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Roehampton university

Whilst I am presenting outside the university it might start raining and the equipment might get wet.

The equipment will need to be packed away quickly before it gets wet, I will also have to check the weather before going to film.

The camera person may trip over the wires whilst filming which may also injure the person but also damage the equipment.

I will avoid this hazard by making sure all the wires are kept neat and tidy.

There will be people walking past and the camera could fall over.

The camera person will be in charge the crew will be with the equipment throughout the production to make sure nothing goes wrong whilst filming.

There may be things on the floor in the office example for these are books and a bin which may lead the camera to fall.

There might be people in the shot, they might not be happy being filmed.

I will avoid this hazard by making sure there is nothing on the floor which will lead the equipment to be damaged. I will have to ask whether it is fine if I would be able to film them.

Risk assesment for Robert Kagawa (Professor)  

Risk assesment for professor

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