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Vox pops

The public may not want to be filmed and would easily become annoyed.

I will need to ask their permission before starting to film any of the vox pops.

The camera needs to be placed in a suitable place and position.

I will have two members of the filming crew to make sure that the equipment is in safety whilst filming.

People have different approaches or attitudes towards the filming, as many would be happy to be filmed whilst others may disapprove of it.

I will place the camera at a distance were walkers by have a choice to walk past my camera or not.

It could rain whilst filming outside which could damage the camera equipment.

I can avoid this hazard by talking an umbrella, checking the weather before hand and packing up the camera equipment if it starts to rain so that the camera does not get damaged.


Risk assesment for vox pops  

Risk assesment for vox pops