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The Book of Memories

by: Bene Hatlevig

Table of Contents Chapter 1- Who am I Chapter 2-Friendly Letter Chapter 3-Time for School Chapter 4- Autobiography incident Chapter 5- Future Me

Chapter 1 My name is bene hatlevig, I have a ps3 and I like watching Gravity falls my favorite show. I have brown hair with a streak of blue on top, and glasses.My hometown is Bangor, Wi. When I graduate from school I'm going to a computer collage with my bro, and after that we're going into video game designing at Tt games.

Chapter 2 Kjell Hatlevig 1212 Commercial St Bangor, WI 54614 September 26, 2013

Dear Dad, I am so glad you are my Dad. That is why I am sending this to you. I am writing you this letter is to tell you how important you are to our family. For an example, you work all day to get money for the family. You also are a great dad and are always there when we need you. It is so great when you help us with homework even when you don't want to. There are a lot more things I could say, but I don't think guys should be so mushy. I know you understand, so I am going to just sum it up. Thanks for being a great dad. Your Son, Bene Hatlevig

My Most Memorable Recesses

Chapter 3

One of the most memorable recesses I had was during winter. It was at my old school coulee. The playground was big, but the part me and my brother always loved to hang out at is this small loghouse. It was about 5 ft tall with a chimney about 7 ft tall.

Me, Arne, and our friend Hope started an club in the log house. In the club we took sharp pieces of ice and used them to carve things out of hard balls of snow. I remember I carved one into a shape of a pistol, Arne carved a face, and Hope carved a heart.

The next day, one of our best friends Gavin, came and asked if he could join. Of course me and Arne said it was ok, although there was a problem, Hope and Gavin didn't get along very well. We eventually came to an agreement.

Next week something bad happened, more kids wanted to join our club, but we all said no, because we literally didn't have any space or room for them. So one recess we didn't go to the log house and they destroyed our creations. So we shut down our club. It only lasted 1 week anyway.

Chapter 4 This is the story of how i sprained my left arm. So me and Arne were going to camp for a week, and the leaders of the camp had some rules, and one of them was not to climb on rocks. So I did climb on rocks and I sprained my left arm. To explain this in detail, it was before lunch and our cabin was putting our towels on the fence by the pool. On the way there was a pit filled with rocks. My first instinct was to walk on the rocks, but I stepped on an unstable one. Long story short I sprained my left arm. For the next three days it was uncomfortable to sleep, but by the end of the week it was healed so fast that i didn't half to were the cast anymore. After it healed fully it was week from me not using it. So thats the story of how I sprained my left arm.

Daylight Times Bene Hatlevig

Game Designer WOWS Benjamin Hatlevig, CEO of Gamer Games, created the best gaming system ever. The Mystery System or MS 1 came out this past Monday. It has a virtual headset that actually takes you into the game and is made of a super simple controller. Along with the system there is a variety of games you can play. These games will include Skyrim 22, Halo 64, a few role playing games, battle games, and a bunch of adventure games. With assistance from his brother Arnold Hatlevig, the CEO of Moon Gravity Games, they have changed the future of video gaming.

October 26, 2037 The design and sales have surpassed expectations. Mr. Hatlevig stated, “I have been dreaming of designing such a system since I was young.” Gamer Games is struggling to keep up with demand, but with the assistance from his brother's company all Christmas Trees and will be filled with this new gaming creation. The internet is uploading orders and shipping them via “Robo air” every 15 minutes. Consumer Reports and Gamer Central has rated this game five stars, and worth every web dollar spent.

This controller is the old ps4 controller, the new controller is based of this old controller.

Book of memorys  
Book of memorys  

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