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Phone Quick Interview Do you think that it is fair for students of 2012 have to pay triple the amount of fees for their education?

Puja Quick Interview

David Willets Conservative Party politician Member of Parliament (MP). Libby Aston



Her opinion on University fees how it’s going to affect her and whether she has changed her mind on going. Interview What does he think of the rising university fees and what affects this will have on the country? How university fees can affect students because of money worries. Interview Will the number decrease of students applying to Universities because of the rise in tuition fees? Quick Interview Has this changed

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University of East London

your mind on whether you want to go University and why? Do you worry you will get less people wanting to come to your University. Do you worry people will not get the qualifications and degree they want and will have an effect in jobs in the future.


+44 (0)20 8223 6239 Quick Interview Is going to talk about whether it is fair for students of 2012 have to pay ÂŁ27,000.


Councillor Thomas Gray Hainault Conservative

Lee Scott Quick Interview Student in University and how hard she is finding it. What do you think of the changes and do you think there was a need for the government to change the policy in the first place.

By raising the university fees Member of from 3,000 to Parliament 9,000 has it Conservative benefited the parliament in

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Miss Mayett

Miss Myford

John Hailey Senior University Teacher Faculty of Management of University of City London. Mr Harper




any way? Interview on the effects the university fees will have towards students and how students from poorer backgrounds will not be able to go. Do you think people who are less privileged would not want to go University? Do you think that there is even a point for students to go to University anymore as a degree was a passport before? What experience have you had at university and do you think it is worth for future students? Quick interview on her opinions.

020)8252 5151

020)8252 5151

(+44) 01225 426362

How she will struggle when she will be going to University in the future with a huge amount of loan she will be taking out. Quick Interview What do you


Religious Studies PROFESSOR Eric Jacobson Roehampton University

think of the rise in University Fees? Are you having doubts on whether you are not sure on if you want to go to University or not because of the rise? Interview Do you think that it was fair that students have to pay more for their education and do you think they should have risen?

Contact list Uni fees  

Contact list Uni fees

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