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(Lounge) Interview with John Tyne.

The camera person may trip over the wires whilst filming which may not only injure the person but may also damage the camera equipment.

The wires need to be kept neat so people can walk around safely and would not get wires tangled to their foot which could lead them to trip over.

Tripod not set properly.

I need to make sure that the tripod is set properly and is in the same level; if this is not done the tripod could be damaged.

There might be toys on the floor

Pick up anything from the floor and out it at the side because a hazard could occur if someone falls and injure them selves.

There might be a drink near around which may cause a spillage on the camera.

To avoid this hazard I will need to make sure there will be nothing near which may spill.

Risk assesment for John Tyne (Redbridge Councillor)  

Risk assesment for John Tyne (Redbridge Councillor)

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