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Art of wearing a Perfume by Jyotsna Phanisri Do you know that by spraying perfume in the right areas, the fragrance will last longer? Please note the below points before you spray the Perfume on your skin:   

Apply perfume right after you shower since pores tend to open up after and a clean skin absorbs the scent wonderfully. Do not try to use perfume to get over the body odour, the result will be just worse. When we spray perfume on our wrist, remember not to rub it together otherwise the scent will dissolve and disappear.

The best places to spray perfume are at:        

Hair ends Back of the Ears Back of the Neck Wrist The back of elbow Waist Fingertips The back of knees

Above all remember that perfume you are wearing should let the others feel pleasant and wonderful rather than just suffocate them with loads and loads of perfume on your dress. Choose the best perfumes from online cosmetics stores. The logic is not how much you apply but how well to apply!

Art of Wearing a Perfume