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everything we do, from crafting trends to building our 125-acre City of Joy. Located near Hebbal, Bengaluru, Bhartiya City is inspired by the world but made for India. We’ve brought together architects and urban planners of international repute to design not just a city, but a way of life. A way of life that is perfectly encapsulated by our collaborators. When it comes to modern Indian luxury, few are as experienced as The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts. Over the past 28 years, they have kept the tradition of Indian hospitality alive. It gives us great pleasure to come together and bring you The Leela Residences, apartments that

for your private restaurant. We’re building every inch of the Residences with the signature collaborators and a glimpse of what could be yours.

Snehdeep Aggarwal

Vivek Nair

Dinesh Nair

Chairman, Bhartiya

Chairman and Managing Director, The Leela Group

Co-chairman and Managing Director, The Leela Group

URBAN Snehdeep Aggarwal is the founder and Chairman of Bhartiya, a long-time guest of The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts, and a passionate globetrotter. His travels around the world inspired him to bring the same quality of life back to his fellow Indians.

What was the inspiration behind Bhartiya City? In India you can’t experience the public realm. You can’t walk or cycle and, even in our best cities, the quality of life is poor. It is my dream to see all this change for the better, through Bhartiya City. I envision it as a place of culture, commerce and a fantastic way of life. A real City of Joy that revolves around its people.

You’ve travelled all over the world. Which cities left the biggest impression on you? Paris, of course, for its beauty and history. Then I would have to say Barcelona, for its public spaces and liveliness, and Florence for its cultural evolution. All these cities instantly make an impression on you.

+W]TLaW]\MTT][IJQ\IJW]\\PMLQ‫ٺ‬MZMV\XMWXTMaW]¼^MKWTTIJWZI\ML_Q\P' In building this city, we have sourced and collaborated with teams from the US, the UK, the Middle East, Australia, China and so many more countries. For every detail, we have tried to get the best experts, whether it’s master planners, landscape architects or tile-makers. I believe this will help us build a truly global city.

How did the collaboration between The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts and Bhartiya happen? For us, Bhartiya City has always been about a high quality of life. So whether you live here or you’re just visiting, we want you to feel like a king. And who does that better than The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts? As another proud Indian brand, reaching out to them felt like a very natural step.

Tell us a little more about the Residences. What is the philosophy behind them? With The Leela Residences, we’re making a set of homes that are like nowhere else in the world. Whether you’re a business professional or an international athlete, you will find everything you need here. That has been our benchmark – we are looking for nothing less than perfection. Even a simple thing like a kitchen cabinet, when it’s made by a Boffi, becomes a piece of art. We have a team of expert concierges, chefs, personal trainers, even botanists ready and waiting. And for anything else you might need, we’re building a 125-acre City of Joy right at your doorstep with everything from shops and sushi bars to schools and hospitals. I think, as a vision, with this project we aim to take modern Indian luxury to the next level.

LEELA Vivek Nair, Chairman and MD, The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts, and Dinesh Nair, Co-chairman and MD, discuss the future of the Leela legacy.

Leela Hotels are famous for preserving Indian hospitality and luxury. What motivates you to keep up this tradition? We have always pushed ourselves to provide our guests with the highest standards of luxury – memorable, magical stays that will bring them back again and again. Our motivation to please and exceed expectations is deeply rooted in the ancient Indian philosophy of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ or ‘Guest is God’. This has been ingrained in our ethos since inception when our father, Late Capt. C.P. Krishnan Nair, who was also founder and chairman of the group, built the first hotel in Mumbai in 1987. His vision, drive and determination to create world class hotels which could showcase the riches, arts and history of India continue to inspire us.

What sets a Leela apart from any other hotel? It is easy to find 5-star hotels in cities across India, but what sets us apart are our people who make the mission of The Leela their own by providing the warmth and the added special touch to our services. We have heard our guests compare their stay at the best hotels around the world with experiences they have enjoyed at The Leela. Each hotel is a creation which mirrors the landscape of its location thereby giving it a unique aura of being a gem in a perfect setting. Our hotels explore the heart of Indian opulence. From majestic architecture to dazzling contemporary art, from world-class fine dining to traditional Indian cuisines, The Leela is a feast for the senses that captures the essence of India like no other hotel.

Why did you choose to diversify into residences now? It has always been our dream to bring luxury residences and a convention centre to Bengaluru. Today, we believe that Bengaluru is ready to host large-scale events and conferences at an international level. This would be just the right time for us to diversify.

What have you planned for The Leela Hotel and Residences at Bhartiya City? We believe that the makers of Bhartiya City match our vision of creating the finest in the world and this would be an opportunity for us to extend our expertise towards building the best in luxury residences, by giving the residents of Bhartiya City a fine experience of world-class standards and services. We look forward to providing the finest hotel experience in Bengaluru by ensuring that the services and facilities meet the high standards of luxury that our guests are accustomed to.


*]QT\QV\PMPMIZ\WN *PIZ\QaI+Q\a\PMTQUQ\MLMLQ\QWV4MMTI:M[QLMVKM[TM\aW]W_VI[TQKMWN \PM4MMTITQNMNWZ luxury in your private Leela Residence. The Leela Hotel next door is the latest addition in a string of iconic Le IV-I[\UMM\[?M[\;XII[\ZQSQVOJIZIVLÃ…VMTaN]ZJQ[PMLZWWU[


ZaW]Z[MTN8QKSNZWUÃ…^M[\ZQSQVOIXIZ\UMV\[_Q\PWX]TMV\IVLQV^Q\QVO[XIKM[IVLMVRWa\PMTMOMVLIZa4MMTI eela Hotels. Like the other 8 around the country, it includes all the features of a classic Leela Hotel, including


Welcome to Bengaluru’s newest hub. Every afternoon, step out of your Leela Residence and into the heart of Bhartiya City, which has been inspired by the greatest cities of the world. Explore its P]VLZML[WN [PWX[IVLZM[\I]ZIV\[WZ\Za[WUM\PQVOITQ\\TMLQ‫ٺ‬MZMV\ Treat your tastebuds to an experimental lunch, take in a performance at the street corner or just sunbathe in the piazza. )ZW]VLaW]IZM\PMÅVM[\1\ITQIV[PWMUISMZ[\PMNIUMLXI[\ZaKPMN[ of Paris and more – all spread out under the beautiful Bengaluru sky. So go ahead. Taste the perfect espresso. Toast friendships at the local pub. No matter what you want to do, there is a place here – sushi bars aplenty, nestled next to fashion boutiques, multiplex cinemas and the iconic Centre for Performing Arts. After all, when it comes to a great home, it’s what’s on the outside that counts.

INTERIORS PIA Interior is a leading interior LM[QOVÅZU_Q\PW^MZaMIZ[WN  experience in designing private residences, renowned hotels and luxury resorts around the world. Over a light lunch, they let us in on how The Leela Residences are taking interior design into the future. Excerpts below.

0W__W]TLaW]LMÅVMUWLMZVQV\MZQWZLM[QOV' Interior design, like any other discipline, will always be required to respond to an ever-changing society. Through time, trends and technological advances will emerge and become intrinsic to how we structure our work and social lives. To create successful interiors it is important to maintain a holistic approach. Trends are to be respected and understood but skillfully outperformed in order to produce a timeless design that remains effortless and unforced. The essence of luxury is timeless in itself and the classical luxury we provide is always refreshed with contemporary detailing.

How does this translate in the interiors of The Leela Residences at Bhartiya City? Our aim for The Leela Residences was to develop a modern concept, which characterises the luxurious experience synonymous with The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts. Our approach was to create a contemporised version of the Leela lifestyle, reflected in residential interiors whose opulent setting is befitting of an affluent way of life. The layouts are structured yet comfortable, and it is this comfort which provides the luxurious nature of the spaces. The residences exude a style that is effortless, underlined by a canvas which is neutral, where pieces of furniture are carefully yet deliberately selected, to enhance the timeless contemporary mood of each individual apartment.

?PI\PI[QVÆ]MVKMLaW]ZLM[QOV[' Our design reflects the Indian lifestyle with prevalent motifs subtly arranged to capture the essence of Indian culture, while the contemporary arrangement reflects a new and modern India. Oversized bedrooms and living areas are inviting and super opulent, enhancing the overall grandeur of the spaces whilst also respecting the importance of family in Indian society. The Residences are designed for sharing, accommodating and respecting the kind and welcoming nature that Indian culture is renowned for. The clean nature of the layouts allows the user to feel comfortable in their surroundings, while also providing a canvas to build on. We aim to share our design with the owner and provide the opportunity for them to personalise the space to suit their own tastes. As designers, it is imperative to look at a residential interior as an unfinished piece, providing the opportunity for the space to evolve to meet the needs and personal preferences of the user.

KITCHEN In the world of contemporary interiors the Boffi name is synonymous with innovation and excellence in kitchens. Since 1934 the Italian brand has been building bold yet luxurious kitchens that are as suitable for admiring as they are for cooking. CEO Roberto Gavazzi speaks to us about the Boffi journey and what’s next.

THE KITCHEN Even after 10 or 20 years, a Boffi kitchen remains functional and beautiful. That is how we build them. The owner of a Boffi kitchen will never feel the need to change it. So it is not just a kitchen, it’s an investment.

THE PHILOSOPHY We have always invested in contemporary design in its purest form. Our mix of collections caters to different requirements. This year we worked on a very innovative and different concept of the kitchen. We introduced a completely new program, Salinas, designed by Patricia Urquiola, which does not rely on traditional wooden cabinets, but is organised around metal frame modules instead. We layered it with new materials such as worktops in lava with a designed texture on the surface and innovative laminates with a nanotechnology that repairs the surface when it gets scratched.

THE COLLABORATION WITH BHARTIYA At Boffi, we love challenges. The Leela Residences is a complex and ambitious project that caught our imagination immediately. We hope it will be home to some of the best developments in the world and we are delighted to be a part of it.


In your Leela Residence at Bhartiya City, you can enjoy your old favourites with some new twists. Our team of chefs, which includes the likes of renowned pastry chef )^QRQ\/PW[PQ[IT_Ia[I\PIVL\WW‫ٺ‬MZaW]I personalised gourmet experience like no other.

Tell us about your association with The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts. I love creating desserts that match the luxury of a Leela Palace and become benchmarks for quality. I lead my team of highly skilled pastry chefs with a free hand and work with them to enhance the level of cakes and breads across the hotels. I would love to see them grow and do the same one day.

What goes into the perfect dessert? It takes a lot to make a great dessert – the right ingredients, the balance of taste and texture, a striking visual appearance and, most importantly, the passion of the chef.

What sets a good chef apart? I don’t think it’s possible to love making desserts if you don’t love eating them too. A good patissier can put himself or herself in the shoes of the customer.

How was training in Paris? I trained in the pastry and fashion capital of the world – Paris. It was like heaven! This was the place where millions of cakes, pastries and breads are baked and eaten every day. To the French, pastry is a part of life. They can’t start their day without a croissant and they always finish a meal with dessert. I felt this passion firsthand when I trained at France Le Notre, the best pastry school in Paris. The best memory I have is participating in the great chocolate show, the Salon Du Chocolat. I was surrounded by the finest desserts, made by the most reputed names – the atmosphere was just delicious!

What’s your signature dessert? I think I would have to go with my Valrhona Chocolate and Passion Parfait. And, of course, I would highly recommend them!

THE CLUB At the residents-only bar and clubhouse, you can enjoy a glass of your favourite wine and some of the best company from around the world.


In-house botanists, personal trainers, concierges and private chefs: help is always at hand in The Leela Residence. All you need to do is make a call. From booking tickets for the night’s concert to whipping up the perfect Sunday brunch, there’s an expert for every job.


The Leela Residences come with everything from a state-of-the-art gym to an in-house spa with a selection of hand-picked treatments. If you prefer to get your workout under the beautiful Bengaluru sky, you can go for a dip in the residents-only swimming pool or play a match or two at the squash court. With the City’s pedestrian-friendly paths and dedicated cycle tracks, staying fit mixes effortlessly with a trip to the High Street.

SPA For a few hours of personal pampering, head to the in-house spa and pick from a host of treatments that combine the best of the East and the West.


Like any great city, the City of Joy is more than just its streets and buildings – it’s a thriving culture waiting to


o be explored. Spend a free hour at the art galleries, a rock concert or the iconic Centre for Performing Arts.

ART From a classic canvas to a modern experiment, a piece of art completes a room. With the art galleries a short walk away from The Leela Residences at *PIZ\QaI+Q\aĂ…VLQVO\PM right one will be easier than ever.





LANDSCAPE P Landscape, our collaborator on The Leela Residences at Bhartiya City, is a landscape and design studio based out of Thailand. PLA started as a boutique landscape studio in 1997, and has since blossomed into an association of over 90 creative experts including landscape architects, designers, horticulturalists and artists.

THE FUTURE IS GREEN. It’s been estimated that urban areas will more than double in size by 2030. Most cities depend on agricultural land to take care of the environment in their stead. This stresses, more than ever, the need for green spaces to rejuvenate our cities and restore the balance of nature. Parks offer ecological, economic and health benefits – we want people to spend time in them rather than just walk past. At Bhartiya City, we’re keeping them right at the centre of things so green, open spaces can once again become a fixture of the 21st century.

LEELA RESIDENCES ARE WELL WITHIN THE TRADITION OF THE GARDEN CITY. Bengaluru, a true garden city with a huge aspiring population, guided us in our vision for The Leela Residences at Bhartiya City. Both the gardens of The Leela Residences and the Central Park have been designed to give the most comfortable, contemporary and intelligent lifestyle. We’ve tried to bring people and nature closer together with some beautifully landscaped spaces, without compromising on the luxury the residents deserve.

WE ARE INFLUENCED BY THE WORLD. The dynamic designs at Bhartiya City take inspiration from the environments of some of the most successful modern cities around the world, like Barcelona, Lisbon and San Francisco. At the same time, they are deeply respectful of Bengaluru’s own aesthetic. We believe that a great park can influence creativity, culture and heritage. Designing one is an art and the landscape is our canvas.

The Leela Residences overlook the 7-acre green centrepiece of Bhartiya City – the Central Park. In it lies the stunning Centre for Performing Arts, which plays host to everything from Broadway musicals and []ÅKWVKMZ\[\WKWV\MUXWZIZa\PMI\ZM Whether it’s a morning stroll or an evening with friends, Central Park is the perfect place for it all.

ACCESS Strategically located, Bhartiya City is well-connected by land and by sky. A 6-lane transit corridor is underway right next door and the only thing the City is missing is its own international airport. But don’t worry – Kempe Gowda International Airport is just 25 minutes away.

Bhartiya City Thanisandra Main Road, Near Hebbal, Bengaluru - 560 064, India

Registered address: Bhartiya City Developers Private Limited Anchorage - 1, 100/1 Richmond Road, Bengaluru - 560 025, India

T +91 80 4932 6900 F +91 80 2253 4500 E

license to use Leela brand and mark is not perpetual and may be terminated. Leela and Bhartiya are not joint venturers or partners in the actual construction and development of the residential project; and Leela shall not be liable for the quality of construction or the convenants and representations made by Bhartiya.

7 acres of green space with a dedicated centre for performing arts at its heart.

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In the heart of Bhartiya City, the limited edition Leela Residences let you own a slice of the Leela life for yourself. Pick from five strik...

Leela Residences Bhartiya City Lookbook  

In the heart of Bhartiya City, the limited edition Leela Residences let you own a slice of the Leela life for yourself. Pick from five strik...