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The World LNG Market Forecast 2012-2016 Bharat Book introduces a report " The World LNG Market Forecast 2012-2016 " The report is essential reading for contractors, shipping companies, shipbuilders, oil & gas operators, gas utilities. Murray Dormer, lead author of the report, commented that, “Capital expenditure of $169 billion is forecast in the next five years following a decline from 2009 to 2011. The decline was due to the onset of the global recession, as well as a number of facilities coming onstream or entering the final stages of construction. Overall, Capex will recover through the forecast period as a number of new projects enter the early construction phases. Increasing economic growth and demand for gas-fired power generation will see many regions increase their LNG consumption. This will be particularly important in the emerging economies of China and India. Liquefaction terminals are set to dominate project expenditure with a number of new players emerging in the export market including Angola, Canada and Papua New Guinea.” The report examines the market by facility type: export, carrier & import and also by region. The World LNG Market Forecast 2012-2016 contains: * An overview of the industry – the LNG chain, major players, contracting practices, spot cargoes and pricing. * Supply & demand – regional gas and LNG markets, supply and demand outlook, the threat of unconventional gas to LNG, applications and outlook for pricing. * Supply chain and contractors – supply chain, EPC contractor market share analysis, construction, liquefaction & the technology market and regasification. * Transportation – LNG carriers, their design and containment systems & propulsion and a review of shipyards. * Offshore LNG – receiving & liquefaction terminals and regasification. * Enhanced analysis – throughout the report new ‘speed-read’ sections summarise and explain key points, giving an enriched reader experience and understanding. * LNG Database – exclusive to Douglas-Westwood the database drives a market model used to develop the forecasts. Based on a project-by-project review of development prospects, with the timing of expenditure phased to reflect projects’ likely financial structure. * Market trends – comprehensive examination, analysis and ten-year view of the market, with historic data covering the period 2007-2011 and forecast data for 2012-2016. Capital expenditure by facility type (export, carrier, or import) and region. * Concise report layout – industry background and supporting materials condensed to enable quick review. Why buy the report? The World LNG Market Forecast 2012-2016 is an excellent source of information, geared to

meet senior executives’ needs in business planning and decision making. All data is presented clearly and accessibly and readers will benefit from Douglas-Westwood’s industry forecasting expertise developed over many years. The report is essential reading for contractors, shipping companies, shipbuilders, oil & gas operators, gas utilities and financial institutions wanting to better understand where and when to make investment decisions. Executive Summary and Conclusions Market Forecast Conclusions The LNG Industry The LNG Chain Major Players LNG Contracting Practices Spot Cargoes LNG Pricing LNG Demand & Supply Gas Demand & Supply Regional Gas & LNG Markets Gas Supply: Australian Projects LNG Supply Outlook Unconventional Gas: Threat to LNG Unconventional Gas: Feedstock for LNG LNG Demand Outlook Applications for LNG: Fuel for Shipping Future Outlook for LNG Prices For more information kindly visit : The World LNG Market Forecast 2012-2016 Or Bharat Book Bureau Tel: +91 22 27810772 / 27810773 Fax: + 91 22 27812290 Email: Website: Follow us on twitter:!/Sandhya3B Our Blogs: Follow:

The World LNG Market Forecast 2012-2016