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Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services

Forensic analysis and global experience: the intelligent connection

Protect your company’s reputation and reduce financial risk Businesses are always under scrutiny but it is most intense when shareholders, business partners or regulators suspect wrongdoing. Regulators and enforcement agencies are more joined up than ever before as they cooperate across borders in the fight against fraud, bribery and corruption. This demands increasingly higher levels of integrity, honesty and transparency in the way businesses operate and makes it more critical than ever to respond rapidly, appropriately and robustly to any aberrational conduct. Rapidly changing and increasingly complex regulatory requirements pose a critical risk to businesses. The avoidance of breaches of laws and regulations requires a robust approach to compliance and a multijurisdictional response. Executives who react appropriately to these challenges, and respond promptly to major incidents, can safeguard the financial and reputational value of their organizations. By making intelligent connections between your business operations, markets and third-party relationships, we can help you get to the root cause of problems resulting from impropriety.

Our ability to make these intelligent connections helps you to uphold integrity in business behavior and drive corporate success. This approach is integral to all we do for you. Our Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services practice connects the people, tools and insights that enable you to build a better working world. You and your advisors will be able to draw on our global network of multidisciplinary specialists. These forward-thinking professionals are experienced in managing the complex financial, regulatory, contractual and reputational risks your business is facing.

Preventing, detecting and responding to financial, regulatory and reputational risks.



Take action in response to alleged misconduct, litigation or regulatory compliance matters

Protect your business by helping to reduce the risk of inappropriate, unethical or illegal conduct


Reduce the cost and impact of wrongdoing by identifying issues earlier

Our dedicated teams use informed judgment and leadingtechnologies to ensure your business maintains its long-term competitive advantage. This includes: Respond



• Working with your legal, compliance and finance professionals to uncover and investigate fraud or corrupt practices, alleged or actual, by employees, customers, suppliers or business partners

• Drawing on our global experience and sector insights to anticipate and detect compliance breaches, procedural failures, and lapses in business integrity that can cause financial losses and weaken stakeholder and market confidence

• Using forensic data analytics techniques to interrogate complex data sets, to help you identify the threats to your business and prioritize your risk management actions

• Managing investigations alongside your legal advisors and other internal stakeholders to reduce the disruption to your business, the threat to shareholder value and the damage to brand reputation • Bringing a robust, forensic approach to dispute resolution, to maintain your business advantage and protect your commercial position • Capturing, preserving and  processing electronic information for review in the context of investigations or disputes

• Assessing your compliance risk framework in light of relevant risks to your organization and your vision and strategy • Protecting your brand values by using business intelligence to understand, monitor and reduce the potential risksof impropriety by third-party suppliers and external business partners

• Using forensic technologies and techniques to respond to cyber attacks; to protect the integrity of the evidence orinvestigation (including log data analysis, live network traffic analysis and host-based forensic analysis); to understand the content of any stolen data and identify the effects of the breach • Supporting your development of a clear framework to manage the fraud, corruption and regulatory risks threatening your business; helping you put in place the structures and monitoring mechanisms that will improve your ability to detect potential issues proactively

Investigations You need to...

We will help you by:

Respond rapidly to allegations of fraud, bribery or regulatory breaches

• Using our investigative experience,

Investigate across multiple geographies and legal jurisdictions  in a consistent manner

• Mobilizing our professionals at

Make stakeholders and auditors confident that issues have been dealt with effectively to reduce financial losses and regulatory risk

• Strengthening your internal controls

Understand potential bribery and corruption risks in target acquisitions pre- or post-close

• Identifying the potential for

advanced forensic data analytics and e-discovery tools to establish the facts, including what happened, how and why short notice, leveraging our global operating model and common forensic technologies

We can help you re to specific busine Or, better still, we avoid exposure to po threats befor

and advising on the establishment of robust policies to mitigate the risk of future occurrences

exposure including specific business conduct, financial transactions and ownership or relationship links that could give rise to concern

Forensic Technology & Discovery Services You need to...

We will help you by:

Capture data and evidence from electronic devices when fraud or impropriety is suspected or discovered

• Handling relevant electronically stored

Comply with data requests from regulators and other authorities

• Mobilizing manpower and technology

Develop your Information Governance Strategy with a view to reducing risk and cost while demonstrating return on investment

• Using our experience of disputes,

Proactively prevent and detect fraudulent or corrupt activities within the business and conduct ongoing monitoring

• Identifying patterns and indicators

Respond quickly and effectively to cyber crime incidents

• Undertaking a comprehensive

information (ESI) in a consistent, defensible and cost-effective way

resources to capture, process and prepare for review vast quantities of electronic data in a forensically robust manner

investigations and regulatory reviews to help you govern and manage your information in an active and strategic fashion of potential fraud or corrupt activity by applying advanced forensic data analytics including investigative data linking, social network analysis, artificial intelligence and predictive modeling investigation to assess who was involved, how the attack was carried out, what damage was done and how your cyber breach response program can be strengthened

Business-cri • Fraud, briberyand corruption • Compliance breaches • Whistle-blowing • Regulatory Investigations • Improper conduct by third parties

Business Integrity & Corporate Compliance

espond effectively ess-critical risks. e can help you to otentially damaging re they occur.

ritical issues • Contract negotiations and commercial disputes • Cyber crime and data theft

You need to...

We will help you by:

Respond to emerging risks

• Conducting a risk assessment of

Reduce the risk of regulatory breaches to increase stakeholder and market confidence

• Developing and enhancing your

Operate your business in line with its risk appetite and the values espoused  by management

• Reviewing your integrity and

Develop an effective and prudent approach to third-party risk management

• Using proprietary technology to

the integrity and compliance risks impacting on your business, including bribery, sanctions and regulatory risks integrity and compliance framework to align it with the risks facing your business while taking account of your organization’s resources compliance framework to assess if it is consistent with management’s vision and strategy

collect, review, and protect data for ‘Know Your Third Party’ programs, and to provide detailed insights into risks associated with business partners, including joint ventures, suppliers and agents

Disputes You need to...

We will help you by:

Manage and resolve commercial disputes rapidly

• Helping you present an independent

• Anti-corruption due  diligence

and robust assessment of your case, be it in litigation, arbitration or expert determination

• Providing expert witness services for proceedings in national and international courts, tribunals and arbitrations

Develop a robust strategy to reduce the incidence of disputes and reduce losses

• Strengthening your team’s

Understand the scale of your business exposure to potential disputes quickly

• Preparing a preliminary assessment

Communicate a credible and justifiable position to shareholders, auditors and regulators

• Providing expert advice on

Prevent value leakage on transactions

• Advising before a transaction on

understanding of, and compliance with, commercial contracts and warranties of damages you or a counterparty might have suffered to help you develop your dispute resolution strategy

complex litigation and international arbitration matters across all major industry sectors purchase price and accounting clauses in transaction documents, or afterward in the event of a dispute

Global expertise, local knowledge, the right skills The EY Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services practice brings the people, tools and insights you need to respond, manage and mitigate financial and reputational risks to your business.

Multidisciplinary professionals

Cross-sector specialists – including:

• Over 3,800 professionals worldwide

• Financial Services

• Forensic accountants, technologists, former law enforcement and intelligence agency professionals

• Life Sciences • Extractive Industries • Government & Public Sector • Construction & Infrastructure

• Working in 70 countries

Europe Middle East, India and Africa Fraud Survey Offering powerful insights into perceived levels of fraud, bribery and corruption risks across 38 countries

Corporate Fraud – The Human Factor

• Across 27 industries Understanding how regulations, laws and compliance issues vary by country and region

Thought leadership

Market-leading breadth and depth of insight into complex, international business processes

Providing new perspectives on the many different types of “fraud trail” and where “following the money” might lead in future

Managing Bribery and Corruption Risk – Sector Analysis Managing bribery and corruption risk across life sciences, oil and gas, extractive industries, and construction and infrastructure sectors

Tailored approach

Thought leadership

Leading forensic technology

We ensure our processes and forensic methods support your business, by applying them consistently wherever you need them. In addition, we bring sector specialists, coupling their insights and detailed knowledge of industry norms with our rigorous forensic approach.

We are exposed to, and gain insights from working alongside many of the world’s largest and most complex organizations. This knowledge keeps us at the forefront of leading practice and experience globally.

Our global network of technology professionals utilize their e-discovery, forensic data analytics and cyber breach investigative skills and capabliities to protect your interests.

Our Global and EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa) Fraud Surveys clearly demonstrate our knowledge and understanding of fraud and corruption risk across the world. They form part of our continuing search for new ways to help clients be better prepared to face emerging threats. Our professionals contribute to influential conferences and leading journals on the changing nature of fraud, cyber crime and other challenges to business integrity.

All of these capabilities – coupled with our intellectual property – operate on a leading technology platform and are supported by common methodologies and procedures. Our services include investigating instances of cyber breach, building predictive models, profiling fraud scenarios and the use of big data analytics to improve investigative and compliance outcomes.

Talk to us Find out how we can help you protect the financial and reputational value of your business. We will react quickly and efficiently to prevent, detect and resolve any threats you face, however complex.

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About EY’s Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services Dealing with complex issues of fraud, regulatory compliance and business disputes can detract from efforts to succeed. Better management of fraud risk and compliance exposure is a critical business priority — no matter what the industry sector is. With over 3,800 fraud investigation and dispute professionals around the world, we can assemble the right multidisciplinary and culturally aligned team to work with you and your legal advisors. We work to give you the benefit of our broad sector experience, our deep subject matter knowledge and the latest insights from our work worldwide. © 2016 EYGM Limited. All Rights Reserved. EYG no. AU3283 ED None. This material has been prepared for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as accounting, tax, or other professional advice. Please refer to your advisors for specific advice.

Forensic Services and Global Experience: the Intelligent Connection - EY India  

EY India's FIDS team ensures that their processes and forensic methods will support your business, by applying them consistently wherever yo...

Forensic Services and Global Experience: the Intelligent Connection - EY India  

EY India's FIDS team ensures that their processes and forensic methods will support your business, by applying them consistently wherever yo...