in India 2. Gold Ecosystem 3. Gold statistics in India 4. Competitor study 5. Rupeek: Our understanding 6. Rupeek Staff interview synopsis 7. Understanding the tone and voice 8. Ending with a question to ponder

1. Understanding the connotation around Gold and Gold loans 2. Case Study 3. Setting the brand strategy 4. Spread Intent 5. Idea Starters


Rupeek: The Gold Story The Gold Story is about the research done on Gold, primarily in India. It narrates the Gold usage, statistics and the connotations around Gold. It has been strategically divided into three main subs to roughly sketch the Gold scenario.

The Social/Economic/ Cultural Currency

Voracious Appetite for Gold

Solid, dormant asset

From gold carried by the newlywed bride, to gold offered on the first day of a new year, to gold gifted to a newborn, gold is an integral part of every Indian ritual, culture and traditions, across social strata, faith and gender.

Today, India’s consumption of gold is increasing at an average rate of 18% per year.

For most people, gold is a simple yet efficient means to store wealth without paying tax.

Gold signifies wealth, prosperity, status and all that is auspicious.

The satiated appetite of gold is highly underutilized and is stored as


7% of India’s total household savings is currently in gold. With 22,000 tonnes of private gold, 8% of the nation’s average daily income is spent on gold.


People in India are oblivious to the power of their gold and consider it unusable.

4% of households in the bottom 10% income group have availed gold loan at least once. 13% of households in the top 10% income group have availed gold loan at least once.

Competitor Study This Competitor study is for the better understanding of the tone and voice and the communications done by the power brand to sell their products. It highlights the logo and campaign and overall communication.

MANAPPURAM GOLD Safe lock your Gold, Unlock your dreams


• Welcome to India`s First Listed and Highest Credit Rated Gold Loan Company

The brand presence is strong due to multi-lingual celebrity endorsements pan India. The communications throughout have emphasis on the word ‘Loan’ and ‘Saviour’, signifying that gold is approached only during the time of need. This propogates the wrong connotations around gold loans.

Positioning themselves as the ‘Best’

• Bringing the Power of Gold Loan in minutes! • Get Gold loan: Anywhere, Anytime • Golden Days • Safalya: Real life stories about ordinary people who took Manappuram Gold Loans

Instant Gold Loan



Use your gold for a better tomorrow. • Wide variety of gold loan options. • No dream is too big!

Gold as a mean to fulfil dreams

• The key to generate Fast Cash

The tagline itself talks about progress. ‘No dream is too big’ is an approach where gold is identified as a medium to accomplish dreams. There is fast-forwarded approach with a sense of safety and building th customer image as smart.



Gold loan: A savior at all times • Largest Gold Loan portfolio in India as well the world

Targeting the needs

• Highlights the trust and commitment of customers • Muthoot Online facility to make all transactions in a jiffy • Online transactions anytime anywhere, beyond time and place


Muthoot Finance has always been a major player in the Gold loan sector. It targets the need-based audience and aims to give gold loans within minutes to cater to their needs. It continues to build the trust through ambassadors like Amitabh Bachchan who are perfect epitome of security and sensibility.

Instant Gold Loan

• Upcoming: Gold ATM


Manappuram made a shift from the

problem-solving approach,

and identified the potential in the gold loan market.

But, are their products aligned to the same?

The Current Scenario


At Rupeek, the schemes are better. The unutilised gold loan market and the concerns attached to gold is identified. Belief exists with people but there’s no knowledge about the gold potential. State of Consciousness is missing where, despite being the world’s largest gold hoarding economy, 99% of India’s gold is unaware of their gold potential. Loan is also taken as a negative in the Indian psyche. More so, when it is a gold loan. Instead of being a means to an end, loans are looked at as binding, and restrictive. Fear, uncertainty, lack of trust and social stigma of being “in debt” fuel this mindset.

The task is to make a comprehensive study by asking the right questions to get the apt solutions. By framing the questions, the insightor would be supported with enough pitch arguments. This would also give a clear insight to the clients on how to go further with their motives and objectives.

• Open new market • Believe in gold • Stand out


Problem-Driven Usage v/s Utilising the Opportunity Task-at-hand 1. Understand the key inspirations and references from the case-studies. 2. Translate the shift in perceptions. 3. Build on the Spread Insights.

Rupeek: Insightor After understanding the main gaps and concerns around Gold, Spread Team brainstormed the key insight which would further drive the Idea starters and communication framework.

Points to keep-in-mind 1. Backgrounder (The Gold Story) would allow CPD exercise easily. 2. Give background of how and why CPD is done. 3. Emphasis on the ‘untapped market.’ 4. Tighter, crisp arguments.



Explorations Campaigns


#wishingold #goodingold #gogoldgocash #getclosewithgold

• Utilise on Go • Give meaning • Your Gold worth • Mera Rupee • Wise use • Cash Karo • Encash your dreams • Money matters


Case Study AIRBNB Airbnb created a new market by using the idle real-estates to disrupt the hospitality sector. It designed trust with a unique appeal and giving a sense of belonging to people across the world. It is cost-effective with a home-like stay, enabling people to embrace authentic local experiences and build a travel community. #WelcomeHome #BelongAnywhere

PAYTM Paytm was successful in establishing itself as the new currency. With a warm and slightly emotional narrative, it was able to build mass credibility and a consumer friendly brand with non-infomercial approach.

They dared to Disrupt with Innovation. 35.


Idea Starters 1.


Your gold is a hidden treasure box of untapped opportunities. Unclose and explore its vast options for your benefits.

Your gold has abundant potential and is more than just an asset. Know its worth and utilise it to achieve more than just needs: your dreams and wants.

Name: Rupee Mine/ Mera Paisa

Your money, your choice.

It’s the money that you can have, whenever you want it. TouchPoint: #knowyourgoldworth Gold Worth Kit / Gold Card Name: Rupyog/ Paisa, Jab Chaho!

Money when you want it!



Converting your dormant gold to a smart gold - a currency which is fast, simple, quick and easily accessible.

Gold is an asset which enriches your life. Don’t just glorify it but let it grow and give more meaning and value to your life.

Name: GTM/ Fast Money Name: GRO/ Life is golden!

Your anytime Gold ATM.

Be money smart.


CPD Workshop Create. Preserve. Destroy. On 3rd April, The Rupeek Team visited the Spread Team to discuss the way-forward for the brand. The Gold Story was first presented to the clients to set the context of research, findings, gaps, difficulties and the primary research conducted at their Rupeek offices.

What is CPD? CPD is an exercise followed by several brands when they plan to venture into a new direction. Broken into three segments, it gives a better insight into what the brand wants, how does it want and what it wants to retain. CREATE: ‘Create’ is the part where the brand wants to explore new business ideas, communication styles, new product range or even an entirely new image.


PRESERVE: ‘Preserve’ is the part where the brand chooses and decides about the things that it wants to retain. Be it certain rituals, relationships, culture or practise, the brand would like to go forward in a new direction with certain things intact. DESTROY: ‘Destroy’ is the part where the brand must closely analyze what isn’t working for it and therefore, chooses to destroy or let that go completely. Only this would make space for new and prosperous beginnings.

Inputs from Client


Before CPD; After the Gold Story • Gold is accompanied with an anecdotal experience. • There is a dire need for financial literacy in India. • People need anchoring to place their faith. • Customers need control of their gold but do not wish to declare their gold value. • There is a need to build a habit of ‘Savings’ through gold. • Gold loan companies are thought of Vultures instead of Sparrows. • Guilt in this business is a great marketing tool.


Loan Perception Loan Stigma

Desperate mindset

Less empowered

Negative idea of gold loans

Embarrassment v/s Pride

Majburi v/s Samajhdari

Current Communication Inconsistent information Distrust in Customers Uncertainity

Gold Loan is not a new-age loan option


Old narrative of gold loans

Perception of exploitative company

Avoid comparisons with M&Ms

Incremental superiority

Vultures v/s Sparrow Scavengers


Rupeek doesn’t wish to draw any set of parallels with the competitors. The negative connotations around gold loans should be eliminated along with incremental superiority. The firm should practice pull marketing as opposed to push marketing for their sales and takeovers. And lastly, build a sense of security that people should get rid of the fear of losing gold. 39.

Insecurity about Gold storage

Too much or too less information



Pushy marketing

Culture Empathy culture + Openness to new ideas

Brand/Products Culture of Innovation - Distribution

Cost and value conscious Play by the rule book

Risk management Organised sector Scale Brand for all

Instant loan + Business model innovation

Preserve the Rupeek Ecosystem Rupeek wants to preserve the system of customer transparency and customer-centricity. Maintaining the current scale of expansion, they want to venture further into the new game. Rupeek wants to preserve the empathy culture by making continuous innovative, disruptions by expanding scale and managing risks. 40.

A New Paradigm



Leverage partnership

99% untapped market


Own dependency

Self-employed Users Women as influencers

New Avenues (Business Model) Unique Vision Opportunistic mindset

Increase banking partners

Gold Storage Gold Insurance Gold on Delivery (GOD)

Technology Gold: Class, Returns, Fund, Capital Card, Worth

Acceleration: Speed up the process Promissory Certificate

A new vocabulary New narrative Loan experience Power words Brand offering Unique vision


As clean/ pure as Gold Vernacular communication

Rupeek wants to grow on multi-levels in multidirections. As an upcoming, new-age brand in gold loans, Rupeek wants to sustain the current market and build a new market through its power pact communication. A new paradigm of taking loans would be set only by gradually changing mindsets with the aid of design and communication.


Deliverables 1. Core of the Brand 2. Brand Vision 3. Brand Mission 4. Brand Culture Model 5. Brand Prism 6. Brand AIDAS 7. Campaign Ideas


Brand Core Brief: Quick-to-remember words which define the brand for a layman, too. Version 1.

Short-term money supplier to everyone, for their both short and long-term uses.

Round 1

Feedback Make it more short, crisp and easy-to-remember.

Version 2.

Safe and instant source of money. Reliable|Alternative| Short-term|Instant| Easy|Transparent|



Brand Vision Brief: Statement of an action plan for the brand’s future and the present. Version 1.

Making money easily accessible, affordable and available at all times, for any use, for everyone.

Round 1

Feedback The first half is all the As’ and the second half is all the Es’.

Version 2.

Making money Accessible, Affordable and Available, Every time, for Everyone, for Every need.



Brand Mission Brief: A statement of the aims and values of the brand, ideals to live by. Version 1.

Provide people with instant and complete entitlement to their money by utilising the power of their sacred assets, in a safe and transparent financial system.

Round 1

Feedback • Mention the words like ‘instant’. • Bring out the auctionfree security. • Subtle hint at th gold servies. Version 2.

Instantly monetise idle assets, especially gold, by taking every possible effort to ensure that the asset does not get auctioned. Final 45.

Brand Culture Model Brief: Prepare the culture model which would state the Core, Rituals, Heroes and Symbols for brand identity and communication.

What is a Culture Model? Culture Model defines the way a brand works, in a simple way. It sets the dynamics for the firm, its employees and employers and gives them

a direction to lead the brand and its values. It consists of the following elements:



The core thought of the brand which would drive the alignment of the other elements.

To drive each ritual, there exists a hero: a medium to channel the practise into an every day habit.

RITUALS: A set of practises that the firm follows and firmly stands by, irrespective of any circumstances.

SYMBOLS: Set of collaterals, equipments, outcomes, deliverables, etc. that would suffice for all the above and would become the end result for the customer.


Version 1.

Divided the entire customer experience into four sectors primarily, Home (where the doorstep pick-up and gold appraisal happens), Office (where customers pay visit for a sense of security), Call (Call centre team pitching the ideas and convincing customers for a personal meeting) and last, overall Services which occur once the prospective customer is a Rupeek customer.


Feedback • For Core, Ritual and Heroes, there can be only one name, with multiple additions to the Symbols. • Keep the core more short with one or two words.

Version 2.

C: Safe source of money


R: User-friendly, At home, Exchange and Tracker

• Play with the names of the Heroes.

H: Rupeek Character, Rupeek Agent, Rupeek Customer and Rupeek Assistant

• Add ‘Relationship’ factor • Include in-store communication experiences • Add one more word with ‘Safe’ in Core.



Rupeek Brand Culture Model

Brand Prism Brief: Position the brand as someone safe and friendly to aid financially.

Version 1.

Highlighting the key points like Transparency, Trust and Simplicity with forms the core of the brand Rupeek.

Feedback • Promote it as a ‘facilitator’ • Do not have multiple words. One or two words which are strong in itself. • Friendliness character


Rupeek Brand Prism


Brand AIDAS Brief: Develop AIDAS strategy for the brand, using the proposed communication tools.

Brand Rupeek has primarily divided its customer base into 3 categories: 1. Fresh Loans: Customers who are new to Gold Loans and need full information, introduction and assurance. 2. Takeovers: Customers who are transfers from competitors like Muthoot and Manappuram. They need experiences that are enhanced from their past, along with something new to look forward to. 3. HNI (High-Net worth Investors) Customers: Investors, businessman and other major players in the market. The main aim is to sustain them for longer period of time, making them as a loyal family member.


A Attract I Interest D Desire A Action S Satisfaction

Version 1.

Feedback • Incorporate elements from the Brand Culture Model



Rupeek AIDAS

AIDAS: Includes everything from the store to the customer care call. Each step is covered with a customer-friendly touchpoints.

Campaign IDEAS

Campaign 1. Primarily, for Transparency, Auction-free services and Instant gold-to-cash.

Campaign 2. Emphasizing on all the little dreams and ideas which can be fulfilled by quick, easy simple gold loan deposit services provided by Rupeek.

Gold = Cash = Gold Gold = Your daily expenses Gold = Expand your business Gold = Your most-awaited vacation Gold = Kickstart your business #thegoldcycle #goldforeverything



Learning Oh the art of juggling! Who would have thought that a content writing internship would make one gain knowledge in Gold loans. Working with the Rupeek team was a learning experience on multiple levels. Re-branding and re-positioning a brand is not a day’s work. The amount of research that goes behind it would always remain uncredited for. From Brand Culture to Prism to AIDAS, each step had details that had to be thought through. The brand needs to disrupt the existing market to create its own and rise triumphantly. Studying various campaigns, tone and voice of parallel firms in the market and in the end, understanding and creating a personality for Rupeek was a mammoth yet interesting, fruitful task. CPD workshop became an eye-opener as it helped build clarity between the Spread and Rupeek team, thereby, helping to create bigger, better ideas together.

This Ends here.

Project 2 Visual Branding and Communication

School of India (SOI) Play School

The Brief Create visual branding and communication for an upcoming play school in Bengaluru by developing a unique brand proposition, brand positioning and putting forth the values that define the purpose of the school, exclusively.

Establishing a new brand in the market. Creating a new definition of our Play School.

About the Client A group of 4 aspiring people who want to mark a difference in the field of education. With the past experience of running School of India (SOI), CBSE School in Bangalore, Mr Mansoor Ali Khan comes with a bandwidth of experience in successfully running a school. Asma Jamal, Director of a former Playschool, Pitter Patter is planning to expand her teaching horizons to another level with a wide reach to a greater audience. Tasbia Khan and Zoheb Shabbeer would be working and contributing parallel to the upcoming Play School chain in Bengaluru.


The Spread Team Sonia Manchanda

Ekta Manchanda

Creative Head and Founder

Principle Designer

Nivea Vivek

Parinita Mahindrakar

Jr. Graphic Designer

Design Manager

Bhavya Malviya Content Writer Intern

Initial Task Research on: • Why the need for a play school? • Emerging trends in play school • Benchmarks in global playschool • View of the thought leaders of the world • Parents’ efforts • Local Competitors • Modern Curriculum Approaches

Existing Knowledge We have moved from the Gurukul system of learning to ‘Book Learning’- learning scenario with the repetitive curriculum. But today, play schools are more than just rote-learning. Today’s children are more progressive, smart and fast learners that run way beyond our imagination.


Project Division PHASE I



1. Immerse in Research

1. Design Thinking Workshop

1. Brand identity design 2. Brand identity applications

Deliverables: Design Research and Synthesis Document

Deliverables: Design research and concept presentation.

2. Brand Purpose + Strategy + Experience

Incorporate the feedback into the brand identity and communication.

Deliverables: Concept Presentation for Brand Design + Positioning

Emerging Global Trends Children from the age of 1.5-6 years are capable of much more than what we imagine and know. Decades of neuroscience and behavioral research illustrates that child development particularly from birth to five years is the foundation for a prosperous and sustainable ecosystem. The growth of our brain is influenced by life experiences and our environment. Refer Appendix B for more. 67.

Deliverables: Physical brand design application Digital brand design application Website design School kit for administration, teachers, children and parents


“Learn from play�

is the new buzz.

Movement play Involves physical engagement with nature, people, or materials (i.e. toys, games, musical instruments).

Independent play When children play mostly on their own, choose their own toys or instruments, and is observed by parents or caregivers.

Enjoyable play Involves something the child primarily enjoys, such as blocks, dancing, etc.

Process-oriented play Involves accumulation of new skills such as listening, pressing buttons, or counting. The focus is on the process, not on the end goal.

Cooperative play When children play and work together, such as when doing a puzzle, building something in the sand or making a meal in a toy kitchen.

Benchmarks in Global Play School ROOF DECK TOKYO KINDERGARTEN The roof deck Tokyo kindergarten allows children to play naturally without gadgets and run endless laps around it. This Japanese approach gives freedom to learn via discovery, thereby, facilitating futureforward designs. Believe in natural play Freedom to learn Facilitating future forward design to enable learning

THE GREEN SCHOOL Located in Bali, the school is a sustainable campus made of bamboo, with alternative energy sources. It seeks to inspire students to be more curious, engaged and passionate about the environment and prepares them to survive in a world where resources are diminishing. Learning to grow and cook naturally Prepares them to survive Finding solutions in community

O SOJI Play schools in Japan build collective responsibility and an independent way of thinking for kids. It teaches them to help clean the schools, serve lunch, thereby, instilling the value to keep the community thriving. Being responsible and empathetic Value-building Community living

FINLAND APPROACH Finland has pioneered in the practice of reducing homework, shorter classroom hours and zero standardized tests for kids. The focus is on creative play and cooperation with inclusivity at the heart of the system. Creative Play Without burden Fair treatment to all


Know your competition before you compete.

Understanding the communication, brand philosophy, curriculum, brand positioning and the tone of voice of the local competitors in Bengaluru.

Local Competitors

NEEV Early years • Brand name : The name is of Indian origin and it means foundation or basic. • Brand positioning: Early education matters because early intervention matters. • Brand philosophy: Build foundations for life enabling children to connect with nature allowing social, spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional learning. • Curriculum:

HEAD START • Brand name: Giving your child a head start, in the area of education a step ahead in school. • Brand positioning: Home away from home. • Brand philosophy: Every child is unique where we would like to travel with each child, holding hand only when necessary, allowing

individual learning. • Curriculum

Story telling: A format to describe experiences and interests.


Art is taken seriously: Children are taught to draw first, even before writing. It helps them to be expressive much before they acquire the literary skills.

Sensorial: Activating all senses.

Observation: Children’s learning is observed and documented using transcripts, photos and videos to help shape and improve the curriculum.

Foundations|Holistic learning


Practical Life: Watering plants, sweeping, polishing, buttoning.

Mathematics: Concepts introduced with physical elements. Culture: Art, music, dance, stories

Montessori|Practical learning

KLAY Kids Learning and You • Brand name: Clay used as a metaphor for children’s minds, that need to be moulded and shaped at the right time. • Brand positioning: High-end prep school for Pre-schoolers and the best playschool in India. • Brand philosophy: Children should get the best quality Care+Education and holistic learning.

Theory of Multiple Intelligence: Taking into consideration that different children have different styles of learning, through hands on activities and real life, age appropriate experiences. Inquiry Based Learning: ‘Asking questions’ as the centre of learning, guiding and building from children’s curiosity. Experiential Learning: Learning by doing.

• Curriculum

Care+Education|Collaborative learning

RIVERSIDE • Brand name: River as a metaphor for the flow of knowledge with nature and outdoor learning being an integral part. • Brand positioning: Vibrant research center for school education. • Brand philosophy: Doing good and doing well with the emphasis on quality of learning and student well-being.


• Curriculum: User-centered curriculum Feel: Transform helplessness into empowerment. Imagine: Brainstorm to take current situation towards a preferred situation. Do: Take the necessary steps to bring the change and inspire others.


Global Views

Do schools kill creativity?

Tinkering School

-Sir Ken Robinson

-Gever Tulley

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity at TED.

In his TED sessions, Gever Tulley uses engaging photos and footage to demonstrate the valuable lessons kids learn at his Tinkering School. When given tools and guidance, these young minds use creative problem-solving to build unique boats, bridges and more.

Education system that nurtures creativity

Providing guidance where young imaginations run wild with creative problem-solving.

Kids, take charge

What fear can teach us?

-Kiran Sethi

-Karen Thompson Walker

Kiran Sethi designed the primary school curriculum from the ground up, based around six “Beacons of Learning,”. The school’s lesson plan focuses on creating curious, competent future citizens. Creating a contagious effect of I CAN.

Writer Karen Thompson Walker believes that children should be encouraged to embrace the fears within, to cultivate the most imaginative stories. It’s time we follow the Productive Paranoia where fear sprouts the imagination and with wisdom and insight, vivid imageries are created.

Aware: See the change Enable: Be the change Empower: Lead the change

Follow the Productive Paranoia with wisdom and insight, vivid imageries are created.

Par ents’



We called up few parents and understood their insights on the ‘Need of a playschool’.

Define an ideal playschool. Devika, Mother of a 3 year old Aware of child’s strengths and weaknesses Brain development is the main focus Valuable insights Parents are well-informed

Observes, analyses and diagnoses Specialised staff Open environment Records the child’s progress

Leena, Mother of a 3 year old Let the child be by himself/herself

Learning through story enactment

Understands and respects the moods of a child

Allow kids to bond and play together

A happy place for children

Animated arrangements

Aarti, Teacher at BIS and mother of 2 Disciplined yet flexible

Observes, analyses and diagnoses

Clean and spacious environment

Empathetic approach

Open communication

Mentally, emotional and physical care

Krupa, Mother of a 4 year old Open communication

Interactions with other children

Allows children to cope with the new environment in their own time

Well-trained staff

Refer Appendix B for more.

Reasons for your choice? Devika, Mother of a 3 year old Personal visits and feedback from other parents helped to make a choice Chose an existing, reputed Play School, within reach

Leena, Mother of a 3 year old Chose Play over Learning Chose a Play School within the society and within reach A place where the child socialises

Aarti, Teacher at BIS and mother of 2 Small things matter the most Child’s comfort is priority Proper, nutritious food at Play School

Krupa, Mother of a 4 year old Affordable fees structure A Play School within walkable distance


Feedback from the Spread Team • Structure the research in 3 stages: Past | Present | Future | What was? | What is? | What if? • Build beacons of HOPE from the competitors • Set the landscape -> State the emerging trends -> Provide solutions • Gravitas in the brand name • Bring out the free-spirit of the imaginative kids

What was? Gurukul System -> Learning in classroom -> Back to old school (Evolvement) What is? Questioning | Benchmarks | Local Competitors | TEDx Talks | Reggio Emilia Approach What if? Child as the ‘center’ | Identify the gap | Insights


Structure of the Presentation

From the Child’s perspective Building the narrative around the child’s perspective: what he/she wants, how are they capable of learning and expanding by themselves and how parents and teachers can only observe and guide while they conquer.

What if... The children are the

Knowledge bearers Seeking the wisdom that they want.

Center of everything Children are the ones in authority.

I choose What I want to learn Who I want to grow into How to hone myself at my pace and comfort

How to arrive at the core Idea Starters?

The Funnel Approach is the answer.

The Funnel Approach

Immersing in the research around the Playschool, the Preschooler, and Reggio Emilia approach of education. To synthesize what a child sees, hears, feels, understands and anticipates.

Analyze local, national and global competition and benchmarks. Stating the brand intentions, core ideas and the positioning that it needs to attain.

Crafting a brand narrative that reflects the future vision by making deductions from the above.

The key thought, the driver for further ideas to give a sense of direction.

Exploring new possibilities and avenues for the Playschool brand. Developing the ideas into concrete visual and language communication with different inspirations and explorations.

Key Insight


Idea Starters The studies, understanding and the learnings from all the research has been put into a method of learning which surrounds the four keey takeaways: Happiness, Discovery, Empathy and Discovery.



th y



Dis c ery ov

Hap pi


s s e


a p Em

Core Idea


The school should be a happy place where the children play without a care, befriending anyone they meet and smiling throughout and through it all.

Core Thought

Brand Name Suggestion

Happiness at Heart

SMAYAN Meaning It simply means ‘smile.’ It is for someone who is affectionate, loving and can make long-lasting friendship.


Smiles Within Keeping the name serious and structured, the logo was intentionally made colourful to strike a balance.



Core Idea A place where children explore the questions, discover the answers and relish the meanings in their mind space. Discovery through thoughts, ideas and beyond boundaries.

Brand Name Suggestion

FLO Meaning It refers to the term ‘flow’ which signifies the continuous, ever-evolving growth of a child through various activities. Just in a single stroke, the logo was supposed to look as effortless as the name. It should signify the ease in today’s learnings.


Feel. Learn. Open.


Core Idea


Let’s focus on the moments where children are free to express themselves with no fear, gets their hands dirty, is sensitive to others and to self, learned from observing other children involved in intense interactions.

Brand Name Suggestion

SOIL Meaning School of India (SOI) is the parent school and therefore, an extension of it is SOI implying the learning that is grounded and close to nature.


Where the buds sprout. Keeping the rings of a tree in mind, the logo signifies growth that exists in nature and that would enhance with further interactions.

The learning method based on the growth rings of a tree. 91.


Core Idea A learning environment where the child is free to explore fearlessly and joyfully. When all the Nos’ become a Yes and the child is not forced but encouraged to live their tiny dreams, to speak their mind and to sing to their hearts.

Brand Name Suggestion

KA Meaning The first alphabet in Hindi marking the beginnings of the child’s learning. Playful as your first scribble, this logo marks the first beginnings with the name and the informal identity.


Keeping Aspirations Alive!


Working session Empathy Map Boy Girl Mother


Brand names


Workshop We presented the above ideas and research to the clients. The Spread team conducted a workshop at Spread Design and Innovation Pvt. Ltd. on 7th March 2018 with the clients to know more about their take, understanding and ideas on the subject and to present our ideas for the same.

Agenda 02.30 pm - 03.15 pm Our understanding and insights

04 No. of members

Play School team


No. of members

Spread team

03.15 pm - 03.45 pm Empathy map / Working session 03.45 pm - 04.00 pm Idea starters 04.00 pm - 04.30 pm Idea brainstorming / Working session

01 Bhavya (Content Writer Intern) and Nivea (Junior Graphic Designer) doing the presentation.

02 All ears to the presentation.

03 Explaining the Empathy to the Playschool team.

04 Work-in-progress.

05 Sonia Manchanda (Creative Head) giving her insights to the Empathy Map along with others.

06 Team in action.

07 Sonia Manchanda (Creative Head) narrating the synopsis of the EMpathy Map of a boy.

06 Mansoor Ahmad and Tasbia Ahmad giving their views on the overall expectation from the Playschool.

Empathy Map: Boy An empathy map is a collaborative tool used to gain a deeper insight into the customers. The team was shown the insights about the target of our empathy map and were given sticky notes and a marker to write down their thoughts/ ideas. The three main areas covered are Feel, Think and Do. Feel: How does the user feel about his environment, his peers, his exposure, etc? Think: What does the user think? what occupies his mind? WHat he likes to see? His characteristics and thoughts. Think: What is the user’s daily activities? What influences his activities?

Highlight • The child looks upto all the super heroes and aspires to be one. • They are sharp, intelligent and have a mind of their own. • Highly influenced from their peers • Confident and brave • Attracted to both indoor and outdoor activities


Empathy Map: Mom

• Loves playing with dolls • Love being the Host • Expert in Role plays • More matured than expected

Empathy Map: Girl

Brainstorming- Brand Name All the suggested Playschool names were listed down under the categories of Happiness, Discovery, Imagination and Empathy. Voting was done to choose the brand name the order of priority for the four ways of learning.

And the name which one over everyone’s gut feelings, with good enough votes is


Yeah they were And it was call And it was all Y Cause you wer

e all Yellow. lled “Yellow” Yellow. re all Yellow.

Ideascape Building a landscape of ideas for the Playschool.

A place where the child Feels, Thinks, Do everything on his own and comes back happy. The idea is to open several extra-curricular activity centers for drama, cooking, gardening, DIY, dance, music, etc.




Be Happy!

Workshop Synopsis Questions to address: 1) What is the quality that we would be providing? 2) What if we mix an educator and a mother? 3) Is the child learning correctly? 4) What is the output of learning? 5) How do we pitch the same to the parents?

Quality | Learning Outcome | Pitch to parents |

Why Yello was chosen?

Empathy Map Synopsis

The alphabet ‘W’ was removed from Yello to make it more colloquial, to make it appear resounding, drawing similarities to OLA or JIO.

User Personas are developed from the Empathy Mapping but here, instead we used Ideascape to brainstorm broader ideas and come to a conclusion for the workings of the Play School.

Key Highlights The Parent

• Every child lives in the moment. • Each child has different ways of expressing their views. • S/he should be able to express freely and joyfully. • The child should Feel Happy and Think creatively • The child should feel a sense of responsibility. For eg. the class performs at an old age.

• The parent mirror their nature into the child. • We need to build parent’s trust and assurance in the academy. • Parents prefer a tangible outcome oriented pitch. • Periodically communicating their child’s update and documenting the precious moments. For eg. Taking food they cooked for their mother.


The Child

Building the Parents’ trust Model Guidelines The Model • Taking forward Happiness, Empathy, Imagination and Discovery to paint the right strokes. • Come to the class ~ ​ ​Feel Happy ~ ​ ​Do ​~ ​Repeat • A guided learning model that is focussed on the child to be self-contained and aware of surroundings. • A model that is conversational, interactive and non-institutional needs to be built. • The module will have a dedicated room for:

Music and Dance room | Carpenter’s room | Dramatics and theatre room | A Green patch | Art room | Sports curriculum | Messy Science room

Way-forward and Action-points • Delve deeper into Reggio Emilia approach and other effective learning methodologies.

Finalising the order:

• Taking forward the finalized name: Yello. Develop concept and logo iterations.

Happiness (The Happy Place):

• Define the Brand Purpose + Strategy and Experience. • Develop a learning model with team Playschool. • Create nomenclature unique to the Playschool.

Where the child is happy to be there and wants to come back again.

Empathy (The Feel Place):

When the child is emotionally sensitive and is willing to embrace all emotions.

Chosen domain name: Client’s Feedback: Yello should not have terms like playschool, preschool, day care or child care. Rather, it should sound like a community.

Imagination (The Think Place): When the child creates what is on his/her mind, individually or with peers.

Discovery (The Doing Place):

When the child explores fearlessly and learns by doing, failing and re-doing till he/ she is satisfied from within.



Play School In Making


Some more explorations of the brand name.

What if you end up liking something else?

After the workshop, the Playschool team asked for few more name options and also, word options that could be used with the word ‘Yello.’





Yello Circle

Yello Land

Derived from Yellow and rhyming with Hello, the name is playful, memorable and easy to pronounce. It connotes the colourful ideas that run in a child’s mind.

A community of knowledge, experience, exposure and open environment where the child can grow in coexistence.

A land of experiential learning where the school is for playing, experimenting and making dreams into reality.




Yello Scope

Yello Topia

Yello Harbor

Inspired from Kaleidoscope, Yelloscope means the wide stretch of a child’s imagination and creativity.

A new species of children who are thriving, growing, expanding and learning on their own, in their own beautiful world of Yellotopia.

Meaning a place of shelter and to rest, this name is about the abode for children, away from the worldly pressures.




Yello Doers

Yello Trail

Little Yello

The Doers - The ones who don’t give up, who are always eager to learn, who ask questions, find answers, make mistakes and create miracles.

Meaning a journey, this name stands for the unconventional path taken for children to empower them and their brilliant minds.

Little or Lil, the name denotes the innocence of a child. It emphasises on the fact that despite being little, they are full of wide imagination and ideas.







It means a thought, an idea and wisdom. It expresses the high ideals of the children’s creativity, their intuitiveness and their boundless freedom.

Splash of holistic knowledge which aims to colour the child’s life, thereby, allowing him/ her to paint their world without any care: giving a vibrant experience.

Meaning dawn, it marks the beginning of a new day, a new life, a new learning and whole new experiences which await the tiny tots.







Someone who touches the heart and have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves.

Derived from a Japanese word, it means bright and intelligent. It connotes sunlight, strength and anchor: characteristics of a child.

Topia means a place with special characteristics from the word ‘utopia’. Liltopia is a place where the children are the rulers. They own their knowledge and growth.







The name means a shooting star and connotes the brilliance and rarity of a child’s mind. The young, rushing passion needs no boundaries.

Home of possibilities The word also means to jump, a happy leap of faith that children take when placed in the right care. It is a home away from home, without any restrictions.

Splash of holistic knowledge which aims to colour the child’s life. It allows them to paint their world without any care: giving a vibrant experience.

Identity Options Logo: Route 1 Your Happy Place A fun-filled experience for children who are free to fly, jump, play, get their hands dirty, dance, sing and do so much more in an environment which is safe and nurtured with care and affection. The logo is simple and playful with a universal appeal. TAGLINE: Free to Grow Campaign Ideas: Hello Creativity| Hello Happiness | Hello Freedom


Logo: Route 2 Smiles within Setting everything straight, the smile is a gesture of subtle joys, attained when the journey is more satisfying than the outcome. The idea is of celebrating the little, daily achievements of children. The inner joys of playing, learning and discovering oneself. The logo is a smile of vibrancy, filled with happy, bright colours. The organic forms embody a child’s creative imagination. TAGLINE: Free to Grow Instead of the name Smayan, the client liked the tagline of ‘Smiles within’ to be later used as a core thought.


Methodology Brief: To simplify a methodology that would be followed by the Yello Playschool. We studied few existing methodologies of playschools like Pitter Patter and Neev Playschool to understand the core areas covered and the values stated.

We devised a Methodology which had action-based learning. The outcome of learning was incorporated from the previously mentioned schools. The entire methodology was divided into 3 categories of I Do, I Learn and My community (keeping in mind our concept of Happiness, Empathy, Imagination and Discovery). Each circle spreads out to the other ring, signifying the contagious spread of knowledge and learning.

Identifying the Gaps: NEEV Preschool

Pitter Patter

• Text heavy and complicated

• Not action-oriented

• Too many criteria

• What is Multiple Intelligence?

• Heavy words with vague meaning or giveaway

• How is all kinds of development possible?

• Not action-oriented 117.

Our Methodology From doing, we learn. From learning, we do.

I Do

Developing motor, sensorial and cognitive skills.

I Learn

I Do

Covers all the activities under the headings of Imagination, Discovery, Empathy and Happiness.

A holistic growth of the child where he/ she becomes responsible and aware of the world around

I Learn

My Community

My Community

An environment conducive to enhanced learning with reflective observation, documentation and feedback.

Outcome of the activities performed by the children and what they end up learning.

The holistic learning that the child achieves with his/her peers, parents and teachers in a learning environment.



Talent Develop

Learning Environment

Motor Skills Development



Creative Development

Cognitive Development


I Play I Sing


IMAGINATION I Draw I Paint I Make I Build I Express I Act


DISCO I Think I Explore I See I Plant

Free Thinking

Language Development Logical Skills

Reflective Documentation

Kn Un of



pment Self Development


Safe Environment Emotional Development

INESS I Dance I Cook



EMPATHY I Share I Feel I Help I Interact

Social Responsibility

Building Relationships

OVERY I Speak e I Read I Ask

nowledge & nderstanding f world

Social Development

Value Development

Technical Know-how

Peer Learning

Parent Collaboration

Phase II Feedback • ‘Free to grow’ more or less works with everyone as the baseline. • Methodology content needs additional inputs from Ms. Asma. • ‘My community’ will be replaced by ‘I create my world’/ ‘My World.’ • We discussed the possibility of a different visual representation for the methodology instead of the circular form. • We agreed upon the idea of a child’s learning journey. • Smile was preferred as a concept over happiness.


Phase III Loading

Tagline Options Existing taglines of few Playschools:




For the little, big minds

Free minds of the future

The first impressions, indeed, last the longest. At a tender age what the young minds imbibe in them today, builds the foundation for tomorrow.

Providing a place for children to be free, to think, create and turn their ideas into realities. Responsible freedom to make them the freethinkers and influencers of future.



Open young minds

World of holistic learning

Unbox. Open. Explore. Create. Let the hidden potential of the children come to surface with everyday practise and hands-on learning.

A community of knowledge, experience, exposure and open environment where the child can grow in co-existence.



First impressions Kids today. Leaders tomorrow. Keep the nascent minds alive. Let them play, learn, make, break, explore, question, discover the answers while we guide them and enable them to be their own decision-makers.

The first impressions, indeed, last the longest. At a tender age what the young minds imbibe in them today, builds the foundation for tomorrow.

The Chosen One The clients’ asked for a new tagline because ‘Free to Grow’ is an abstract idea which can refer to any market like organic gardening, a MNC or any aspirational start-up. The main aim is project the idea of play school through the tagline. Options 1 and 2 are being merged to make the tagline ‘Free Little Thinkers.’


Brochure Content BRIEF: Write the brochure keeping following things in mind: 1) All the common headings like About, Philosophy, etc. will be replaced by new, creative headings. 2) Simple with memorable phrases that define the Yello Play School. 3) Refer to for any tone or content flow reference.






Client’s Feedback To be removed

To be added

Remains same

Final Brochure Content Cover


Little Free Thinkers

The Yello Thought: This is sort of a

About The Yello Story: Talking about the

Yello approach and what is followed at Yello for kids.

rule book or hard-core beliefs that Yello Play School would swore to live by.

Pedagogy Freeing up our curriculum:

Foundation Happiness is the foundation:

Keeping this as the core thought, the importance of early learning is elaborated.

The negotiated curriculum has been replaced by the consultative curriculum, followed by the Pedagogy of listening.

Methodology The Yello Circle: Diagram and

Philosophy and Principles (Merged) The Yello Manifesto: Primary focus on the Feel, Think and Do place.


description of the methodology.

Extra-Curricular Activities The Extra Yello: Drama, theatre, music, etc. covered under this.

Website Content BRIEF: Write the website content covering the main home page and important tabs like About, Philosophy, Team, etc. Key Points: The website should have eye-catching content which would make the parents to browse the other pages. Happiness is the foundation is kept as the main core thought with the Yello experience and approach listed down below. The places would be listed down in the form of icons and eye-catching lines so that parents can be taken to the other landing pages.


Learning Learning about the ongoing Play School trends was one eye-opening knowledge. In today’s generation, learning has become so much more than just books. Parents today are more involved in their child’s learning than they were ever before. They are aware and have certain defined expectations for their child. They do not want to miss out on any learning experience and therefore, enrolling in a decent play school is very essential. This project helped me in broadening my existing concepts and making me realise that every market or sector in the world is ever-evolving, even if you are not a part of it. Finding the right tone which isn’t cute but still child-friendly was a mammoth task. The main idea was to open a Play School without any cuteness attached to it: giving out a message that we do a serious learning in a playful way. An ongoing project, the Yello Play School would be opening soon and translating their education dreams into a reality.


The Yello Team

Project 3 Launch Communication and Investor Pitch

Client Brief To create brand communications for SECURA CENTRE, establishing ​ the b ​ rand leader’s expertise and knowledge in the area of retail.

Project Intent Spread ​interventions ​will include ​ formulating and designing ​a ​ comprehensive ​and targeted ​ communication campaign including Brochure, Presentation/​Corporate ​ Brand ​AV ​Film and Brand Collaterals.

About Secura SECURA is an investment management company to provide investments management services to venture capital funds, real estate investment trusts, mutual funds, offshore funds, private equity funds or any other funds.

Spread Team Girish Raj Nair

Shajin Paikath

Content Strategist and Founder

Sr. Graphic Designer

Bhavya Malviya

Mejo Kuriachan

Content Writer Intern

Design Manager



Stage 1: Understanding the research

COMMUNICATION DESIGN 1.1 ​Brand ​Communication Build a c​ omprehensive ​brand s​ tory a​ nd ​talk ​ about t​he ​various aspects o ​ f Secura Centre. ​ Secura Ecosystem: Defining t​he Secura expertise and past success. Secura ​Footprint: Showcasing t​he ​extent o ​ f r​ each ​ and ​impact in the area of retail ventures.

1.2 Secura Centre ​Sales ​Presentation / Brand Film A ​sales d ​ eck presentation t​hat ​looks ​at ​the ​brand ​ from ​the e​ yes o ​ f a​ ​potential investor who is keen on purchasing retail real estate.

Census 2010-11 Report was the main source of research where the study was made on Kerala population, remittances from foreign, employment, lifestyle and shopping pattern, choices, catchment, etc.

Knowing the unknown The Safe Haven:


In 2016, Kerala topped three categories- law and order, health and environment. This supports thet fact that any investment in Kerala would guarantee security to the people and build a greater trust for the long-run.

Kerala has bagged the prestigious Award of Excellence instituted by the Government of India for the “Most Innovative Use of Information Technology” and “Best Tourism Website Portal”. Being the hub of tourism, Kerala would always have people seeking new experiences or experiences from their natives. This puts the onus on the retail sectors in Kerala to be multispecial, catering to various needs.

If Secura Centre can guarantee the same sense of haven-building?

The Treasure House:

Land of the ‘Firsts’:

According to World Gold Council, “Kerala gobbles up 20% of the country’s gold every year”. Hence, Kerala is the power house of money where people earn and love to spend. Splurging on a lavish lifestyle is nothing to feel shy about and people are ready to invest in brands and products that give quality over quantity.

Cochin International Airport (CIAL) is World’s first green airport that will operate on solar power. Trivandrum Techno park is the largest and first technology park in India with many multinational companies operating. Kerala is, indeed, the hub of many firsts. It gives opportunities to many to thrive, grow and flourish along by giving hand-in-hand to the society.


Stage 2: What the locations have to offer?

Kannur Palakkad

With its rich cultural and vibrant socio-economic conditions, it accounts for 7.53% of all enterprises in Kerala. With the 2nd largest GDP in Kerala, Kannur is the New BIG.

Known as the ‘Gateway to Kerala’, it is the main point of entry from the East. It is the largest district in Kerala in terms of area and has undergone substantial urbanization since the 2011 census.



Perinthalmanna is dense in the urban concentration and is equidistant from Kozhikode, Trichur and Palakkad. The town is full of heritage sites and hills but has a high unsatiated demand for recreational facilities.

and more.

Stage 3: Core Thoughts Brainstorming through the research and keeping the requirements of the clients’ in mind, the following ideas were finalised to experiment and bring forward in the communication with narratives.

Town Hall

Forming the centre of gravity and becoming the new town hall in your nearest neighbourhood.

From Town Hall to Town Mall.

In the Heart

Right in the centre of the city, building a place where people can relax with their families, loved ones and friends. Narratives around personal experiences, during daily or occassional visits.


New Public Space Happiness

Keeping it as simple as happiness. A place where people relax, chill, eat, relieve themselves on the weekend, fulfil their needs on the weekdays and go back with bags full of smiles.

People’s Mall.

Building aspirational stories around a space which is build for people. Keeping the people of the town in the centre, Secura would become the next-generation of retail experience. Bringing in the new wave of experiential venture for all sectors of leisure.

Happiness Centre.


Few points to elaborate • Investor and Retailers and Customers would have two entire different takes on the Secura Centre. Catering to them, separately and differently. • Describe a 360 degree experience for customers. • Categorise the cross-sections of people visiting the mall. • Keep the lifestyle, value, great prices and experiences in mind. • Draw comparisons with Mumbai and New Delhi to point the growth status. • Highlight the NRIs’ remittances. • Facts to show about New adaptations. • No shopping research. • Singular, knitted argument to be built.

+ Hunger

Unstatiated hunger for experiences, happiness and majorly, for growth and investment. Highlight the hunger to mention the conducive investment oppotunities in Kerala.


The Unknown Beauty Narrating the Kerala Story. Setting the Mood. Building the Argument.

Lush greenery, festivals, cultures, beaches, food, backwaters, the ideal vacation spot and one of the Paradises of the world. Like a subtle, silent artist, Kerala has so much more than what meet the eyes. Over years, it has progressed to multitudinous levels but with no brouhaha around the same.

A state known for so much and still unknown.

Stating the gap statement There is dearth of a single-stop-solution. There is a need for a

one-stop solution to meet all

of the daily needs with

Convenience, Variety and Easy accessibility.

The solution should be

sustainable to craft our present, irrespective of festivals, occasions,

events, recessions or trends and address our

necessities of day-to-day lives.

The investment and growth in organized retail format is the need of the hour.

For the customers


Giving the customers a one-stop centre with an universal experience, where globe-trotting comes to home-walking in a place which is the Next Town Mall from the archaic Town Hall. People are open to explore, expand and experience at given magnitude and therefore, leading to the experiential shopping with better prices, good quality and variety of products, parking facilities, convenience/opening hours, recreational activities, multiple cuisine options, theatres, etc.

A new town centre, near your home. A one day vacation with family, friends, food and fun. A travel memoir with international cuisines and brands to buy from.

For the investors The main idea to be propogated to the investors was different from the idea for the customers. A new communication was devised which would further be used in the Investors’ presentation during the pitch from Secura Developers. As an investor, there is Hunger for:

Modernism Experiences Upward Mobility Progress

Welcome the New Town Centre #TheHappinessCentre #FeelGood #Everyoneisinvited

The Final Route The following lines are the final approved routes to be used majorly on all communications. It covers majorly all the aspirations about the place Secura Centre and the services provided there.

A New Centre of Attraction residing in the Heart of People. A Place for the People from all Walks of Life. For their Aspirations, Family, Friends and Fun.


A premise to socialise and revitalise. For a heartfelt experience with loved ones. Everything, Every time for Everyone.

Shopping Centre

Entertainment Centre

Food Centre

Experience Centre

Social Centre


Launch Communication PANELS Three major panels were supposed to be put up for the first-cut launch in Kerala for the investors. The content was divided into a weaved story spread across the panels in continuation. The division is as follows:

Retail Paradise! (Panel 1) • About the brand (Secura Centre) • Happiness factor for retailers • Footfalls and reach • Return on investment, parking facilities, global management, etc. • Hunger factor • Teaser of benefits

Additions/ Feedback • Kerala background • Opportunities in Kerala for an investor • Statistics

Crisp 1 lines for all.

Retail Happiness! (Panel 2) The center panel would become the highlight featuring all the facilities and the core idea of driving happiness. Highlight would on the exclusives provided by Secura Centre to its investors, in iconography.

Retail First! (Panel 3) The third panel would include the details about the Secura Developers to build familiarity with the investors, along with contact details.


Additions/ Feedback • Short, crisp sentences for the same • Mention the 3 upcoming centres

Additions/ Feedback • No need for another heading of ‘Retail First’. • Add only the contact details to build curiosity

For investors.

Pitch Perfect

FLYER Flyer majorly should have the introduction, the two keys thoughts of retail and happiness and in conclusion, the contact details.

The New Town Centre (Page 1) Opening line with the Secura Centre logo.

Retail Paradise! (Page 2) Same content as on the panel.

Retail Happiness! (Page 3) Same content as on the panel.

Additions/ Feedback New town centre to Next Town Centre!

Additions/ Feedback Add about the main hunger pitch for investors.

Additions/ Feedback Mention Kannur as the opening cue.

Contact (Page 4) The contact details to be added along with the Hashtags and the Secura Centre desription.




Panel No. 1

+91 98469 96000 #TheHappinessCentre #FeelGood

Panel No. 3

Retail H


Panel No. 2 (Middle)










Launch Communication MOVIE A movie, maximum for 120 seconds, was to be made to play in a loop at the event. It was made brief, crisp with just the supers to highlight the main points with right information and communication. It begins by showing the business opportunities in Kerala with the given remittances, followed by the population, catchment size, the expenditure and the main idea starter for pitching. It highlights the facilities and advantages of the Secura Centre.

Second Set BROCHURE The brochure was prepared for Round 2, i.e., after the initial launch. With the design still in process, the main aim of the brochure was to highlight the facilities and key factors in details and provide complete knowledge of the Secura

Developers team. The first set of brochure is place-specific and is done only for Kannur with the maps and other graphic elements. The main headings of the brochure are stated below:


Retail Happiness (Page 6)

Welcome the Next Town Centre

Welcome the Next Town Centre in Kannur with the happiness idea as the core, attracting people from everywhere at lowest cost.

Your Retail Paradise! (Page 1) This page is introduction to the economy of Kerala and highlighting the objective of Secura Centre.

A Place for People (Page 7) Infographics on mall specifics

The Secura Team (Page 2, 3 and 4) Introduction to Secura Developers and the Secura Team, primarily, Directors and Promoters.

Maps of Kannur, routes, directions, etc.

The Secura Team (Page 5)

Where your heart keeps coming back (Page 9)

Adding the previous projects done by Secura Developers with pictures.


Residing in the heart of people (Page 8)

All centre facilities provided at Secura Centre with icons.

Bridge the gap between the consumers and retailers.

Boundless Possibilities (Page 10) Providing specifications of all the Secura Centre facilities and opportunities.

Conclusion (Page 11) The #TheHappinessCentre with the Secura Centre + Contact

INVESTOR PRESENTATION The investor presentation had the same content as the brochure but with more refined and crisp, short lines for each heading and description.


Learning Through Secura project, it was an insight to study the market trends and understand the tone of promoting. Each state has its culture and before writing anything, it becomes very important to understand and embrace it for the same. Presenting the same idea to investor and to consumers are two different stories and building the narratives was a challenge yet insightful.


the extra In-store Communications

TVS Electronics Service Tech

Client Brief TVS Electronics has been renamed to TVS Service Tec. Their new store is to be launched in Combaitore with new branding. The task-at-hand was to produce interactive in-store content for easy communications with the customers.

Brief from the Spread Team The tone and voice of the communication is to be friendly and approachable, in easy language. The communications would be used across all the stores. Keep the tone funny yet worth trusting and secure!



The communications included urgent messages for pick-up and drop facilities. The main aim was to think from the customer’s mind, specially at the time of their distress. What would be the basic things that a customer would search for? What is the quick, easy and relieving answer would they be expecting? From washing machine to laptop, air-conditioner, mobile phones, TVSE takes care of everything and this was the need to be communicated everywhere.


Using reverse psychology, this DIY display board content says about easy ways to lose your phone. It narrates the incidents where people become careless and end up losing their phone data.

The headings are written negatively to intentionally raise eyebrows. Once the heading catches attention, people would end up reading the tips.



CONCLUSION The internship at Spread Design and Innovation Pvt. Ltd has been an overwhelming experience. Working in a firm for 18 weeks teaches one so much more than the task-at-hand. Starting off with little logo story works, the progress came a long way. Every word that you write as a Content writer holds a value in every design. Each word gives weightage to the communication we put across to the clients. At Spread, I was exposed to a lot of fields where I was able to exoand my knowledge. From client handling to client workshops, brainstorming, research, ideations, reviews and discussions, each step was evaluated and thought before the final execution. Apart from the theory, the hands-on interactions with clients gave an insight into how to do the right pitching and that indeed, a presentation matters. Overall, these 18 weeks have been full of hard work, fun, learning and expanding.


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For the Parents

Questionnaire Q1)​ What are your main criterias for choosing the perfect Playschool for your child? Q2)​ Is there any background research involved? Q3)​ What are the main sources for knowing about Playschools? (Referrals, advertisements, etc.) Q4)​ What are your expectations from the school? Q5)​ Do you prep up your kid before the admission? Q6)​ Are you aware of the various learning models and approaches practised in Playschool? Q7)​ Do you have any preference for the same? Q8)​ What are your feelings before sending your kid to the playschool? Q9)​ What have been the pros and cons of your past experience in any playschool? Q10)​ Is Playschool a necessity? Q11)​ Did you face any anxieties after enrolling your child? Q12)​ Have you had any AHA moments in the past for your child during playschool? Q13)​ What was the final decision maker for you?

Curriculums Montessori Education: An educational

approach, Montessori education was developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori. It is characterised by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological development. Designed scientifically, it is a systematic guidance through series of activities with increase in complexity. Four key areas are covered like practical life, sense organs, language and maths skills. Students move from concrete concepts to abstract ones, learn concepts from hands-on working with less direct instruction. The following is the form of a Montessori lab: • Students are allotted a block of work time. • Working with specialised educational materials. • Teachers trained in the methodology from a certified Montessori institute. • Demands construction in proportion to the child and his/her needs. • Facilitates movement and activity.

Play Way Method: It is a spontaneous

method which demands creativity from the teacher and the child. Mix of adaptation of best practices from across the world, it emphasises on physical activities such as role-play, music and movement, art and crafts, stories. At the age of 2 to 3 years, children are still learning how to communicate and play becomes their preferred medium of expression. It is a purposeful and directed play, conducted in a proper manner with trained instructors who are competent enough to translate the method.

Multiple Intelligence: This theory was

proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983 which differentiates intelligence and learning into various specific (primarily sensory) modalities. The core thought is that different children have different learning styles. Eight abilities govern the learning process - spatial, linguistic, logicalmathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic. With the intelligence development, it helps children to reach learning goals by appropriate methods as per the learning styles.

Waldorf Approach: The Waldorf philosophy

was founded by Austrian educator Rudolf Steiner In 1919. The underlying principle of the Waldorf program is dependable routine which follows a consistent rhythm, and teachers often remain with the same group of students for up to eight years, allowing them to form a trusting relationship. The atmosphere is home-like, with all-natural furnishings and playthings and a group-oriented curriculum. Waldorf emphasizes creative learning, such as play-acting, story readings, singing, and cooking. The goal of this system is to develop the child emotionally and physically as well as intellectually.

Trends Minimize the Achievement Gap: This

one is a trending future trajectory of ECE (Early Childhood Education). The achievement gap focuses on the academic achievements of different social and economic groups. Output includes the differences in grade point averages, standardized test scores, dropout rates, college enrollment and college graduation metrics. The gap is measured between low-income and highincome households, minority students, males and females, students whose first language is English and students for whom English is a second (or third) language, among other factors. The achievement gap is often used to determine funding for ECE, followed in the United States of America. The assessment helps educators to identify learning needs early on. This also enables parents to be more aware of a child’s learning style and their individual needs.

Emergent Curriculums: It is an impromtu

way of planning curriculum in response to children’s interests, skills and unique needs to create meaningful learning experiences. A teacher should carefully observe and listen to children as they play, determine their areas of interest, then develop a plan or curriculum to direct their learning which reflects these interests. It is being open to what children are doing, saying and thinking. A loose framework, initiated by the children and is highly flexible. It develops in response to what children are most curious about on that particular day.

Classroom Principles: Teachers are

encouraged to integrate core principles to develop Emotional Cognitive Social Early

Learning (ECSEL). ECSEL helps children to manage emotions to become confident, resilient and understanding—important for learning and growth. At this age, emotional experiences shape the brain. The main aim is to understand family dynamics, leading by example in how to handle emotions and identifying feelings and respond to them for understanding, acceptance and healthier relationships.

Incidental Teaching: Incidental teaching

involves creating an environment in which students’ interests are easily fostered and nurtured, and one in which students can be most successfully motivated. An instructor will arrange the learning environment so that necessary materials are within the student’s sight, but not within his reach, thus impacting his motivation to seek out those materials. An instructor waits for children to initiate engagement and guides them. One can ask the child, “Sarah, you are very angry that your pencil is lost. What can you do when you are angry? Let’s go over the steps.”

Reggio Emilia Approach Reggio Emilia schools are based on the approach developed by the townspeople of Reggio Emilia, Italy during the 1940s. As in Montessori, students take the lead in learning. The curriculum consists of projects that reflect the interests of the students. Teachers observe the spontaneous curiosity of their students, and then guide them to create projects that reflect their pursuits. Children are expected to learn through mistakes rather than correction, as they are considered equal learners. Their play and projects are documented in photographs and records of their own words, which allows teachers and parents to follow each student’s progress and helps children see their actions as meaningful.

The Curriculum Daily schedule to balance between individual, group activities, child-teacher activity and inside and outside experiences. Emergent way of teaching and learning where teachers observe, ask questions and listen for the children’s ideas, hypotheses and theories. The teachers compare, discuss, and interpret their observations. Teachers plan activities, studies and long term projects based on their observations. Teachers partner with children and exchange of theories are referred to as the Cycle of Inquiry. Teachers use their interpretations, intentions and

goals (social, emotional and academic) to make choices with children. Learning is seen not as a linear process but as a spiraling progression.


Essential component of the school and an active part of their children’s learning experiences. They help to ensure the welfare of the children and are members of the Family Team.

The Teacher

Aware of the child’s potentials and constructs a curriculum unique to each child as per their interest. They document the child’s journey, speaks for children and presents work to other educators.

The Child Curious, full of knowledge, potential, and interested in connecting to the world around her/him.

The Environment

Teachers intentionally organize, support and plan for various spaces for children in the environment, the third teacher.

And it all comes to An END.


Graduation Project  

Graduation Project as a Content Writing Intern at Spread Design and Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

Graduation Project  

Graduation Project as a Content Writing Intern at Spread Design and Innovation Pvt. Ltd.