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Tony, Vice President GIP OGX

What is AIESEC? AIESEC is currently the world’s largest student-run not-for-profit organization. We are an international platform for students to develop and explore their leadership potential. Currently we run the Management Experience Programme (MEP) which encompasses the Global Community Development Programme (GCDP) as well.

1,700 universities Present in 110 countries

The MEP is catered for students looking to develop themselves personally and professionally. The GCDP is meant for students looking to drive a positive social impact in another country while getting immersed in their culture.

50,000 Members 10,000 internships raised every year

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Management Experience Programme Components of the Functional XP

The MEP is the only programme on campus that offers a comprehensive platform to develop your leadership potential, hone your professional skills, enhance your network and equip you with a global mindset. With this program, AIESEC aims to generate young global-citizens who are empowered to achieve their aspirations and passionate about delivering positive social impacts to the world.

Human Resource Human Resource deals with the internal functioning of AIESEC as an organization and plays a direct role in shaping the experience of fellow AIESECers through various member engagement exercises

Business Development

The Business Development function conducts industry research, organizes networking sessions with corporates and raises partnerships with external organizations.

Exchange Delivery

Interested in sending people overseas for exchange? Exchange Delivery forms international partnership and prepares exchange participants for cross-cultural experience and making a positive social impact to the society.

By joining the MEP you will gain experience in 4 areas that will shape you into a holistic leader. These areas are the functional XP, leadership XP, network building XP, international XP.

Organizational Experience Learn how to execute business functions such as Human Resource, Marketing, or Sales, by running our own student-run enterprise that delivers exchanges and social impacts internationally. Improve your corporate communication skills, grow your professional network and conduct training sessions to prepare students for life abroad or learn how to allocate human resource to maximize organizational effectiveness.


Communications deals with designing and executing creative marketing campaigns to engage the student population. It also involves effective communication amongst members and ensuring that every member is engaged.


The Executive Office is involved in engaging AIESEC alumni as well as liaising with school offices to ensure that events run smoothly. It also deals with budgeting and ensuring that funds are being used effectively. 2

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Li Xuan, Vice President Business Development

Leadership XP At AIESEC, we believe in experiential learning as opposed to traditional classroom-based learning. Because unlike Accounting 101, leadership cannot be taught, it has to be experienced. Gain the following soft skills when you join the MEP. Event Management. With events such as international and local conferences happening throughout the year, hone your ability to effectively orchestrate events by joining our various organizing committees.

Team Management. Under the MEP you will you learn to be resilient, resourceful and resultsdriven with our short-term taskforces for our various projects. These taskforces act as stepping-stones for you before you decide to take up more advanced leadership roles in AIESEC.

Strategic Management. Move on to advanced strategic management and gain insights to application of organizational behaviour. Gain skills such as planning, tracking, forecasting, crisis management and performance appraisal through taking up a leadership role in your department.


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Network Building XP Nowadays it is not what you know that matters, but who you know that really counts. With more than 60,000 members in 110 countries, AIESEC is the perfect platform for you to widen your social circle and grow your network. Build your network with corporate representatives, NGOs and youths all over Singapore and the world. As part of the MEP you will gain access to the following networks: Network with AIESECers in Singapore. Participate in local conferences such as Jumpstart and expand your social circle to AIESECers in all 4 local universities. Get an opportunity to interact with international interns when you join our Incoming Exchange Department. Network with AIESECers internationally. Mingle with youths from all over the world during our Asia Pacific Exchange Leadership Development Seminar. Network with Alumni. With over 60 years of empowering leaders, we have an established alumni network for you to tap upon. Learn and network with our alumni during our alumni sharing or training sessions.

Jumpstart JumpStart 2012 marks the beginning for new AIESECers to drive their own AIESEC experience. It provides the ideal avenue for interaction with AIESEC interns, seniors, alumni and fellow new members across all 4 universities in Singapore. New members are officially inducted into AIESEC through fun – by learning AIESEC roll calls and our Signature AIESEC Dances!

International XP The international experience under MEP refers to exposure to opportunities for local AIESECers to connect and engage with AIESECers from other entities in AIESEC Network. The international exposure opportunities include participation in AIESEC Conferences like APXLDS, MyLDC, IC, Ignite and NLDC where you can meet international delegates. Alternatively, local AIESECers can work in other entities through CEEDerships, MC abroad and OC abroad.

National Leadership Development Conference The 5-day conference aims to facilitate leaders in deeper personal discovery of drive and motivation, and to empower them with essential leadership skills. Delegates will participate in a myriad of activities including a panel discussion with current leaders, leadership training by external trainers. Together with international delegates from over 20 different countries, NLDC also provides great international exposure.


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Global Community Development Programme The GCDP is another programme run in conjunction with MEP. This programme is operated by youth for engaging youths worldwide to increase cultural understanding and drive a positive impact on the society through working on issue-based projects overseas. With the international platform and support system provided by AIESEC, the Exchange Participants will be able to cultivate cultural sensitivity, expand international network and gain overseas working experience. By joining GCDP you will be able to gain experience in 5 areas: Cultural Immersion XP, Social Impact XP, International Network XP and Support XP. Beyond these 4 experiences, there is another learning experience which is highly dependent on the proactivity of the participants.

Culture Immersion XP An AIESEC Exchange is usually 6-12 weeks in duration which is longer than your average tourist visit and therefore provides a more intensive cultural immersion. There are over 100 countries available in our network and thus you have the chance to travel to countries that are less visited by Singaporeans (e.g. Uganda, Nigeria, Egypt, and Brazil etc.). The AIESEC Reception Team overseas will help you get used to the local living habits and understand cultural differences in various aspects.

Social Impact XP In GCDP you will usually be involved in issue-based project in which you are co creating the solution with the support of a partner entity (e.g. AIESEC Project, local NGOs and Corporate etc.). By organizing events and holding discussions and workshops with other interns, you will be making an impact to the issue you are working on. Relevant issues are HIV/AIDs, Children Education, Community Development and Education, Environmental Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship, Tourism Promotion and etc.

“The experience of immersing myself in a new culture and facing challenges of teaching in a new academic environment had allowed me to develop important transnational competencies. My GCDP had also given me opportunity to meet people from different cultures and exposed to new ways of thinking and living, which encouraged growth and independence.� GCDP Participant to Taiwan: Lee Yong Leng Benny


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International Friendship XP During the GCDP, you will be connecting with local AIESECers through their reception activities for interns. It is also a great platform to meet and travel with fellow interns from different countries. Through living in host families and working with the local people, you will get to know the locals and even develop lifelong friendship with them.

Support XP You will experience the collaborative support system provided by AIESEC throughout the entire GCDP. There will be trainings and sharing sessions from return Exchange Participants to prepare you for exchange. The AIESEC Chapter overseas will assist you with any issues or challenges as well. The Exchange Quality Standards as set by AIESEC International is also available to govern the whole exchange process.

Learning Experience

Hear from Yuslyana Yusof GCDP Participant to Ukraine “Being in a country where

barely anyone speaks English and being completely inept in the language post many challenges. I learn the importance of being responsible and how taking risks is part and parcel of gaining a wholesome experience. It taught me how to be independent, how to have the courage to reach out to people when you’re in need”

Beyond these 4 experiences, there exists another self-driven learning experience which shall be generated by yourself for your personal development. Through the learning platform offered by the GCDP, everyone has the opportunity to be able to work with people from different backgrounds, to deal with challenges and be solution-oriented and to start your self-discovery journey. You need to be proactive, flexible and open-minded enough to enable this learning experience! When: 6-8 weeks during December Holiday or Summer Holiday


Where: Asia Pacific: Mainland of China, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia Central and Eastern Europe: Poland, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Czech Republic and Ukraine Africa: Uganda, Tanzania, Tunisia, Cameron, Nigeria South America: Brazil Central Asia: Tajikistan, Egypt

Hear from Charlotte Ng GCDP Participant to Czech Republic “They enjoyed the class activities where they got to come up with wacky ideas and hard-sell them to their classmates. It’s fun and creativity that can help the students enjoy the lessons. Building rapport initially might also be difficult but I overcame this by sharing personal experiences related to school, shopping and life in general.”


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AIESEC NTU Booklet  

This booklet contains details about the events, leadership, networking and exchange opportunities offered by AIESEC NTU, Singapore. Learn mo...