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New Digital Afterlife Planning Site World Without Me Offers Tools to Archive, Curate Digital Footprint - Here is the Excerpt Of Q&A with the Founder According to Blackbook’s Chris Mohney, more than 5 million facebook members have died since the website launched and another 200,000 members die every year. Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, has all the information about its roughly 800 million members. It's algorithm is quick to offer helpful nudges about things like upcoming birthdays and friends you have not contacted in a while. However, Facebook has not figured how to identify dead and prevent pokes from them. To address this problem, Digital Afterlife Planning website, World Without Me, was founded this year by Bhaskar Thakur. This website offers the most comprehensive tools and services for planning one’s Digital Afterlife. Here is an excerpt from our interview with Bhaskar: When did you realize Digital Legacies were important? The biggest motivator for creating World Without Me was the worry that my family would not be able to access my online accounts and other sensitive information after my demise. I want to save them from the painful hassles and unnecessary legal counsel. Can you share information on the deceased user policies on major websites? Most online platforms and websites have vague Digital Afterlife policies and it is not clear what will happen to your account once you die. Yahoo does not give anyone access to your account so all your emails will be lost. Facebook gives an option to memorialize one’s account after they are informed of a user’s death. Google puts you through a ridiculously long deceased user account access process, even after which you might not get access to it. Your family or close friends who might want to access your accounts may not be able to do so before going through tedious document submissions and in some cases, even legal counsel. What makes World Without Me different from other Digital Afterlife planning websites? World Without Me is the most comprehensive portal to plan your Digital Afterlife. There are few websites offering various afterlife services like Digital Estate Planning, Posthumous Emails, Online Memorials and Bequeathing of Digital Footprint. However, World Without Me allows you to not only create Digital Assets of all your important information but also gives you an easy way to assign these assets to inheritors, all through a secure World Without Me account. Archiving of Digital Footprint is a unique feature to this platform as other Digital Afterlife websites do not offer these services. How do your inheritors receive your Digital Assets after your death? It is a simple one click process using the World Without Me Trigger. During your life time you can assign your World Without Me Trigger to one or more trusted people. To ensure security, the assigned users would not know who else holds the Trigger. After your death, they pull your Trigger through their World Without Me accounts to declare your demise and set your Digital Inheritance in motion. Assets assigned will be sent directly to the accounts of your heirs as per your wishes. Why is planning Digital Afterlife important? In my opinion there are 3 reasons to plan Digital Afterlife- Archive before it's too late, Curate to tell your true story, Live Digitally Forever.

Archive: We push hours of videos, tons of photos, blogs, Facebook Updates, Tweets, emails onto the web everyday. When we kick the bucket these things would not matter to us however, our Digital Footprint will be next generation's connect with us. Curate your Digital Footprint: 85-90% information we add to the cyberspace does not have “archival” or “pass-along value” i.e. one would not include that information in one’s legacy or autobiography. When you plan Digital Afterlife you filter out the 'noise' and develop a 'curated' Legacy Live Digitally Forever: You can be a Digital Immortal by planning Digital Afterlife. How about wishing your Great Grand Daughter on her 16th Birthday in your voice? For More information visit About World Without Me: World Without Me is a Percial (Personal - Social) platform that empowers users with tools to Archive and Bequeath Digital and Social Assets, Plan Digital Afterlife and Live Digitally Forever! Here’s a short video introduction to World Without Me On World Without Me users can: 1.

Plan their Digital Afterlife and Live Digitally Forever. Send Dispatches (messages) for Future (lifetime and beyond) and to store and bequeath Passwords in their World Without Me Vault.


Create an Autobiography on the go by Archiving and Curating Social and Digital Footprint (Facebook updates, Tweets, Documents, Emails). Assign the Inheritors for each asset.

3. Start and participate in Private Discussions.

New Digital Afterlife Planning Site World Without Me Offers Tools to Archive, Curate Digital Footpri  

The biggest motivator for creating World Without Me was the worry that my family would not be able to access my online accounts and other se...