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Bharti Foundation April 2011


Bharti Foundation launched in 2000 as the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises Vision

To help underprivileged children and young people of our country realize their potential


Committed to creating and supporting programs that bring about sustainable changes through education and the use of technology 2

• Satya Bharti School Program ( Primary & Sr. Secondary)

Education Initiatives

•Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management, IIT Delhi

• Bharti Centre for Communication, IIT Bombay • Bharti Centre for Entrepreneurial Initiatives • Bharti Scholarship Program




• Bharti Computer Centres ( 26 Computer Centres in partnership with other NGOs) • Bharti Library and Activity Centres ( 104 libraries in partnership with other NGOs) • Mid-day Meal Program ( in partnership with Akshaya Patra - approx. 1,55,456 students as on March 31, 2010) 4

Our Flagship Initiative

The Satya Bharti School Program


Key Features •Quality education •Pre-primary to Class XII •Underprivileged children • No fees •Rural India •Special focus on the girl child • Student welfare schemes - Uniforms - Stationery - Mid-day Meal

•Vocational education •EDUCATION



Catalyzing 500 Primary Schools 50 Senior Secondary Schools 2,00,000 students

a Movement 7

And This

is just the


242* Satya Bharti Primary Schools Operational State Punjab Haryana Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Tamil Nadu West Bengal Total

No. of Districts 3 5 3 2 1 14

No. of Schools No. of Children Enrolled % of Girls 90 8494 43 46 5635 45 78 12035 51 12 2584 56 10 838 49 6 422 47 8 242 30008 48 Data as on March 31, 2011



MODEL 1: Schools constructed by the Foundation on land allotted/ leased by government or donors [ 193 schools in 6 states]

MODEL 2: Adopting Government Primary Schools [49 schools in Rajasthan]

MODEL 3: Public-Private Partnership with the Government [ 4 Sr. Sec Schools operational in Amritsar] 9

Quality Education A Crucial Step in the Journey of a Developing Nation

Community Engagement Child-Friendly Infrastructure Focus on Girl Child Active Parent Involvement

Teacher Selection & Training Engagement with School

(Parents, Children & Other Stakeholders)

Joyful Learning

Teachers’ Motivation & Commitment

QUALITY EDUCATION Learning Levels & Holistic Development (Responsible & Employable)

Remedial Learning Program

Holistic Curriculum incl. Vocational Skills

Connection with Organizational Vision

Project and Activity based Learning

Teacher Assessment & Growth Rewards, Recognition & Accountability

Teaching Community Learning Material Campaigns & Teacher Guides






Not Just Institutions of Learning but‌

Institutions of Change Helping children to‌

- Explore and question

- Express and communicate effectively

- Develop observation, logical thinking and analytical skills - Acquire social and life skills - Enhance self-learning and problem-solving skills

- Connect with the local environment

-Develop values that anchors them in local culture

- Have confidence to face situations in life 11

Learning Solutions  Activity-based teaching and learning

Local teacher-selection process

 Focus on English language & Computer education with internet usage

Intensive training, growth path & mentoring for teachers

 Remedial classes

 Mobile teachers

 Academic calendar to suit remedial requirements

 Stringent audit processes  Parents/community as mid-day meal vendor


Dedicated and Committed Teachers

Teacher Recruitment •From local communities

Teacher Trainings

•Holistic evaluation of a teacher

•Alignment with the vision and mission of the program

•Passion for children and commitment to the cause

•Participatory teaching methodology


Capacity Building of Teachers

Peer Learning Program •Collaborative learning •Observing each other during classroom interactions Teacher Subject Knowledge Test •Teachers reflect upon their strengths and areas of improvement 14

• Enhances proficiency in the subjects that they teach


Teaching Learning Materials •Promotes interactive learning •Helps develop conceptual clarity rather than rote learning


School Events

•Students encouraged to participate to give them exposure and confidence • Develops a spirit of healthy competition


Rang Tarang A Glimpse


Community Development Campaigns

•Integrated part of the curriculum • Holistic development of children by inculcating a connect with their own community • Students conduct rallies, performances, drives etc.

•16 Child Marriages prevented in Jodhpur, Rajasthan • Other campaigns include

•Campaign on Girl Child Education •Plantation Drives •Hygiene and Sanitation Drives •Anti-Alcohol and Anti-Tobacco Drives


Deep Involvement with the Community‌ Fostering Emotional Ownership

- Participation in school activities

- Donation of materials to the school - Helping preserve linkages with local culture - Giving feedback on school activities - Providing land for construction 19

Community Volunteering Program Held across Satya Bharti Schools in 2009 & 2010 Objectives • To expose students to learning beyond the curriculum and exposure to various vocations • Engaging community more actively with the school • Incorporate learnings from this program into the curriculum Volunteering Week- July 2010 Approx. No. of Volunteers: Approx. No. of Children: Average Volunteering Hours (per day): Average Volunteers per School:

800 29823 3 hours 4


Community Volunteering Program

• Professional Skills

• Local Arts and Crafts

• Local Folk Traditions

21 • Value Education

Connect with


•Parent Teacher Meetings •Events for Parents


Young Leader Program 36 Young Leaders (YLs) from Bharti Airtel - Two & half weeks at Satya Bharti Schools The YLs were expected to act as supporters to the schools and share their knowledge, experience and actively participate in the operational aspects at the school level • 36 Satya Bharti Schools of Ludhiana, Amritsar and Sangrur • To mentor these schools:  Strengthen communications skills of teachers  Build a rapport of the program with the key influencers in the local communities  Develop the event organizing and planning skills of teachers - They planned and organized excellent 26th January celebrations across all 36 schools  Conduct research - Drop Outs, Parent Satisfaction and Reasons for Enrollment, and analyzing the results

Young Leader Program “In a world where we run just to be ahead, no stone left unturned, no path untread, on our way to the front of the line, we've forgotten what it means to truly shine and its only when you go and watch these kids, and the home where each kid lives, and the life they go through and the struggle they fight, yet they always smile through their plight and they know the truth of life so simple and plain, that a good deed done is never in vain, so they are warm and caring and have genuine care, with you cups of chai anyone will gladly share, living in penury resources they lack, yet to get ahead they'll never pull anyone else back, the people, the kids, the Satya Bharti School, I salute you all- you're too cool!� - Adhiraj Singh (Young Leader) after his two & half week stint Young Leaders during their stint

Middle School Program  Upgradation of existing primary schools to elementary schools ( class VIVIII)

 Will be co-located along with the existing primary schools.  Each elementary school to have three classrooms, one resource room for lab, computer education, art and music and one additional toilet block of separate toilets for boys and girls.  Each school to be equipped with lab cupboards, computers, better sports equipment and resource room, lab and library material 25

Expected Impact: Middle School Program •Children will be provided with continued quality education beyond Class V

•Will benefit girl students who may not be able to travel long distances to attend school • Dropouts due to uncertainty of education beyond Class V will decrease • Better calibre teachers for higher classes will have a positive impact on the overall

education quality

•Google to support Bharti Foundation in upgrading 50 primary schools to elementary school ( Class VI-VIII) •To benefit over 15,000 children at full capacity and provide employment and26skill training to over 500 teachers

Senior Secondary School Program

Satya Bharti Senior Secondary School Program •All-round development of students- employable and responsible citizens of the future •Academic support and vocational training •One Senior Secondary School for every cluster of 10 feeder primary schools. •Schools to be set up under the Public-Private Partnership model with state governments. •24 Satya Bharti Senior Secondary Schools to be set up in Phase I 27

Government Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary Schools Partnership with the Government of Punjab under the Adarsh Scheme  Five schools under this partnership  First school at Chogawan, Amritsar inaugurated on April 8, 2010 by Dr. Upinderjit Kaur, Minister of Education, Punjab  All five schools operational Present Status: March 31, 2011 Number of Schools Operational:5 Number of Children Enrolled:

1184 44

Number of Teachers: % of Girl Students:


% of SC/ST/OBC Students:



Program Expansion: Launch of the Satya Bharti School Program in Murshidabad, West Bengal by Shri Pranab Mukherjee, The Hon’ble Union Minister for Finance on February 05, 2011

Ten schools to be set up in the state in partnership with SPMCIL



Gurgaon Office CEO

Management Structures

Development & Alliances Curriculum & Training Corporate Functions ( HR, Finance, Construction, Quality, IT, Legal)

School Head Teacher Class Teachers School Guardian

State Office State Head Program Coordinator Quality District Coordinator Cluster Coordinator District School Administrator Material Coordinator

Cluster Coordinator

Trainer Corporate Support Functions

Trainer 30

Change is

Contagious 31

Class V Results 47%

% of Students



40% 30% 20% 10%




0% >90 %

70-90 %

50-70 %

40-50 %

<40 %


Academic Achievements Class V State Board Examinations

• 1660 students appeared for the Class V State Examinations •127 students ( 8% of the total number of students) scored over 90% marks in the examinations •Of these 127 students, 71 were girls ( 56%) • 47% students scored between 70-90% and only 1% students scored less than 40% 32

Our Girls Made Us Proud Sheetal


Father employed as a peon

Father employed as a cook and also the mid-day meal vendor of the school

Satya Bharti School, Kaithal, Haryana

98.76% marks

Satya Bharti School, Ludhiana, Punjab


98% marks

Father employed as a daily wage labourer Satya Bharti School, Neemrana, Rajasthan

Sandeep Kaur

93.8% marks

Father employed as a migrant labourer Lovepreet Kaur

Father employed as a migrant labourer Satya Bharti School, Sangrur, Punjab

97.78% marks

Satya Bharti School, Ludhiana, Punjab

97.78% marks 33

Improvement in Learning Levels

External Assessments of Students

â&#x20AC;˘Average scores of 73% marks in English across all grades â&#x20AC;˘ Average scores of 69% marks across all grades and subjects


Enhanced Teacher Performance

External Assessments of Teaching Methodology

â&#x20AC;˘Average score of 2.7 on a scale of 4 ( 68% scores)


The Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards 2010 School Level Recognition Program for Volunteer Community Service Winning Parameters: • Inspiration • Effort • Impact • Personal growth • Commitment

• Recognize a student’s active involvement in community service. • Total 557 entries across eight states • 76 students from Class VI - VIII participated from Satya Bharti Schools, Neemrana

Satya Bharti School Winners •Three students featured in the Top 20 List – Child Marriage, Alcoholism, Street Children • Campaign against Child Marriage awarded Special Recognition Award •Six students featured in the list of 40 Runner Ups – Personal Health & Hygiene, Cleanliness of Water Sources, Dowry System, Purdah System, Environmental Cleanliness, Repair Roads & Water Logging






Change a Village


Change India Design for Giving School Contest, 2009

Design for Giving School Contest, 2010

•Participation by 1300 schools across the country

•Participation by 2000 schools and over 2,00,000 children from all over India

• Majority of urban schools • 83 Satya Bharti Schools- 1200 students

• 94 Satya Bharti Schools, 2500 students

• 9 winners at the national level

•10 of 94 Satya Bharti Schools declared winners at national level

•Special Jury Award for “Campaign against Child Marriage”

• One Special Jury Award for a Campaign 37 against Local Superstitions

What You Leave Behind is Not What is Engraved in Stone But

What is Woven into Lives


Influencing Mindsets •Varsha student of Std. V Satya Bharti School at Bamanua, Shahjahanpur •Attending school on a daily basis, Varsha was impacted greatly by her teachers about the evils of smoking and drinking •She advised her father Mr. Vishram Singh to give up on his alcohol and smoking habits •When her father did not listen, Varsha went on a fast for two days • Mr. Singh was forced to give up smoking and alcohol forever • Vishram Singh is grateful to the Satya

Bharti School teachers for influencing his 39 for daughter positively and changing his life the better.

Breaking Social Taboos •Gayatri Gurjar lost her father very early in life and helped her mother by grazing goats • Her mother wanted to marry her off to ease financial burdens • Gayatri’s mother convinced by teachers of the Satya Bharti Government Primary School in Baliyakala, Amer to allow Gayatri to attend school • Gayatri was put through Remedial Learning Programs because her learning levels were very low • With the help of the teachers Gayatri

soon ranked sixth in her class


Challenges of the Program Children Related

•Help students achieve conceptual clarity in order to apply the knowledge gained •Regular attendance of children

Teacher Related

•Inculcate in teachers a drive to excel and innovate at every step •Develop in them a continued commitment and accountability to their role

Parent/Community Related

•Help community members and parents understand the changing paradigm in education

Organization Related

•Plan for long term sustainability of the program •Develop truly replicable and scalable components of the program to impact quality of education at the national level





Bharti Foundation  
Bharti Foundation  

Committed to creating and supporting programs that bring about sustainable changes through education and the use of technology